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pdf A Touch of Dead, ebook A Touch of Dead, epub A Touch of Dead, doc A Touch of Dead, e-pub A Touch of Dead, A Touch of Dead d928b372ffa Meet Sookie Stackhouse Sookie Stackhouse Is Everybody S Favourite Cocktail Waitress A Cute Bubbly Blonde Who Can Read Minds But Sookie S Far From Being The Only Person In Bon Temps, Louisiana With A Handicap, What With The Local Vampire Population Demanding Their Unhuman Rights And Weres Fighting For Territory In Fact, Bon Temps Is A Pretty Lively Place These Days A Touch Of Dead Collects Together All The Sookie Stackhouse Short Stories In One Gorgeous Volume, And Showcases The Writing Talents Of International Bestseller Charlaine Harris

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    B 76% Good Notes Kind of like finding and placing the missing hinted at pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and seeing a complete picture.

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    Here s a fun joke you can play on someone Loan them your copies of the Twilight books Now, if you ve chosen to play this joke on someone capable of experiencing love, wait for them to breathlessly return them to you Then, when they ask you what other books you like, loan them the Sookie Stackhouse novels Check in with them periodically Smile and nod when they compare Bill to Edward Bide your time Wait until they ve gotten through the first three books, and then ask them what they thought of the part where Sookie was finger banged by a manticore Watch their face fall as they realize how plausible what you have just suggested sounds, based on what they have read What makes this even better is that, as they continue through the books, they ll wish you had been telling the truth.These books are trash Wet trash on a hot day I can not, however, bring myself to stop reading them The box set is like a fresh pack of cigarettes, and you only go through them faster as you go along You know they re bad for you and you want to quit and all of your friends are encouraging you to stop, but late at night before you curl into bed, you take a few drags from the next chapter I blame that horrible mixed metaphor on the fact that I m midway through book 6, and it s starting to affect my brain.

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    3.33 Fairy triplets, an old Vamp in spandex onezy, a dead relative, a very lucky insurance agent, and the last one where grandpa becomes a pimp Not bad, just nothing too special Vampires like fairies the way dogs like bones great toys , good food

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    Fairy Dust view spoiler I have no idea how Sookie worked out who killed Claudette hide spoiler

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    The book cover is mesmerising red on black is beautiful The illustrations are absolutely incredible The stories are really witty and straight to the point Fairy dust I love Claude and Claudine, I literally adore them Fantastic who done it type story.Dracula night straight to the point, delivered a lot of charm and the writing style was beautiful Classic beforehand research and your typically case of vampiro imposto.One word answer I loved it and I loved what I saw of Sookie s cousin Hadley in the show so it was intriguing to know what happened to her SPOILER turned into a vampire and staked Lucky typical style of story writing, a story I would need to read a couple of times to really grasp what is happening.Gift wrap brilliant and interesting I do love learning about the faes Some good surprises in tha one.All in all as much as I love the show and the actual books, I really do live for the short stories Remarkable, beautiful, devastating and eye catching.

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    Bizarrely, this book of short stories made me think less of every character appearing in them.Fairy Dust Not very illuminating I guess Claudine was the only good one of those triplets The mystery was pretty dim, including Sookie s eureka moment.Dracula Night I did not need to see Eric starring in The Great Pumpkin On top of that, why on earth would Eric worship Vlad Tepes, who died in 1476 He s half Eric s age And claiming Tepes created a Golden Age for vampires seems ridiculous Bullshit.One Word Answer This should ve been a scene in a larger book Same as Fairy Dust, in that it s a totally tertiary situation that gets rushed through Only useful as backstory for the series, where Hadley becomes important I do not understand the pivotal you knew she was in there the ENTIRE TIME discussion Why is this important I do not know.Lucky Probably the best out of all of them I liked the idea that magic has consequences Even small local magic.Gift Wrap EW EW spoilers In one story, Jason gets semi slandered, Sookie replays the first chapters of Book 4 with a total stranger, and Niall proves to be some sort of supernatural pimp EW Just stupid So Sookie finds a man nearly dead in the woods, then defends him from a pack who show up to get him back, and then she has sex with the injured stranger And the next morning, the injured were and the pack leader chat about how Niall arranged this all as a Christmas present for Sookie You know adventure and then random sex THIS IS GROSS This is gross, and I think less of EVERYONE INVOLVED GROSS.Ahem There s no good reason to read this I thought I was missing something by sticking to the series, so I picked this up from the library NOPE NOT MSSING ANYTHING Blech.

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    I felt cheated by this one Somehow, these stories left me with the feeling that I just read a short advertisement for the Sookie Stackhouse series I mean, Harris spends so much time explaining every single stinking detail of Sookie, her life, her friends in Bon Temps and the surrounding area, that very little story is left for the actual well, the actual story itself And the stories don t really hold up well on their own I mean, they fit nicely into the context of the larger series if you already know and like the characters or want to get to know them better But a short story should be it s own little mini novel, right These just don t read that way Harris really overdid the explaining in these She should have spent time on content, less on the explaining of every aspect of Sookie s life If the writing was good enough, the stories would work anyway And the reader will be inspired to read the series in order and learn that Sookie considers her telepathy to be a disability, or that vamps came out after the mass production of Japanese synthetic blood or any number of things that Harris needs to stop writing for the hundredth time If a person picks up a series in the middle, it serves them right for being confused And if a short story is good not everything needs to be explained It doesn t Ok done with the rant

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    Rating three and a half smiley stars of fiveThe Publisher Says New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris has re imagined the supernatural world with her spunky Tampa Tribune Southern Vampire novels starring telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse Now, for the first time, here is every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written together in one volume.Stories include Fairy Dust, One Word Answer, Dracula Night, Lucky, and Giftwrap My Review How fun Sookie Stackhouse in short tales that are placed within the Sookie verse in gaps between the books I think Harris has a superb grasp of what her readers expect and so has made her fortune with this clever, amusing set of tales She delivers consistent and coherent world building entries into the developing canon of stories She makes certain her books have all the elements that have caused these otherwise slight stories to rocket to the top of the heap Sex, spooks, sex, a likeable heroine, sex, and romantic entanglements And sex.I will never offer these books as evidence of the cultural superiority of the Western world, but I also won t keep em behind the other books on the bookshelf, embarrassed to have anyone see that I read Charlaine Harris I think her writing is perfectly adequate, but not much than that her imagination is the thing that makes her books worth reading She s created an internally consistent and very plausibly presented alternate world, and in a lot of ways a world that I d prefer to live in, if I could find a way there.The stories are fun by themselves but my favorite one is the obligatory Christmas tale in which Sookie s newly discovered great grandfather Niall the faerie king gives her the single most wonderful, thoughtful, and unusual gift I ve ever heard or thought of I won t give it away, butlike, wow.Recommended for fans of the series Not a place to start.

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    Yippee The library finally has 4 copies, at least, and I ve dropped to 3 on the waiting list Oh yeahoh yeahoh yeah I ve had the emailIt s sitting waiting for me.Just in time for the long weekend Oh dear It s too quick to read Read one before I went to sleep last night Another one in the middle of the night when I was awake and bored Arrrgggh.If I let myself pick it up again I ll be finished it today Sigh And so it was Over quickly Too quickly and now there ll be this extended wait till May, was it Arrrggghh Only 5, or was it 6 stories And only a mouthful each So to speak

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    Fairy Dust is a short story in the Sookie Stackhouse series by popular American author, Charlaine Harris Claudine, the only fairy that Sookie has ever met, comes into the bar with a request for help And while fairies are notoriously bad tippers, Sookie will get paid for using her telepathic powers, so she agrees They go to Claude s house Claudine s brother, identical, who knew where Sookie, in her unique way, questions three of Claude s work colleagues at the exotic dance club, Hooligans Claude and Claudine are certain that one of the three murdered their triplet yes, there were three of these beautiful people , Claudette The culprit is uncovered, revenge is extracted, and the reader learns a bit about the fairies in the Sookieverse A small but enjoyable dose of Sookie.

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