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files Blacksad , read online Blacksad , free Blacksad , free Blacksad , Blacksad d3aea2889 Private Investigator John Blacksad Is Up To His Feline Ears In Mystery, Digging Into The Backstories Behind Murders, Child Abductions, And Nuclear Secrets Guarnido S Sumptuously Painted Pages And Rich Cinematic Style Bring The World Of S America To Vibrant Life, With Canales Weaving In Fascinating Tales Of Conspiracy, Racial Tension, And The Red Scare Communist Witch Hunts Of The Time Guarnido Reinvents Anthropomorphism In These Pages, And Industry Colleagues No Less Than Will Eisner, Jim Steranko, And Tim Sale Are Fans Whether John Blacksad Is Falling For Dangerous Women Or Getting Beaten To Within An Inch Of His Life, His Stories Are, Simply Put, Unforgettable Dark Horse Is Very Proud To Present The First Three Blacksad Stories In A Beautiful Hardcover Collection, Completely Relettered To The Artist S Specifications And With The Latest Album, Red Soul, In English For The Very First Time This Internationally Acclaimed Series Has Won Nearly A Dozen Prestigious Awards Including The Angoul Me Comics Festival Prizes For Best Series And Best Artwork And Is A Three Time Eisner Award Nominee

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI LOVED THIS BOOK So the first comic in the book is called SOMEWHERE WITHIN THE SHADOWSOne of John Blacksad s old flames was found dead, her name was Natalia At one time they were very happy together But. Chief Smirnov doesn t want John to get involved, he doesn t listen of course and sets out to find out what happened He starts by asking some old friends etc When the story gets tricky, the chief tells John to get involved in such a good way I m out of the game, but you re not This is my proposition Eliminate the murdering son of a bitch and I ll personally cover your back. I love the story and I love the graphics The next comic in the book is called ARCTIC NATIONBlacksad makes a friend called Weekly, he s a reporter, and although he didn t care for him too much in the beginning, they did become friends One of the school teachers, Miss Grey, asks Blacksad to look into a little girl Kaylie that is missing, but no one, not even her mom has filed a report Blacksad has no idea he has fallen into a crazy race thing with a bunch of psycho s It s pretty bad, with people getting killed left and right, hanged in the street or where ever It s a lot than just a little girl going missing, but they are all entangled together It all works out in the end though Not so good for some people though The last comic in the book is called REDSOULThis one has to do with a scientist, but once again this goes even deeper It goes all the way back to Hitler s day It was a little bit confusing to me, but it was still good Blacksad gets a little hookup with a lady, but she disappears when some stuff goes down and there seems to be a lot of different things going onI mean this book is just so awesome I want to get , I love the the characters, the graphics, all of it I really love Blacksad and to me, the way he talks his thoughts out in the book at points make me think of Sin City for some reason It s so good and I highly recommend for all Graphic Novel fantatics FYI Not for younger kids with the sex and violence

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    I ve always had a thing for anthropomorphic animals Not a perverted thing, mind you though that Cheetara chick from Thundercats was pretty smoking hot no, no I m not even going to pretend on that one That s just weird, for two reasons well, two amongst many, really 1 she s a cartoon character in a show where dialogue moves about as fast as my brain when it s trying to figure out exactly what the hell a cosine is and 2 she s a creepy person cheetah hybrid who probably has strange lady parts that would totally gross me out not to mention her vigorous and animalistic lovemaking would probably do considerable damage to my delicate giggleberries.Wait, where was I going with this Oh, right.So, ever since I was a kid, I ve loved talking animals, whether we re talking about the slapstick of Looney Tunes, the high drama of Watership Down, or the absurdity of Aqua Teen Hunger Force okay, so, those aren t animals but they sure are anthropomorphic That fascination has carried on into adulthood, and it may explain, at least in part, why I dug Blacksad.Still, whether you have a talking animal fetish or not, this is excellent storytelling high quality art that combines realism with animation techniques, a spot on noir feel, and stories that contain a mix of big ideas, hard realities, and small moments of levity Recommended for those in need of some non superhero comic fun and or a break from contemplating Miss Piggy for purposes of self pleasure not that I ve ever done that ahem.

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    1 part Walt Disney, 2 parts Raymond Chandler, and 3 parts Kentucky Bourbon Blacksad is so good I m definitely going back for a 2nd round Almost took a pass on this one Being a father, I ve read my fair share of children s books and when I saw that all the characters are animals I almost put this one back on the shelf Stupid because this shit is GREAT and it s NO fuckin kid s book.Blacksad smacks of old school noir at its finest This one s neck deep in double crosses, femme fatales, shitty bars, dirty cops, rough sex, and dangerous thugs Juan Diaz Canales provides some of the most entertaining noir I ve read in any crime novel.The book is a collection of 3 short stories about the private eye, John Blacksad He s a cat That s the Disney part Every character in the book is an animal This was the part I struggled with the most at the start Don t let it stop you from getting this book, it s actually one of the parts I ended up liking the most Jim Steranko s introduction said it best when he wrote that while many stories have animals that act like people, the creators approach is predicated on people who resemble animals This was something really unique about this book.The artwork is unbelievable I really can t say enough good things about Juanjo Guarnido s stuff Ironically, he actually has worked for Disney animation and it shows He was an instant favorite of mine and a ridiculously talented artist His stuff speaks for itself.This hardback collection is a must read for any fan of crime fiction, noir, or books like Criminal, Sin City, 100 Bullets, or Darwyn Cooke s Parker If you re a fan of any of that stuff, it s a sure bet your gonna like this book Get this review and at

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    Okay, Blacksad.So, I recommend this book for people who love beautifully drawn graphic novels I also recommend it for people who love andromorphism And I recommend it to people who d like a visual example of what s problematic about the way women and men are portrayed.Now I ll start with what I liked about this book, just to get it out of the way The art The aht It s wonderful I think it may be my all time favorite The stories aren t bad either Read this a while back, can t say anything substantial about those.So, now for the reason I m writing this review in the first place In the introduction Steranko writes the following In Blacksad s world, the characters are generally unconcerned about their zoological differences they are cast for their natures and personalities To the perceptive reader, it s almost impossible not to see a trace of slinky Lauren Bacall in Natalia Wilford or burly Ernie Borgnine in Jake Ostiombe or slippery James Woods in the lizard It s no accident that, down to the last bit player, they ve all been visually crafted to reflect their intrinsic qualities which might just qualify as overt symbolism Okay Steranko.This is the breakdown of sub species displayed by women and men, including back ground figures, exluding undetailed onesWomen Cat 14 , Bear 5 , Dog 17 , Giraffe 1 , Goat 3 , Mouse 2 , Ostrich 1 , Pig 1 , Zebra 1.Men Arctic fox 1 , Alligator 2 , Anteater 2 , Antilope 1 , Bear 7 , Beaver, 3 , Buffalo 1 , Carrion 1 , Cat 3 , Chicken 1 , Crocodile 1 , Dog 38 , Donkey 2 , Duck 4 , Eagle 1 , Ferret 1 , Fox 2 , Goat 1 , Gorilla 3 , Great tit 1 , Hare 1 , Hippo 1 , Horse 1 , Hyena 1 , Koala 1 , Lion 1 , Lizard 6 , Lynx 1 , Mouse 3 , Orang Utan 5 , Owl 3 , Parrot 1 , Pig 2 , Polar bear 1 , Rabbit 1 , Raccoon 1 , Ram 4 , Rat 5 , Rhino 1 , Ring tailed lemur 1 , Sheep 1 , Seal 3 , Snake 1 , Swine 2 , Toad 1 , Tiger white 1 , Turtle 3 , Weasel 2 , Wolf 2 , Zebra 1 There s several ways to interpret this This is a noir, taking place in the 1950 s, and according to that tradition, there s approximately 3 women in the world your ma, your girlfriend, and your enemy s girlfriend The frequency is not the point The diversity is the point As Steranko points out in an entirely different context in the introduction the zoology is chosen to typecast If we assume that every species illustrates something a race, a power position, a personality trait then what does this say about females And this has been discussed before, but in this book it s just so painfully obvious females are seen as females first, but males are seen as diverse as they are.Even the women that are in the book are barely animal it s hard to tell female cats from dogs and even cats from goats when they all have human style long head hair and no visible fur elsewhere, unlike the males of their species All of the main female characters are cats, and there s one bear that doesn t look like a bear besides the cute round ears The point is that they are female before the species they are portrayed as, and if the male species are chosen to illustrate some sort of trait, then it seems like being female is a trait, reducing an equally diverse part of the population to their gender Please just let me be some sort of Corvidae.In short absolutely amazing art, okay story, but I will not be pulling this out of the closet for anyone to see for that reason It s because it makes a wonderful example of how women are portrayed as belonging to their gender before any other, much interesting traits.

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    O arana ovim macanom

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    John Blacksad is a cat Or, at least, he is cattish And not like kitty cattish but big cattish He s dark and comely, like Bagheera Maybe he s sort of a pantherish guy And that s the thing For all his cattishness or pantherishness, he s definitely a guy a tough guy with brimfuls of moxie and the good sense to wear a hat that matches his attire.I m not particularly well schooled in the history of literally anthropomorphized animals or are they zoomorphized humans There may be some long and storied tradition stretching back centuries, but for the time being let s talk about cartoon animal development over the course of the last hundred years With George Herrimann s Krazy Kat and later Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks Steamboat Willie, talking animals usually living the lives of normal people became and popular Then there came Donald Duck and Bugs and Daffy and a whole proliferation of non human humans Many of these were successful and both the newspaper strips and cartoon circuit were inundated with the enjoyable interactions and stories of innumerable Uncle Scrooges, Wile E Coyotes, and Pogos By the 70s the trend, while entrenched, began to wear thin Maybe it was Kennedy Maybe it was Vietnam Maybe it was Nixon At any rate, funny animals comics began to seem juvenile and stopped capturing attention save for twisted outliers like Fritz the Cat And just as with every trope that begins to stale through overuse, continued success demanded either renovation or subversion The 80s marked a revival of the anthropomorphs and gave the idea a new twist the animals were no longer funny Or if they were, then at the least that was not their primary attribute The independent comics scene was flooded with books like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Omaha the Cat Dancer, and Cerebus One particular book, Usagi Yojimbo , did something kind of neat that I hadn t seen elsewhere previously creator Stan Sakai put some effort into pairing characters personality types with appropriate animal representation So Gen, the grizzled and tough bounty hunter, is a rhinoceros and Hebi, the sly and duplicitous lord, is a snake Amusingly the worst villain of the series, Lord Hikiji, is a human Check out John Blacksad in the doorway admiring the view Blacksad creators, Juan D az Canales and Juanjo Guarnido, have taken anthropomorphized animals to the destination for which I believe they must have always been intended Mickey Mouse who rarely exhibited any mouselike qualities was merely a nascent form in the evolutionary process of the anthropomorphization of animals, something like the nadir of the genre where Blacksad is the zenith Guarnido s characters are to be loved with the heart, studied with the mind, and ravished with the eyes The artist makes the polar bearish character move and act like a polar bear person might The weasely, ferrety rag journalist acts and moves both weasely and ferrety Crow people, lizard people, tiger people, turtles, rabbits, rhinos, a German shepherd they all inhabit their animal skins pretty much as you expect Which brings us to John Blacksad.Blacksad s animal avatar is a dark panther with white muzzle He s got plenty of feline qualities curiosity, predatory nature, fleet violence, and a certain sleekness to his movements , all of which contribute to his occupation as a private dick He s got luck with the ladies though perhaps not enough that he can ever keep one for long He s a tough bitten customer, but leans toward acts of charity that tend to get him beaten up than he deserves Essentially, he s a young Philip Marlowe maybe Big Sleep era , only with less verbal wit and penchant for dialogical gymnastics This volume of the Spanish creators noirish tales collects three separately published stories about the cattish detective The first is a standard revenge pursuit like the first volume of Sin City , the second twists a kidnapping in with WWII era klansmanship, and the third deals with McCarthyism, immigrant thinkers, and the Bomb None of the stories are particularly novel, but each is visually well spoken enough that most readers will never mind While the mysteries rarely keep ahead of astute readers, the real fun is in devouring this lush, over detailed world and the beasts that inhabit it.The Artic Nation will rise again You shall know them by their pelts.Guarnido is an incredible artist Not only are his character designs prodigy level, but his use of these figures is completely liquid His miniature biography reveals that he s trained in animation It shows Characters move in believable, extra human mannerisms, filling the space of their panels with regality or temerity or fury or pathos or joie de vivre with whatever aura their stories demand Guarnido s sense of locale is likewise impeccable, and he supplies a full fledged world for these denizens to inhabit And all of this is painted in palettes wholly suitable to moods governed by story concerns Honestly, I can t say enough kind things about the art It s simply magnificent.Spooky.Additionally, Dark Horse did a wonderful job in packaging here The book is gorgeous It s sturdy and oversized, meaning it will take many multiple readings in which the reader carefully pours over every large drawing before it finally, reluctantly falls apart if only to prove universal laws of entropy The only downside is that it doesn t contain four Blacksad stories Or eight Or thirty I can t get enough.No furs allowed, silly.Notes Of course, doing serious zoomorphs in comics wasn t entirely new But this was probably the first time it became wildly popular Eventually, though, even the over serious TMNT became a kids show and moved back toward the silly funny animal zone._____________________ Review courtesy of Good Ok Bad

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    9 10 re read to refresh my memory, in anticipation of volume 5 I am glad to report that the series has lost none of it s initial appeal, six year after I first followed private investigator John Blacksad through the dark alleyways and rundown tenements of his antropomorphic version of Sin City A black furred brawling tomcat in a Humprey Bogart trenchcoat is pursuing the murderers of his former flame, a curvaceous feline movie star with a taste for the night life of the city On one side of the law we have an Alsacian dog captain and a foxy faced lieutenant, on the other alligators, lizards, rats ans other cold blooded reptiles, with some support from hired muscles like rhinoceros and mountain gorillas In the middle, the cat with the bad atitude and the hard edged monologues For the plot alone, I don t think I can justify the top rating The series really stands out through its artwork Guarnido knows how to work with light and shadow, and he has studied the unusual angles of the camera from the classic movies all reflected in his detailed environments, but his true specialty is faces There is diversity, expressivity, emotion and body language in the anthropomorphic characters of Guarnido than in any other comic album I have read lately, even compared with the classic penmanship of John Buscema Conan or the pastels of Gibrat Maybe Alex Ross is better, but I know he works from photographs.In this omnibus edition are included Somewhere Between the Shadows Blacksad investigates the murder of a famous actress and former love interest Arctic Nation the cat tries to find a missing child, getting caught in a turf war between white supremacists arctic bear, arctic fox, white bulldog, white ox, etc and street gangs black dog, black horse you get the picture Red Soul Blacksad falls in love with a beautiful writer some sort of feline , but she is part of a leftist group that is suspected of trying to steal nuclear secrets References to McCarthysm are very thinly disguised.Inspired by American classic noir movies and novels, produced by a couple of young and extremely talented Spanish artists, the albums first gained fame in France, with its own long history of noir films and novels Jean Gabin for me is a forerunner of the genre, Truffaut and Goddard revigorated it in the sixties, etc I have bought the fourth and fifth volumes on my last vacation in Paris, and I can t wait to get started on them.Recommended for fans of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and for lovers of finely drawn comic books.

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    This is the English edition which in fact contains the first three volumes in one Blacksad, Artic nation Red Soul There are many things I could say about this book but I think the number of accolades and awards this book has collected both in the English version and its original French format speak far The quality and attention to details I think are astonishing and I wonder how long each image let alone the story took to design and assemble The story is also highly engrossing set in the typical noir style of so many gumshoe detective stories not only do you get a sumptuous book with gorgeous artwork but you also get a trilogy of engrossing stories which really make you want to engage with the characters And this brings us full circle back to the praise this book and the various editions have collected its a pleasure to see and read and a great edition to my collection IF you are looking for something different this a great book to divert yourself too.

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    This volume collects the first three graphic novels in the award winning Blacksad series, which follows the adventures of cool cat private detective John Blacksad as he navigates the 1950 s fighting crime, righting wrongs, and bedding down some sexy pussycats while he s at it It reads like the classic hard boiled tales of Chandler, Hammet, and Spillane, with many familiar genre conventions on display.In the debut story, Somewhere Within The Shadows , John investigates the violent death of a beautiful actress, who also happens to be an old flame of his It s a great intro to the character and the world, even if it s a little too simple and pretty derivative by design The next story, Arctic Nation , is an overall improvement with higher stakes and deeper themes, as Blacksad searches for a missing child in a town brimming with racial tension It s the best story in the collection And the final story, Red Soul , finds our hero in the middle of a conspiracy involving Communist witch hunts and the nuclear fear that was everywhere during that time period I like that Canales tries to expand his stories beyond just detective tales and tackle bigger issues Although storywise there really isn t much that s new and original here, if you enjoy hard boiled mystery stories, you ll love this The real star here is the drop dead gorgeous, Eisner Award winning artwork by Juanjo Guarnido, who laces every page with lovingly detailed watercolors The whole thing is a real pleasure to look at and I can gaze at these spreads all day A must have on bookshelves.

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    A recommendation from Stan Lee on the cover A private eye packing heat and nine lives I figured I d give it a try Typically, anthropomorphism in stories makes my stomach turn I find it hard to swallow outside of Aesop s fables, Disney movies or general mythology I thinks it s cheesy, not experimental There is hardly ever a time when the characters in those stories are animals for any specific purpose They mainly act like humans, talk like humans, walk like humans Their animal traits are muted and it makes me wonder to what end Why then make the story about anthropomorphic animals instead of humans I get it Sometimes we need to see something at a distance to ge tthe point Sometimes we need to see animals acting in a human fashion, acting out things like race hatred and greed to see just how inane some of these things are in real life But for the most part, I feel it is wholly uneccessary.But here was a gorgeous graphic novel that I just couldn t put down and read straight through.Set against a backdrop like a Hollywood pulp movie right out of the 40 s or 50 s, this book packs a lot of punches The main character, Blacksad, is a private investigator who practically mimicks Chandler s Marlowe, right down to the sappings and blackouts and running into trouble with the law But even as a near clone of Marlowe, I didn t see it as a negative Yes, the book is derivative of almost every wise ass PI ever came out of the 50 s But it was so solid, so very tangible, that it felt like it was written right alongside those characters and not 50 years after It had everything that made 50 s noir so fantastic predatory bad guys, femme fatales, murder, vengeance, darkened alleys and city streets, cocked guns and cocked fists You can call it derivative all you like, but that in and of itself isn t a criticism This work speaks at volumes so high, it drowns out all of those voices in your head telling you that it s just a recreation of something lost and gone Like when you watch a Tarantino film Yes, the entire first scene of Inglorious Basterds is stolen from John Fords The Searchers But while you re watching it, it s just so good that you don t give two shits.As for the art, I have to give thanks to such a masterful hand It didn t matter one single bit that these were anthropomorphic animals Every line on the paper was fluid, creating movement in every panel that tricked your brain into thinking you were watching a live action movie The art was just absolutely brilliant It was exaggerated in certain aspects, especially in the facial expressions and movements of the characters, in order to make us understand without a doubt what was happening in each and every panel There was no ambiguity in the artwork or panelling The color tones are purposefully washed out to remind us of what a throwback the setting is supposed to be But when you look at the art, page after page, you see how vibrant it really is no matter the washed out color Guarnido knows exactly what he s doing when he puts the inks on top of those colors because the contrast could knock you out of your seat And that s really what the art in this book is all about contrast The contrast of the facial expressions and the action to the muted colors The contrast of the line and action The contrast of the colors to the stark black inks A highly recommended book for anyone who enjoys noir, pulp, anthropomorphism, guns, booze and broads.

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