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    Remember how I always say that I like alpha men as long as they don t cross that line into dick dom Well, Dmitri crosses that line and then dances in dick territory while flipping me off Yeah, I pretty much wanted to kill him this whole book Yes While I was reading this book, this seemed like the most rational response..So, instead of focusing on Elena and Raphael during this book, we get to have a story about Dmitri, Rapael s second and a vampire Dmitri has always been a total dick to Elena, and he is into pain and sex I thought I would like to read his story.but I was wrong I was really pissed off for most of the book Why The love interest is Honor, a female Guild Hunter who was abducted and tortured by vampires in a basement for two months She was raped, tortured, starved, and fed upon It was so bad that she had to have surgery to fix the internal damage done to her body Really She s the one who is chosen to be with the vampire who likes bondage and pain during sex Cuz, for some reason, I think this is a bad ideaBut, it would be okay if he treated her with kindness and sensitivity since he knew exactly what happened to her Of course, he didn t Instead, he pushed her, kept bringing up her pain, threatened her, told her that he was going to have her , and even restrained her in the way she was restrained during her ordeal All this while saying that he was planning on using her and then throwing her away Call me crazy, but I find this a bit insensitive to victimized women.So, I couldn t get into this story because it was impossible to believe that a woman who had been held prisoner and victimized in every way would be attracted to this guy who was just another abuser If she was, she needed some serious psychological help because there is something really wrong about that And, then the story took a weird route to try and make it all okay, but I didn t care for that either It was like trying to justify a relationship that was obviously wrong by writing in this special circumstance that means it was meant to be But, truly, the way Dmitri treated Honor was not okay at all I just couldn t believe or understand the love story in this one.

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    I ve tried to figure out how to write my review honestly without giving spoilers, but I just can t My major dislike involved a plot point that I would consider to be a spoiler, so be wary and don t read it unless you really want to know.Dmitri, I m happy to say, is still the same guy we first saw in Angels Blood He s wicked and naughty, and still has that disturbing vein of cruelty He was, I have to admit, one of the members of the Seven that I was least interested in, but I really got to know him here and grew to love him He s dark and dangerous, but what really swayed me were his memories That guy, the one his memories, was the one that really made me fall for him If we wouldn t have seen him as he was then, I m not sure how much I would have cared for him in the present As I said, he had a vein of hard anger and cruelty in him that had me shying away Rafael could be cruel and cold to Elena and others, but he didn t seem to relish it the way Dmitri did, and that seemed to make all the difference for me I tried not to compare their relationship to Elena and Rafael, I really did And I succeeded for the most part It was weird seeing them from the sidelines and only having a few scenes with them, but the author was smart not to let any of the other characters accidentally dominate Dmitri s book We got to see Jason and Illium and Venom, but the scenes with them seemed few and far between What we did see of Illium continued to hint toward a worrying fixation on Elena, though Just like in the last book, I m not sure what I think of the continued mention of this subject It s making it into a bigger thing than I want it to be and I keep hoping it will be dropped Honor and Dmitri both have had to learn to cope with the horrific abuse they re suffered Dmitri is, of course, further along in the game than her, but he has had way time to adjust Honor is still jumpy and can t control her occasional involuntary fight or flight reaction around him Although Honor would seem to be the wounded of the two, being that her experience was recent, Dmitri really stole the show His constant flashbacks exposed us to a pain and a yearning that has never healed in him It has been so many years and he s still not over his wife He longs for the happiness and the love he felt when he was with her, and he just about broke my heart That s really what leads into why the relationship between Honor and Dmitri left me dissatisfied Dmitri was clearly not over his wife, and honestly, I don t blame him The flashbacks we were shown were incredibly compelling and it broke my heart to know that he didn t have that any Although he started to make a connection with Honor, there was so much time devoted to memories of his prior life and Honor s similarities to his dead wife that I felt that the present relationship was shortchanged I mean, we even had flashbacks during the scenes where Honor and Dmitri were getting frisky I ended up being interested in the past relationship than the present one and wished I could have read that romance, because they had something beautiful view spoiler I know why Dmitri was constantly reminded of his wife when he was with Honor, but it really made me doubt that Honor was actually what kept him interested The author built up the past connection and Dmitri s continued devotion so well that the current relationship didn t quite fit It seemed like the only reason why it developed into than his typical catch and release attitude was because he became unwillingly intrigued by the similarities I was very shocked and unhappy to find that.This is where the SPOILERS come in, people.Honor was cast as Dmitri s dead wife, reincarnated I know that some people find that situation very romantic, but I m not one of them To me, there s a very clear definition between this person and that person Just because both people have the same soul does not mean that they are both guaranteed to be loved by the same person Every action and inaction and event that you experience defines who you are It s that person that someone will fall in love with And I don t feel that those things are interchangeable Change one event about your past and you could change your whole personality and outlook on life You might not have grown and learned enough to become the person you are today So to have Dmitri s dreams come true by tying up his pain in a big red bow and giving him his wife back makes me very unhappy What about Honor She seemed to exist only as a vehicle to ease his torment I am not convinced that he would have ever been completely fulfilled by just her He was too hung up on his wife But because she is his wife it s okay Now he ll love her with everything he has But is he really loving Honor Or is he just loving his wife any way he can get her I don t like to close a Romance with these nagging worries, so I m not exactly stoked about how this all turned out hide spoiler

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    4 Another Wednesday, another UF PNR gem for the BBB s Dmitri Really, Nalini From all the wonderful and fascinating characters you could have gone with for the fourth book of the series and you choose Dmitri The one obviously sick, deprived, misogynistic, and antipathetic vampire whom we all wonder why Raphael is tolerating as his second Wow I actually thought that Nalini had lost her mind and had decided to commit series suicide with this choice for a leading man And even worse, for his love interest we are presented with Honor, a Guild Hunter who is not hunter born, but thought She is strong, but she has been just recently broken, or at least deeply hurt, by a gang of vampires who had her chained, tortured and abused for their entertainment for over 2 months How is this going to work at all It just did not seem possible Shows you how much I know In the previous books, and especially book 1, I got to develop a healthy dislike for Raphael s second in command, the 1000 years old vampire Dmitri He is a very arrogant and mostly uncaring jerk But starting with the first page, when we get some of his background, I knew Nalini is not going to let me dislike him for long If not anything else, she was determined to make him justified in the way he is now, because of his horrible and very, very tragic past After all, he was never one of the immortality hunters All he ever wanted was a regular life span with a life of having and providing for his wife and family Until the day Isis entered his life and chose a different destiny for them all in the most brutal way possible From a happy life of work and love, his life transformed into hell of pain, darkness and despair, eventually overtaken by lust for revenge and deep hatred for a living he never wanted to be a part of Now his existence is so far away from human, his persona so far away from the loving parent he once had been And it suits him just fine.When Dmitri first meets Honor, she than underwhelms him He finds her to be weak, lacking in strength of character and running like a rabbit from reality He can taste her fear and loathes her inability to face her demons head on, but sees her as huddling in her corner, instead of taking her time to heal and get stronger After all, she is just a female, one of those creatures who fall all over themselves to please him, feed him, and satisfy every and all of his whims However, by letting us into his history by means of flashbacks, Nalini shows us that he is as cold and ruthless as he is, because his heart has always belonged to only one woman his wife from the life he lost long ago All other women pale in comparison But something in this weak mortal creature Honor brings sparks of life back into his heart and he is disoriented and for first time in millennia, vulnerability creeps into his soul Since he refuses to acknowledge his weakness where she is concerned, he chooses to concentrate on bringing her torturers to justice and this puts the two of them in close quarters while investigating together Honor is recovering from the horrific vampire attack, but fear is still the driver behind her current choice of life She is only up and at it because of her friends nudging her to reclaim her power and freedom, despite wanting nothing else but to stay home and hide Dmitri frightens her to her very core not only because he reminds her of her captors, but he is using sex and feeding as weapons and she knows she is vulnerable to him And she feels this is worse than plain hating him Archangel s Blade is a dark, angsty, and overwhelming on the emotional front book After reading the first flashback from Dmitri s old life, I was already emotional than I have been in all the 3 previous volumes It was not an easy book to read for me Along with pain, murder, torture, revenge, forgiveness and redemption, there are so many contradicting emotions, that I felt I needed to take brakes often in order to stay sane I am not sure that I would want to read another book with that much pain inducing situations, because I do want to keep whatever sanity I have retained as of yet Dmitri provides a tough love approach to supporting Honor which might seem too rough or cruel at times, but I think Nalini was able to find the perfect anchor for the hunter to find her own core of strength and build on it At the end, even with some convenient revaluations, we see no other way the book can have gone and how once again Ms NS masterfully turns a seemingly hopeless pairing into the perfect couple Wow I should have never questioned her choices Happy Reading to all and enjoy the wonderful Fall weather

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    Almost rated this 2 stars, but then we got to the ending and it was so retardedly cheesy that it s now 1 star Let s list all the ways I hated this book 1 Dmitri is an asshole and I haven t liked his stupid vampire ass since book 1 I had little to no hope that he d be worthy of a book and pull his head out of his ass for a beloved I was right, he s still a douche, even when in love His crappy personality doesn t change 2 Who the hell pairs up a BDSM evil vampire Dmitri with a Hunter Honor who was captured, imprisoned, and severely brutalized for two months by vampires That s like pairing an alcoholic with a brewer, or an arachnophobic with a half spider man So stupid and unbelievable 3 Honor could ve been interesting, she s an academic and a Hunter, but also an idiot She s been traumatized, has PTSD, yet she s totally cool with hanging out with vampires and having the king of bdsm vamp macking on her What is wrong with you, Honor Is this some hair of the dog that bit you shit She obviously hates being around vamps and flips out near Dmitri, but somehow very quickly a week or less , she s all aboard his pogo stick No way 5 The plot is about vampires The title lied to me, made me think it was going to be fun with archangels again Nope Raphael and Elena make brief cameos Illium and Jason are present, but they re majorly sidelined here 6 Constant memory flashbacks of Dmitri s life before he was a vampire Sure, it s nice insight, but does it have to take up half the book It felt like every other page was a repetitious flashback Stop 7 The mystery was way on the back burner, I felt like the whole plot was actually about Dmitri getting into Honor s pants It seemed 70% of the book was about those two and their attraction, 10% mystery, 20% flashbacks Blah 8 Honor has a lot of TSTL qualities Some are negotiable because she s a hunter, so yeah, she s used to running into danger, but who the hell says to the immortal vampire, let me go in first Are you an idiot The 1,000 yr old vampire can easily survive a barrage of bullets, you, puny human, cannot That means the vampire goes in to danger first, duh 9 Dmitri does several WTF things to Honor, even after knowing her backstory and being angry about what was done to her He still does several things that are blatant trigger issues with someone with her past Why Because he s a douchey bastard 10 The ending The ending is so cheesy j want to hurl I was mollified with Dmitri becoming nicer and thought I d give this 2 stars, but then that ending No Stop pulling this clich trope End it now 11 This plot twist clich trope that s concluded in the last chapter, it s beyond blatantly obvious from the beginning I felt like I was being hit on the head with all the clues to this ending and I hate repetition and easy to solve plot twists Not happy here I sincerely hope that there are no vampire couples in these books I hate the vampires in this series, they re all mostly male and douches from what I can tell And everyone is boring in comparison to an angel As to Honor and Dmitri, I d use a flamethrower to scorch out their overwhelming cheesiness.

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    Let me start by saying that Archangel s Blade may be Nalini Singh s best work to date and quite possibly her best hero she s created with the vampire Dmitri Yes, ladies and gentleman, while I read Archangel s Blade I forgot about my favorite Singh character, Kaleb, from Nalini s Psy Changeling series Now that s something astonishing because out of all Nalini s male characters, Kaleb is the end all and be all for me Lucas Hunter from Slave to Sensation comes in a close second Dmitri is unlike any hero I ve read this year He s been an important character in the Guild Hunter series since the beginning as the archangel, Raphael s second in command Dmitri is a dark, almost villainous creature who uses sex and violence to get what he wants Some may say he doesn t have a soul from what we ve seen of him so far When I heard Nalini was going to give Dmitri his own book, I really thought it wouldn t work How could she make Dmitri stand on equal footing all her other wonderful heroes Dmitri is one slick, and at times, slimy mo fo Well, Dmitri is a cut above all her heroes and so Dmitri will slip deep into your heart and not leave What you think you know about him is so very wrong, and when you figure out who he really is and why he acts the way he does, you may end up in tears because it s so heartbreaking.Archangel s Blade is not an easy book to read Nalini throws everything and the kitchen sink in here in regards to Dmitri and the heroine, Honor These two have gone through hell and back and have barely survived Their pasts are full of torture, violence, death and disturbing acts placed on their person and their psyche Only when they both come together and find love and understanding with one another is where they re able to fully heal This is a powerful story that shows how love can heal all wounds.Honor is a member of the Guild Hunter just like Elena, the vampire hunter turned angel who is mated to Raphael, the powerful archangel of Manhattan Honor is recovering from a horrific vampire attack, where she was held captive for months and was drained of her blood, raped and tortured for no reason She lives in fear and can barely function, going as far as blaming herself for her attack because she was forced to feel pleasure from some of the tortures she went through Her boss, as way to push Honor to stop hiding, orders her to investigate a possible serial killer targeting vampires Honor will have to work alongside Dmitri, who frightens her to her very core not only because he s a vampire, but one who s seductive and close to amoral as you can get.Dmitri is not impressed with Honor at first because he can sense her fear and loathing He really doesn t have a high opinion of woman because they fawn all over him and allow him to use their bodies for sex and other degrading acts, or so we re led to believe His heart belonged to only one woman back when he was mortal and he will never love another with such devotion again But as he gets to know Honor, the walls around his heart break down He wants to avenge Honor for what she went through while he comes to terms with his own guilt over the senseless murders of people he loved before he was changed into a vampire Honor begins to see the true Dmitri and how he s scarred like she is Honor wants to take what Dmitri is offering She begins to heal also and comes to the conclusion that Dmitri is her salvation, and so much .Archangel s Blade is a book where revenge and forgiveness go hand in hand This is also a very dark and angst ridden read What Dmitri and Honor have gone through will numb your heart because it s so disturbing I raged alongside both of them when they tell one another about their suffering Dmitri makes no excuses for what he does But the one thing that makes him redeemable is his undying devotion not only to Raphael, but the memory of a woman who was once his entire life To explain why this is so important would be a big spoiler and is better left unsaid I will tell you this, when Dmitri loves, it s unlike anything you will have read before Watching him and Honor first as adversaries who eventually become each other s yin to their yang is a thing of beauty Their love and passion is an accumulation of two souls who have been searching for one another for far too long.There s a big twist regarding Honor that may seem ridiculous and too convenient, but it works when all is said and done When it s revealed, you may break down in happy tears because it s the ultimate happily ever after.Awe I am simply in awe of this book, with Nalini s imagination, characterizations and over storyline and plot Kudos, big big Kudos to Nalini for Archangel s Blade I announce my favorite phrase with this one I want to have babies with this book it s so damn good.I bow down to Nalini for writing Archangel s Blade I had tears in my eyes, which doesn t happen very often Archangel s Blade will be in my top 5 for 2011 and a book that will stick with me for years to come.PS I still heart Kaleb from Nalini s Psy Changeling books, but for a short moment of time, he took a backseat to Dmitri.

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    I am amazed by this book I had been looking forward to it but Dmitri was actually my least favourite of Raphael s Seven so it was a case of reading this one to get to the next one Which me brings me back to the amazement I loved this book and it is actually my favourite in the whole series so far.Dmitri in the previous books is lethal and beautiful, sensual and cruel and in this book he is no different, he is all those things, but he is also You see a different side and you see how he became the almost immortal he is, it was heartbreaking and you begin to see him from a different perspective Honor was also another female character that Nalini Singh has created whom I liked, she was similar in character to Elena, a Guild Hunter, strong, tough but with a human heart But she has also been broken by months of being captured and tortured and raped by vampires and one of the best aspects of the book was watching her become stronger through out the book with Dmitri s sometimes cruel assistance and some good old fashioned vengeance.Now for the romance between them, frack me but that was hot They sexual tensions was well drawn out you can feel the chemistry rise between them getting under their skin, this one of those books where you may need emergency knickers whilst reading But much like Elena and Raphael s book this books romance isn t sweet and romantic, it is intense, raw and brutal, you feel a little bruised afterwards but it is worth it I can probably go on forever about this book but I really loved it but it isn t for the weak of heart, it is violent both emotionally and physically but all the better for it.League of The SevenI know you are all dying to know how my affections lie with the Seven, so here is teh League table at this juncture of the series 1 AODHAN I don t know why but he has been my fave since he was first introduced2 Venom Just loooove his wicked sense of humour and his eyes3 Jason I just wanna pet him4 Dmitri Read the Ode to Dmitri which is this review5 Illium Gotta love Bluebell 6 Galen Wanna see him 7 Naasir to be fair, we have only had a glimpse

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    Solid 4.5 StarsRead with the Wednesday UF crew at Buddies Books BaublesDmitri s book.I thought that his character had the most growth potential so far and I was not wrong Were Are you scared to read Dmitri s book because in the first three he seemed like an unapologetic arrogant ass I mean his actions thus far towards Elena have made him questionable in my eyes but then there is that fierce devotion to Raphael he has so I always felt that he couldn t be all bad.Well well well I was not disappointed Dmitri is a complex character with a pretty heart wrenching backstory that explains Why Raphael and he are so tight and have complete trust in each other Why he has been throwing his scent around toward Elena and altering between trying to seduce her or kill her What happened to the family and children he once had.I was captivated by this story that is so much darker than the prior ones When Dmitri meets Honor the Hunter assigned to help him capture a foe thought long dead he feels a spark that he hasn t felt for a women in over a millennia Honor has her own dark story and abuse to overcome She was held hostage by a group of vampires for their enjoyment and is still dealing with the PTSD she is suffering from that.I liked Honor and how hard she started to work to put her life back together after hiding out for almost a year after her tragic attack She was a strong woman who went through a horrible tragedy so it was easy to see why she and Dmitri would connect on some fundamental level as details from his past surfaced too You could tell that even as he was being hard on Honor he was actually helping her deal with the residual issues she was having Those who say vengeance eats you up are wrong it doesn t, not if you do it right Being in Dmitri s head also helped understand his motivations better and now I actually like the strange way he is working to help Elena to become a stronger consort and mate for Raphael Please don t think for a second that he is all sunshine and rainbows and kittens He definitely isn t, he is still brutal, hard and not mortal But I know get the places that everything about him comes from and I really liked his dark and twisted story Ever had a woman say no to you, Dmitri Once He turned the corner with a smile that made her want to cup his face, trace those beautiful lips with her own I married her Add to that a little development for a few other side characters and this is my favorite story from this world so far I m pretty sure I know who Venom will be matched up with later and since she threatened to chop his head off I will really enjoy that courtship when it happens There was also a little on the guild hunter Ashwini and the Vampire that is currently pursuing her It does appear that Vampire courtships are aggressive and maybe a bit violent but definitely never boring.I don t want to say that I didn t like Raphael and Elena s story so far because I did but it was really nice to get a broader few of the world from a few other character PoVs in the story I look forward to discovering Jason s story next.

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    5 stars Paranormal RomanceWOW Once again I bow at the altar of Nalini Singh Seriously, she is an author goddess who has created not one, but two amazing, unique series that I love Archangel s Blade is another phenomenal read that I devoured in one sitting and savored like the finest dark chocolate, which is fitting with a complex hero like Dmitri Vampire Dmitri is in two wordssexual chocolate He s dark, alluring, enigmatic, seductive, dangerous, addictive, powerful, ruthless, sensual, calculating, and cold and cutting as a sharp steel blade He s rare diamonds, rich champagne, silk sheets, bubble baths, chocolate covered strawberries, scented oils, fur lined cuffs, velvet whips, and exotic truffles all rolled into one erotic feast for the senses Yet underlying his sensual magnetism is a cruelty honed from centuries of pain and suffering that has bled out nearly all traces of his humanity.Honor is a Guild hunter who s struggling to mend her broken fighter s spirit and heal emotional wounds resulting from a brutal captivity and torture at the hands of evil vampires She s deeply scarred, but her strong, compassionate survivor s heart captivates Dmitri But can Honor ever trust the touch of a vampire, especially a lethal killer and predator like Dmitri And can tenderness from a caring human woman like Honor reach his embittered soul It s a dark, violent, emotionally powerful, and sensual romance about two broken souls inexplicably drawn together I loved it Another 5 star winner from Ms Singh

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    didn t love this one but not for the usual reasons this is going to sound bad but im not entirely convinced that nalini singh knows how to write a steamy romance sure there is sex, confessions of love, etc but where is the romance i really enjoyed the plot in this one and i enjoyed how this story felt complete than previous installments probably since this couple only gets one book but the romance was so lackluster for me i think other reviewers were unhappy with dmitri as the love interest but honestly i wasn t bothered by his alpha male behavior none of his actions were shocking or even offensive to me i guess i will admit that nalini does a good job at making her love interests alpha without crossing the line into sexually aggressive.but i didn t feel a strong connection between the characters the romance seemed inevitable and not in a cute way it was just wow they spend a lot of time together and he s inexplicably attracted to her idk i wasn t impressed and now im starting to question if the rest of the series will feel the same.i guess i m used to the brash and LOUD paranormal romances from JR Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon but this was just very meh for me.

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    I can t believe I m about to do this Not about a Nalini Singh book But Archangel s Blade was a HUGE disappointment So much so, that I nearly gave it ONE star NEVER before have I given an N.S book less than 3and usually she gets 5 stars from me It makes me sad, but here it goesReincarnation Seriously I m all about suspension of disbelief After all, my favorite genre is rife with vampires, werewolves, fairies, wizards and sassy, kick ass women who somehow attract impossibly gorgeous para men And it s not even just because I don t believe in reincarnation though, I really really don t , but the way it was done.First off, Honor s story was good I liked her struggle to get back to her life after being a torture victim But all that progress, all that strength was obliterated when she got all of the memories from her former life Totoally overshadowed what she went through Andokay, if reincarnation existed, does it make sense that suddenly, for no discernible reason, you would get ALL of the memories from your other life ALL OF THEM And what a cheap, easy out for Dmitri No internal turmoil necessary 1000 years later, he can t fall in love with someone new Nooo, let s make it easy for him Let s make the new chick his DEAD WIFE REINCARNATED BLECH The pathetic love story aside, what a strange conglomeration of mysteries they solved Who imprisoned Honor It was this guy, no THIS guy, no, blame it on the twisted mother And then the Isis thing I guess I just didn t see the bigger picture, the intertwining point to it all It just seemed like N.S had all these half ideas of things she wanted to touch on in the Guild Hunter series, so she put bits of all of them into this book ALONG WITH A CRAPPY REINCARNATION LOVE STORY Personally, I want a do over Nalini Singh is way better than this She should take this garbage which is, like, a National bestseller, so clearly I m in the minority here and make it BETTER Have Ingrede be the villan Yeah, have her be the one pulling all the puppet strings Hmmm, how about, Isis turned her into a vamp and she s been plotting revenge on her husband for leaving Yes, and so she was the one dropping bloody vamps in Time s Square and SHE S the one who imprisoned Honorand infected her with something so she would be tortured by Ingrede s memoriesto screw with Dmitri s head YesI would read that book.That is all.

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download Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter, #4) , read online Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter, #4) , kindle ebook Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter, #4) , Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter, #4) 274ece73e28b New York Times Bestselling Author Nalini Singh Is Back In The Shadows Of A Deadly, Beautiful World Where Angels Rule, Vampires Serve, And One Female Hunter Must Crawl Out Of The Darkness To Survive The Severed Head Marked By A Distinctive Tattoo On Its Cheek Should Have Been A Guild Case, But Dark Instincts Honed Over Hundreds Of Years Of Life Compel The Vampire Dmitri To Take Control There Is Something Twisted About This Death, Something That Whispers Of Centuries Long Past But Dmitri S Need To Discover The Truth Is Nothing To The Vicious Strength Of His Response To The Hunter Assigned To Decipher The TattooSavaged In A Brutal Attack That Almost Killed Her, Honor Is Nowhere Near Ready To Come Face To Face With The Seductive Vampire Who Is An Archangel S Right Hand, And Who Wears His Cruelty As Boldly As His Lethal Sensuality The Same Vampire Who Has Been Her Secret Obsession Since The Day She Was Old Enough To Understand The Inexplicable, Violent Emotions He Aroused In HerAs Desire Turns Into A Dangerous Compulsion That Might Destroy Them Both, It Becomes Clear The Past Will Not Stay Buried Something Is Hunting And It Will Not Stop Until It Brings A Blood Soaked Nightmare To Life Once