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txt Crave , text ebook Crave , adobe reader Crave , chapter 2 Crave , Crave 9cdb77 Immortal Impassioned Impossibly Sexy These Vampires Are Masters Of Seduction, Delightfully Dark Creatures With Insatiable Appetites Who Are Hungry For Than Just Hot Blood Let Them Lure You With Their Magnetic Gaze, Their Fascinating Charm, Their Intoxicating Bite, Into A Dark, Delicious World That Has Everything You CRAVE Sink Your Teeth Into This Quintessential Boxed Set Collection Of Eight Vampire Romance Novels Filled With Exquisite Obsession And Dark Desire From Some Of Your Favorite USA Today And New York Times Bestselling AuthorsIf You Enjoyed THIRST And HUNGER, This Boxed Set Will Be Everything You CRAVE Beholden By Marian Tee Year Old Zari, Pet To Alexandru, A Powerful, Gorgeous Vampire, Is Torn Everyone Tells Her She Has To Be A Perfect Pet, But Why Bother When Her Master Seems Bent On Replacing Her Her Vampire Mate By Tabitha Conall Werewolf Jennalynn Discovers The Perfect Way To Ruin A Jobfind Out Her Competition Is Her Mate And Worse, A Vampire Thrown Together, They Team Up, Not Knowing That Hidden Danger LurksHer Bark His Bite By AE Grace Lillian Doesn T Believe In Monsters But Vampires Exist One Of Them Turned A Child She Vows To Hunt Him Down Allied With A Gorgeous Vampire, She Never Expects To Start Falling In Love With HimDevil S Descent II Impure By Claudia D Christian Lily Walker Is Contemplating Murder Pureblood Vampire Julian Douglas Is Contemplating The Same Both Will Realize Love And Hate Aren T So Simple When Obsession Itself Can T Be Killed So EasilyThe Blood Of Angels By Selena Kitt Everything You Ve Ever Heard About Fairies, Angels And Vampires Is Wrong Zeph Knows What He Is, But Sam Doesn T Have A Clue She S About To Find Out The Brightest Lights Cast The Darkest ShadowsBlood Struck By Michelle Fox In A World Where Vampires Are Real, Blood Is A Financial Asset And Sex Mixed With Blood Commands The Highest Price As For Loveit Can Kill YouThrall By Abigail Graham Christine Is A Vampiric Thrall Without A Master By Night She Hunts, By Day She Hides, And With Every Setting Of The Sun Hope Slips Further Away Until A Mysterious Stranger Claims Her As His OwnKnight Fall By Alexis Dare Sometimes Things That Go Bump In The Night Aren T Supernatural Vampire Detectives Knight Fall Are Chasing A Killer As They Discover Clues, They Find That Sometimes Love And Murder Go Hand In Hand

About the Author: Michelle Fox

A USA Today NY Times bestselling author, Michelle Fox lives in the Midwest with her husband, kids, the occasional exchange student and two, sweetly disobedient dogs She loves fantasy and romance, which makes writing paranormal romance a natural fit In her spare time, she s been known to shake her bon bon at Zumba, make spectacular cheesecakes, hoard vintage costume jewelry and eat way too

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    BEHOLDEN THE MASTER AND HIS SOUL SEER PET BY MARIAN TEE Alexandru that boy is possessive, the eff I won t freak out You are asking me if I will ever give you the chance to choose someone over me He can be caring, the pain on her face made his heart clench Never had he wanted to see her hurt like this, and it felt a thousand times worse, knowing that he was the cause of her pain Her own master, someone who was supposed to be taking care of her Although he cared to me I felt like Alexandru was holding back while his girl was giving it her all, to me that makes for a disaster HER VAMPIRE MATE BY TABITHA CONALL Good Grief this one had me laughing at parts that probably wasn t funny especially the scene where Antonio gives his girl permission to touch him, then her gaze drifted lower, taking in his bare shoulders and arms and lingering on the hand that lay against his blanket covered thigh She swallowed hard You re allowed to touch, he said softly Join me Sometimes these two need a little snack to get them through a tough time, he kissed her gently It s been two days since we made love We can start with this forty five minutes to take the edge off HER BARK HIS BITE BY A.E GRACE This one I LOVED, especially Isaac, Lillian, he breathed, and his voice rumbled in her bones Never look at a man like that unless you want him inside you all night long Obviously the boy needs a lesson in some things I mean he can t have his girl show him up on some things, again he cried, but was already leaning to kiss her Damn, woman You re insatiable Her hand went to his hardening manhood, and she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed I really loved this story KNIGHT FALL BY ALEXIS DARE Who knew a vampire s bite can be so erotic, Val licked the thin stream of blood that leaked from two tiny holes in his neck He shuddered on top of her If you do that again I m not going to be responsible for my actions I thought this story was an okay one I enjoyed the romance and the naughtiness but I felt like something was missing DEVIL S DESCENT 2 BY CLAUDIA D CHRISTIAN This one hit all my emotions especially that a kicking one where I thought Julian needed a swift kick in the balls he was all hot and cold and honestly I didn t like his games, I thought Lily was to sweet and innocent for that THE BLOOD OF ANGELS BY SELENA KITT Sometimes in anthologies I just don t click with some of this stories and well this was one of them sadly Sam I loved her as a character, I m meant to be here, I tell him when we part, I m so cold now I m numb, but that s just on the outside On the inside, I m burning with fever I m meant to be with you I m yours, Zeph, and you re mine To me this didn t really have enough romance in it BLOOD STUCK BY MICHELLE FOX A delirious Myra makes for an all out honest Myra, and you re hot, I added, deciding it needed to be said His chest was especially magnificent I want to say as much, but any further opportunity for discussion was lost as a deep blackness claimed me Kristos that boy is so damn suave, good, he said sounding satisfied I like you with fewer clothes I thought there was a lot of humor in this story and I really enjoyed it THRALL BY ABIGAIL GRAHAM This one wasn t really my cup of tea although I did love Mike, Chris, baby, it s me Look at me Look at me I look him in the eye Can I keep you he whispers I m not really sure why I didn t particularly like this story, but it just didn t sit well with me.

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    I received a copy of this anthology for an honest review I ve decided to review as I go along, so that I can be as honest as possible, and not forget the details for each story.Beholden by Marian TeeI really liked this story, though it seemed like I was missing pieces that would have made a better experience There is a prequel that I didn t know about before I read Beholden, and I probably would have read it beforehand if I d known about it In this story, Master Alexandru has a human, or mostly human, pet named Zari Pets are used for blood, among other things Zari is special because she is a Soul Seer, which isn t exactly explained, but she gets visions, sometimes of things that are happening in the present and others in the future They keep this talent hidden, as that demons would want to steal her and probably kill her if they found out Also, other powerful vampires would want her for their pet, even than some already do Her Vampire Mate by Tabitha ConnallThis was another great story by Tabitha Conall Maybe the most star crossed of lovers in the Colliding Worlds series at least so far , Jennalynn and Antonio have some giant hurdles to cross This story is filled with just as much action and romance as any of the other CW stories, making this a great read Again, I d recommend this, and all the Colliding Worlds stories, to any fan of shifter romances or romance fans looking for something new and exciting Her Bark His Bite Rise of the New Shifters by A.E GraceThere were very interesting concepts in this story Lillian is a 163 year old wolf shifter that works as a private investigator, consulting all over the world Her current case is about a dead body in Hong Kong that had three sets of punctures on the carotid artery, brachial artery and femoral artery, causing the victim to bleed out Lillian finds the culprit, who is a young boy that has been fed on and turned by a vampire The poor boy had accidentally killed the man because the person that turned him gave him no training Lillian decides to find that person, referred to as the child feeder Isaac is a 226 year old vampire that is being punished by the Cabal, the governing organization for vampires worldwide His crime is explained later in the book, but his punishment is to do grunt work for the Cabal, including looking for this child feeder also He finds out through his contact with the Cabal that Lillian is also working the case, and they decide to work together The interesting concepts are that vampires can be turned young but still continue to develop as a normal human child would, and even continue to age as they grow older, just at a much slower rate shifters are born, not made by a bite, but a man in Borneo has figured out a way to unlock the shift in normal humans, creating a new breed of shifters that have no real idea what they re getting into there s a woman, named Circe Cole, that starts a magazine called Monster Magazine, in which she reveals the existence of shifters to the world, and later with Lillian s help, vampires All of these concepts together create a conflict that keeps coming, from every direction possible it seems It makes for a great story, though there are some terms and phrases that show the author is not American They are easily worked out for the most part, nothing that is too confusing.Knight Fall by Alexis DareThis is my favorite so far It happens 250 years in the future, after World War III has happened Val is a 250 year old vampire that works as a police detective in New Atlanta She gets a new partner, who she is pretty surprised to find out is also a vampire, named Devon The case they are given is a serial killer that is after prostitutes, prostitution being legal in this world I won t describe what the killer does to these women, as that it s much disturbing than what happens to the victim in Her Bark His Bite even As Val and Devon work on this case together, their attraction flares and burns brighter He has a live in human, from whom he gets blood and , but Val drinks synthetic blood, because of the way the man that turned her into a vampire forced her to feed when she was first turned All of this works out to be a great crime drama with the added excitement of the detectives being vampires, which most of the world still has no idea exist The only humans in the story that know about vampires are Devon s live in and the coroner for the police department Keeping their extra abilities and their bloodthirst under control to hide what they are makes it all the better.Devil s Descent II impulse A Miserable Love Story by Claudia D ChristianThis story was written well I didn t understand it at all though I m not a fan of overly angsty books or stories, and this one fell far within that category The author mentions that though this is the second part of the series, most readers say they d have rather read it first Maybe because I haven t read or plan to read that first part, I m missing a big portion of what was going on I just felt lost throughout the story.The Blood of Angels by Selena KittAt first I was a little confused by how a voyeuristic fairy was connected to a vampire anthology I figured it out pretty quickly though Sam was a little confusing, mostly because she was trying so hard to understand human emotions and interactions, even though it was pretty obvious she d been around for a while Once I started understanding her better, I fell in love with this story It was heartwarming and beautiful And even though I m so not ready for any Christmas stories, I didn t mind the holiday element in this story It actually made me look forward to Christmas a little This was an amazing story that was unique and cheerful and delightful Blood Struck by Michelle FoxThis story left me with a conundrum Now I m not sure which has been my favorite, because this was absolutely amazing It was action packed, with bullets and arrows flying from the very beginning The characters were all interesting and likable or despicable, depending on the character , the plot well thought out and executed, and a full story from beginning to end I d recommend this story, even if you decide to buy it separately from this anthology, if you like steamy vampire romances Well worth the money Though since I m having trouble deciding which story in this anthology is my favorite, I d say you should just go ahead and get this Thrall by Abigail GrahamThis story was a little hard to get into, and pretty dark Once Christine was kidnapped, the story started picking up The concept of how and why she was made a vampire aren t all that new, but that s about the only thing that wasn t I would have enjoyed it a lot if the editing was better though But the issues were not bad enough to stop reading, though I did cringe a couple times.Over all, I d give the whole book 4 stars, though that s only because two stories of the seven I ve read were below par Thrall I would give three and a half on its own and Devil s Descent UK only two stars The rest were five star stories I do still have to read Her Vampire Mate by Tabitha Conall, but I need to read the first three in that series first I d say I should have Her Vampire Mate done in four or five days at most, migraine and weather permitting Though Selena Kitt s story was pretty light, most of the others had dark undertones at least, so I d say if you like darkly written vampire romances, this book is for you As long as you don t mind your ereader producing a little steam that is.

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    Indulge your darkest desires with eight captivating tales of sexy vampires in this collection of paranormal romances.These fast paced and smooth flowing plots captivate readers with suspense, excitement and passion The authors bring the stories to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the fascinating worlds ensure that the readers want to know everything while the bewitching characters hold the readers spellbound and the well orchestrated suspense and excitement draws the reader into the story.Romance, red hot passion and hot and steamy sexy scenes keep the reader caught up in the stories as each couple find their significant others and fight to find a way to keep them, or find a masters of seduction to quench darkest desires in the most seductive and sensual of ways.Spine tingling anticipation builds in each story whether its waiting for a dark kiss, dangerous desires, fighting for the love of a lifetime or staying one step ahead of dangerous enemies ensuring that there is never a dull moment and I found these scorching hot romances to be quite enjoyable and they inspired quite a few of my very own darkest fantasies and I haven t even gotten to read them all yet of course that won t be the case much longer.

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    I m still reading this However I have read Beholden by Marian Tee and Thrall by Abigail Graham I ve also read Michelle Fox s Bloodstruck some time ago Beholden 4 starsI love the relationship that Zari had with her Master Alexndru This story compelled me to buy the novella when Zari first met Alexandru I can t wait to read it Marian Tee is someone I will look forward to reading I have disagree with the use of cute though Blood Struck 4 starsI read this awhile ago It was actually one of the first books I ever read by Michelle Fox I LOVED it A blood courtesan as a job If only there was a occupation like that The hero in this book was HAWT and I was drooling Thrall 2 1 2 starsIt took some time for me to read through this one I felt like I was just reading the story, there wasn t any feelings I came across What Christine went through was ghastly but I just didn t really have a sense of dread when she went through what she did The love she felt for Mike was missing something I couldn t put my finger on it.

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    I received an ARC of this awesome boxed set collection, from The Crave boxed set authors, in exchange for an honest review FYI box sets are an easy way to get hooked up with a new to you author and or series I have added several new authors series to my TBR list after reading the set WOW these are some really awesome reads Crave is a quintessential boxed set collection of eight stories of vampires They are all fierce, passionate, and sexy Also, well written I was hooked from the first story and read the whole collection in one day A must have Highly recommend to everyone who loves paranormal romances I would give it 8 stars if I could 01 Beholden The Master and His Soul Seer Pet by Marian Tee I give it 5 stars Terrific read I really enjoyed this story Also, liked the way the chapters start with negotiation between Alexandru and Zari of what can be expected on both sides It s interesting to watch who has and who gets the upper hand in their relationship Zari is no ordinary human pet, she s a soul seer And soul seer s like her, being able to see the past and future, were very rare nowadays There is trouble brewing and the visions Zari get make a big difference to the outcome She has been at La Scala Legaturia ever since the boating accident in which her parents disappeared La Scala Legaturia is basically a finishing school for Vampire Pets It s designed to teach students aka pets, how to please their Masters Her Master, powerful and gorgeous, Alexandru, is a celebrity of sorts among other vampires and pets alike Zari is not liked by anyone at school because she was chosen as his pet She wants to be a good pet and make him proud but the other pets are jealous and make her life hell There is a connection between them Alexandru is uncertain of why Zari calls to him He s not used to these feelings and is curious as to why they exist Turns out she s his heart keeper The story ends with many questions unanswered Can they make it work What is a heart keeper Who is Katarina Guess I need to read the other books in this series to find out Highly recommend.02 Her Vampire Mate The Colliding Worlds Series by Tabitha Conall I give it 5 stars Great read This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone Different factions are looking for the same World Walker to gain influence when the other realm collides with earth prime The Werewolves and Vampires are the largest groups The werewolf Alpha sends, his sister fourth, Jennalynn While the vampire High Council sends, expendable assassin, Antonio He doesn t know that this job is suppose to end in his death When they meet, Jennalynn realizes her competition, Antonio, is her mate but he s not sure she s his soul mate Thrown together, they team up to find the World Walker, not knowing that hidden danger lurks Will he see her as his mate Who will get the world walker Read to find out I highly recommend.03 Her Bark His Bite Rise of The New Shifters by A.E Grace I give it 5 stars.What a great read It s part of a series but can be read as a stand alone I was hooked from begining to end Love that each chapter is started with an excerpt from Circe A year before, the world found out that shape shifters live among them, thanks to magazine reporter Circe Cole P.I Lilian, a wolf shifter, calls on Circe for help with an investigation she is working on She was called to help solve a strange murder and the killer was a child, recently turned vampire She wants Monster Magazine to ask its readers for any vampire sightings, although humans don t know they are real The Vampire Cabal finds out about the crime from the article and sends Isaac, an outcast vampire, to bring the criminal for justice He s told that finding the vampire who fed on and turned the child will get him an early pardon and back into the good graces of the Cabal Lillian and Isaac soon team up to use all resources for their common goal Allied, they never expected to start falling in love Along the way they find out dangerous secrets which no one in power knew Highly recommend 04 Knight Fall by Alexis Dare I give it 5 stars.Excellent read Hooked me from the beginning Love the whole concept of this futuristic world Two hundred fifty years in the future, in a world devastated by World War 3, Vampire Detectives Knight Fall are chasing a killer Detective Val Knight works the night shift at cop central She is a vampire who refuses to feed from humans and survives on synthetic blood The only drawback to the alternative blood source is the loss of power level Real human blood gives a power boost to vampires Just as she picks up a nasty murder case involving prostitutes her boss assigns her a new partner, from New L.A., Detective Devon Fall Devon has transferred because he doesn t want anyone to notice that he has not aged He is also a vampire, but he feed from humans No one in the department know they are Vampires except the coroner Both find an instant attraction to one another And Devon can t believe how much Val looks like his dead wife from when he was human Highly recommend to anyone who loves futuristic vampire stories.05 Devil s Descent II Impure A Miserable Love Series by Claudia D Christian I give it 2 stars OK read I just couldn t get into the story Resurrector Lily Walker and Pureblood vampire Julian Douglasis are contemplating murder Each other Both will have to realize that love and hate aren t so simple when obsession itself can t be killed so easily It s part of a series and may be better if read in order Recommend to those who read series from the beginning.06 The Blood of Angels by Selena Kitt I give it 5 stars.Terrific read I really enjoyed this story Very different I was hooked from start to finish Everything you ve ever heard about fairies, angels and vampires is wrong Zeph knows what he is, but Sam doesn t have a clue She s about to find out the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows Sam is a very curious fairy Flying around giving fate a helping hand and watching with fascination the things humans do Zeph is the first grown up to be able to see Sam He is helping the same woman that Sam is pointing in the right direction Meeting him has upended her whole world Every year on Christmas Eve, Fairies are allowed to ask one thing of The Maker for themselves This year, to be with Zeph, she ll ask to be a human girl for the day This is their love story Highly recommend.07 Blood Struck by Michelle Fox I give it 5 stars.Excellent read Hooked me from the start This is an excellent story It has romance, humor and danger In a world where vampires are real, blood is financial asset and sex mixed with blood commands the highest price Myra s mother has cancer and to pay the medical bills she becomes a blood courtesan to vampires Her first client is Kristos and her first night with him does not go well Bullets start to fly At first Kristos believes the attack is meant for him That his enemies were hoping to destroy him But it becomes clear that Myra is the real target A past she never knew existed has come to claim her and she ll be lucky if she only ends up dead Turns out she s half vampire and her father is an Old One, one of the first vampires that ever walked They call him The Maker because even though dead he s still able to make life Blood is money and Myra s may be worth the most of all because she s his child Highly recommend.08 Thrall by Abigail Graham I give it 5 stars Really great read A well written story with a new take on Vampires and what they are Hooked from the beginning It all starts when Christine and her best friend go to Las Vegas the week before her wedding Alone in a bar, while her friends at a show, a man Nosferatu the undead, comes up to her and tell her to run Things only get interesting from there Christine becomes a vampiric thrall without a master By night she hunts and by day she hides With every setting of the sun hope slips further away until a mysterious stranger, a Lamia serpent fiend, claims her as his own The ending is a big surprise with several twists Highly recommend.Other books boxed sets I recommend Reviled Ensnared The Prequel to Beholden Her Kilted Wolf Her Forbidden Alpha Her Scottish Alpha At Full Sprint A BBW Shifter Romance Witchy Wolf Thirst Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set Highland Shifters Paranormal Romance Boxed Set Fated Mates The Alpha Shifter Boxed Set

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    A Wonder Set of BooksGood to Great Stories but NO Bad 7 becomes 9 due to a couple shorts Well this is a group of 7 books so I will review it that way, and keep coming back to do as I read them OVER 18 1 Of Ghosts And Dreams by Charity Parkerson Raven, three years ago she started having dreams erotica dreams Now she thinks she is going insane But is she or is something else going on She sleeps by her husband who doesn t seem to even know of the dreams Short but good 2.The Lost Sheep Of Menotomy Village by Eric Keys When Abe heard of the Menotomy Village he knew a old friend, a pastor, Paul would call for help He said he would have to ask his boss if he could help, who told him he would do what he wanted no matter what he said, why ask There is also another old friend Alicia that Abe talks to in his dreams of memories in his pass She talks to him, advises him, sometimes even warns him But why does she, can he help Paul, can he survive this 3.One Hell of a First Date by Corey Harper Lucy Cole had always dreamed of finding a man to dominate her, letting her be submission But her man would have to have the power to stay dominate or he wouldn t be her man Then one day at Starbucks, she saw a man Zack Bonham He was different aggressive but calm, you could feel the power But she felt safe Then the night would come of a first date Everything seemed to be trying to keep her from that date, her world would change from the things she found that Halloween night 4.The Haunting of Hamstead Manor by Thianna D Ryan inherited Hamstead Manor, a 17 th Century house, that every generation is given to one On the grounds that they spend 2 mos in it to get full and clear title to it and bills paid for the rest of his life But it was haunted In if he didn t make it the full 2 mos it would be held for the next generation No one knew why no one stayed in two hundred years What could drive that many away for that many years Would Ryan, no matter how bad he needs it, be able to make it Why does Kallisper Hamstead haunt the house How could he have died to make him not want anyone else to live in the house 5 Z by The Black Janie a young woman raising her son alone At a time when something has caused people to turn into zombies She is doing the housework, listening to the news Thinking of the past year All that has happened since the separation The zombies over running the city Now this one is short so not a lot of hinting questions because it would give you the story But maybe that is my fault, never really got zombies 6 A Pecking Order by Darling Adams Sasha worked at Tucson Center for Developmentally Disabled till midnight As she leaves she looks around to see if there is anything she should try to avoid, on her 5 block walk home She see a man that doesn t look menacing, but she is watchful She has her keys held as she was taught and imagined a giant ball of light surrounding her And he stopped Why would a man stop because a woman imagined something What could he be doing Will he try to hurt her Will he just walk pass Is she scared for nothing or should she run and yell 7 In Heat by Suzy Ayers A woman enters a seedy bar, she expects to find someone who s not there Alexis wonders where he is She thinks of some past memories while sitting at a table, waiting She knew when he arrived ,going to the bar to sit later she heard, What are you doing here , Alexis How did he get behind her How does he know her name No one she doesn t tell does What did he want She leaves not getting far before she is stopped More people are involved, why She is caught What do they want Who is the boss She doesn t realize things are changing Cole will have to help her Will she be strong enough to do what she has dreamed of doing for a long time If she can, what will happen to her This story makes you want it to go on You want to know of Cole and Alexis Heck, you will even want to know of the back story the boss,Cole , Alexis how and why their lives cross, to what end 8 Hal by C.E Black A lone woman living in a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains on Halloween night just wishing for trick or treaters Even though she knows she never does, it is to remote So again she sits eating the candy, watching same old tv shows But she hears a lite tap on the door, jumping up , grabbing the candy bowl she rushes to the door,BUT no one is there Scolding herself that of course no one is there, it is below freezing and no one wants to be out As she closes the door she sees something on the ground in the shadow She could finally as she got closer see it was a human, unconscious Who could it be What did they want Why were they there What should she do She knows they have to have heat,NOW Can she get this 6ft all muscle must way a ton, how to get him up the stairs and inside the cabin, alone Had Halloween night had brought her a treat or a trick What would she do 9 True to Her Nature by Will LaForge You start out with two guys walking down the street One Jimmy , playing with his phone, and friend Clark yelling to watch out cause Jimmy steps into oncoming traffic Why was he not looking What happens Then a rescue, and they decide to go to a bar to look for women for the night At the bar later, two women come in, Clark and Jimmy like their looks and are sure these are the women they want Are they What will happen in this bar that will lead to the rest of the book As I started the Third chapter I wondered, It started with a bounty hunter going in a rib shack for BBQ, he tell part of his story while waiting for his food to go, also part of others their When he gets home eats and goes to sleep, only to be awaken, by a vampire out of his sleep Again Why But here come part of the answer to some earlier questions but not all Then he breaks his rule and lets a vampire enter his house She explains why she is there, what has happened and she needs a safe place to sleep the day out, because of their pass he allows her to take the bedroom and he takes the couch Is he smart to do this Will she keep her word What come next as someone else is at his door, again waking him up It is 10 at night He thinks Have I slept though the whole day and why is my head pounding He knows he is alone in his house, thinking the last caller was a dream, goes to the door Leila ask Brick when he answers, Why are you coming to the door naked Come in while I find my pants and No I don t have a hoochie here , Brick say noticing he is naked Going to the bedroom finding a note, telling Leila doors open talk, while he reads the note. What is in what she ask and the note that makes him tell her Get out let me shower, be ready ti 30 minutes Who does she need help hunting Why is he in a hurry Man this story makes you want a book out of it as I left a message to the author to tell them that I want to know before and after What let to the beginning Where are they going Just connecting all the stories could be a blast And bring them to a close could be a wonderful book, I hope to one day see.

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    Beholden by Marian TeeI enjoyed the book, however, since I hadn t read the prequel I felt that I was kinda dropped into the middle But, as I said, I did enjoy reading about Zari and her vampire master Alexandru Alexandru is an old vampire and seems to be hesitant to fully claim Zari as his pet, and because of this Zari is unsure of his commitment to their bond After Zari comes close to being killed, Alexandru finally signs their contract After having one of her soul seer visions, Zari knows that Axexandru loves someone else, but because she loves him she signs the contract.Her Vampire Mate by Tabitha ConallWonderful book I loved it.Jennalynn is sent by her brother, the alpha of her pack, to find a world walker Antonio is a vampire and he is sent by the vampire council to find the same person When they meet, Jennalyn realizes instantly that Antonio is her mate Antonio finds Jennalyn very attractive but thinks at first it is just a normal male reaction to an intriguing female They soon find themselves working together to find the same walker When the vampire council sends a hit squad to kill Antonio, they have to fight to save each other How do two people from different races find a way to live and love together, I won t tell.Her Bark His Bite by A.E GraceGreat book.Lillian and Isaac are both tracking a vampire that has turned a child They meet in Hong Kong where the young boy turned vampire lives After sharing what little information Lillian can get from the child, Lillian and Isaac travel to Chicago Lillian goes to her father, a powerful crime boss for news that may lead to the vampire They are soon fighting against an upper level vampire who has gained the ability to shift This book has lots of exciting action as well as steamy sex Definitely a must read.Knight Fall by Alexis DareHot sexy thriller Val Knight is a police detective in New Atlanta After leaving a crime scene, she returns to police headquarters and is called into her captains office When she walks into his office she is introduced to Devon Fall, and she does, she falls for her new partner Val and Devon are investigating the brutal murders of prostitutes When Val is kidnapped by a troll she arrested and sent to prison Devon tracks her and takes her to his home After he helps her to heal the injuries caused by her kidnapper, things get hot, hot, hot This is a fantastic crime thriller with steamy sex Devil s Descent II impure by Claudia D ChristianO.K I liked this book Lily is a Resurrector I haven t read the first book sonot exactly sure what that is Julian is a vampire with a past When they meet Julian is Ian, and he is Lily s teacher They become friends and Lily falls in love with Ian When Julian regains control of his body and mind he makes Lily s life miserable He became Ian after being punished for a past that involves another resurrector I see a definite love hate thing here, but need a little background information, I guess I need to read the first book Definitely a dark romance.The Blood of Angels by Selena KittSam is a fairy, her job is to give humans a little nudge in the right direction from time to time, allowing a particular humans fate to be set While on an assignment she meets Zeph, who is not only a vampire, but also psychic He is helping one of Sam s assignments find her mother Sam wants to be with Zeph and asks the Maker to send herto earth as a human woman Sam awakens in Zeph s home and they spend the next 24 hours learning about each other and loving.This is a fantastic story, and obviously there ismuch to it than I have written Just a hint, Christmas wishes can sometimes come true You ll have to read this story to find out what happens with Sam and Zeph.Vampire Romance Blood Struck by Michelle FoxSo Good Myra has no idea what she is getting into when she interviews for a job as a vampire courtesan She is desperate for money to help pay for her sick mothers medical treatments When she has her first date with Kristos, she falls flat on her face Toward the end of dinner they are attacked, bullets and arrows are flying They make their escape and go to Kristos home and are attacked again Soon Kristos and Myra know that it isn t enemies of his behind the attacks but someone is after Myra This is an exciting action packed, both in and out of the bedroom, book that must be read and enjoyed.Thrall by Abigail GrahamRiviting Christine is getting married to Michael Her best friend takes her to Las Vegas for a couple of days to party before the wedding Chris refuses to go to the all male review that Andi has tickets to and decides to sit in the bar and wait for her friends She is approached by an exceptionally creepy man named Vincent He tells her to run, if she can make it out of Vegas with the head start he is giving her, she will live She doesn t make it Eventually Michael finds her and returns her to her childhood home He helps her get rid of most of Vincent s evil, but there is enough left for him to find her When Vicent arrives to reclaim her, Michael and Christine defeat him, but Vincent has a last dire warning.You absolutely have to read this book to get the entire story Impossible to put down, nail biting action and hot sweaty sex.

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    I received a copy of this as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewOverall I can say this Anthology is definitely well worth the cost Unlike many anthologies, I liked all of the stories very much with the exception of maybe one, but it still had a readable plot I ve definitely found some new authors to read Beholden Marian TeeThis is an introductory story about a vampire master and his new pet It follows Zari while she attends a school on how to be a good pet as she adjusts to her relationship with Alexandru This story wasn t bad but it was similar to a lot of her stories where the female characters tend to be shy and hero worship the male character, whether he deserves it or not I found I didn t really like the male character that much as he tended to flick her face like some prepubescent boy rather than some feared legendary vampire The plot itself wasn t that bad, I just didn t care much for the two lead characters personalities 2.5 stars Her Vampire Mate Tabitha ConnallThis story is about a werewolf on a mission from her pack who runs into a vampire on the same mission, who turns out to be her mate in a world where vampires and werewolves don t get along This story was really fast paced and a good introduction to a world the author has in place from other books She does a good job in introducing the world without spending much time on it I liked that the female character Jennalynn is a strong solder, at the top of her brother s pack, and didn t chase after her mate The male character, Antonio, can t deny his attraction to her, even though he doesn t know whether or not she s his soul mate Regardless of this, he s determined to win her over and help until he can figure it out I found him sweet and thankfully not overbearing 5 stars Her Bark His Bite A.E GraceThis story begins in a world where the news of shifters was just announced the year before and news of vampires is about to be announced Lillian is a shape shifter detective that leaks the news of vampires to help solve a case While working on it, she encounters Isaac, a vampire also trying to solve the case but for another reason They agree to work on the case together as well as pursue the attraction between them I liked both of the main characters here They are both at a point in their lives where they ve basically shut off anyone from being very close to them until they meet each other I liked the whole concept behind this new look into the paranormal world It was a quick read and plenty of room in the overall plot for books to come The only thing I found annoying was that there was a constant reminder in Lillian s POV about how long it had been since she d had any kind of relationship 4.5 stars Knight Fall Alexis DareThis story is about two vampire detectives that find themselves as partners This story was ok The plot itself was promising However, I found that parts of it were gaped in the middle of the story with no explainable reason Some things the author repeatedly pointed out in the beginning were never explained in the end 2.5 stars Devil s Descent II impure Claudia D ChristianThis was not your typical vampire romance novel Both main characters had some serious psychiatric issues and are basically at war with each other Julian, the male lead character was determined to break down and end the life of Lily, the female lead, as his obsession grows Just as she s also trying to kill him for not being the love she once had Regardless of this not being typical, I loved it I found I couldn t stop reading it I look forward to reading the first and third books in the series 5 stars The Blood of Angels Selena KittThis story follows the world of Zeph, a fate fairy who follows mankind around in order to line up fateful events in humans lives She finds herself and drawn into human actions and when she meets one that can see her, she uses her annual wish so that she can experience what it s like to be human for one day I really enjoyed this story It was very sweet experiencing everything through Zeph s eyes, especially once she became human 5 stars Blood Struck Michelle FoxThis story follows Myra as she takes a job as a vampire courtesan in order to make quick money for a good cause During her first assignment, she finds herself in one bad situation to another for reasons unknown Kristos, the vampire she is with, can t resist helping her out as they figure out why everything is happening This story really keeps moving as the relationship between Myra and Kristos keeps expanding I can t wait to read from this author 5 stars Thrall Abigail GrahamThis story was another one that wasn t a typical vampire story It is about Christine, a vampire who doesn t remember her past, has no master, and only really focuses on her next meal During one such excursion, she is taken by a stranger, locked up, and taken care of as if she were human again While I figured out much of it, I really loved this story and how it played out It was another one that I couldn t put down until I was finished 5 stars

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    You will find different versions of vampires in this boxed set Given to me for an honest review While I was not enthusiastic about one of the stories and on the fence for another until I finished that story, I do feel this set is worthy of 5 stars because overall these have good characters and excellent plots.Beholden The Master and His Soul Seer Pet Zari, the pet, goes to a school for vampires pets, Zari has the same troubles in this school as she had in a regular school Jealousy, spite, and every day meanness She s a new pet while her classmates have been human pets much longer Alexandru, her Master, enjoys her slant on things when she forgets he can read her mind and she calls him pervert among other things..Her Vampire Mate, the Colliding Worlds Series Her Vampire Mate, the Colliding Worlds Series If you are new to Colliding Worlds, then you will find a good explanation of this premise a few pages into the story World walkers can move between worlds before they collide, in other words before two become one Jennalynn s task is to find the world walker before the dragons and vampires do Her Alpha wants to know about the new world before it hits Unfortunately a vampire decided to follow Jennalynn so he can get info They become uneasy partners because Werewolves and vampires don t trust each other.Her Bark, His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters Standalone, Ms Grace plans Rise of the New Shifter books The book starts with Monster Magazine s editor knowing about shifters and wanting proof that vampires exist She hires P I Lillian van Buren to find proof The Rise of the New Shifters refers to the people who can shift and don t know what animal they will be People are running to Leon for him to help them shift for the first time Lillian is an old shifter and is concerned about everyone learning to shift She can imagine that dangerous people will learn to shift and use it for crimes When she starts looking for the proof of vampires, she finds a vampire outcast who is looking for a child who has been turned into a vampire Isaac and Lillian join forces to find the vampire who turned the child You will find quite a few twists and turns as they hunt the vampire, including how Lillian and Isaac meet.Knight Fall Detective Knight is a vampire and has a sun allergy that keeps her on night shift The medical examiner knows about vampires so he is very helpful in keeping dead bodies from shouting supernatural She is assigned a partner, Devon Fall.He has moved from New L.A This body is not the last they will find.Devil s Descent II Impure This is the second book in the series, but the author said that readers preferred this one to be read first This is a dark romance I didn t know that until I had finished this story That explains why I couldn t enjoy this one as much as they others The thought crossed my mind that the two main characters seem to have psychological problems.The Blood of Angels Sam is a fairy, who is not like the fairy tales It is not visible to humans, is not male or female Sam controls humans fate The Maker speaks and the fairies give a little push to get the human to do something or not so the human s future is changed Sam meets someone who can see it.Vampire Romance Blood Struck Myra is applying for the job of courtesan to vampires She lies on her application and to the interviewer, Madam Rouge She is temporarily hired and is sent to their trainer He will decide whether she stays hired After a wardrobe change and makeup hair is done, she goes to the restaurant to meet the trainer All does not go well She has body guards and they rush her from the car to restaurant She catches her high heel in the hem of the dress and she asks them to slow down They speed up and she almost does a face plant, but her shoulder gets the floor and the dress does not stay in place People get a view of Myra on the floor and she really is embarrassed Since standing up will show , she crawls to the table and hides under it.Thrall Christine goes into bars and picks up men who are very bad people She kills the one who puts something into her drink, when he decides to assault her while he thinks she is unconscious She doesn t know her history and doesn t know how she became what she is This is her life until a man doctors her drink and she starts to go with him When she sees a van, she decides to run, but he teasers her When she wakes up, she doesn t know where she is or why she is there.

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    This is an awesome set of books Highly recommend Beholden by Marian Tee 5 StarsVery moving storyThis is a story about a Vampire Master Alexandru and his human Pet Zari But are they real Master and Pet When she finds an unsigned contract she fears the worst that he doesn t want her She is special in the fact that she is also a seer But believing he doesn t want her and the vision she has in the end only makes her believe it so This is a very moving story Well written with high emotions running throughout it.Her Vampire Mate by Tabitha Conall 5 starsWalking away or staying together I love the Colliding world series Each book is a self contained story and yet they do intertwine with each other This story is about the Wolf shifter Jennalyn and her mission to find the world walker But what she does find was an Assassin Vampire named Antonio who just happens to also be her mate How can a vampire be her mate is her biggest question And it just so happens that he s on the same mission but for the Vampire council So who will find the world walker and which one gets to get their help Jennalyn and Antonio end up with a small truce and start to work together What happens when it s all over and they split apart If Jennalyn loses her mate she ll go mad in the end Well written and very exciting story to read.Her Bark His Bite by A.E Grace 5 StarsShifting world with new breadsWhat an absolutely wonderful new story and concept for a storyline Vampires and shapshifter but then we have the new breeds of them both This story is about one female shapshifter Lillian who is an investigatory and an outcast vampire Isaac sent to look for a vampire gone bad But not everything is clear cut or as it should be There is a war coming in the end and only time will tell what will happen Well written and extremely enjoyable to read Couldn t put down once I started to read.Knight Fall by Alexis Dare 5 StarsFuturistic Vampire TaleDetective Knight Val and Detective Fall Devon are brand new partners This happen during a brand new murder case that turns out to be a serial killer of prostitutes Both are vampires that almost no one in the department knows that fact except the coroner Both find an instant attraction to one another And Devon can t believe how much Val looks like his dead wife from when he was human Murder and Mahan and a whole lot happens in this well written and self contained story Love the whole concept of this futuristic world.Devil s Descent II impure by Claudia D Christian 4 Stars Love and Hate so close an emotion This vampire tale had my head spinning The emotional highs and lows were off the chart The world created by the author is a very unique one Two main characters that had an emotional connection that can only be a love hate relationship and yet the Love is denied throughout the book Very entertaining to read.The Blood of Angels by Selena Kitt 5 StarsFairies and Vampires, what a mixI have to say this is my favorite Selena Kitt book I ve read Fun, lite, emotional, entertaining, and A very new concept that was very well written and extremely enjoyable to read A brand new way of looking at what a fairy and vampire may be All around enjoyable story to read.Blood Struck by Michelle Fox 5 StarsFinding her path and past.This is an awesome story about a woman Myra who will do anything to help her mother beat cancer Even become a blood courtesan for money to some vampires But on her first assignment to Kristos while out to dinner the bullets start to fly Kristos thinks it enemy he has, but things are not always as they seem With blood come sex and Myra is a virgin But instead of being upset, this please Kristos very much And the bullets start to fly once again And it only get interesting from there Well written and extremely enjoyable to read.Thrall by Abigail Graham 4 StarsNew and intriguingThis book is a very new take on Vampires and what they are Well written story with lots to entertain you while reading It all starts when Christine and her best friend go to Las Vegas the week before her wedding While alone in a bar while her friends are at a show a man comes up to her and tell her to run Things only get interesting from there The ending is also a big surprise with several twists.

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