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files Charity, read online Charity, free Charity, free Charity, Charity 5b1fb4416 For Bernard Samson, The End Is NearIn The Concluding Volume Of Len Deighton S Superb Trilogy That Began With Faith And Hope, Bernard Samson Continues To Peel Away The Mystery Surrounding The Cold Blooded Murder Of His Sister In Law, Tessa, On The Streets Of Berlin Although His Wife, Fiona, Has Come Back From The Cold And Is Now In The West, His Family Is In Tatters, And Samson Has No Where To Turn For Answers Only His Childhood Friend Werner Volkman Seems To Offer The Charity That Samson Craves, But Volkmann Is Reluctant To Get Involved With Any Quest For The Truth, No Matter Who Is Doing The Asking And As Always, Hovering Above All Samson Does And Tries To Be Is The Persistent Memory Of His Father A Deadly Force To Be Reckoned With, Even NowDeighton S Back And Better Than Ever Packed With Action, Incident And Intrigue, Charity Brings To A Triumphant Conclusion A Series Of Novels That Represents One Of The Greatest Achievements In Modern Fiction

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    I recently visited Berlin for the first time and it made me want to reread the Bernie Samson Simpson, as the D G calls him series, so I came home and read all nine of them in a row.I had forgotten how astute Deighton s analysis is of office politics and dynamics We so love to see Dicky Cruyer pouring his precious coffee and dumping off all his work onto Bernie The lion skin rug is a brilliant addition to a superb characterization.All of the characters are fleshed out and real Werner is my favorite, the poor helpless dolt, at least when it comes to Zena.I am confused by the ending, though SPOILERWe know that Werner killed Thurkettle We know this So Bernie s final summing up for the group in Frank s office is not accurate Bernie tells us he has doubts about Prettyman s role, but he sticks to that story Why does he do this It s not really consistent with other times that Bernie has ferreted out the answer In those instances, he figures out the truth and tells it, at least to us Also CHARITY could never stand alone as LD intended all the books to do.I never understood why Stinnes and Harry Kennedy were with Fiona on the autobahn that night It was never explained I thought she was supposed to drive there herself.And I thought the Soviets were supposed to be vindictive and methodical about taking their revenge They track agents and kill them when they have betrayed the state And yet Fiona lives her life as before in a fashionable apartment strolling off to work every day in London Central I thought SIS were going to keep her hidden.Those are small points and probably evidence of my own failure to grasp everything together.I have not posted a review of any of the other eight books and probably won t I am leaving five stars here for the entire body of work This series ranks with the LeCarre Smiley books, though funnier and less convoluted Together they stand atop the Cold War espionage genre.It s taken me three weeks to read the nine books I only wish there were nine .

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    If you have read the Description of this book you will see it states Tessa was shot in Poland To avoid confusion, no she wasn t, she was shot in East Germany.Deighton said he wrote this in answer to pleas from his readers to know what happened in the end They meant of course, Bernard, Fiona, and to the point, Gloria.SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILERDO NOT READ BELOW THIS LINE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKI found the conclusion to be very unsatisfactory I never really liked Fiona She gave up her marriage and children for admittedly a worthy cause, if you were not married with children Knowing that she would be returning to her previous life, she entered into an adulterous relationship with the same man for two extended periods On her return she then was particularly nasty about Bernard s relationship with Gloria when he understood Fiona had gone for good, whilst she kept quiet about her own misdemeanours It is much to Bernard s credit that he did not tell her that Werner had told him about her adultery.The conclusion for Gloria was even unsatisfactory Presumably in order to use the predominate characters, excluding the married ones, she ends up with Bret Whether this was a way of downgrading her to older man fetish category, I don t know, but it doesn t match with the way her character was written previously There is also the hint that this a quirk in Bret s character We know from Spy Sinker that Bret had been in love with Fiona from the first time he met her, and was devastated when she was unfaithful to Bernard with Kennedy, strange in itself We now have him getting married to Bernard s other love, Gloria, having not shown any previous interest in her It s almost as though having not got Fiona, he s settled for Gloria A psychiatrist would have a field day I cannot imagine that I am the only reader who felt that Bernard should have told Fiona to take a hike having largely ruined her marriage and the children s life, and taken off with Gloria and the kids who effectively knew her in their formative years than their mother.I have given it a good rating as Hope left too much hanging in the air.

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    Originally published on my blog here in January 2005.This is the concluding novel not just of the long running Bernard Samson saga but of Len Deighton s fiction as a whole It brings to a close a series of attempts to deal with the ending of the Cold War an event with a big impact for an author of spy fiction different settings tangential to the genre in Mamista, City Of Gold, and Violent Ward, and the story of the downfall of Communism itself in the last trilogy of Samson novels I suspect that the difficulty Deighton experienced in finding a new theme appropriate to the times was a contributing factor to his stopping fiction writing when he did.The reader s expectation with Charity is that it will wrap up the remaining loose ends, and leave Bernard and Fiona s future sorted out Having read Spy Sinker, followers of the series know about what really happened on the day of Fiona s return to West Berlin than Bernard does so the big question is really how much does he find out, and how much pain does he bring on himself and those around him by his investigations Although Charity is set before the end of Soviet control over Eastern Europe, Deighton makes sure we know what happens after the end of the novel with little ironic reminders such as describing a falling person as looking like a toppling statue of a tyrant The ending itself is rather abrupt the last chapter comes with something of a jerk It is really about new beginnings for the characters, starting relationships over again entirely appropriate, given the huge changes about to impact their world.Three series characters dominate British spy fiction James Bond, George Smiley, and Bernard Samson They are all quite different from each other, even if you could argue that Bernard is very similar to Deighton s earlier Harry Palmer character and something of a mix of the other two Smiley is all subtle intellectual James Bond is all brute force action Bernard does both parts, and this makes him both exciting to read about than Le Carr s character and interesting and certainly less unpleasant than Ian Fleming s More is revealed about Bernard s inner character than about either Smiley or Bond, even though his narration and neither Smiley or Bond is every allowed the luxury of telling their own story is written in such a way that it is clear that Bernard is hiding quite a lot This of course makes him believable as a character, as does the way that his powers as an intellectual spy master and an action hero are both carefully limited by Deighton, presumably to this end The series ten novels in all, including a prequel not involving Bernard personally is a substantial body of work, intimately connected to the fall of Communist East Germany and thus a major fictionalisation of some of the most important historical events of the last half century.

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    Wondering what to do with myself post Samson Always compelling drama and a good conclusion to nine wonderful episodes Great work Len Deighton.

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    Having now finished the series ending with Charity , I had previously placed my review with the penultimate book in the series of 10 novels and of this particular trilogy Hope.As that review applied to the whole series, I will not repeat those words again, but simply say ThisThis is some of, if not the best, fiction series I have ever read and it reminds me of a mixture of 1950s E Blyton Adventures and Hardy Boy mysteries, with the research of a 1970s to 2000 Michener, or Rutherford and then using as a prequel to the 21st century writers set of trilogies Ken Follett I loved the experiences of reading each novel as much as reading the whole 10 novel series Reading Winter is in my opinion essential, but where or when in the order of the novels you choose, wifi give you YOUR special experience to wrap up everything the way you want

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    Please see my review of Winter, the prequel to the triple trilogy which concludes with Charity To read this book you really need to have read the preceding 9 books Disclaimer you may still not fully understand the entire series since, like the espionage of the cold war, you may never truly understand every aspect of each character Of all the books I have read, this is one of the few sets for which I have kept a hard copy every so often I have to go back and follow up a question Similar to Le Carre , very like Graham Greene, and further followed by Alan Furst A magnum opus.

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    Journey s end After eight novels exploring Bernard Samson s odyssey through a labyrinthine plot involving spies, assassins and his own family, Len Deighton wraps up the story with Charity, the final book in the enealogy And it s good I m not sure it s everything I wanted, but it s a fairly satisfactory conclusion to the saga After returning from an unexpectedly harrowing mission in East Berlin, Bernard Samson plunges headfirst into his investigation of his sister in law Tessa s murder, but finds opposition from everyone he asks for help Meanwhile, his children are still in his in laws clutches and Fiona doesn t want to do anything about it Gloria, the other woman he loves, is also still around, muddying the waters for him Can Bernard find justice for an innocent woman and put his own life back together SpoilersDeighton manages to find compelling reasons why each of the novels in this series are titled as they are, and Charity is no exception Throughout the book, Samson asks people for help, and each begrudgingly agrees, but only after advising him to rethink his course Samson perceives their reluctant assistance as charity, but the real charity is their urging him to stop being so reckless And, often than not, it s the others who pay for his doggedness The Swede says he ll help Samson kidnap his kids and escape England and Fiona s disgusting family, but he s murdered before he can get the plane ready Werner is shot by Cindy Prettyman after Bernard reveals the existence of the lock box that British Intelligence and Werner, specifically steals Jim Prettyman was dying anyway, but it seems Samson s badgering of him hastened his demise not that I feel sorry for him Ultimately, it s Bret Rensselaer who gives him the final, deciding act of charity by sharing with him Fiona s suicide note, letting him know that his wife is remorseful, knows she was in the wrong, and really does love him Through the kindness of those he can barely bring himself to trust, Bernard Samson has hope of finally being happy The journey getting there is another great plot from Deighton Samson is essentially investigating a mystery to which we already know the answer, but somehow Deighton manages to make it exciting nonetheless When Samson brought Werner to the Autobahn to survey the site of Thurkettle s death, I found myself fully engrossed, waiting on baited breath for Samson to figure out what I already knew Bringing the audience in on the secret before the protagonist runs the risk of making said hero look dim, but Deighton instead uses it to show off Bernard s keen mind the crime has been so cleverly covered up that it looks next to impossible to be brought to light, and yet Bernie figures it out still, and we marvel at him It still irks me that Thurkettle was killed before he and Samson could have the showdown Deighton set up and, perversely, continued to tease even after the killer s demise , but the detective work was still plenty suspenseful I also liked the way Samson decides to deal with his family situation Taking his children far away seems crazy, but what other avenue does he have His wife doesn t want the kids any, his father in law is threatening to sue for custody which he will certainly win , and he has no money and no one who wants to help him Part of me hoped this would play out and Samson would escape with the kids and Gloria Such wasn t the case, and Samson will end up staying with Fiona while Gloria marries Bret Rensselaer I liked the resolution between Bernard and Bret, their sort of burying whatever hatchets were left Spy Sinker revealed to us that Bret never really liked Bernard, and was even afraid of him, but I think he s being sincere when he says he respects him here Fiona s letter was perfect, and necessary to get the readers forgiveness she cops to everything, admits this is all her fault, and finally exonerates Bernard of the guilt she s been throwing at him Bret still accuses him of being closed off, but Fiona said that was why she loved him And now he ll have a permanent job at British Intelligence, a pension, and he and Fiona will get the kids back Not too shabby for Bernard Samson I agree with some critical readers who say Charity ends with too much of a whimper It isn t that big a bother Silas Gaunt and the DG are exposed, and at least Silas will be dealt with to some degree I would ve liked for the bomb hidden in the lock box to do some damage maybe they could ve opened it in the conference room and it killed a few people How funny would it have been if Bernard randomly grabbed the person closest to him to save them from the blast, only to find out it was Dickey But I guess Bret needed to live for the ending to make sense Still and all, a little oomph would have been appreciated And if that s right, I m gonna harp on it one last time Thurkettle were still alive, he and Samson s fight could ve been the climax Well, that about does her wraps her all up I m exceedingly glad I read the Samson series, and did it in one shot minus Winter, which I ll get to one day Charity, while maybe not all it could ve been, is a mostly satisfying wrap up to the story, and makes the accomplishment yeah, I know of finishing it seem worthwhile.

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    I was really disappointed with the conclusion of the Bernard Samson series The ending is pure Bernieyou feel like to guy is going to finally snap and lash out at his handlers, his wife, his friends at life in general But noit fades into a sort of resigned acceptance that life stinks and then you die I had hoped for better for Berniebut I guess that s the point.

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    The last volume in the Faith Hope Charity trilogy Bernie Samson belongs up there with Harry Palmer and George Smiley Great stuff.

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    I have now finished the Bernie Samson series I enjoyed these books very much A review will follow in the coming days.

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