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    This review and available at Book of BoganDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.I ve read some pretty awful books in my time, many of them in the military thriller genre, but this unadulterated piece of dogshit promoting itself as fiction really is the sweaty lice infested camel s armpit of them all.Where do I begin The title seems like a good place.Bodyguard of Deception, hmm, what could that mean You will soon realise that it means PRECISELY NOTHING It is the blended version of two military operations in the second world war Operation Bodyguard and Operation Deception which were designed to fool the Germans into thinking the allies were invading in Calais instead of Normandy The novel opens in an interesting fashion, to be sure, a German spy has stolen a boat so he can rendezvous with a German u boat He is carrying important secrets which he must take back to the OKW to save ze war for ze vaterland But achtung Ze u boat capitan has other ideas Nein Instead of quietly making his escape, zey must blow up some destroyers Haha Zey will never know what hit them O scheisse, they found us.I cannot express how deeply aggravating this kind of crap gets after a while The author switches between bad german and english seemingly at his convenience, and it starts to sound like a really bad movie made in the 1950s.On top of this, every character in this book is a cliched stereotype And the author takes great delight in bringing all of the big players through like it s some sort of ticker tape parade Is there any real need to have Hitler and J Edgar Hoover and a whole bunch of other luminaries involved in a relatively simple, unrealistic, spy novel Supposedly this is the start of a series of books, but and without spoiling things it ends at a point which doesn t seem to leave much room for further stories Something for which I m probably grateful.This book is the nutribullet of the second world war Throw in all of the ideas, every possible operation, every cliche, every episode of Hogans Heroes, and all of the swastikas you can find, press the plunger, and in less than a minute you re left with this green goopy mess where nothing is recognisable in its original form, and some over dressed telemarketer is there grinning like you just won the bloody lottery Kale Hitler This is an extremely painful book to read, and you will only hate yourself if you do Everyone who reads this book will be dumber for having done so I award you 0 stars, and may Gott in Himmell have mercy on your souls.Unfortunately Goodreads won t let me actively give this book 0 stars, so I guess I m stuck with 1.

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    Right up there with any pager turner espionage thriller written by the best of them Marquis does a masterful jog of hooking you in from the first page and never lets you put the book down The characters are terrific Can t wait to read the next one in this series.

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    The first book in Samuel Marquis WWII Trilogy, Bodyguard of Deception is a great espionage thriller The pacing is fast throughout and the action is both plausible and wildly exciting The characters are well drawn figures with plenty of conflict to deal with, both internally and externally I especially liked the heroine Katherine Templeton, owner of a cattle ranch and the world famous Broadmoor Hotel, the flawed German spy antihero Erik Von Walburg, and Colonel Morrison, who would be rather fighting on the front lines but has been banished to a backwater POW camp in Colorado WWII buffs will want to check out the extensive reference list in the back on the Double Cross spy system, German POW camps in the U.S during the war, and U boats All in all, Marquis has packed in a ton of historical information and numerous real world characters to make every scene realistic but also a lot of fun What makes the book totally unique is it takes a look at the war here in America and it has a uniquely Colorado flavor A great read for fans of WWII spy genre books by Ken Follett, Ben McIntyre, Jack Higgins, and Alan Furst, yet with a wild Western and slightly campy feel, like a Tarantino film.

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    I really, really enjoyed this latest thrilled from Samuel Marquis I do love any books set in the WWII era but this one is at the top of my list I was intrigued throughout the novel and only read it in a matter of daysone of those I couldn t put down A GREAT read for a day on the beach or if you re looking for a thrilling storyline to dive into before bed but be prepared to not sleep I m excited to see what Samuel Marquis comes out with nextI ll be on the list to read it.

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    Samuel Marquis is a Grade A suspense writer who really throws you into the story, giving such a great sense of place and character development And like any suspense fan enjoys he keeps you guessing Can t wait for the second installment

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    Samuel Marquis has crafted a riveting military thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat page after page Can t wait to read from him

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    I was intrigued by the synopsis for Bodyguard of Deception when it comes to historical fiction, I m never sure what to expect And I ve gotta say, WOW this novel blew all my expectations out of the water I LOVED this book it sucked me in from page one and didn t let go I ve read and enjoyed Sam Marquis thrillers in the past, but Bodyguard is a cut above the rest, and that s really saying something Without giving anything away, if you love gripping suspense, complex character dynamics, and plot twists that will keep you guessing, all set against the backdrop of one of the most fascinating and frightening wars of all time, this books is for you

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    I loved this book Another excellent novel from Sam Marquis full of thrilling twists and turns I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the trilogy

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    Great research, compelling characters, and taut narrative combine in this terrific book I became enmeshed, in what seemed like real time, in events that changed WWII and human destiny I picked op BODYGUARD OF DECEPTION because I loved The Slush Pile Brigade and Blind Thrust I could not put it down because of the incredible story and rich realism Samuel Marquis is versatile, brilliant, genre crashing.

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    Bodyguard of Deception is a suspenseful historical thriller by Samuel Marquis, author of two 1 selling books The Slush Pile Brigade, which any author should read, and Blind Thrust, both of which I may just be buying shortly, when I have the cash, in order to see how to do it the right way In Bodyguard of Deception we have the closing months of WWII in Europe and two brothers who are fighting for the same goal, but in different ways German spy Erik von Walburg has a mission given by The Desert Fox himself Erwin Rommel If successful, the war will end in a way unexpected but beneficial to those involved Erik ends up with allies in his assignment One is his brother, U boat Captain Wolfgang von Walburn, the prototypical Nazi ideal, the scourge of the North Seas and the other ally, a woman thousands of miles away without knowledge of any of the goings on of the two at odds brothers.Samuel Marquis historical thriller, Bodyguard of Deception, the fourth thriller from the 1 Bestselling author, is a well researched, intricately plotted tale of suspense, intrigue and surprises you never see coming, all beginning in May of 1944, days before D Day Reading about the German spy Erik von Walburg I could not help but hope for his success With each chapter the characters become complex with events making their former routine lives anything but ordinary, and their decisions less reflex than before Ideals and mantras no longer rule the day As a former history teacher and now historian author, I was thrilled at the nods to historical figures throughout the novel Fans of master spy teller of tales, John le Carr , and John Gardner s Herbie Krueger series and the Secret Generations series will enjoy this first episode in what is touted as book one in a WWII Trilogy, with the next installment with a release date of January 2017.I don t take much time off from my own writing of novels these days, but this was well worth it I d do it again in a heartbeat.

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download Bodyguard of Deception (World War Two Series, Book 1) , read online Bodyguard of Deception (World War Two Series, Book 1) , kindle ebook Bodyguard of Deception (World War Two Series, Book 1) , Bodyguard of Deception (World War Two Series, Book 1) 6243f28ab5ea SAMUEL MARQUIS BESTSELLING, AWARD WINNING AUTHORPraise For Bodyguard Of Deception Bodyguard Of Deception Grabbed My Attention Right From The Beginning And Never Let Go The Character Development Is Excellent Samuel Marquis Has A Knack For Using Historic Details And Events To Create Captivating And Fun To Read Tales Roy R Romer, Th Governor Of Colorado Readers Looking For An Unapologetic Historical Action Book Should Tear Through This Volume Kirkus Reviews The World Hangs In A Delicate Balance In The Heart Pounding World War Two Trilogy Opener, Bodyguard Of Deception By Samuel Marquis Put Together With An Intricate Plot To Follow And A Commitment To Realistic Detail, There S A Lot Going For The Reada Wonderfully Nail Biting Experience With Good Characters And Solid Intrigue SP Review Four Star Review A Fast Paced, Riveting WWII Espionage Thriller Bodyguard Of Deception Is As Good As The Best Of Daniel Silva, Ken Follett, Alan Furst, And David Baldacci And Brings Back Fond Memories Of The Classic Movie The Great Escape And Silva S Finest Novel, The Unlikely Spy Fred Taylor, President Co Founder Northstar Investment Advisors And Espionage Novel Aficionado As Usual, Marquis S Descriptions Are Vivid, Believable, And True To The Time PeriodBodyguard Of Deception Is An Intriguing Launch To His New Trilogy Dr Wesley Britton, Bookpleasures Crime Mystery Old Time Spy Buffs Will Appreciate The Tradecraft And Attention To Detail, While Adventure Enthusiasts Will Enjoy The Unique Perspective And Setting For A WWII Story As Marquis Throws In Everything But The Kitchen Sink, He Turns This Well Told, If Byzantine Adventure Novel Into A Combination Of The Great Escape, Public Enemies, A Genuine Old Time Western, And A John Le Carr Novel Blueink Review Bodyguard Of Deception Is A Unique And Ambitious Spy Thriller Complete With Historical Figures, Exciting Action, And A Dastardly Villain Fans Of Prison Break Plots Will Enjoy This Story Of A Loyal German Struggling To Save His Homeland Foreword Reviews Can The American And British Allies Stop A Vaunted German Spymaster And His U Boat Commander Brother From Warning Hitler S High Command About The Allies Greatest Military Secret It Is A Secret That Could Win The War For Germany Or, At The Very Least, Delay The Outcome For Years With An Inestimable Cost In Bloodshed, Physical Destruction, And Suffering And It Is A Secret That The Two Contentious Brothers Must Grapple With Within Their Own Wehrmacht Ranks, As They Bring US And British Intelligence To Their Knees On America S Doorstep With The Clock To D Day Ticking Down From A U Boat On The Frigid North Sea To A Brutal British Interrogation Center In Heart Of London To A Remote German POW Camp And The World Famous Broadmoor Hotel Overlooking The High Plains And Snow Dusted Mountain Peaks Of Colorado, Bodyguard Of Deception Will Keep You Guessing Until The Final Chapter The First Book Of Denver Post Bestselling, Award Winning Suspense Author Samuel Marquis S World War II Trilogy