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    Every Amber Brown book was my sanctuary as a child.I ve read every one, and I am proud to say she was my role model as a child I wanted to wear a white shirt and black stockings every single day.I was also considering changing my name to Violet Green.

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    Let me tell you something AmberPeople do leavewether for their own will, or just because they have to.and for so many reasons, we stil can not accept that.we deny that.no matter which shoes we stand for.the one who leave, or the one who being left.So, Amber Brown, who is not a crayon,Cherish the moments with your loved ones.Look to their eyes, smile a lot.For you don t know when the time would come.Be thankful for the friendship that you and justin had.For some people, me as the nearest example, friendship is a cheap thing when ego collides.And suddenly, it s gone.The friendship.The friend is gone.The ship is sank.and there s nothing i can do

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    The Amber Brown series, is the first book in the series and is a must for any growing girl It is a great series for young girls and there is no doubt that whoever you are, and at whatever age you are there is something in Amber you can relate to If it s her messy hair, her love of Bubble gum, her parent s divorce or the moving away of her best friend, there is something you can identify with.The first book in the series, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon sees amber deal with her best friend moving away to another city as well as coping with her parents divorce It s a book many children will be able to relate to, which deals with issues in a realistic way It will help children who are going through similar problems of their own The series is told is first person, voiced by Amber Brown It is a humorous read, and as the series progresses, Amber gets older and faces other common problems that readers will again be able to identify with The series would be suitable for KS2 children to read on their own However, the books are aimed at a female audience There is a good balance of pictures that helps readers picture Amber and her friends and family Paula Danziger gets an accurate message across to her target audience.

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    When I went to the Salvation Army to look around, my mom and I saw these books One of the books I got today was this book The main reason I wanted this book was because I remember being in elementary school and my teachers reading these books Also, it s because it has my name in the title added benefit I sat here tonight and read this book, and it was a great book and it reminded me of when I moved from Alabama to Georgia in the 3rd grade In the book, Amber Brown has to deal with her best friend, Justin, moving away to Alabama She does not want Justin to move away with his family and they tried to make deals, but the job was just too good for his dad to pass up When Justin was packing up, he threw away Justin and Amber s gum ball sort of like a rubber band ball and Amber stops talking to him I remember the TY beanie baby my best friend gave to me when I moved away After I moved to Georgia, the talking to my best friend became a WHOLE lot harder So from it all, I understand Amber Brown s concern with her and Justin losing touch and moving ALL the way to Alabama This is a great book for the child who is losing a best friend to a move

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    This was a childhood favorite of mine that I really wanted to reread, mainly because I couldn t remember anything other than how much I loved it After finishing it, I totally know why I loved Amber Brown than any other character in the other books I had read Not only did I identify with her on a ton of different levels, but this book also explored emotions that I had many times growing up in a military family The feeling of loss when people move is a difficult thing for a grade schooler to understand and cope with I definitely didn t realize that as a kid, but I can very much appreciate the accessibility and openness of this book with dealing with those emotions It felt very real.

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    I loved the book it s about Amber friend and her fight because they have a ball of gum and they don t know who should get it

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    I like the content of the book It addressed how children deal with changes.

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    This book was about amber brown and her best friend.They were good friends until one of them moved.Thwy had to result in the conflict.Also they say that amber brown in a brown crayons beacuse of her last name.They be mean to her and bully her.I learned that u should always think you have like real friends.I would recomened this book to everyone and girls that are growing up beacuse to make sure stuff like bullying doesnt happened.

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    Summary Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon is about a little girl in third grade who finds out her best friend is going to be moving in a few weeks Amber and her best friend Justin get into an argument right before he leaves and stopped talking Amber must decide on how to handle the emotions she is experiencing to make things right before Justin leaves Evaluation This is a sweet book that explains that children can have real emotions too, and sometimes they don t know how to express them In this story, Amber and Justin both struggle with expressing their emotions and Amber must make the decision to stop being mad at Justin to give him a proper farewell Teaching Ideas This book could be used to teach children about expressing their emotions It could also be tied into a lesson for adjectives, and having the children use Amber and Justin as their examples and then having them choose adjectives that describe them and a time they had emotions towards an event they experienced and how they responded to it.

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    This book Amber Brown is not a crayon is about a girl named Amber Brown and her best friend named Justin Daniels Justin and Amber sit next to each other in every class These to crazy kids help each other with fractions and spelling, and always stick up for each other Soon Justin finds out he is moving to Alabama because his dad got a new job in Alabama Amber and Justin soon get into a fight because Amber is very sad that Justin is moving to Alabama, and that they have already sold their house Will Amber Brown and Justin Daniels ever be friends againread the book to find out This book made me feel like is was in the story watching all of this happen I would recommend this book to people that like books like Smile HAPPY READING

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download Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon, read online Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon, kindle ebook Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon, Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon 316aca5b3b66 Amber Brown And Justin Daniels Are Best Friends They Ve Known Each Other For Practically Forever, Sit Next To Each Other In Class, Help Each Other With Homework, And Always Stick Up For Each Other Justin Never Says Things Like, Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon Amber Never Says, Justin Time They Re A Great Team Until Disaster Strikes Justin Has To Move Away, And Now The Best Friends Are Fighting Will They Be Able To Work It Out Before It S Too Late