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pdf Dark Predator, ebook Dark Predator, epub Dark Predator, doc Dark Predator, e-pub Dark Predator, Dark Predator 4be4104da78 All New From The New York Times Bestselling Author As Brutal As The Undead He Hunted, Zacarias De La Cruz Was A Master Executioner Now His Stark And Savage Journey Has Ended For His Brothers, Zacarias Had Walked To The Edge Of Madness, But With Centuries As A Killing Machine Now Left To The Past And Without A Hunt To Define Him, Zacarias Wonders, For The First Time In His Life, Who He Really IsThe Answer Awaits Him Back Home, In Peru, In The Betrayal Of A Woman Who Is Readying Her Trap, In The Vengeance Of An Old Enemy, In The Inevitable Consequences Of A Bloody Family Legacy And In The Deliverance Of A Lifemate He Never Could Have Imagined

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    2 Disobedient StarsFirst read Sept 2012 Reread February 29 2016 Spoilers You will suffer as no one else has ever suffered for your disobedience Zacarias He shook his head just as resolutely, no longer shocked that she disobeyed him He was certain she had an infirmity, some rare, peculiar mental disorder from birth, that made her do the opposite of what any authority figure told her ZacariasDark Predator the 22nd book in the Dark series was just whatevs for me I didn t really care for this book most of the time and didn t really get the heroine, but the problem I had with this book was solely the hero Zacarias was a total dick Just sayin Had he really laughed That was impossible He had never laughed Not that he remembered Maybe as a young child, a mere boy, but he doubted it Where had that sound come from Was it possible this crazy, dim witted woman was his lifemate By all that was holy, it could not be He could not in any way be mated to someone incapable of following the simplest of directions Zacarias I am reading your thoughts His hand dropped to hers He lifted her clenched fist to his chest and one by one pried open her fingers You are a bad tempered little thing, aren t you And very confused One moment you feel remorse and think to offer me your services and the next you think to strike me You already serve me I have only to order and you will provide whatever I require As for striking me, it is not advisable or permitted Zacarias Zacarias was so dark, shadowed, and close to turning vampire, that when he met his lifemate Marguarita He didn t know it at first Something went wrong with their lifemate relationship and she only restored his colors and emotions when he was mind merged with her Which I m going to be honest I didn t understand, but whatevs Anyways. Zacarias was ready to kill himself with honor, not that he has much honor that I ve seen but again whatevs He was laying in the sun cooking to death when Marguarita seen him and pulled him from death because she was his lifemate and she couldn t just let him die although at the time neither understand that He of course couldn t do anything because he was weak from the sun so in her mind he threaten her the whole time she was dragging his dead weight ass into the house, gave him her blood and buried him in the healing soil of his people Now here is where I start to have my issues with Zacarias, he woke up that night and he was a total over the top dick that was tap dancing on the borderline of abusive He broke down her door grabbed her up, and bit her hard Making it painful to teach her a lesson for her disobedience You know Marguarita, the woman who had her throat ripped out and almost died by a vampire not even a few months ago Now because it isn t real life and he was so close to turning I could have over looked that if that was the only time but the problem was he continued to be a prick all through the book You will sleep during the daylight hours as I do You will not, under any circumstances, leave the hacienda without my permission You will provide for all my needs until I leave And most of all, you will obey me instantly, without question What he needed was a robot, not a woman She fought not to roll her eyes How long will you stay God help her if it was longer than another night His eyebrow shot up You have no need of that information You will be happy to serve me as long as I choose to be in residence Zacarias and Marguarita You shame me, Marguarita No She shook her head violently and stepped back to look him in the eyes again Don t do that Don t ever do that You are my choice, just the way you are I am not asking for changes I will do whatever you wish Zacarias and MarguaritaEven when he was being nice for him, he was rude, controlling, intimidating, and at times cold That was at his best at his worst he was a totally cruel bastard If he was my lifemate I would have staked his ass through the heart in his sleep Marguarita was very submissive She pretty much accepted Zacarias s rule over her life and was okay with it I could have been okay with that too as some people are truly submissive in real life, my problem was that she didn t really have a personality She was kinda like a doormat that on occasion spoke Then even with her doing everything she could to please and obey Zacarias he still though her disobedient Truly nothing pleased that man There is no such thing as loving someone too much, Zacarias Whatever happened, I know it wasn t because they loved each other too much I have told you I will obey you, but I cannot stop my heart from loving you You can t ask that of me Marguarita You will not leave me again He gave her a little shake He let her see the killer in him, that dark force that was of his soul than any other part of him Do you understand me ZacariasAnd Omg don t get me started on the shitty, and borderline abusive way he turned her Carpathian I was glad that while she was turning she told him that he broke his lifemate vows of cherishing her and putting her happiness above his own I was so wrong about you You re exactly what you told me a monster And your binding words are a lie You lied They mean nothing There is no care Certainly nothing like cherish Take your empty words and keep them I don t want them Marguarita But then she took him back like nothing ever happened I get he Learned his lesson when she rejected him for like 5 minutes and suffered turning and wouldn t let him help her but he never really made it up to her I didn t get their relationship and I didn t connect to them as a couple The whole time I was reading it I was just like whatevs I don t know what Marguarita did in her past life but damn getting Zacarias as a mate was like horrible punishment She must have made God really mad Never again will I be forced by my own lifemate to lie helpless beneath the ground while she endangers herself deliberately You have disobeyed me for the last time, Marguarita Zacarias Marguarita You cannot continue this way It is getting worse Let me in I can take away the pain Temper smoldered in her eyes I don t want your help I d rather suffer I want to never forget, never ever forget this lesson of yours He needed her to keep talking Telepathic communication went directly from her mind to his He found her thread and used a very delicate touch, weaving his thread to hers This was not meant as a lesson, Marguarita You knew I would bring you into my world This was consequence To protect both of us To protect my brothers from having to hunt me To protect your family here from a monster unlike any other I can do this myself You can say it isn t a punishment, but you meant it that way Zacarias and Marguarita

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    One of my all time favorite romances is Dark Prince by Christine Feehan Since then I ve read other novels from Christine s Carpathian series and for the most part enjoyed them although the stories and the characters seemed to be identical But then I walked away from the series when I noticed her heroes were becoming too unbalanced These male characters were far too obsessed with the heroine, and regardless of her wants, they claimed her as their own, almost forcing her to bend to their will, or in many cases not taking no for an answer And then when I read Dark Secret Carpathian 15 and the hero, from my point of view, ends up raping the heroine into accept him, that was when I had enough.Dark Predator is the 22nd book in the Carpathian series After reading the blurb, I thought why don t I reintroduce myself to this world and see how far Christine has come with her characters and the immortal vampire esc man who literally don t feel or only see in black and white until that special woman comes along to save their souls These men then hunger not only for the heroine s tender, most often times, virgin flesh, but they see rainbows, stars and green clovers, and quite possibly the little leprechaun man from the Lucky Charms cereal When a Carpathian male finds his mate, it s like he s tripping on acid.As I read Dark Predator, I grew worried and very concerned This book is alarming on so many levels and it reads like an anti romance The hero, Zacarias comes across like a psychotic villain than having the attributes of a hero When all was said in done, not only did I want to throw this book against the wall, but I wanted to torch it and write my first angry letter ever to an author, shocked that Christine would write such a thing Having a hero who attacks, throws the heroine around, threatens her with torture, rape and death just because she saves his life, including other shocking acts against her emotionally and physically is where I wonder, what in the world was the author thinking when she wrote this If you ve read a Feehan Carpathian novel before then you know the basis of the characters, mainly with the heroes The hero this time, and I use that label very loosely, is Zacarias De La Crus He s an immortal who feels nothing and has pitiless gaze, but fights against his enemy alongside his brothers, who have all found their mates and can enjoy life in blinding Technicolor But not Zacarias He s a cold blooded killer who s close to turning into a full blown vampire Zacarias already has many vampire traits and because of that he will kill himself, die with honor and let the sun fry him to a crisp before he goes insane As he s flying as some sort of bird to find a place to die, he notices a woman riding a horse Her name is Marguarita Fernandez, whose her family has served the De La Cruz forever Marguarita comes across him and drags him into her home to save him from dying She s going to wish she galloped on by, because with his beady eyed stare of hate and anger, he will punisher her During this exchange the reader are privy to Zacarias s thoughts about Marguarita s disobedience.You will regret your disobedience, he vowed, and he would promise a brutal retaliation against Marguarita for saving him.Marguarita has the ability to calm animals, especially horses, but not the animal Zacarias And she s now in for a world of hurt because Zacarias is furious at her for what she has done She s aware he could break her, but she doesn t care She just had to save him And then when the sun sets, that s where Dark Predator comes across as a serial killer horror story.Zacarias s unstable nature and the violence he acts upon Marguarita had my jaw dropping far too many times to count as I read When Zacarias awakens, he s consumed with taking Marguarita s innocence and her life s essence, basically draining her of her blood and leaving her for dead For some reason Marguarita has gone to sleep even with the deranged Zacarias in her house He storms her bedroom, and as she s huddled in a corner, he attacks her She deserves to be terrified because of her saving him, and she s the sole reason to make him turn into a vampire She s also to blame for putting herself and her family at risk and the reason for him going mad.How about an example of how Zacarias punishes Marguarita for her insolence She struggled wildly and he pinned her with one arm and caught her thick rope of hair with the other, crushing the silken strands in his fist as he jerked her head back He lowered his head toward the sweet vulnerable spot where her pulse pounded so frantically He didn t try to calm her mind or in any way control her knowledge of what was happening He wanted her to know He wanted her fear He intended to hurt her so she would never forget why she should obey Can we say WTF He doesn t rape her body, but rapes her mind And as he ravages her throat, he ll make her suffer, basically ruining her mind instead, because he s justified Why Because of who he is and his belief that she wronged him, again BY SAVING HIS LIFE AND DOING AN UNSELFISH AND KIND THING Zacarias sank his teeth deep into that soft, defenseless flesh He bit hard, without a numbing agent, puncturing her neck deliberately close to her throat She should have remembered the vampire attacking her She shouldn t have been so careless as to disobey She needed another lesson in just what a dangerous, uncaring vile creature could do Another one of many WTFs in this book Marguarita was attacked in a past book by a vampire who tore out her voice box She can no longer speak Zacarias wants her to remember her violent attack by this creature through by him as a form of punishment And as stated in the excerpt above, Zacarias has no qualms about what he s doing and finds enjoyment in hurting and being vile to Marguarita He wanted obedience from her, not stark, raw fear Well he d wanted her to be afraid to learn her lesson Fear was simply a tool to him, one he wielded easily He d been careful to go slow as he might approach a wild creature, but she ducked slightly as though she expected him to strike her The idea was ludicrous He would never hit her Can someone explain to me what the difference is between old fashioned fear to raw, stalk fear Zacarias wants Marguarita to fear him, but not totally fear him to the point she s a shaking, mumbling mess What a way to make the woman you ll end up loving tremble But not tremble in passion, but in soul and body numbing fear.And he s confused that Marguarita would duck from him because even though he s done so many horrible things to her mind and body already, he would never think to hit her Can we say Zacarias is a raging lunatic There are so many passage like this riddled throughout this book This isn t a love story or a romance in any shape or form Christine Feehan should be ashamed to have written such a thing The violence against Marguarita from Zacarias is consistent throughout the entire novel Even after info dumping galore and reasons given why Zacarias has acted the way he has against Margarita, is no valid explanation for why he has brutalized her Never once in all his existence had he ever entertained the idea of taking a woman without consent Never considered burying his body deep in a woman doing whatever he wanted with her until that moment This is where Zacarias is close to raping Marguarita not with his mind, but with his body as yet another way to punish her for her saving his life.Words escape me about this book How can an author justify her reasoning for writing a character like Zacarias and insulting the reader s intelligence this way Do readers really enjoy reading about a character like Zacarias who abuse the heroine so horribly And I wish I could sympathize with Marguarita, but she s not only a doormat, but a perfect example of what an abuse woman is.Dark Predator highlights what pure unadulterated spousal abuse would be with Zacarias and Marguarita, and I m sickened by it Also, the violence against women here is massive, including when the villains come along and beat Marguarita and her female neighbor within an inch of their lives This isn t a love story or a romance, and if anyone says it is, I ll argue you with A hero who treats the heroine worst that a dog is not a healthy story and insulting to the romance genre as a whole.I will never read another book by Christine Feehan because of how she has glorified and romanticized violence and abuse against women in the form of a romance novel called Dark Predator.

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    Dark Predator is the 22nd installment in the Carpathian series and I m just not sure how I feel about the book I can understand why some will be disappointed in it, and while I definitely enjoyed it, this wasn t exactly the story I had anticipated I ll try to explain.Zacarias was, in my opinion, perfect He was true to what I would expect from a Carpathian who is as ancient as he is He s kept himself at a distance from his brothers and from modern civilization as a whole and he really is a loner, in every sense of the word Physically, mentally, emotionally he s a man who embraces solitude Because of that I can see how he would have no idea, whatsoever, what a modern woman would be like How independent they are, how self sufficient They re no longer the shrinking violets in need of protection that they used to be and are capable of taking care of themselves Had he been around , he d know that they had to evolve in order to survive, and this is especially true of the Carpathian women For the most part, Marguarita seemed to have a foot in both worlds She was thoroughly modern and self sufficient, and yet she seemed to know exactly what Zacarias needed and why, and had no problem accommodating him She accepted him for the male he is, and while she tried to help him see things through her eyes, she didn t resort to the kinds of ridicule that some of the females in the stories have when they met their lifemates, and I respected her for that BUT, I never got the feeling that she was surprised, or honored, to be Zacarias lifemate, and that s something I really had expected.Regarding the story itself, there didn t seem to be as much action, or overall plot resolution or progression as there has been in the last couple of books, and that surprised me The first of Dark Predator seemed entirely focused on Marguarita s and Zacarias relationship Normally that would be great, but the problem is that because Marguarita pretty much did whatever Zacarias wanted, there wasn t a lot of page time devoted to the relationship building that struggle for independence and acceptance that normally occurs in this series I didn t mind that Marguarita didn t fight and argue, not at all, because she was true to her nature True to the woman she d been raised to be She was still a strong, modern woman, but she was exactly the old fashioned kind of female Zac needed for his Lifemate But with that lacking in Dark Predator, the relationship building seemed uneventful to me.And what happened to the celebration we always see when a male finds his lifemate There was nothing just nothing This is Zacarias we re talking about The one who did so much for everyone, who was so close to becoming evil, the one male everyone worried about than any other Why didn t we see his brothers celebrating life with him And how very sad that, even though he has his lifemate, he s still so alone If there s one thing I want out of the next book, it s to see Zacarias and his brothers able to be together, to rejoice To be a family again.So, as I said, I really enjoyed the story, but I have to be honest and tell you that I didn t love it, and that makes me very sad Zacarias deserved a story with depth, passion and intensity, and in my opinion, he didn t get it.

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    The Carpathian world has gotten a little complicated lately What was once a series focused almost completely on an individual romance in each book, picked up broader, ongoing arcs in later installments Mages, jaguars, and dragons joined the mix Longtime mysteries were finally solved But Christine Feehan is taking a step back from all that in Dark Predator.As the book begins, Zacharias de la Cruz is ready to end his own life He is unable to fight the darkness within him any longer But he is undeniably drawn to one of his properties first There, he sees Marguarita, the young woman made mute and nearly killed by a vampire in the last book He considers her to be a fine choice for his last vision before death Marguarita isn t having that, though She realizes what he is doing and despite his mental protests, she saves his life And that is the beginning of their journey to becoming lifemates.The romance in this book was slow in coming One third of the way through and our couple hadn t even kissed a bit unusual for a book in this series Even stranger, the word velvet didn t make an appearance until page 101 in my ebook Unheard of But just because the velvet count was low Feehan kept up with her reputation for repetitive themes Zacharias is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous And predator was the word of hour, used in some form 54 times in the course of the book But I digress.In what s become the standard for the series, Zacharias is the darkest Carpathian ever Aren t they all But he is so close to the edge, that the whole lifemate business doesn t work quite right for him In fact, it takes some time before he even realizes that Marguarita is his fated mate He is violent, cruel at times, and ridiculously overbearing giving the Daratrazanoff men a run for their money in the domineering department And Marguarita just takes it She feels guilty for ruining his chance to meet the sun, at first Later, of course, she experiences those lifemate ties But it s still alot to accept that she would essentially give up the reigns of her life to him so quickly I guess if you have a male lead who is that dominating, a relationship won t work without a female willing to be submissive.So like I said in the beginning, the story is kind of a throwback in the sense that it is all about the relationship and conflict directly surrounding our couple All the side stories of recent books are essentially ignored I kind of missed them The love story was ok, but at times Zacharias and his angst were just too much It was also really slow in the beginning, with drawn out descriptions than I cared to read On the plus side, I finally got the answer as to why a bunch of brothers from the Carpathian Mountains ended up with Hispanic names It s been bugging me since this family has been introduced I m kind of curious who will be featured in the next book There is no obvious set up that I can see.

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    I am a CF fangirl, but these past 2 books have been an utter disappointment Mercifully she didn t shove the language down our throats as she had before It was still there, but in tolerable and acceptable doses.I have been trying to find the words to explain my sheer disappointment without dropping the F bomb Because to date, this was one of the worst books she has written If I had purchased this book as an actual book, I d be using it line my cat s litter pan After initially finishing the book on the first go, I set it down, shaking my head I couldn t believe it it was awful I stepped away and re read a day later after having done my normal day thingsand the second read had me even upset than the first.Her depiction of Zacarais was so one dimensional that I just could not feel any empathy for him I expected a character so rich in flavor and experience In my mind, I had built him up as one thing, while CF made him completely the opposite I found his character to be stagnant, unable to be anything than dismissive and derisive towards Marguarita.As for Marguarita herselfshe didn t make an impression on me The only thing that made me think she was remotely even close to being his lifemate was the fact he saved her from a vampire Other than that, I felt this novel overall was a slap in the face for her fans I wish I could say that this novel was even self indulgent for Miss Feehan, but even self indulgence has some kind of creativity meter, right In my head, I ve likened this book to Madonna s American Life album I felt like it was obligatory and mocked the fans for their loyalty and dedication to her I felt this book was all id for Miss Feehan, as if what she wrote should be good enough for her fans becauseshe is Miss Feehan and we are her fans Not sure if I d say I m one right now after the last two clusterfuck novels she wrote in the Dark Series She s made this series Dark, all rightDarkly Boring and Unimaginative.I wasn t too keen on her love scenes, either It s much like everything else in her other books guy goes down on girl Girl goes down on guy Missionary Girl on top He takes her from behind They do it in nature yawn You get it rolls eyes Again, repetitive For a girl who worked on the estate, are lace panties and a bra really necessary when you re working with the animals Just one of those issues that I found so incongruous within the book.If she has a 23rd book out, I doubt be buying it I ll go look for free downloads or I ll go to the library I can think of other authors I ll drop my hard earned money on.

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    I have so many words for this book, and none of them fit for your ears So sorry, it s going to be an angry rant, not a review.Dark Prince was THE BOOK which introduced me to the genre of paranormal romance, and for years I loved this series The men were noble, the women were strong and powerful in their own right, some of them pretty awesome and kick ass, even the plot was somewhat unique Sadly, it all ended at Dark Slayer.I though Dark Peril was the most god awful book in the series, surely There was nothing in it apart from endless jungle descriptions and a parade of whorish clothing.But here comes Dark Predator with Zacarias in it The biggest jerk and misogynistic pig ever Really, no really Do we need a trip back to the 70s 80s bodice rippers Because this is how it felt.He is abusive, violent and I could find absolutely no excuse for his behavior He laughs at Marguarita s expense Sorry, wasn t funny He violates her mind and her body There was a moment in the book when I almost DNF it Marguarita s friend Julio touches her arm, and Zacarias attacks him, drinks his blood, leaves him unconscious and tells Marguarita something along the lines Do you want to be taken for a whore Come freaking on She is to wear only skirts Not go anywhere or do anything without his permission or there is punishment She behaves like a victim and makes excuses for his behavior.I truly felt sick If this is story of love, then Julia Roberts was a happy married woman in Sleeping with the Enemy.

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    Hmmm Well I now know why this book polarized its readers Dark Predator is exceedingly slow to get rolling, about 120 pages out of 332 slow the rest of the 400 pages are our old favorite healing chants not used here at all, by the way followed by the ever popular Carpathian for Dummies In Dark Predator, the long awaited lead Zacarias De La Cruz takes the uber alpha Carpathian male of the earlier books to a new level and, for me at least, this is not a positive thing His heroine, Marguarita whose loyalty to the De La Cruzes resulted in the loss of her voice a vampire tore her throat because she would not betray the Carpathian s secrets doesn t manage to bring light to his darkness And even though she saves him four times, three of those times Zacarias punishes his beautiful lunatic lovely pet name, Not for her disobediance, the third time going as far as initiating the final exchange to turn her in an exceedingly brutal way For a male who has lived his life for honor, Zacarias doesn t have much here and his treatment of Marguarita constantly violates the vows he makes to her to cherish her as his lifemate and see to her happiness There isn t much about Marguarita s relationship with Zacarias that is romantic, it is pretty much all about him and she is just a possession Zacharias terrorizes her from the start, but when she sees how he really feels though he is completely cut off from his own emotions she completely submits to his ownership and decides that she loves him, and despite the acts of rebellion that are supposed to make us think Marguarita is a strong character, up until pretty much the last handful of chapters, when in Zacarias presence she is pathetic at best.The book however does have it s moments, I enjoyed all of the battle scenes between Zacharius and the vampires Also after Marguarita s turning is complete, there is finally a bit of what the whole book should have been, too bad we couldn t have lopped off 50 or so pages from the beginning and used them at the end to allow Zacarias to properly grovel enough to finally earn the redemption he is supposed to have achieved and to bring all the De La Cruzes together for a reunion Bottom line is that I liked the last few books much than this one, and have a whole new appreciation for the past neanderthal Carpathians, they may have been bossy and arrogant but at least they treated their lifemates like the treasures that they were Oh, I just have to say I won this book on WickedScribes, which is an awesome blog.

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    I think someone should give me an award for finishing this book.Seriously Maybe it was me, but this book felt like it was never ending.It had WAY too many chapters dealing with the qualities that made Zacarias such a cold hearted predator, his past, his lack of emotions and then it switched to of the same, this time about the heroine The plot never really caught me and I wasn t particularly thrilled with miss Feehan s constant abuse use of similes either I found myself skipping parts of the book, something I never EVER do.Sadly, I m loosing interest in this series, I just don t see the Carpathian s story going anywhere.

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    As most of my friends and family know, Christine Feehan is my favorite author The Dark series, is my favorite series, followed by the Leopard series.I have been looking forward to this book ever since Feehan s site posted it as an upcoming release.With that said, I was somewhat disappointed Total bummer.Zacarias, the oldest of the De La Cruz brothers, sets out to accept the sun s destruction He can no longer handle the dreary gray existence and tells his brother that he will seek death in honor rather than turning into the undead and being hunted by the very people he once loved.Marguarita finds Zacarias on the ground burning, the sun claiming his life Unable to allow him to die, she is driven by a force so strong She must save his life This man must live Below is his response For the first time in the long centuries a deep seated rage coiled in his belly and smoldered there, that someone dared defy his direct order She had no right She knew better No one ever defied him certainly not a human, and definitely not a woman.You will suffer as no one else has ever suffered for your disobedience, he promised, thrusting the words into her brain.Unlike the majority of the Dark series novels, Marguarita accepts Zacarias dominance and vows to be in his service, to please him whatever it takes The relationship is interesting to say the least Unlike the other books, if her presence in his mind is lost, if she builds those barriers to throw him out of her mind, he is tossed back into his dangerous gray world, once again a dark predator.The bad guy of this book is one of the Malinov brothers, Ruslan Once Zacarias best friend, Ruslan has sought out to destroy him or bring him over to their undead ranks Of course, Zacarias will have no part in their plan as he is a Carpathian hunter with honor Zacarias had seen his share of rotting corpses, but nothing equaled Ruslan Malinov Flesh peeled off of him Worms crawled through gaping holes in his flesh His mouth was of a gaping hole, without lips, his eyes sunken Every living thing shrunk from him, grass withering, ferns and moss going muddy brown Even the insects scurried away Only the black flies persisted, feasting on the rotting flesh and depositing as many eggs as possible in the blackened organs.I have been looking forward to the Zacarias book for many books now There was always this huge build up, awaiting what would finally save Zacarias and whatever battles he must fight in order to be with the woman that brings light and colors to his life.None of that happened This book had few struggles and fewer battle scenes Although the attraction between Marguarita and Zacarias was intense, it will never compare to those before him.Line of the book I see you All of you.I will however, recommend this book to ADULTS only This is the 22 installment in the Dark series and a MUST read for everyone reading these books.Semi strong sexual as brief as it was content, moderate to severe though short violence I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults.

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    I was extremely disappointed in this book after looking so forward to the next installment of the Dark Series I have loved all of Ms Feehan s Carpathian love stories, from Mikhail and Raven in Dark Prince to Dominic and Solange in Dark Peril While all the male characters have been very Old World in their views on women and how they should behave and be treated, it was never to the point of abuse I understand that Zacharias De La Cruz is the oldest of the Carpathians and the closest character to turning vampire, and that makes him the closest to evil His past, his life and his present state of mind does not excuse the abuse, both physical and mental, that he inflicted upon Marguarita Marguarita was already severely traumatized by her attack and subsequent loss of speech via a vampire in an earlier novel Zacharias saved her life at that time Upon returning to his ranch to meet the sun and end his life, Marguarita thought she was saving his life in return Throughout the book, he switched from adoring her to threatening her, physically and mentally He subjected her to severe pain on than one occasion, reveling in her silent cries of pain Twice he almost drained her dry to teach her a lesson, both times for risking her own life to save his She continuosly forgave him for his abuse, because she could see what was truly inside him and knew he wasn t truly evil Anybody who has ever been abused or known someone who has been abused can see the dangerous pattern in their relationship He called her silly, a lunatic, dimwitted He ordered her to stay in the house, not speak to anyone she called family, forbid her to visit her beloved horses, and at one point, wouldn t allow her to communicate with her friends and family via pen and paper the only way she could communicate with them I know this is a work of fiction, but I was sadly disappointed in its acceptance of this abusive relationship I made myself finish it, hoping that Zacharais would redeem himself in my eyes, but was not rewarded for my diligence To top it all off, there was an additional abusive relationship between a brother, sister and third party This book never showed my one iota of romance Once I did laugh, during this conversation between them Marguarita You would never hurt me Never It isn t in you Zacharias I did hurt you Several times Marguarita You were strking at yourself, Zacarias, not at me Denial is not just a river in Egypt I hope the next Carpathian novel is better.

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