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    Shaun Bythell takes us through a year of his life in 2015 as a second hand bookseller, a financially precarious business, in the small Scottish town of Wigtown This is a biographical read guaranteed to delight all of us book obsessives and those curious about the nature of the book trade in all its glories and vagaries, narrated by a man who describes himself as both cantankerous and a curmudgeon It is in the format of a diary, where every entry gives us information on the amount of online orders and orders found, the day s weather, the total taken at the till and the number of customers who come into the shop Nicky, a woman in her late forties, is the sole remaining employee left with her foodie Fridays and there are belly dancing classes that take place in the store The bookshop has over a mile of shelving, real log fires, a dream destination for all book lovers.Bythell gives us a real sense of Wigtown s community, that includes many from from various parts of Europe and the American Anna, Shaun s partner for five years, who has slotted into the area with ease, although their relationship breaks up, thanks to what he refers as his fear of commitment, as he continues to miss her We follow him as he makes trips to buy book collections and meets their owners, books sent to FBA fulfilled by , because there is insufficient space in the shop, despite his hatred of and Kindles He finds scraps of paper in old books that turn out to be worth a lot valuable than he could ever have expected His love of books is unmistakable, the pleasure he gets from handling books, and from reading His descriptions and accounts of customers are a joy to read about, some real oddballs abound, such as those who cannot differentiate between a bookshop and a library, in search of a book they have practically no information about, and many other embarrassing scenarios.This is a fun and entertaining read, often hilarious, that provides a real sense of place and community, of the memorable Shaun, his life and his bookshop It is full of eccentric and quirky characters, not to mention the unforgettable Granny, home invasions and book festivals I can imagine it appealing to many readers, many of whom probably dream of running a bookstore, with its eye opening account of just how difficult it is to survive in this business sector Highly recommended Many thanks to Profile Books for an ARC.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After enjoying the first novel, The Diary of a Bookseller, I was excited to read diary installments from Shaun Bythell s life as a second hand book seller in Wigtown I wasn t disappointed This is full of the charm of the original book, with Bythell s usual introspective views on life, love and buying and selling books to various oddball customers.Although misanthropic, Bythell still manages to come across as genuinely witty and down to earth His interactions with staff members are a particular highlight, as he affectionately records what Nicky has brought in from the Morrison s dumpsters on a Friday and the amount of food that Granny can pack away It s also the people of Wigtown, from Fiona next door to the grumpy postmaster, that seem to make Shaun grounded and relatable to the reader There are a few rather poignant moments scattered throughout the documented year that managed to elicit emotion from Shaun that may otherwise have been lost among the lighthearted chapters and offhand comments if it weren t for his neighbors I also really enjoyed the interactions with customers and sellers, and found it fascinating to read about the types of people who have large book collections to sell on various, often rather niche, topics.I also enjoyed the starting chapters for each month, which include an extract from an parody novel about booksellers, followed by Shaun s own interpretation on the subject matter and various insights into the trade itself The paragraphs on book binding and book plates I found particularly interesting Bythell s writing style is also always fun, and the chapters are quick and easy to read, flowing well This made it easy to put down and pick up, and I finished it quickly.As the previous novel, this is a fun and insightful look into life as a second hand bookseller that will interest anyone with a love of books.

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    3.5 This picks up right where The Diary of a Bookseller left off and carries through the whole of 2015 So long as you keep in mind that this is of the same stuff the daily routines of buying and selling books, including customers and colleagues quirks, and of being out and about in a small town and you aren t looking for big thrills in your reading, you should enjoy it Some may find the built in repetition boring, while for others it will be comforting I read this on a summer trip to Milan and found it unexpectedly addictive I certainly wished that I was in Wigtown instead of a sweltering city Also, because of where I was reading the book I got particular enjoyment out of the characterization of Emanuela soon known as Granny for her poor eyesight and myriad aches and gripes , who comes over from Italy to volunteer in the bookshop for the summer.Bythell s break up with Anna is a recurring theme in this volume, I suspect because his editor publisher insisted on an injection of emotional drama he strikes me as someone who would have kept this part of his life completely private if he had the choice The month heading epigraphs are all from Augustus Muir s The Intimate Thoughts of John Baxter, Bookseller this time Once again we get a full accounting of each day s sales and customer numbers, with delightful anecdotes about his weirder encounters with the public and Nicky and notes about his reading and any escapes from the town for fishing, book buying excursions or brief vacations If you loved the first book, go ahead and read the sequel Just don t expect it to break any new ground.

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    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book So as soon as I saw this on Netgalley, I knew I had to request it Even if I didn t get it, I was so happy to see that Shaun had another book coming out, and out of respect for his anti Kindle views, of course I m going to buy a physical book when it comes out to match my copy of Diary of a Bookseller I even had the pleasure of telling my favorite book store owner here that there was another book coming out she has a copy on her bedside table of the first I adored this, and laughed many, many times Granny especially cracked me up, but Nicky s antics were fun too Shaun himself is the slightly cynical and well read bookseller we all might know, but he s also social far than I would be surrounded by that many books and has such a large knowledge of books that I wish I knew him in person.This is a booklover s delight, and I highly recommend going out and trying the first book while you wait for this to be published Also like The Bookshop on Facebook for funny posts updates Five stars.

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    The second book by Wigtown, Scotland, book store owner, Shaun Bythell, is another amusing look at the life of a book seller He is in an unique position as Wigtown is the National Book Town of Scotland and his bookstore is the second largest second hand bookstore in Scotland There are a lot of book activities and tourists who come to town for the books The book is written in diary style For most of us book lovers, owning a bookstore is a dream job The reality Not so much It s a tough field now with s control of the market and the author makes his displeasure of their practices known In some ways, I love the ease of finding books with but in others I miss the joy of exploring second hand bookstores and discovering a book I have been searching for awhile I remember finding an old Rex Stout Nero Wolfe and almost skipping home Now I just click a button on the computer It s not the same thrill It s a frustrating job and I was surprised at the number of people that tried to bargain with him on prices Of course he did mention Americans rarely do that so it may be a cultural thing I also cannot imagine entering a bookstore and not buying anything I visited No Alibis bookstore in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and staggered out with 9 books which I mailed home That s right On vacation I visit bookstores I have an illness Anyway, it s a cute book although it does get dull in spots I mean no one s life is that interesting 365 days a year but his life is pretty darn close I mean visiting places and looking through their book collections to buy, working in an actual store and reading actual books seems ideal to me Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.

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    I was intrigued by the concept of getting a behind the scenes look into a bookseller s life the backstory to owning a bookstore, encountering the myriad of customers a bookseller would come across, and of course the confessions of a bookseller, which sounded interesting and fun But, sadly it was literally a day by day account of 365 days in the life of a bookseller the customers who visited the shop, books they asked for, what they bought, down to the number of customers who visited, sales per day, number of online orders and the number of orders found oh no When we re at the point where I m reading that The rain began at 10 a.m or The bathroom was occupied until 10 a.m or my mother dropped round at about 4 p.m and talked without interruption for half an hour I rest my case But I was wondering if the book would continue in this vein, so I read on, then began scanning the pages to see if this would continue and it did for the full year from January 1 all the way through December 31 And, what was all that bashing about One of the author s channels for orders is through , a very viable part of his business There were a few interesting customers and insights into the history behind some books, but apart from that I was not wowed by the book nor the writing style the book could have been so much better, sadly Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this book It s unfortunate I cannot offer a positive perspective.

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    An absolutely adorable story with fun characters Perfect for a leisurely summer day I am a huge fan of books about books and this novel was just what the doctor ordered.

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    Diary like entries reveal the operation of The Book Shop in the bookish Wigtown Scotland Quirky characters abound My favorite was Granny, the young Italian intern with her accent and huge appetite Charming and interesting for any bibliophile.Copy provided by the Publisher and NetGalley

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    As an avid book reader, secondhand bookshops hold a certain wonder for me It s nearly impossible for me to walk past one, or a person selling secondhand books on the street, without stopping to peruse even when I have no money to spare That probably makes me a bit of a nightmare customer but what can I do.Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell was an enchanting read It details the daily routine of running a secondhand bookshop Although it became repetitive after a while there was just something that kept me reading Shaun runs the bookshop with an assortment of wild assistants, from the Jehovah s Witness who brings him food from the clearance rack to the snotty girl who d rather be anywhere else but The Bookshop The book has its incredibly funny and ridiculous moments I love books about books and this one was no exception Although it does get a little tired after a while, when I finished the book I felt like I was saying goodbye I d recommend this book to anyone who is absolutely fascinated by secondhand book shops and books in general I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review

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    Really loved every minute of it It s a cozy, delightful read and I savored it from start to finish 5 5 stars for a job well done.

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download Confessions of a Bookseller , read online Confessions of a Bookseller , kindle ebook Confessions of a Bookseller , Confessions of a Bookseller e4a45f27c5a0 Do You Have A List Of Your Books, Or Do I Just Have To Stare At Them Shaun Bythell Is The Owner Of The Bookshop In Wigtown, Scotland With Than A Mile Of Shelving, Real Log Fires In The Shop And The Sea Lapping Nearby, The Shop Should Be An Idyll For Bookworms Unfortunately, Shaun Also Has To Contend With Bizarre Requests From People Who Don T Understand What A Shop Is, Home Invasions During The Wigtown Book Festival And Granny, His Neurotic Italian Assistant Who Likes Digging For River Mud To Make Poultices The Diary Of A Bookseller Soon To Be A Major TV Series Introduced Us To The Joys And Frustrations Of Life Lived In Books Sardonic And Sympathetic In Equal Measure, Confessions Of A Bookseller Will Reunite Readers With The Characters They Ve Come To Know And Love