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pdf A Longer Fall, ebook A Longer Fall, epub A Longer Fall, doc A Longer Fall, e-pub A Longer Fall, A Longer Fall 3ee3a0d0e3c NUMBER ONE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR CHARLAINE HARRIS RETURNS WITH THE SECOND OF THE GUNNIE ROSE SERIES, IN WHICH LIZBETH IS HIRED ONTO A NEW CREW, TRANSPORTING A CRATE INTO DIXIE, THE SELF EXILED SOUTHEAST TERRITORY OF THE FORMER UNITED STATES WHAT THE CRATE CONTAINS IS SOMETHING SO POWERFUL, THAT FORCES FROM ACROSS THE THREE TERRITORIES WANT TO POSSESS IT In This Second Thrilling Installment Of The Gunnie Rose Series, Lizbeth Rose Is Hired Onto A New Crew For A Seemingly Easy Protection Job, Transporting A Crate Into Dixie, Just About The Last Part Of The Former United States Of America She Wants To Visit But What Seemed Like A Straight Forward Job Turns Into A Massacre As The Crate Is Stolen Up Against A Wall In Dixie, Where Social Norms Have Stepped Back Into The Last Century, Lizbeth Has To Go Undercover With An Old Friend To Retrieve The Crate As What S Inside Can Spark A Rebellion, If She Can Get It Back In TimeNumber One New York Times Best Selling Author Charlaine Harries Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries And Midnight Texas Trilogy Is At Her Best Here, Building The World Of This Alternate History Of The United States, Where Magic Is An Acknowledged But Despised Power Charlaine Harris Schulz P Recorded Books

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    A LONGER FALL by Charlaine Harris is the second book in the new Gunnie Rose series This series spans several genres including urban fantasy, western, alternate history, and thriller with magic adding another level.The story begins with our protagonist Lizbeth Rose Gunnie Rose on a train heading from Texoma to the country of Dixie with a new gunnie crew guarding a crate they need to deliver in Sally, a town in Dixie By the end of the first chapter there has been an explosion and the train has been derailed near their destination What started as an easy protection job has now evolved into something else Lizbeth s friend from book one, Eli Savarov shows up shown after the train derailment and they join forces to continue the mission Both Lizbeth s weapons expertise and Eli s magic are needed to help them succeed Who are their friends and who are enemies Dixie has some very old fashioned beliefs that women should be wearing dresses, not pants Additionally, this book takes on the underlying themes of racism and social stratification There is not quite as much action in this book as in book one in the series, but there is still plenty of it as well as a couple of slightly steamy, but not graphic scenes.Charlaine Harris is one of my favorite authors and she did not let me down with this unique addition to the new series The worldbuilding is fantastic and the characters are compelling Lizbeth s motivations are believable and well drawn and the secondary characters were well rounded and enhanced the story Lizbeth is a strong, and capable female protagonist The plot twists were believable but several were unexpected The story moved at an appropriate pace The scenes were well described and gave me a clear sense of place.I recommend that those that are interested in this series read the books in order The first book in the series explains the alternative history aspect that is not fully explained in book two I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series If you like blended genre books, then this may be a book that you would enjoy.Many thanks to Saga Press Gallery and Charlaine Harris for a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.

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    Western gunslinger woman, Russian Mob type wizard, dead bones, train robberies, slavery, bloodhounds, backstabbing, dead bodies and alligators The West is indeed a wild place in this series A good continuation of the series with many open ends when it s done.Liz is back and she s working to guard a box traveling on a train with a new crew Things happen as they do often on trains in the Westerns, bullets fly, people die and Liz is left bewildered Till Eli shows up out of the blue looking worse than the last time she saw him in Mexico There are questions, but they ll have to wait because somebody just got murdered and Liz wants to stay alive This town they are stuck in is not welcoming Together again, the pieces slowly come together in many ways.I like Liz and Eli I like them working together, each of them is different enough to make the usual unusual The sex scenes are not up to Ms Harris s ability, she choose to make them there but not interesting I would have liked to see a little R rated sex, it was so PG I will read the next book because of them.It s hard to place this in a time My brain needs to nail it down, old west modern future the mix of old West and modern throws me off sometimes It felt forced in bits, trying too hard to be a Western and yet not I m not loving the world, but I love the characters.

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    I really enjoyed the first book in this series It wasn t something different and slightly strange and a whole lot entertaining, which is why, when I saw A Longer Fall, I didn t hesitate to pick it up This had everything I loved in book one and just expanded on it More magic, danger, adventure and romance I truly am in love with the world that Harris has created and so very glad that I decided to take a chance on this author again because this series really is one that all her fans, old and new is going to love.I love the old timey western feel to it The almost apocalyptic eeriness to the world she has created while still making it seem familiar and believable The characters are rough and tough but still soft enough to be endearing and make you want to root for them to make it through one horrific fight scene and adventure after another Truly a stand out series that I am so glad I get to read and so glad I took a chance on ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThis is an AU fantasy western I haven t read the first book in the series but was able to figure most everything out and jump right into the story for what there was.Rose is guarding a chest on a train with a bunch of other mercenaries This being a novel, everything goes wrong, there s an explosion, a bunch of people die, and the chest disappears Whoops.While tracking the chest down, Rose encounters a Russian wizard prince with whom she s had a fling named Eli Their search takes them to a fun not racist town where it starts to seem like the disappearance of the chest was part of a bigger conspiracy.So here s the thing The beginning of this book was great but the middle is slow as syrup It s literally just Rose and Eli wandering around and talking to people and eating at all the diners I lost count of how many times they stop to EAT It s a lot.I really like the Sookie Stackhouse series and even though I can admit it s not the best written story out there, part of its charm was the action packed storyline laced with tons of romance and erotica This appears to be Harris s attempt to branch out and tell a serious story and while I respect that, it s so dull and boring that I kind of wish she d opted for trashy and fun instead Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2 stars

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I had a great time with this book After enjoying the first book in the Gunnie Rose series, An Easy Death, I was pretty eager to jump back into this alternate world and go on another adventure with Lizbeth The action in this book started right away and I found it to be a rather fast paced novel I found it impossible to put this book down and ended up reading it in a single day Lizbeth is working with another crew at the start of this book Her crew has been tasked with delivering a crate to Dixie It should be an easy job But of course, things go wrong Lizbeth is trying to hold things together when a familiar face shows up to help She must work to find the crate and complete the crew s mission.I liked this book just as much as the first one Gunnie Rose doesn t give up on any mission and she seems to be able to instinctively know who should be trusted The town she finds herself in has a lot of problems and tensions are high She must work with her ally to find the crate and deliver it appropriately but she seems to find difficulties at every turn There were a few surprises in this book The book takes place almost entirely in Dixie which is a different environment than what we saw in the first book I had a great time trying to figure out exactly what was going on and how Lizbeth would complete her mission I love the growth that we have seen in her character throughout the series.I would highly recommend this book to others This is an original and exciting story with wonderful characters and a bit of magic I cannot wait to read of Gunnie Rose s adventures in the future.I received a digital review copy of this book from Gallery Saga Press via NetGalley.Initial ThoughtsI had a great time with this book I love this alternate universe that Ms Harris has created and Lizbeth is a wonderful character The book opened with a bang and the momentum never stopped There were some pretty awesome moments and a few surprises I can t wait to see what will happen next in this entertaining series.

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    Review coming soon.

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    A Longer Fall is book two in Harris Gunnie Rose series which envisions an alternate reality where President Roosevelt was assassinated and the country broke apart into smaller ones with the east coast 12 of the 13 original colonies aligning with Britain and the West Coast becoming the new Holy Russian Empire loyal to the Tsar and filled with orders of Grogori magicians Lizbeth Rose or Gunnie Rose as she is known hails from Texoma, a new nation created out of Texas and Oklahoma and is a fierce gunwoman despite her small stature Here, Rose sets out on a railroad with a new posse she just joined up with to protect a crate on its way to Dixie, the new country made up of the former Southern states The beginning of the book is a major blast and yes literally a blast The action of the posse and in carrying out its task and recovering from what happens is great action packed writing After that, the plot line sort of peters out, losing its purpose This series has great promise from its alternate universe, which really isn t taken advantage of so much in this novel, to the great characterization and narrative voice of the one and only Lizbeth Rose.

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    I m finding this series to be very intriguing First, the heroine is kind of a badass She s a gunnie who s starting to become famous with her ability to shoot and being the last one standing Nothing seems to faze her She has a good sense of right and wrong but she also has no qualms about killing people when they need killing Lizbeth is only 19 years old and that girl is as cool as cucumber She s the biggest reason I m enjoying these books.The storyline is just as intriguing In the first book, I described Lizbeth s world as like an old western set in modern times with fantasy thrown in there It s still the same in this book, however when her job takes her to the town of Sally, they are thrown back into the old ways It s weird to say that when this already seems decades old as it is What I mean is that the town of Sally has a certain outlook on gender and race that we all know was there back in our old western world It s not anything Lizbeth is used too and it hinders her ability to do her job.There s a lot of action going on in this book which means a lot of killing The magic used in this series sometimes give me the heebie jeebies They have a dark tone to it even when it seems to be used for good All of these elements combines into one unique series and I m hooked I m looking forward to the next book.

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    Release Date January 14, 2020 Actual Rating 3 stars Alternate History Urban Fantasy While I m really enjoying this series, I felt like A Longer Fall was VERY SLOW It took me quite a while to read this one and while I WAS interested in all the action that was happening, I have to admit much of it dragged for me Am I shocked Not really Her books, while being favorites of mine, always manage to either excite me to the fullest or make me feel indifferent This book falls in the latter So on with the story In the latest installment of the Gunnie Rose series we find that Lizabeth is once again fighting for her life After a train derailment and a missing trunk that may or may not hold Holy remains Lizabeth finds herself in a predicament that could cost her and those she holds dearly, life Remember Eli from the first book Well, he s back as well He and Lizabeth must work together before the town of Dixie turns into a chaotic mess Gun fights, magic, and so much ensues and readers are taken on another fantastical adventure Even though I personally found the book to drag in some areas, there is a TON of action within this one and Charlaine writes it in an exciting way So, if you like your books with a ton of it you won t want to miss this one The ending of A Longer Fall felt a bit unsettled and I hope Charlaine has plans to continue the series as I have many questions I know many readers will feel the same Will I continue this series You bet This one may not have been my favorite, but it WAS GOOD Plus, I m a diehard Harris fan and will read anything she writes _________________________________________ LET S CONNECT YOU CAN FIND ME ON MY BLOG INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER BOOKBUB

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    I received this ARC copy of The Long Fall from Gallery Saga Press Simon Schuster This is my honest and voluntary review The Long Fall is set for publication Jan 14, 2020.Charlaine HarrisFRONTLIST January 14, 20209781481494953, 1481494953Hardcover 26.99 USD, 35.99 CADFiction Fantasy Paranormal320 pages Announced 1st Print 100KSeries Gunnie Rose

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