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    This is the second book I have read by this author The first one was fine but this book was great More than great, Altar of Resistance is spectacular While, this book may have been the second one in this series I had no issues jumping right into it In fact, I felt like it could stand on its own Instantly, I was drawn to this story and the characters Although, the time period is what gave this book the cherry on top If Colonel Wilhelm and his children, John and Teresa had been in modern day times, I still would have liked them but what they all endured during this time period is what gave them that extra depth of intensity Once, I started reading this book, I could not stop reading I read it in a few hours Strong beginning, middle, and ending I plan to go back and check out the prior book in this trilogy as well as patiently awaiting the final book.

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    To date, I ve had the pleasure of reviewing two previous Samuel Marquis novels The Coalition, a political assassination thriller, and Bodyguard of Deception Volume One of his World War II Trilogy.Now, I ve read Altar of Resistance, the second book in that trilogy Without question, Marquis has really upped his game with this one In Bodyguard, much of the setting was in the Rocky Mountains where two escaped Nazi POW brothers with very different attitudes try to send secret information back to Germany One is a die hard, ruthless Nazi the other is a loyal German whose patriotism does mean national pride but doesn t extend to Hitler In the mix, their Americanized mother tries to make sure law enforcement and counter espionage entities chasing her sons capture and not kill them.In Altar, Marquis compounds that family dynamic with a epic sweep set during the Allied invasion of Italy, with many events occurring in the occupied, besieged city of Rome in 1943 1944 SS Colonel Wilhelm Hollmann represents the Germans trying to control the Italians while fulfilling the dictates of Adolf Hitler that include mass slaughters of Jews and the Italian resistance He has two children One is Major John Bridger of the American Canadian First Special Service Force who has changed his name to distance himself from a family he feels is cursed , after his mother tried to kill his father 11 years before His half sister is Teresa Kruger, who becomes a partisan fighter killing Germans on Roman streets as she wishes to destroy the father she despises.While we see Bridger go behind enemy lines and narrowly escape torture and death before joining the Allied invasion, we also witness Teresa and her resistance compatriots trying to fight their oppressors We see Hollman interact with a large number of German and Italian fascists engaged in savage reprisals and cruelty of every variety We also see Pope Pius XII wrestling with what his proper role should be in protecting the Jews and his people Perhaps it s the story of the Pope that could be the most controversial element of the novel.For decades, the Pope s role during the war has been debated with no easy resolutions Did he do enough to protect the Jews Why didn t he be public in denunciations of Hitler In Marquis s portrayal, the Pope wanted to preserve the Vatican s neutrality, feared there would be harsher reprisals if he said much publicly, felt he couldn t fairly denounce Hitler without doing the same to the Russians, and seemed very concerned about his august presence being forced out of Rome He s described as a secret agent for the allies, supporting three assassination attempts on Hitler, and he made all Catholic institutions in and around Rome safe havens for Jews for as long as he could before German betrayal.With such a complex tableau with many significant players, no synopsis can possibly do the book justice It s than evident considerable research went into establishing the events, settings, and especially the characters In several appendices, Marquis spells out the biographies of the actual personages that populate his novel and explains who the models were for his fictional characters For me, it s astonishing how much went into this book that was published so quickly after his other recent novels The man is prolific as well as deep I look forward to volume three of the trilogy which, no doubt will come our way sometime in 2017.This review first appeared at BookPleasures.com on Jan 24, 2016 goo.gl mZj8B5

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    Wow While this book is the second of Marquis WWII trilogy, it can be read easily as a stand alone I ve followed this author s works from the Coalition on through both the Higheagle Geopolitical thrillers and Bodyguard of Deception I naturally gravitated toward the Higheagle series as I had the pleasure of knowing the author back in our undergrad days at Denison where we both majored in Geology With each of his books, I hear his voice , and usually can identify one of the main characters who reminds me of his unique, ever curious, devil s advocate type of personality He enlivened many class discussions with very esteemed profs from which we were so incredibly lucky to have learned from Many would wonder how you can enliven an advanced Paleontology class just add Sam to the mix, any subject, any topic He was capable of turning a lecture into an eager interactive debate, and those who knew him really appreciated his wit and easy going persona.It s been an honor to be an Advanced Reader for his venture into turning his hobbies into different types of adventure fiction that I m sure no one could fault the research that Sam weaves into his storylines and conspiracy theories The very fact that he can incorporate such volumes of historical fact into thoroughly fun, readable fiction never ceases to amaze me still He holds a full time career as a Hydrogeologist in Colorado, is very involved in his home and family life, yet STILL can write such thought provoking works that make you wonder hmmmmm long after His latest thriller focuses on the Nazi occupation of Rome, and masterfully winds fictional and real players into a great spy thriller I learned about my Italian heritage and had not fully understood how desperate the times were for all Italians after Mussolini s fall but left with the occupation of their homeland, especially Rome The idea of creating a fictional family in crisis that each have very personal affiliations and ties to opposing worldwide forces fuels his plot lines Controversy will probably always shadow Pope Pius XII and this book taught me history that I had not forayed into Imagine the burden that a Pope carried keeping his huge congregation and especially the Vatican and Rome itself from being torn apart I personally choose to believe that the rumors about the Pope s role in undercover operations to rescue rebels and Jews threatened by the Nazis and their deranged leader are all true Imagine an icon of Peace having to decide the fate of the church promoting world peace while involving himself privately in several failed assassination attempts to remove Hitler, as this book effectively shows It also emphasizes how fearful, yet conflicted some high ranking officers of Hitler s own regime and SS struggled mightily with his evil plan of a supreme race to rule after his reign mercifully was ended This isn t a book that you can read fast It is very intricately woven in plot to describe conflicting forces that played critical roles during the occupation, but if you choose to read this power packed novel, you re in for a hell of a historical read and will be thinking about it long after you re done By the way, I finished this just as HBO s very intriguing series was released the Young Pope who chooses Pius XIII as his name I ve caught a few references to how controversially the Vatican still regards the rumors of Pius XII s secret involvement in assistance to Italian rebels and to eliminate Hitler vs lack of involvement that remains mysterious to this day.

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    Author Samuel Marquis is the new Ken Follett of the WWII thriller but he s even better I have read Bodyguard of Deception and Altar of Resistance, Books 1 and 2 of his WWII Trilogy, and they both take you on a thrill ride through the Second World War with spellbinding suspense and very detailed research that makes it fun to read but where you also learn a lot In Altar of Resistance, Marquis describes one family s struggle for survival during the Battle for Rome and Italy in 1943 and 1944 Packed with war action, suspense, Tom Clancy like detail, and even a dash of romance, I literally could not put Altar of Resistance down Bravo once again Mr Marquis

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    A family curse, a hidden secret, a papal plan to assassinate Hitler and a LOT of Nazis World War Two Rome as you ve never known it In Altar of Resistance, Samuel Marquis seamlessly blends well researched facts with fiction in this harrowing tale of a family torn apart by tragic events and cursed to play out the war on opposite sides for the battle of Italy The brutality of the Nazi occupation of Rome is seen through the eyes of the American soldier, the Nazi commander, the Italian partisan and Pope Pius XII A great read for war and history buffs as well as anyone that enjoys a well told story.

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    In the tradition of Ken Follett, Leon Uris, Tom Clancy, Alter of Resistance is an engaging World War II thriller Sam Marquis tells the story of the liberation of Rome in 1944 Packed with historical detail and compelling characters, Marquis provides new insights into one of the largest and most violent armed conflicts in history, and the human dimension of its participants It is a model for how the history, military strategy, and ethics of war can be combined in an accessible and enjoyable fictional framework A must read for every fan of the literary genre and the history of World War II.

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    Altar of Resistance, provided great perspectives and insights into World War II His choice of German occupied Rome and the plot development involving the Vatican and Pope provides quite the behind the scenes story line into World War II The through historical research allowed for Marquis to layer in a very enjoyable story The character development and high stakes moments drew me into the heat of the action I look forward to reading of Samuel Marquis s books

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    Elimination of the Central Family Characters would improve this book Samuel Marquis is fatalistically STUCK on including a central, fictitious family in at least the 1st 2 books of his trilogy and the effort to focus on these family members detracts from otherwise OK stories The details and lifelines of these family members is incredibly opportunistic they have huge roles that intertwine and are ridiculous Further, there s NO NEED for such family members the author could simply just create other characters, and the stories would be far believable.

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    Good bookReally enjoyed this book in everyway It was very obvious all the hard work you went through to produce this book Looking forward to reading the others in the series I will recommend this book.

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    Well writtenThis book is well written and well researched It is also very descriptive of Time and the battles and events leading up to liberation Not an easy book for me to read since I don t care for battle scene descriptions.

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