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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 756 pages
  • Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9)
  • Terry Goodkind
  • English
  • 03 November 2018
  • 9780765344311

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    Goodkind sure knows how to spin a good yarn if only he would stick to his storytelling and leave out the naive and idiotic philosophical ramblings At some point around book five somebody alerted him to the notion of Objectivism, and he s converted his series to be a mechanism for bad objectivist propaganda Only it doesn t work, because of the way he set up his first few books, so he s constantly contradicting himself And his explanations for why things are like that are half baked at best It s incredibly annoying to say the least.Nonetheless, the philosophy tends to come in clumps, and if you skim those chapters, you can get back to the story which is well told I wouldn t say on the whole that its worth it unless you ve been reading the series for a while and want to know what happens to the characters Even then, I only buy books from these series when i find them at used book stores for half off, and only read them when I m desperate for procrastination material.

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    TL DR The last 100 pages of this book are very good The problem is that the 650 pages before them are soul crushingly terrible, full of a ridiculous amount of recapping previous books, Goodkind telling us things we already know, endless technobabble about prophecy that might as well be giberish, and an absolutely insane amout of repetition in the dialog The ending does not redeem the rest of the book up to it The vast majority of the action scenes that take place in this book are told to us after the fact by characters recounting what happened, rather than allowing us to experience them ourselves Goodkind has a real problem with telling instead of showing here It s like he s forgotten how to write action, or a compelling story, and substitutes recaps of his better work, and cheap descriptions of action scenes after the fact It s a very lazy and mind numbing book that I cannot recomend to anyone So, I figured I m not reading anything at the moment, might as well knock out another Sword of Truth review I have only read this book once before I was so disgusted with Naked Empire when it first came out that I pretty much just stopped paying attention to Terry Goodkind and the Sword of Truth Several years passed and I was surprised to find that Confessor was about to be realeased and that I had missed Chainfire and Phantom I figured that since it was the last book of the series, I d reread the entire series from the beginning, and finish off with the three that I hadn t read before I remember liking this book when I first read it, but, looking back now, I think that my enjoyment of it was only in comparison with my utter hatred and loathing of Naked Empire, which I read for a second time immediately before picking it up Reading through it now yeah, not so great.I m going to do what I did with the last two Goodkind books and just post my notes, rather than waste even of my time on this book 12% done All right, I am a little over 80 pages in, and, well, there s a few things First of all, What does Goodkind have against just telling us what the cause of the drama is outright He has this annoying habit of dancing around the exact cause of drama, and just trying to build drama around the reader not knowing things that everyone in the scene clearly knows It makes the drama feel forced with you withhold information like that And Drama that feels forced does NOT feel dramatic.Next, show, don t tell There is nothing shown in this book so far It is ALL told We are told about the fight at the beginning where Richard was wounded We are told about how Richard was healed We are told about the blood beast and how dangerous it might be We are told that Nicci inadvertently fed it some of Richard s blood We are told that she removed the arrow with subtractive magic We are told in excruciating detail how prophecy works on that later We are told, in even MORE excruciating detail, how Richard s magic works The one time we re actually shown something, in the remnants of Richard s men torn up by the blood beast, we ve also got Nicci giving a running commentary on it, so we re shown what happened, BUT WE ARE ALSO TOLD The sheer ineptitude that Goodkind is showing with this is staggering Let me give you an example of what I mean.All right, Nicci sits there and thinks, at great length, about how Richard s magic works on need, and how he is unable to consciously control it This takes up about 7 pages It s absolutely mind numbing, and I can t see a casual reader even bothering reading through it completely, instead skimming through to the end First of all, WE ALREADY FREAKING KNOW This is book 9 No one is going to pick up book 9 of a series without reading at least a few of the eight that came before it This explanation is unnecessary, and redundant Second, we are TOLD all of these things that we already know, rather than being SHOWN these things in practice It makes it feel rather boring and long winded, and like we re being lectured by the author Think of this, instead Richard and pals are soaking wet and freezing cold from the rain Have him get the idea that, hey, maybe I can use magic to get a fire going to warm and dry us faster with magic He tries to use magic to start a fire He fumbles around, not really sure what he s doing, strains, trying to force it, and then gives up He sighs, then grabs a flint and steel to do it the old fashioned way This SHOWS us several things First, it SHOWS us that Richard CAN sometimes use magic It SHOWS us that he can t always get it to work It SHOWS us that he s working on being able to figure it out It SHOWS us that he doesn t know how it works, and that he can t force it His sigh SHOWS us that he is frustrated with it, and his reaching for the flint SHOWS us that he has trust in doing things the way everyone else does then than through magic, and that he sees the time spent trying as a waste, which then infers that he feels that magic in general is a waste This little scene would be short and sweet, probably less than half a page, and it would impress upon us exactly what Richard s troubles with magic are without saying a single word about them, allowing us, as the readers, to imply all of these things from what we are shown Which would you rather read A seven page lecture on Richard s abilities and aptitude with magic, or a simple scene that shows you all of these things in a brief, but adequate manner without saying a single word beyond what was shown as explanation Next, I feel like a broken record bringing this up time and time again, but the freaking recaps man Again I have read the eight books that came before this one I do not need 30 of the first 80 pages of this book devoted to telling me what happened in them It s boring I know already I don t need to be reminded of every single event in the characters lives before this point And it s all told to us in a wall of text that is just a boring chore to read Why What a waste of time and effort to write that all out, and what a waste of time and effort to read it And pretty much the other side of the recap coin is the repetition Good god, man You don t need to have people say the exact same things back and forth for seventeen years to get the point across Generally, a reader only needs to be told something once A conversation where the exact same things are brought up and explained away nine times is generally going to be skipped, or skimmed through by most readers, because no one fucking cares No one wants to read that You re wasting everyone s time with it When you give an explanation of Cicadas in one chapter, for instance, you do not need to have another character in another location give the exact same explanation about Cicadas in the very next chapter This is ridiculous There is so much unnecessary dialog in this book that basically just repeats the exact same things over, and over, and over again Who is this for, exactly People too stupid to comprehend what you re talking about Guess what, people like that are probably not going to be reading the book in the first place, dumbass.Okay, what I feel is the worst aspect of this series BY FAR, is the technobabble explanations of prophecy Goodkind goes on into excruciating detail for pages upon pages technobabbling about how prophecy works And it s basically all giberish It means nothing to anyone It s wasted space in the story, where Goodkind tries to make people look smart by saying a lot of big, made up words in a meaningful way, as if it s important and shit, and he s not actually telling us anything of value in it What could have been a very tense scene of Nathan frantically flipping through prophecy books, finding all of the blank sections and then finally coming to the realization that prophecy is being erased from existence was completely ruined by Nathan explaining that he did that after the fact, and then he and Anne having a long and boring conversation technobabbling about prophecy You see what I mean about telling instead of showing We are TOLD that Nathan flipped through these books, with a growing sense of unease and dread, instead of actually having him do it so taht we could see it ourselves, and feel the tension and building dread ourselves This is an extremely lazy and incompetent way of telling a story None of the action or emotion is shown to us as it s happening It s told to us in a dry, boring way after the fact.So, the whole Richard being the only one to remember Kahlan thing Good god What a shit show that is Look, okay, I get what Goodkind is going for here Richard is the only one that remembers her and he s constantly trying to prove that she exists to others The problem is that it is drawn out to such ridiculous, tedious, and repetative length that it actually becomes a sort of parody of itself, rather than being the central point of tension and drama in the story By the time I got 80 pages in, I m sick of hearing about it I m bored to death, because that s all Richard talks about He s not really DOING anything All he s doing is having roundabout conversations with people that all are basically the exact same thing repeated to the point that it s like watching a dog chase its own tail This is not the way to build tension and drama around a mystery Again SHOW, DON T TELL We are TOLD all of this None of it is ever SHOWN to us It s boring and tedious to read, because it just keeps repeating over, and over, and over again, without ever making any progress either way Richard never comes close to convincing the others, and the others never come close to convincing him What is the point of continuing to repeat it if no headway is ever made either way A chess game ends at a stalemate for a reason So should this If you can t make any progress in it either way, quit bringing it up at length until you CAN make progress with it.Gawd, I just filled up half of the Goodreads character allotment for reviews with my notes of the first 80 pages of 750 page book Fuck.70% done Okay, so, pacing Every story has a tempo It moves to a certain rhythym There are fast parts, and slow parts, tense parts and light hearted parts, and they all ebb and flow in a certain way This is what is referred to as the pacing of the story by many people Generally, when you have multiple storylines going on within the larger story, you tend to keep the pacing uniform across all of the storylines Action scenes will happen in generally the same part of the story Quiet moments of reflection will generally happen in the same part of the story Scenes with the same tempo are generally grouped together to keep the flow of the pacing consistent across all storylines in the larger story This is because when you cut from the middle of a tense action scene straight into a scene with two women talking about books, it kind of comes out of nowhere, and it makes your brain stumble a bit You may not consciously notice the complete reversal in the pacing, but your brain did, and it starts to wonder why we were all excited and now we re bored, and why that change happened so abruptly Yes, this exact scene transition happens in this book You want to know why you didn t like the Canto Bight scenes in Star Wars The Last Jedi PACING That s probably the biggest reason why those scenes fail to engage, because they re very poorly paced, and very poorly interwoven with the rest of the story Look, messing with pacing and the reader s expectations makes for some very good and unpredictable plot developments But when it s not done right, it really, really hurts the stroy An author will usually use abrupt pacing changes to either draw your attention to something, making it stand out, or to give you a sense of discord, which is often used in horror stories to make you feel uncomfortable, but you don t really know why A really good example of messing with pacing to enhance a plot twist would be in The Black Prism by Brent Weeks There is a part near the end of the book, right before the climax where Weeks weaves two scenes with very contrasting tones and tempos together On one side you have a fanatic ranting to his armies about the evils of the system, and it s cut in with a solemn religious ceremony But at the same time, these two different scenes are also about the same thing The pacing of these two events is completely opposite It leaves you a little off balance, so that when the plot twist hits, it hits extremely hard Yeah, Goodkind isn t doing anything fancy like that He just doesn t seem to understand the entire concept of pacing, and so the pacing in this book is just attrocious And, so, the Blood Beast Okay, so the whole randomness to its attacks really feels kind of like Goodkind is ripping off ideas from better writers here Yes, two authors can independently come up with similar ideas, but this really feels too derivitive of other works in Fantasy and Sci fi to be anything other than Goodkind blatantly borrowing ideas from other sources Most notably I d bring up the bubbles of evil from Wheel of Time And we re back to the similarities between the two series argument again, and well, meh Another thing that I don t like about the Blood Beast is that it never really does anything that s really all that threatening Richard very easily deals with its attacks in this book And there really are no lasting consequences to them Sure a bunch of his men were torn up by it, but we never met these people, so their loss doesn t really impact us Cara survives none the worse for wear Richard takes dozens of wounds when it attacks with acidic spiderwebs Goodkind describes the searing pain, and says that Richard has blood pouring down his arms and legs from the wounds that the web leaves But the second he s free, Goodkind forgets all about the wounds They re never mentioned again Richard goes on like he was never hurt to begin with When you have your character get hurt, there have to be consequences There has to be something at stake If he is hurt, he has to continue dealing with the wounds They don t get to magically disappear as soon as the tension is resolved Especially when you have very firmly established that Richard can t generally use his magic to heal himself.So, there s a scene in this book where a spy grabs a little girl and holds a knife to her throat Richard puts his hand on his sword, and then Goodkind goes into this I don t even know what to call it, where he just describes what Richard plans to do and why for about 9 pages He overdescribes Richard s intent to the point that instead of building the tension up behind the moment that he actually strikes, that it, again, becomes something of a parody of itself It goes far beyond tense into boring, and then far beyond boring to the point that it s actually funny how long Goodkind draws it out And so a scene that s meant to be an explosive moment of action from our hero is an over analyzed, excruciatingly over described mockery of what it was supposed to be I mean, was there even an editor working on this book Was he too afraid of Goodkind to speak up and do his damn job Did none of his superiors look over his shoulder and say, wait, what the fuck man, what are you even doing Why aren t you marking the shit out of this and sending it back to be fixed And speaking of editors Take the 40 page long conversation between Richard and Shota Please Take that entire conversation away from me Seriously Look, I know I keep harping on the repetition in these books And in a way, I m doing the same thing Goodkind does by repeating it so much, but it really has to be said, yet again here This conversation is 40 pages long, I counted them There is about 1 page worth of relevant conversation in it One Page I don t know why the Chainfire Trilogy, is even a trilogy If you cut out all of the repetative dialog, all of the explanations of things that are given multiple times, and all of the recaps of previous books, the story of these three books, would probably have fit into a single volume quite easily, and with room to spare just sayin That is how much this book repeats itself Those are the ridiculous lengths to which the author goes to pad this thing with unnecessary dialog And speaking of dialog This is not how people talk to each other This is not how people act, or react, or think These are not people These are not characters These are not conversations, or character interactions I don t know what they are, but the fact that Goodkind seems to believe that this is how people act and speak only solidifies my suspicion that he is from a planet other than Earth, and has never actually met a real human being before.Nicci is still as badass as ever, though I actually liked her battle scene, though the fact that it cuts away right in the middle of it to Verna and a Mord Sith talking about books of prophecy does kind of kill the mood And just the way that it s written is so amatuerish and, frankly, incompetent that I wonder why I ever thought Goodkind was a decent author to begin with Although, even though I love Nicci, and she is, by far, my favorite character of this series The Bechdel Test took one look at this book and quietly leapt to its death off an overpass.100% done.Okay, so, Nicci, last time we saw her, she was in the middle of a desperate battle, fighting off multiple wizards, while the people of Altur Rang deal with the Imperial Order army sent to sack their city Yeah, we don t go back for the rest of that battle Instead, Nicci sits around the Wizard s Keep waiting for Richard to arrive there and briefly thinks about what happened through the rest of the battle Okay, so, again, this is ALL telling and NO showing We are TOLD that these events happened by the character We are not SHOWN these events as they happen Which would you rather read I, for one, would rather have had the battle scene, than a brief and inadequate second hand account of it Why even bother including a battle at all if all you are going to do is show us the first little bit of it, and then tell us about the rest in a way that really doesn t do the events any justice at all I mean, Nicci freaking ripped a wizard s still beating heart out of his chest with her bare hands How awesome would that have been to experience as an action scene in the book, rather than a lazy, oh yeah, and this happened while we were focusing on other characters This is the author flat out, and blatantly telling us that he was too lazy to write out the rest of the battle, but it would have been really awesome if he had.Now, I m going to say something rather unexpected The end of this book is actually quite good The last 100 pages are so, are pretty excellent The climax is good, the events leading up to it are good It s not a big actiony scene, but a handful of scenes vindicating Richard in his belief that Kahlan exists, and solving the mystery of what happened to her There s not much in the way of repetition here, and no recapping, and Goodkind just lets the scenes play out When he actually does that, he s actually a pretty decent writer The problem is that he rarely does that And no matter how good the last 100 pages were, the 650 before them were mind numbing and infuriating The climax does not redeem the rest of the book You could literally cut out around 70% of this entire book, and you would still have all of the relevant scenes to the plot in there A good 70% of this book is mindless repetition, and Goodkind repeatedly telling us things that we already know.

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    I m tired of following Richard and Kahlan around whenever they get separated So old, Mr Goodkind What angers me even is your statement about advice in becoming an author Ultimately, though, here is my sincere conviction I believe that real writers are born writers I do not believe that the intellectual aspects which are critical to good writing can be taught You either are a writer, or you are not Writers are, for the most part, self made If you are born a writer, and you possess the will, you will do what you need to in order to write There is no secret, no magic key that will get anyone published I wish you the best in your adventure of writing Terry Goodkind, courtesy of his official website Frankly Mr Goodkind, the first five books of this series were great fantasy, but now I am tired of chasing Richard and Kahlan I am tired of you putting Richard in a hard place and then something magical happens to get him out of it Moreover, writing isn t all about getting published, and I disagree with your statement of born writers I was taught in an American Literature course that Hemingway worked tirelessly to perfect his tip of the iceberg style I was hoping to get great advice about writing from your site, but no I m not a born writer, but I have the imagination and will to keep writing I refuse to read any of your novels for your advice and monotonous books.

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    If you took away all the redundant sentences I m not talking about Richard s mannerisms that we ve gotten used to, I mean the same sentence reworded on the same page , all the random arguing that does little but provide a vehicle for the same philosophy we ve heard in the past 8 booksthis book would probably be about 450 pages instead of 7whatever I say random because not only have we heard it all before, but certaintly so have the characters and instead of saying, But X, we ve been over this, instead of rehashing it for another 2 hours, let s get some much needed sleep make a plan cover some ground since apparently we can t ride and talk eat tell people they must live their own lives but we ll be disappointed in them if they live it certain ways Ugh These books would be perfect without Richard and with an editor.

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    Surprisingly, this was an okay book, after several really bad volumes.Namely, books 5 8 were a complete waste of text, but Chainfire has some of the magical fun of the early works Of course, it s still mighty perverted, naive and cliche, but the fact I read this book a good few years after I started with the series and got old, wise and impatient in the process and still managed to read it and even enjoy it some means Chainfire is probably a very reasonable swath of pages P.S I did try to read Stone of Tears in my mid 20s again after reading it as a teen , and it was just not readable It was ponderous and YA But Chainfire was decent.Anyway The book opens up with Richard getting seriously injured, and then after he s healed by Nicci , he realizes that Kahlan is gone, and that no one actually remembers her This is a nice mystery, and it sets the tone for the entire book Has he gone insane Did he suffer a trauma and recalls a fantasy woman that does not exist Everyone is convinced he s lost it.The disappearance of Kahlan also allows the book to reinterpret events the wrong way sort of like Twilight zone, and then you yank someone out of existence, and there s a whole bunch of paradoxes, and it s only one man who notices the difference.From here on, Richard goes on a quest We are re aquainted with Shota, Richard loses his precious sword , Zedd is back, Nathan is back, and a few new magical objects and concepts are introduced It s done well, and the action is fast enough Richard s fascistic speeches are relatively short, because he s confused and desperate and has no time for manifestos This is actually the first time we have Richard somewhat humbled even when he was young and learning magic he was still a deeply narcissistic borderline psycho This time, there s an almost human depth to him.The book does not wrap the story this volume and the next two form a sort of trilogy within the wider series This also allows for a elaborate plot I won t mention any spoilers around Kahlan, though.This could easily have been the fifth book in the series.In fact, if you are contemplating reading SoT, go for 1 4 and then skip here You won t miss anything major.A little song, if you will I m just an average wizard, with an average swordI cast spells from nine to five hey hell, I pay the priceAll I want is to be left alone in my Wizard s KeepBut why do I always feel like I m in the Twilight Zone, andI always feel like Kahlan s watching meAnd I don t know where she is,Woh, I always feel like Kahlan s watching meTell me is it just a dream When I come home at nightI bolt the door real tightSisters of the Dark I m trying to avoidWell, can Jagang see meOr am I just paranoid When I m in the PalaceI m afraid to cast my spell Cause I might open my eyesAnd find Kahlan standing therePeople say I m crazyJust a little touchedBut maybe spells remind me ofJagang too muchThat s whyI always feel like Kahlan s watching meAnd I have no prophecy,Woh, I always feel like Kahlan s watching meWho s playing tricks on me Igor

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    Chainfire is the ninth book in Terry Goodkind s Sword of Truth series and the first book in the Chainfire Trilogy At first, I was confused about why a book would be considered a part of two series but after reading it I completely understand.The Sword of Truth series follows Richard as he learns about his family history, his destiny, and his role as the Seeker of Truth while fighting epic battles along the way He is joined in his adventures by Kahlan, who is the Mother Confessor, his grandfather Zedd, various Mord Sith, and Sisters of both Light and Dark The initial books detail the battle against Darken Rahl as he attempts to extend his cruel rule However, there is an even larger threat to the people coming from the Old World As the new leader of D Hara, Richard must find a way to defeat the Imperial Order Each book in The Sword of Truth series reveals another obstacle that must be overcome as a part of the overall battle for the people s freedom.Chainfire begins with Richard fighting for his life after being wounded in a battle he doesn t even remember When he wakes from unconsciousness, he discovers that Kahlan, his wife, is missing However, the worst part is that his companions do not remember that she even exists They insist that he does not have a wife and that all the Confessors were killed in the initial battle with Darken Rahl Richard insists that Kahlan is real and that he must rescue her from who or whatever wounded him and captured her Cara and Nicci begin to fear for Richard s sanity and wonder if the injuries he sustained have altered his memories As I read the book, I felt Richard s frustration as he tried to convince his friends that Kahlan was real and that he was not crazy The book essentially follows his search for the truth even though all evidence seems to be against him While he is searching for Kahlan, the D Haran forces are facing overwhelming odds against the Imperial Order in the larger battle.Chainfire is part of two series because it does continue the overall storyline of The Sword of Truth Series However, there is one main difference between this book and the previous eight In all of the other books in this series, the conflict for that book is resolved by the end even though the overarching battle against the Imperial Order continues to thread through each one In Chainfire, there is very little resolution by the end of the book Richard does find evidence that convinces his companions that Kahlan is real and discovers how she could have been erased from everyone s memories He also learns what needs to be done in order to counteract the magic that caused the Chainfire event However, he is unable to act on that knowledge immediately and has not found Kahlan by the end of the book I will have to read the second book, Phantom, and the third book, Confessor, to see how the rest of the story goes Confessor is also the final book in The Sword of Truth series.The Sword of Truth series has become political and philosophical as it has grown In Chainfire, the explanation of the magic is complicated and rather confusing Goodkind did an excellent job at portraying Richard s frustration at being unable to convince anyone of Kahlan s existence, his worry over her disappearance, and his self doubt as he found no evidence to support his memories As the reader, knowing of Kahlan s existence from earlier books, I was felt Richard s confusion and frustration along with him.Overall, I greatly enjoy this series and am looking forward to reading the final two books The CW currently has a show called Legend of the Seeker which is based on the first book in The Sword of Truth Series, Wizard s First Rule My husband and I attempted to watch the initial episode but we found ourselves very frustrated with the substantial changes that had been made in the initial storyline and the relationships between the characters If you are a fan of the books, I would not recommend the show.

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    I ll never get tired of this story.Chainfire reveals the most powerful spells the wizards and sorceress s are able to complete While the prophecy of Richard lives on, those around him are insistent he stay and lead the D Hara s into battle However, While the battle continues for Life, Richard has lost his will to go any further.His reason for life is lost, somewhere.His grandfather, guards and friends try to convince him he s dillusional In his search for his life, he encounters a deadly enemy bred to kill him A new beast which has shown no weaknesses Richard goes against those who love him, to seek his own love.

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    I don t know what so many people complain about I was riveted, and had to force myself to put the book down so I could eat, sleep, and do other important thing pertaining to life I was completely wrapped up in the story and wanted to scream, along with Richard, and all the other characters who refused to believe Kahlan is real For the first in the final three books, I thought it was a great set up book I m looking forward to continuing and dive into Phantom.

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    This book is wonderful and action pached, I recommend this book why is well edition.

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    While I admit that, in the beginning of this one, I was frustrated and slightly annoyed, the book definitely picked up and moved at a fast pace, which I appreciated.I ve stopped reading the synopsis on the back of any Goodkind novel, just because I don t want to know what s about to take place And that s where I was at the start of this I remember not being able to put the book down, and I remember fretting to myself, I don t get it What s happening But that was a good thing The initial frustration I had view spoiler over the disappearance of Kahlan seriously, the last page of Naked Empire had Richard, Kahlan and Cara moseying off into the sunset, and the first few pages of this book open on her missing That was just plain rude hide spoiler

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characters Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9) , audiobook Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9) , files book Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9) , today Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9) , Chainfire (Sword of Truth, #9) 239ff With Wizard S First Rule And Seven Subsequent Masterpieces, Terry Goodkind Has Thrilled Readers Worldwide With The Unique Sweep Of His Storytelling Now Goodkind Returns With A New Novel Of Richard And Kahlan, The Beginning Of A Sequence Of Three Novels That Will Bring Their Epic Story To Its CulminationAfter Being Gravely Injured In Battle, Richard Awakes To Discover Kahlan Missing To His Disbelief, No One Remembers The Woman He Is Frantically Trying To Find Worse, No One Believes That She Really Exists, Or That He Was Ever Married Alone As Never Before, He Must Find The Woman He Loves Than Life Itselfif She Is Even Still Alive If She Was Ever Even Real

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Terry Goodkind is a contemporary American writer and author of the best selling epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, creator of the television show The Legend of the Seeker, and writer of the self published epic, The First Confessor The Legend of Magda Searus a prequel and origin story of the first Mother Confessor He has over 20 million copies in print and has been translated into th