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pdf Clementine (Clementine, #1), ebook Clementine (Clementine, #1), epub Clementine (Clementine, #1), doc Clementine (Clementine, #1), e-pub Clementine (Clementine, #1), Clementine (Clementine, #1) 4e818f9e7ff Clementine Is Having Not So Good Of A Week On Monday She S Sent To The Principal S Office For Cutting Off Margaret S Hair Tuesday, Margaret S Mother Is Mad At Her Wednesday, She S Sent To The Principal Again Thursday, Margaret Stops Speaking To Her Friday Starts With Yucky Eggs And Gets Worse And By Saturday, Even Her Mother Is Mad At Her Okay, Fine Clementine Is Having A DISASTROUS Week

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    While I find Sara Pennypacker s Clementine fun and endearing as a literary character, I am also finding her somewhat spoiled and a bit too rambunctious but then again, maybe my frustration is also a bit of displaced jealousy, as I would never have dared to be that spunky and spontaneous as a child That all being said, I do think that Clementine absolutely needs some parental rules, maybe not as many as her friend Margaret seems to have, but still, I firmly believe her parents are than a bit too laid back at times and actually, perhaps even often Also, considering that Margaret is described as being older and as such also somewhat mature than Clementine, I am kind of surprised that she would allow Clementine to cut off her hair and then colour it as stories, anecdotes featuring children cutting a sibling s or a friend s hair often revolve around an older sibling or friend doing this to a younger sibling or friend, rather than the other way around And actually, Clementine reminds me a bit of Lucy Maud Montgomery s Anne Shirley, or rather what Anne Shirley might have been like if we had intimately and descriptively known her at around the age of eight or so On the other hand, when Anne Shirley was eight, from the presented backstory of Anne of Green Gables, she was an orphan working almost like an indentured servant with no one to really care for her or love her, but in my opinion, Anne Shirley at the age of eight still than likely would have had a very similar imagination as Clementine s, albeit the latter seems gifted in math, while Anne was always described as being gifted with regard to her language and reading skills All in all, Sarah Pennypacker s Clementine has proven to be a generally most enjoyable and sweet reading romp, with an endearing, but indeed also at times annoying and frustrating protagonist However, while I definitely did enjoy this book, I am also not all that keen on trying, on continuing with the rest of the series, which I guess means that for me personally Clementine ultimately has not left all that much of an impression one way or the other Two and a half stars, rounded up to a low three star rating, for a fun but ultimately still rather lacklustre and even at times mildly annoying read

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    Jessica Mitchell, 11Clementine3 stars Hmm, this seems like a book i d pick up if i were waiting for something and didn t have anything to do, or if i forgot my book at home and had to get something from the library to read after the test Fast Like, if i don t get a book now i ll die fast.I felt like it wasn t original Here s my equation Junie B Jones Lucy Rose Ivy and Bean Clementine All of the book series I just listed had really ignorant protagonists When i finished this book, I mentally just pushed the series into the file that read One of those books Clementine was supposed to be in 3rd grade Her thoughts sounded like an infant with a slightly than usual developed mind What kind of third grader thinks she can buy a gorilla, and grow a beard, or that theres ceiling snakes When I finished this book i didn t even look up and bat my eyes, remembering how amazing the storyline and characters were I just tossed it into my book basket, I was at school and pulled out a Carl Hiaasen book.Now, enough complaining The only reason this book got even three stars was because it was cute Im a sucker for cute things.

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    This was a really fun and cute little book I listened to the Audible edition with my grandson and he would ask to put it on every time we got in the car As soon as it was finished, he asked if we could listen to it again I ll certainly be looking for books in the series and by this author Update We finished every book in the series, except one, over the summer My grandson and I both enjoyed every book Great series Series ClementineThe Talented ClementineClementine s LetterClementine, Friend of the WeekClementine and the Family MeetingClementine and the Spring Trip only one we didn t listen to, as it was out of the library all summer Completely Clementine

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    Let me introduce you to Clementine I have had not so good of a week.Well, Monday was a pretty food day, if you don t count Hamburguer Surprise at lunch and Margaret s mother coming to get her Or the stuff that happened in the principal s office when I got sent there to explain that Margaret s hair was not my fault and besides she looks okay without it, but I couldn t, because Principal Rice was gone, trying to calm down Margaret s mother.Someone should tell you not to answer the phone in the principal s office, if that s a rule.Okay, fine, Monday was not so good of a day Clementine is in third grade People are always saying, pay attention, Clementine without actually paying attention themselves Like, Clementine was the only one to notice that the art teacher s scarf had a stain on it that looked just like a pelican when you squinted Clementine is always paying attention, just not always to the same things as everyone else Clementine is best friends with Margaret, who is in fourth grade and is nearly perfect, and she has a little brother named Brussel Sprout or Lima Bean, or Cabbage Because if she has to have a fruit name, then he has to have a vegetable name Clementine tends to get into trouble often than average, but she can t seem to help it Clementine is kind of like Kix cereal kid tested, mother approved Have you read the Junie B Jones books If you have, you probably know that kids love her because she talks like a kid, and adults can t stand her because it s just bad Junie s atrocious grammar and misuse of words is almost painful to read, and she is oversilly Clementine, on the other hand, also talks like a kid, but she is delightful She s the Junie B Jones for the kid who doesn t like stupidity She s smart and clever and completely kidlike, and her rambling train of thought reminds me of talking to my little brother She is completely adorable, and I read large parts of this book out loud to N before handing him the book and making him read the whole thing N likes nonfiction, but only reluctantly reads fiction when I shove it at him and he eagerly devoured Clementine whole She is delightful, and even if you have no 7 9 year old to give her to, I highly recommend you go read Clementine for yourself.

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    This is a fantastic read for kids and fun for adults, too Clementine is a riot, I love her thoughts on what paying attention means, or rather what she chooses to pay attention to The illustrations are so detailed but simple at the same time I love the contrasts in the drawings between disshevelled, artistic Clementine and her perfectionist best friend Great read Reviewed for

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    Made me smile

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    The secret thing I know about ideas is that they sproing into your head you have to grab them fast, or else they get bored and bounce away This describes Clementine to a tea Clementine has lots of ideas, some which get her sent to the principals office and others that land her and her friend Margaret into a bad haircut and coloring to match The author does a very nice job with Clementines voice and the reader really gets a feel for a third graders thought patterns The illustrations are quite charming and especially the cover with Clementine standing on her head In some ways she reminds me of Pippi Longstocking with her mischievous yet delightful personality.

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    Ramona Quimby ish misadventures of a well intentioned quirky girl.

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    Clementine might want to reconsider claiming that she has arthritis she just might get her wish, thus joining over 300,000 children including babies who have the dreadfully painful and debilitating disease in real life It is a horrible, horrible, horrible disease I know my now ten year old daughter has been fighting it since she was a baby Her fight has included countless medical tests, blood work, shots of chemotherapy drugs, countless pills taken several times a day, physical therapy, and many 1300 mile round trip out of town trips to the Children s hospital that houses a pediatric rheumatology department, since there are very few pediatric rheumatologists in the U.S My daughter was sad and disappointed that Clementine thought she could catch arthritis I was saddened at Clementine s mother s response, which seemed to suggest that children can t get arthritis Www.kidsgetarthritistoo.orgBeyond the above, I find that Clementine is way too immature and silly for her age She seems like a five year old to me I also found that I sometimes wanted to tell Clementine s parents that they need to polish up their parenting skills Oh well, on a positive note, Clementine isn t as annoying as Junie B Jones I will be continuing the series as long as my daughter does My daughter is homeschooled due to her arthritis We tried regular school, but it didn t work out.

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    SoI had heard some good things about this book and bought it for Mike to read with Ava and the kids on a vacation they went on together I started about a third the way through and was disappointed Her attitude is very whiney and negative, and she does things that are appropriate for a preschooler maybe, but certainly not an 8 year old I guess I m of a Pollyanna type of mom when it comes to reading with my girl I want strong girl characters, ones who inspire healthy characteristics, not ones that will cause harm than good in life.

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