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    I am as proud of this book as I am of anything I ve ever written I hope those who ve enjoyed the first two in the series will find it a satisfying resolution

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    The exposition for race in this book is literally the best I ve ever seen it This is a book with a black female protagonist with an interracial romance I really did not appreciate this diversity when I was 11 but now Oh man It s so good I also like the slightly religious moral undertones of this whole series They re not in your face there, but it does a lot to show people being kind to one another and helping strangers Choosing to do the right thing and be honest, that sort of stuff Again, I never picked up on it when I was younger so it s obviously not that overt, but this time I could really appreciate the subtleties This was always my favourite book of the series The opening is so enticing and the world building is just there And it strikes the balance between Rhosmari s personal growth justly giving her a focus while also raising the stakes for The Final Battle.

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    I m not sure how I feel about the character of Rhosmari I liked that she had a reason for being a pacifist and that she was determined to stick to her principles, but she could be so passive at times that I just wanted to shake her.Timothy was even awkward in this book than he was in Rebel And not in a genuinely awkward teenager way, but in a sentimental spouting deep feelings way that was awkward to read Did we HAVE to have another human faery romance I refuse to believe that everyone meets their true love aged fifteen.

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    It is surprising for me to find myself caring and liking the miniature faeries and the humans in the story so much throughout this trilogy Although I don t care about Rhysmari, the MC of this volume as much as I did for Knife, still her struggle to do the right thing and her journey through the human world is still a realistic, engaging one The ending is good too, even though it s a little too rushed to my liking I m totally looking forward for the sequels.

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    Arrow is the 3rd installment in the series about the Faeries of Great Britain and especially the ones of the Oakenwyld.R.J Anderson takes us back into a magical world of love and war, true or false, friendship and revenge and bewitches the reader with her wonderful way of writing.Yet again the story is from a totally different perspective then the ones before After Peri Knife and Linden Rebel the reader is introduced to the young Rhosmari.Rhosmari is one of the Children of Rhys and has never been on the mainland and the only human she has ever met is Timothy And for some reason she can t quite seem to get him out of her head.After Linden and Timothy had left the Children of Rhys and returned sucsessfully to the Oak they brought with them the Stone of Naming aswell as a great number of Rebels to fight against the Empress But now Rhosmari is determinded to return the stolen Stone and bring back the peace to the Green Islands.This seems to be a very blindsided decision by Rhosmari and I soon had to realise that our new main charakter is indeed a bit green behind her ears and very irrational in her decisions But Rhosmari is still a very sweet little faerie that you can t help but fall in love with despite all her bad choices.The story lines we learned about in the first two installments now come to a satisfying conclusion and R.J Anderson ones again managed to capture the interest of the reader and made this storie into a one of a kind.Turning the last page of this book I was convinced of a happy ending But it seems that we re not quite there yet for Swift the 4th and as it seems last book of this series will be coming out in spring 2012.

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    I LOVE this series It is so full of whimsy and magic It is a little cheesy but it s still a great book.The little faeries makes it seem that this book is for children, and while this book is great for readers who are on the young side it is certainly a YA book It deals with war and enslavement and death, and while not much of this is very graphic it is for older children young teens I love how the main character is a person of colour in such a way that it s not really a thing By a few mentions you realise that in the world it might be, but that faeries do not care about skincolour So that s great and the way this story challenges believes and makes the characters question what they have learned to be true And how even if you re not from the same place or believe the same thing that doesn t mean you can t band together and be friends.I recommend this book to anyone with a sense of whimsy.

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    I have finished this on the 4th, but given university finals, I didn t have the time or the creativity to write a review This is a solid trilogy, as it is I would say it has an open ending and at the same time closure Me and endings never get along anyway, you may consider this a quite satisfying ending and for me is there and not quite I love the way we see previous characters and how we see them perceived through so many eyes and I love how this author can deceive me, considering some characters and decisions Even though I would like to talk about Knife and Linden, we have to stick with this main character as well Rhosmari, was an interesting character in the beginning, but in the middle she really lost her shit and was starting to piss me off Know I understand some of the things she said and I see how she connects with the love interest because of it, but for the love of eberything that is logic get your shit together and also those fucking priorities And there is all this She grows by the end of the book, but I could not forget the middle section that made me shake the book a little Now, the love interest, I don t even know if I should get into spoilers I like him in some parts and little in others, he is an interesting character and I like the way he is perceived, but thinking about it I like his dynamic with other characters , and spoiler view spoiler Timothy, because he is the love interest, in my opinion, has a interesting dynamic with Linden, than he has with Rhosmari I like the romance and it is cute, don t get me wrong, but no romance will be Knife and Paul, that is for sure hide spoiler

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    I m a little ashamed to admit I spent much of the book wondering what the arrow of the title referred to Happily, the reveal did not disappoint A strong finish to R.J Anderson s faery trilogy yes, I do see that there are two additional books after this one, hooray , with plenty of action, betrayal, hopeless situations and last minute saves I didn t initially care for Rhosmari as a character nearly as much as Knife or Linden she was too clueless and cautious for my taste However, she has a strong sense of justice and compassion, and her character arc is strong indeed I recommend this series to all readers, young and old alike.

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    I don t believe in the faery Rhosmari I don t I don t Hope that make her drop dead It s been a while since a protagonist did not make me so angry.Rhosmari is a fifteen year old fairy who lives on Green Island, a utopian society that abjured violence for centuries, but still maintains occasional commercial contact with humans But she is privileged, her mother is a member of the Council of the Elders of the island, she has servants, and she has never lacked anything in her life It s easy to feel superior moral and believe that the rest are barbarians when you ve never gone through that, right I understand that the problem of choosing teenage protagonists is that they always believe they know everything, when they do not even know where they are standing, but WHY DID THE AUTHOR CHOSE THIS GIRL I mean we have Knife, who is fabulous,she is a kick ass heroine who goes out into the world and confronts monsters, and pursues the truth at enormous personal costs and then we came to understand Linden in Rebel, with his idea of following your personal beliefs and not changing who you are despite adversity, but Rhosmari Pff.Despite her excuse to go for the Stone of Names, no matter that all the rest of the fairies are in the middle of a bloody WAR and the Stone is the only thing that prevents them from being slaves of a tyrant, it is Timothy Timothy whom she has not even crossed a word, who does not even know that there is even half of the book , and who then do not speak than twice throughout the book and we all know that the poor boy is only attracted to her by her physical type , because she, unlike Peri Knife , is that person who, while everyone is burning in a war, is at home complaining of noise and smoke, who hopes that everyone else will soon resolve the conflict and everything, and all the time is disappointed because she can not return to her quiet home where she does not have to see the violence with which others fight for the FREEDOM of ALL fairies UG.It would have been interesting a POV of the Empress Tyrant, Jazmin, or Rob a fairy who becomes a fox 3, who knows so many things and horrors and only insinuates it.I do not put a 1 star but for Martin, one of those gray characters that are the most real Martin, violent, sweeping, you ship him, you understand him, you hope he survives I have already touched the Stone of Naming eleven, he said And what kind of freedom did it give me Freedom to run in terror, without refuge or rest freedom to beg, and starve, and live in squalor At least if I belong to the Empress, I eat well and sleep sound You could join the rebels, said Rhosmari, but Martin laughed Go to the Oak and live like a squirrel in a tree I know better than to imagine I could ever be content with such a life And they have no protection from the Empress than I do I raised his voice to address the room at large You gain nothing by keeping me prisoner I can tell the Empress nothing about you that she does not know already, and she will offer neither bargain nor ransom for my sake So either kill me, or let me go And that ending Nailed.But Timothy wake up, kid She is not worth it Best returns to Uganda review original in spanish Hace rato que una protagonista no me hacia enojar tanto.Rhosmari es un hada de quince a os que vive en las Green Island, una sociedad ut pica que abjur de la violencia hace siglos, pero que sigue manteniendo contacto ocasional comercial con los humanos Pero ella es privilegiada, su madre es miembro del Consejo de los Mayores de la isla, tiene sirvientes, y nunca le ha faltado nada en la vida Es f cil sentirse con la moral superior y creer que el resto son b rbaros cuando nunca se ha pasado por eso cierto Entiendo que el problema de escoger protagonistas adolescentes es que siempre creen saberlo todo, cuando no saben donde estan paradas, pero POR QU ELIGI LA AUTORA A ESTA CHICA Me refiero tenemos a Knife, que es fabulosa es una heroina patea traseros que sale al mundo y se enfrenta a monstruos, y persigue la verdad a enormes costos personales y despu s llegamos a entender a Linden en Rebel, con su idea de seguir tus creencias personales y no cambiar quien eres pese a las adversidades, pero Rhosmari Pff.A pesar de su excusa de ir por la Piedra de los Nombres, sin importar que todo el resto de las hadas esta en medio de una GUERRA cruenta y la Piedra es lo nico que evitan que sean esclavos de una tirana, es Timothy Timothy quien con ni siquiera ha cruzado palabra, que ni siquiera sabe que existe hasta la mitad del libro , y que despu s no hablan m s que dos veces en todo el libro y todos sabemos que el pobre chico s lo se siente atraido hacia ella por su tipo f sico , porque ella ella a diferencia de Peri Knife es esa persona que mientras todo el mundo arde en una guerra esta en su casa quejandose del ruido y del humo, que espera que todos los dem s resuelvan pronto el conflicto todo el rato esta decepcionada porque no puede regresar a su tranquila casa donde no tiene que ver la violencia con que otros luchan por la LIBERTAD de TODAS las hadas.UF.Hubiera sido m s interesante un POV de la Emperatriz tirana, Jazmin, o de Rob un hada que se convierte en zorro 3, que sabe tantas cosas y horrores y s lo lo insinua.No le pongo un 1 nada m s por Martin, uno de esos personajes grises que son los m s reales Martin, violento, arrebatador, lo shippeas, lo entiendes, esperas que sobreviva I have already touched the Stone of Naming once, he said And what kind of freedom did it give me Freedom to run in terror, without refuge or rest freedom to beg, and starve, and live in squalor At least if I belong to the Empress, I eat well and sleep sound You could join the rebels, said Rhosmari, but Martin laughed Go to the Oak and live like a squirrel in a tree I know better than to imagine I could ever be content with such a life And they have no protection from the Empress than I do He raised his voice to address the room at large You gain nothing by keeping me a prisoner I can tell the Empress nothing about you that she does not know already, and she will offer neither bargain nor ransom for my sake So either kill me, or let me go Y ese final Clavado.Pero Timothy wake up, kid Ella no lo vale Mejor regresa a Uganda.

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    I am an absolute sucker for stories which feature the power of names, so I really loved this Arrow begins with the plight of the Children of Rhys, a group of Welsh fairies, whose island homes are hidden in the mists off the coast of Britain They ve lost their naming stone, they ve exiled the followers of Garan who took the stone and has gone off to fight in the War of the Oak somewhere on the mainland and, worst of all, they ve brought their existence to the attention of the dark queen, Jasmine.By tasting their blood and thereby learning their true names, Jasmine has enslaved countless fairies and forced them to do her bidding Her hatred of humans is ironical she herself is a changeling almost three hundred years old It is exacerbated however when the fairies of the Oak ally themselves with two boys.Rhosmari was Garan s betrothed Realising the dangers facing the Children of Rhys who are forbidden to shed blood and who would be annihilated in a war with Jasmine s forces, she resolves to leave her mist shrouded island and get the naming stone back.To do this, she has to travel through the world of humans and, well, her old fashioned cloak and her attempt to acquire money through trading a perfectly matched pearl necklace at a jeweller s, not to mention the fact that she can t enter a house or shop without an invitation, all combine to make her very conspicuous.She is found by Martin, a fairy who has acquired a new name from the naming stone and has gained his freedom from Jasmine and who is now on the run from her forces, in particular the raven brothers, Byrne and Corbin Blackwing.Only when she is betrayed into Jasmine s hands does she begin to have any idea that her action in leaving home has changed the balance of power entirely Jasmine now has a real chance of the ultimate power that had eluded her to that point.I was initially surprised to read that there would be a fourth book in this series because it seems to be tied up quite neatly at present Though on discovering it features my favourite character Martin who is the sort of villain you just can t help feeling sorry for, I ordered it straight away.

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Arrow
  • R.J. Anderson
  • English
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9781408312629

About the Author: R.J. Anderson

R.J Rebecca Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, went to school in New Jersey, and has spent much of her life dreaming and writing of other worlds entirely ABOUT MY BOOK RATINGS 5 stars I loved this book so much that I expect to read it again and again I reserve this for beloved classics and others that knocked my socks off.4 stars I really enjoyed the book and or thoug