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summary A Conspiracy of Kings, series A Conspiracy of Kings, book A Conspiracy of Kings, pdf A Conspiracy of Kings, A Conspiracy of Kings d9f53ee0fc Sophos, Under The Guidance Of Yet Another Tutor, Practices His Swordplay And Strategizes Escape Scenarios Should His Father S Villa Come Under Attack How Would He Save His Mother His Sisters Himself Could He Reach The Horses In Time Where Would He Go But Nothing Prepares Him For The Day Armed Men, Silent As Thieves, Swarm The Villa Courtyard Ready To Kill, To Capture, To Kidnap Sophos, The Heir To The Throne Of Sounis, Disappears Without A Trace In Attolia, Eugenides, The New And Unlikely King, Has Never Stopped Wondering What Happened To Sophos Nor Has The Queen Of Eddis They Send Spies They Pay Informants They Appeal To The Gods But As Time Goes By, It Becomes Less And Less Certain That They Will Ever See Their Friend Alive Again Across The Small Peninsula Battles Are Fought, Bribes Are Offered, And Conspiracies Are Set In Motion Darkening The Horizon, The Mede Empire Threatens, Always, From Across The Sea And Sophos, Anonymous And Alone, Bides His Time Sophos, Drawing On His Memories Of Gen, Pol, The Magus And Eddis, Sets Out On An Adventure That Will Change All Of Their Lives Forever

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    I ve read five books of this now, so here s a quick roundoff of my points Megan Whalen Turner is so good at planting and payoff it makes me want to cry I have never seen an author follow through in such interesting ways anyway a romantic pairing that got set up in book ONE just got payed off all the scenes work individually but ALSO as callbacks to earlier plot points she keeps pulling the rug out from under us with some huge reveal that makes you want to scream so many different players so much character development so much dimensionality but usually in a very good way I m always delighted by her plot twists upsetting things happen but then the books as a whole are Happy And GoodThat s my full review But also, here is a roundup of things that stood out in this book Everyone showed up No, really Every single lead.Yes, I ve gotten through three and a half reviews without doing a character roundup, so I just had to mention the current leads of this job Sophos the literal epitome of haha I want to die I actually loved his character arc so much but he s so much of a disaster Eddis a queen and icon, but in such a dimensional way she is not a ruthless power player like my favorite female character, but she still wields so much power in her own narrative Irene still my favorite character, but she s not showing up as much and it is absolutely tragic and I think she deserves to be the lead character of the final book Gen final side note Gen and Irene interact with Sophos for a secondme personally, I love Sophos parentsAbsolutely the most hilarious protagonist I have ever come across.Basically, I love this complete disaster of a found family of ridiculous, extra characters, and this ridiculous series of political intrigue and plot twists I cannot wait for book six to hurry up and release.Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    Update 3 10 2017 Sadly, after reading YA for almost a decade now, I see that Megan Whalen Turner still remains almost the only author who puts sophisticated political intrigue into her fantasy books for kids BUT the wait for her next Thief book is almost over Original reviewI love, love this series and I am now very sad that after reading this 4th book I must wait another 3 5 years for the next one to be published I guess I will have to ease the pain of separation by re reading all 4 installments some time soon A Conspiracy of Kings is most and foremost Sophos s story I will not give anything away by saying that it is a book about his ascend to the throne of Sounis And of course, the road to power is hard and full of obstacles.The story is told primarily from Sophos s 1st person POV He narrates the 1st and 3rd part of the story The 2nd part is told in 3rd person I just love how Megan Whalen Turner plays with POVs, always finding new interesting ways to show the events and relationships from different angles.A Conspiracy of Kings is absolutely on par with Turner s previous books The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia Many reviewers complain that this book is not as good because Eugenides is just a secondary character in it, but I disagree I love Gen and his sneaky ways, but I enjoy the books because of the outstanding writing, skillful world building and intricate political intrigues All of it is present in A Conspiracy of Kings, plus another never easy romance And Sophos is an interesting narrator too He is very unlike Eugenides and his insecurities and humbleness make his road to power ever so much compelling An excellent addition to The Queen s Thief series and a must read for all Megan Whalen Turner fans I wonder what else she has in store for us Will Eddis, Sounis and Attolia have to take on Mede The danger of Mede invasion is always looming And what is the fate of Eddis Its future looks rather bleak at the moment

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    4.5 for that ending I love this series so damn much.But, needless to say, that at first, I was very reluctant and fearful to start this book because, well how would you feel if told that the brilliant hero of one of your favourite series will take a back seat, so that others may step in Because the fact is, Eugenides Gen MAKES this series Of course, along with its brilliant writing Every book with him in it is like an adventure you never want to end I m STILL melancholic from completing the King of Attolia When he s in his element cunning, deceiving, brilliantly throwing everyone off their game and pulling the rug right from under them is seriously what makes me look forward to each of these books So, do imagine my fear and reluctance A Conspiracy of Kings is Sophos book The focus of the story shifts from Eugenides to Sophos and literally tells his coming of age story We were first introduced to Sophos, the reluctant heir to the kingdom of Sounis in The Thief and became Gen s friend, only to disappear during the events of The Queen of Attolia And in this book, we learn all about his journey and his many trials, as he goes from a soft hearted, timid boy, to a slave, to King In the space of one short book, Sophos goes through some serious character development as he learns the harsh realities of being an heir to a throne and the responsibilities it bears.plot wise, it is still as politically driven as its predecessors with plenty of deceit, manipulative antics and lots of plots and counterplots Structure wise, the book is split into two narrative modes The first and last parts of the story are told in the first person by Sophos and middle part in the third person by a narrator The section which includes Gen If you feel scepticism coming your way, ignore it because it all weaves in together beautifully, with a great sense of interconnectivity All in all, as much as I loved Sophos, it was ultimately Gen who once again sucked me into the story as he still managed to craft one heck of a masterful plan without even having that much presence at all Which really is a testament to Turner s writing skills.

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    Engrossing, but I didn t love it the way I loved the previous three volumes of the series It lacked the liveliness and humor that characterized the other books In some ways, that made sense Sophos is kind and sincere person rather than a clever and adventurous one In a natural progression from the third volume, this focused on external politics and the ethical dilemmas of rule Those are important and Turner handles them with delicacy But I missed the funny

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    Look, I m not going to beat about the bush yes, I know that the relative absence of Eugenides as an explanation for my rating is ridiculous I objectively, honestly know that Now, does that change in any way the fact that my heart is ridiculous by essence, because that s what hearts do, right, falling in love, breaking, and so on, as the unruly little shits they are Well, no I can stress a how captivating A Conspiracy of Kings is b how brilliantly Megan Whalen Turner handles the POVs c how endearing and interesting Sophos is and his growth Awesome stuff here, I m telling you we could go all day, but I ll choose not to, if that s okay with you having said all that, I can t ignore that I didn t enjoy it as much as I did books 2 and 3, and I very much believe that it s because Eugenides interactions and tricks are necessary for me to give it a full 5 Sophos is a very good character, but he lacks Gen s spark _ _ HOWEVER, let s not make it seem as if A Conspiracy of Kings wasn t an amazing YA Fantasy novel, alright Because just thinking about what that genre offers us 99% of the time, there s no forgetting that Megan Whalen Turner has by far the upper hand over Morgan Rhodes, Sarah J Maas or even and I do love them Cinda Williams Chima or Julie Kagawa By the way, I saw readers shelving these novels as middle grade, and I wonder Is that because there s no sex scenes, even fade to black No, I have to ask, because I genuinely do not understand what s so childish about intricate conspiracies, complex characters, a writing very engaging, blurred lines between good and evil there s no such thing as a moustache twisting villain in these books, but rather, complicated human beings who make the choices they think are best Perhaps I am deluded about what is Middle Grade and what it is not, but please enlighten me Or maybe not, as I m quite convinced that I wouldn t agree with you So there s that Then I walked to my bed and sat, making a show of careless bravado by crossing my legs and slumping as if I had not a worry in the world In other words, I gave my best imitation of Eugenides Anyway, as usual with series, I won t rehash the plot because1 You may not have read the other books, and would probably burn me at a stake if I spoiled you, and we wouldn t want that, would we 2 I tend to repeat myself in these cases and I assure you that you don t want to be on the receiving end of my disheveled rambling when this series is concerned Trust me Or no, better ask my friends On a final note Yes, every one of Eugenides apparitions gave me life, and I m almost certain that would I reread A Conspiracy of Kings later, I d probably give out a 5 stars rating For now, I ll have to accept that I am not an objective reviewer snorts As if it existed PS I m including my favorite quote under a spoiler tag for those of you who have read it I just couldn t not XD view spoiler Then, as you well know, Eugenides looked me in the eye as if i were a complete stranger and said, The simplest way to end a war is to admit you have lost it.The silence after that was not polite I must be an awful human being because I laughed So HARD I just adore the way Gen always surprises me It s a full time job and he s the best at it XD hide spoiler

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    After attempting to organize my thoughts about this book for about an hour and making no progress at all, I decided to throw in the towel and go to bed Of course, once I got there and lay down, my brain would just not shut up about what it wants to write about this book Oh, so now you re talking, eh Bastard So, I am giving in This better not be a fake out, brain.I am so consistently surprised and impressed by this series as it progresses A Conspiracy of Kings is definitely a favorite, second only to The Queen of Attolia.Sophos is first introduced in The Thief, where he is a young and somewhat guileless student of the Magus of Sounis He grudgingly reveals that he is the heir of Sounis, but it s clear that he much prefers a scholarly life of poetry and philosophy He is a place holder heir, maneuvered into the position by his scheming father, and waiting to be replaced by his uncle s first born When he shows no talent for leadership, he is banished to live with his mother and sisters and a string of unwanted tutors In The King of Attolia, it is revealed that he has been abducted and is possibly dead This book begins with that abduction, and follows Sophos through all of the twists of fate, moral dilemmas, and hard choices that will lead him to be a King.I have seen some lament the absence of Eugenides in this book, but to me he is still palpable. I can feel his grief and conflict so strongly, as he is once again required to make a performance for the benefit of all I love the few tender moments where we get to witness the affection between Eugenides and Attolia I don t know how Megan Whalen Turner does it, but she has managed to create two of my favorite literary romances, within the span of only a few pages out of about a thousand At nearly the end of this book I was thinking, I guess there s not very much romance in this one Then, bam, I get to page 303 and suddenly I love this relationship What she has created, that is so incredibly spectacular, are two couples that consist of absolute equals It sounds so simple, but I rarely see romance with partners coming together on such equal footing One of my favorite parts of this book is when Eugenides realizes that if he ever falls out of favor with his wife, no amount of planning could ever save him from her wrath For some weird reason, that seems very romantic to me.Megan Whalen Turner once again uses differing points of view to great effect In The Queen of Attolia we were distanced from Eugenides and the Queen by a third person point of view and even so in The King of Attolia, where we followed a minor character with a third person point of view This perspective so deftly captures the natures of Eugenides and Attolia they are hidden and calculating, and what we can t see is just as important as what we can With Eugenides, his public persona is so often a charade In this book, a first person point of view is used primarily, except for small sections in the middle and the end when Eugenides and the Queen are involved Sophos is incapable of lying convincingly and he has high, noble ideals This perspective fits his character so perfectly, as he uses plain truth and his own real emotions to maneuver around his enemies and I love the little reveal on page 132.I love the moral dilemmas and questions posed by this book Sophos learns about what kind of leader he wants to be, and he has a grand vision, but his country is strained by feuding and betrayal, encouraged by the former King I didn t expect the choice that Sophos eventually makes, and it was intense There is a lot to think about here about what is morally right, and what is required, and that eventual peace sometimes necessitates violence I love this quote from Eddis We are not philosophers we are sovereigns The rules that govern our behavior are not the rules for other men, and our honor, I think, is a different thing entirely, difficult for anyone but the historians and the gods to judge All I can say is that I have grown very attached to these characters, and I am sad to have to say goodbye to them, for what will probably be quite some time I hope that Megan Whalen Turner eventually explores the Medeans thoroughly, as she has done with all of the previous villains I think that I can trust that she will not leave them to be simplistic, black enemies.

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    Buddy Read with some series fanatics at Buddies Books Baubles Every once and awhile I like to jump into some Middle Grade reading They can be a lot of fun and full of great stories that I don t have to really focus completely on to enjoy as an adult This is one of those MG stories that I ve read and thought I really would love it if this was an Adult Fantasy instead It is written mostly about adults or young adults becoming than they thought they could be, but I would have loved a in depth adult version of this story just for the character interactions All my life they had made choices for me, and I had resented it Now the choice was mine, and once it was made, I would have no right to blame anyone else for the consequences Loss of that privilege, to blame others, unexpectedly stung Sophos is the heir of Sounis and has known that his entire life He has never wanted to be king, in fact he always believed he d be happier as a poet or scholar Sophos has been a disappointment to both his uncle the current King of Sounis and father most of his life He has done all he can not to be heirlike for as long as he has been alive with small personal rebellions But that was before, before the current king died and before the rebels stole him from his home intending to make him a puppet king A lamb, they said No trouble than snatching up a little lamb But Sophos has spent time with the King of Attolia, the former Thief of Eddis and he is not so easy to puppet and will channel all the monarchs he has known to be able to thwart the plans they have in store for him.Even though this story focuses on Sophos I was so glad to see how Gen contributed to the story and how much he has taught and is teaching Sophos, even when Sophos isn t aware that is what he is doing Gen is still sneaky that way, you never really know what game he is playing Even when Gen pretends to be weak he is still strong and plotting something extraordinary I love the relationship between Gen and Sophos even though they are both Kings of different countries they care for each other greatly Eddis did not say what she was thinking that Sophos held Gen s heart in his hand, that he was one of very few people who could destroy the king of Attolia, and that Attolia knew it. But beyond watching Sophos come into his own as a man and a king who is fighting to regain the reigns of his country I really liked the budding love story between Eddis and Sophos How they had to figure out how to be the monarchs they are and still find a way to create a happy union between their two kingdoms The romance is very subdued because of the Middle Gradeness of the story but it was still tender and sweet in spots.Overall The King Of Attolia was my favorite book of this series so far but I did enjoy this one nearly as much and look forward to what the next book in the story could be about.

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    God, I love this series.I think this is the weakest so far, I still haven t read book 5 , but that might also be because it s contrasted with what is, in my opinion, the strongest book in the series A Conspiracy of Kings This is told as from a new perspective, which once again reinvigorates the series Whalen Turner is such a master at expanding her world without losing control of it, as is often the case with fantasy books Honestly, I don t know what can be said about this series that hasn t already been said It s just so good GET TO IT ALREADY

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    So feel free to jump in and tell me if I get any of this wrong, but I think the way this works is I read a book for pleasure and then I talk about it It s the for pleasure that s really throwing me.I read this book two months and the bar exam ago, and I don t actually have a lot to say about it Young adult fantasy politics series that makes me flail and emit high pitched noises These are books that are not nearly as young as they pretend to be They are about violence and disability and taking responsibility for your actions and getting hurt and getting better And being clever and awesome and causing trouble.This book is not as awesome as the last two Nothing really wrong with it, though the romance is a bit, and they entered the arc two by two, if you know what I mean I think my problem is that this is a transitional book, moving several key pieces across the board Fine, but I realized why I have been mentally categorizing this series as I have like Francis Crawford of Lymond, Miles Vorkosigan, and Peter Wimsey, the intense personal charisma of the series protagonist overwhelms everything else, so even when other characters are awesome, they only really exist to me in their relationship to him And this book was only a little bit about that.Next book, please and thank you And the one after that, since you re up.

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    Initial reaction I continue to wonder how many actual teens read these books I tend to think that structure and emotional as well as political subtext are most enjoyable for older readers That s just an observation, it s in no way a criticism.Okay, I finished and as always, admire the vivid writing, the wry humor, and how superlative Turner s storytelling abilities are.At one crucial point I had to stop and reread the first three As always I admired the graceful, witty writing, the vivid imagery, the fine characterization.A general observation first, which is a kind of caveat Queen had seemed a transitional novel to me, in a way when King came out, I thought, ah, there is the second half A Conspiracy of Kings perhaps might be a transitional novel, setting up questions and not answering them, though it might seem we ve been given answers The structure is unusual the first third or so, Sophos in captivity, is terrifically told and paced The next third shifts into a great deal of expositional mode as complicated off stage politics are sifted in I thought Turner did a fine job with Sophos emotional frustration as pretty much all the action is out of his view The last third is action again, with a surprise that perhaps isn t that surprising if the reader knows Gen.So here comes my spoiler discussion.I had to stop in this segment and reread because there was a subtext that disturbed me increasingly Perhaps the reader is being set up for bigger stakes, and bigger costs it was easy to imagine an enemy being lured up to a volcano just before it explodes, for example and the characters for bigger falls, but this book repeatedly had our young kings and queens reminded, or reminding themselves, that loss of subjects lives is to be expected Part of kingship you gotta man up if you re to rule You can t worry about those who died in carrying out your will.I don t think I need to point out the obvious political parallels, but they hit me hard enough that I had to go back and reread the books In The Thief, when Gen kills, he is hit hard by remorse, he gives a thought to the dead, he is aware of the cost of his temper and his skills when employed in violence With each succeeding book, he reacts less in this one, we do see Gen get dumped on his backside once or twice, but other than that he d become a distant manipulator wry, witty, and human to those few he lets close Otherwise he s become a basileus which I find a bit less interesting In a lesser writer, he might have dwindled to a Marty Stu Turner is far too good for that he s still Gen but I didn t find him nearly as compelling a character, but that caused another disturbing thought Gen has always been most heroic when he s physically suffering the most.Sophos wants to be Gen when he decides he has to kill, there is no moment of reaction, and when he chooses the most bloody course well, that s what tough kings and queens do.So at the end of the fourth book, being an adult reader, I have this question in mind The Medes have become an evil them but is the cost of building the three lands in order to resist being conquered turning our heroes into their likenesses

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