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summary Citizen of the Galaxy, series Citizen of the Galaxy, book Citizen of the Galaxy, pdf Citizen of the Galaxy, Citizen of the Galaxy 75da593de3 In A Distant Galaxy, The Atrocity Of Slavery Was Alive And Well, And Young Thorby Was Just Another Orphaned Boy Sold At Auction But His New Owner, Baslim, Is Not The Disabled Beggar He Appears To Be Adopting Thorby As His Son, He Fights Relentlessly As An Abolitionist Spy When The Authorities Close In On Baslim, Thorby Must Ride With The Free Traders A League Of Merchant Princes Throughout The Many Worlds Of A Hostile Galaxy, Finding The Courage To Live By His Wits And Fight His Way From Society S Lowest Rung But Thorby S Destiny Will Be Forever Changed When He Discovers The Truth About His Own Identity

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    Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A, Heinlein was first published in 1957 and is generally considered one of his juvenile novels as Scribner s published it An astute reader of Heinlein, though, may consider that this was published just a year before Have Space Suit Will Travel, the last of the Scribner s juveniles, in the same year as The Door Into Summer and only four years before Stranger in a Strange Land, so his transition from the typical pure science bildungsroman of his earlier works and a mature, serious work of the sixties had begun Without a doubt, Heinlein reached his zenith in the sixties with The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers actually published in 1959 Citizen of the Galaxy could be seen as an early embarkation towards these classics.Telling the tale of Thorby and his journeys as a slave, a beggar, a trader, a soldier and finally as a tycoon, Heinlein uses the tale as a vehicle to explore many futuristic ideas still grounded in everyday life Heinlein succeeds as he has in so many of his works, by creating an entertaining story while at the same time using the science fiction as an allegory to describe his libertarian ideals about a great many subjects such as family relationships and dynamics, freedom, work ethics, and loyalty Slavery is a central subject of the novel and Heinlein spends his time well with some provocative dialogue At the end of the day, Heinlein is a great writer simply because he tells a good story Give him that he provokes thought from his reader and that the story works well on than one level, and Heinlein has once again delivered a good read.

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    Some of my all time favorite sci fi novels were written by Robert Heinlein Some of the worst, stupidest, most incoherent, hipper than thou sci fi novels were also written by Robert Heinlein So every time I check out a Heinlein from the library, it is with great trepidation I am happy to say that Citizen of the Galaxy is one of the first category a good Heinlein It is creative, likeable, possibly even inspiring The hero, Thorby, is one of his better characters A lot of things happen to him, but he manages to walk the fine line between comic book superhero and passive victim, while escaping the kind of brash obnoxiousness that sometimes afflicts Heinlein heros The minor characters are fairly well done too When Heinlein really gets it right, he is one of the best writers I know at creating fascinating settings, cultures, and societies This is true in Citizen of the Galaxy Like many of his novels, there s a political bent to the ending of the book, but he doesn t draw it out too much, and ends the book quickly but satisfyingly I have no idea how he does it, but he even manages to make stock transactions fairly interesting The plot is pretty coherent with a nice arc to it It does get a little uneven in places, devoting too much time to details and skipping too quickly over large sections of events the author is less interested in, but which could have been instrumental in really capturing the reader Again, rambling plots and unevenness of pacing are some of Heinlein s biggest flaws when he s at his worst, but he manages to hold it together here I wouldn t rate this as high as my all time fav Heinlein, The Door into Summer , but it s pretty near my second, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress I recommend it, even for non Heinlein fans.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.8XK40367 Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A Heinlein Goodnight, son, the old beggar whispered Good dreams and good luck In Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A HeinleinI should ask the Heinlein estate permission to use one of his characters in a new story I could see Thorby going after the slavers, there are so many other characters Lazarus Long, Started Max Jones, Lip Russell and his spacesuit, Bill Lerner and his farm on Ganymede John Lyle and America as a theocracy.

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    Somehow I had managed over the decades to miss this Heinlein novel It like so many others is in many ways a masterpiece We begin with a young boy who s a slave His memories of who or what he was before his slavery are essentially nil On the block he still shows some spirit, enough to get him cuffed But he doesn t sell Being young, small and scrawny no one seems willing to put in the time and money it would take to train him up into a useful slave No one buys him that is until a local beggar buys him.We will follow this person through the years and as we do we ll find an interesting story concerning the Galaxy and the humans therein.This is considered by most anyway to be one of Heinlein s youth or teen books However the subject matter and the story telling are on an adult level and I don t think any science fiction fan who tries this one will be disappointed So, I ve said what I have to say I like it, I recommend it, enjoy.

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    No puedes ver un pensamiento, no puedes medirlo, ni pesarlo, ni saborearlo pero los pensamientos son las cosas m s reales en la galaxia Esta es la segunda novela juvenil que leo de Heinlein depu s de El granjero de las estrellas En conclusi n, no me parece que es lo mejor que he le do del autor pero llega a ser entretenida al fin y al cabo Es dif cil superar la valla despu s de la obra maestra La luna es una cruel amante, de Estrella doble o Starship Troopers.El tema principal en Ciudadano de la galaxia es la esclavitud y, como es de su estilo, no se queda corto en plasmar sus ideas sobre el tema a trav s de sus personajes.A seguir con Heinlein Todav a queda much simo

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    Highly regarded as one of the best of Heinlein s juvies, Citizen of the Galaxy is indeed, for the most part, worthy of the praise that has been heaped upon it I do have one qualm with this novel it seems to lack a nemesis, or antagonist There is quite a bit that happens but to what end There are no bad guys so it s a bit bland at times The slavers, and slavery, are the closest the novel ever comes to real conflict, but that is handled in such a peripheral fashion that there is never any real sense of threat In the end, the novel turns into a courtroom and boardroom drama This is connected to the overlying plot, but the coincidences involved are a bit hard to swallow On the other hand, this novel succeeds fairly well as a bildungsroman and as a science fiction novel aimed at younger readers There is almost no violence and the scientific expositions are fairly straightforward and interesting There is a lot of allegory and Heinlein gets positively preachy about the importance of family and owning up to responsibility.So where does that leave me It isn t a bad novel by any definition, but it did leave me feeling a bit unsatisfied Perhaps I ve just become desensitized

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    A rags to riches story that takes us across a good fraction of the universe into several cultures It s full of adventure interesting characters I really liked the description of the life of The People, free spacers who travel the universe trading willingly give up their individual freedom in a totalitarian society far stringent than anything save perhaps Orwell s world of 1984 yet they re seemingly happy well adjusted It s one of RAH s juveniles, one of the best of a good bunch Highly recommended in any format.

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    This book was incredibly jarring I felt like Robert Heinlein had a good ideathen he had another onethen he had another one And since he liked all three of them, he decided What the Hell and combined them The book features a boy named Thorby At the beginning of the book, he is sold as a slave to a beggar man The beggar man surprise turns out to be then he appears He trains up Thorby and turns him into a super smart and clever beggar.Then he is murdered We don t know why I m serious I finished the book and I don t know why he died During the book they make it sound like it was part of a conspiracy, but then they just never get around to explaining what that is Doesn t matter, Thorby stows away on a ship and part 2 of the book has begun Now he becomes one of the People Yes, that is their name They are so busy being superior to everyone that no one ever realizes that they aren t very creative They re amazed that Thorby is so smart and now he quickly moves up the ranks However, the captain of the vessel feels guilty because Thorby is obviously destined for greatness So he turns him over to the inter galatic army They discover that Thorby is a long lost heir from Earth and off we go to part 3 After a lot of conspiracy and complicated jargon, Thorby discovers that part of his new empire iswait for itseriouslyrunning the slave trade How ironic Thorby vows to clean it up and the book ends.When I finished the last page, I literally checked to make sure that some of the book hadn t accidentally gotten cut out I couldn t believe it was such a weird ending.Also, Thorby had no sexual interest in women People kept trying to match make him up to girls and he kept getting uncomfortable Not because he was gay, but because he kept acting like he was six I just thought that was an odd trait You d think he d at least have been interested in sex, but nothing.However, it was an easy read and everyone ended up happy, except the bad guys, but they re not supposed to So I guess I ll give it two stars.

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    Citizen of the Galaxy is a throw back to the days when a complete story could be told in 250 pages or less A nice 3 Star diversion to a simpler time in SciFi, when atomics were all the rage and everyone had them, strictly for defense you know Heinlein tells a tale of a young lad, sold as a slave to an old beggar who is not what he seems The boy grows and has adventures as he goes on a mission for the old beggar that will journey through several different cultures Heinlein paints 3 different cultures in full enough detail in just a few pages Very enjoyable Well worth a couple of hours that is all it will take.

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    4.0 to 4.5 stars My second favorite Heinlein novel after

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