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pdf Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) , ebook Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) , epub Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) , doc Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) , e-pub Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) , Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, #1) cb4993106c8 The Fight Against Darkness Rages On For The Next Generation In New York Times Bestselling Author Keri Arthur S Exciting New Series Set In The World Of The Guardians Being Half Werewolf And Half Aedh, Risa Jones Can Enter The Twilight Realms Between Life And Death And See The Reapers, Supernatural Beings That Collect The Souls Of The Dead But She Soon Makes A Terrifying Discovery Some Sinister Force Is Stealing Souls, Preventing The Dead From Ever Knowing The AfterlifeReapers Escort Souls Not Snatch Them But Risa Is Still Unnerved When A Reaper Shadows Her In Search Of Someone Risa Has Never Met Her Own Father, An Aedh Priest, Who Is Rud To Be Tampering With The Gates Of Hell For A Dark Purpose With The Help Of Her Aunt Half Werewolf, Half Vampire Riley Jenson And An Aedh Named Lucian Who May Have Lost His Wings But None Of His Sex Appeal, Risa Must Pursue Whatever Shadowy Practitioner Of Blood Magic Is Seizing Souls, And Somehow Stop Her Father Before All Hell Breaks Loose

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    So I guess this is a spinoff from the Riley Jensen series which I really enjoyed for several installments, then stopped reading because I got frustrated with the main character and her wolf problems ANYHOO, I walked into this one with somewhat less backstory than a spin off savvy read would have, but I felt like I was along for the ride enough that I wasn t lost The world is interesting and the bad guys were motivated and some twists at the end were pretty awesome I liked her friends too.I guess I don t feel strongly one way or another about this book I enjoyed the plot, I enjoyed the side characters somewhat I think I lost respect for the main character when was acting soooo stupid with the guy she randomly hooked up with half way through the book I mean, as a reader I m like THIS GUY IS GONNA SCREW YOU OVER ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU THINK HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR OVERALL PLOT It s like she had orgasm amnesia He s acting SO SUSPICIOUS and she has no red flag whatsoever, which seems JUST for the writing, not character ALSO SPOILER I m all for interesting naughty scenes, and I guess when you re in a werewolf club it s orgy timez in this world, but seriously her giving some random wolf some handling on the dance floor while her dude was participating behind her was just TOOOOOOOO unsanitary for me to be like, YEAH I mean, at least get the guy s name, right And how could those club hottubs be clean after behavior like that I was thinking about skin rashes the whole time Whatever I might pick up the next one later But she seriously needs some hand sanitizer in that club.

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    So, by reading Darkness Unbound I think I ve found a new paranormal urban fantasy series that already feels like it s going to be a favorite of mine intro, world building and writingAs the first book in a series, I think it s a really great one It s a spinoff from a prior written series, called the Riley Jenson Guardian series I was afraid since I haven t read the prior written series yet, that the world building and all that would be too superficial and that I wouldn t understand a lot of its workings because authors do not always take the time to expand the worldbuilding in a spin off But I am so happy to say that this wasn t the case, at all So there are some characters from the other series returning in this one, so for that, I m sad that I haven t read the first series yet because I love cameos But as for the world building it s awesome, sooo awesome I guess the first series was focused on other elements creatures in this world than in this one, so that means that in this book there s still a lot of world building and explaining going around on things that we re focused on here, like REAPERS, soul stealers, the Aedh and shape shifters There s a bit less information about the Aedh and shape shifters in this one, so I think that when I read the Riley Jenson series, that ll be rectified I gobbled it all up These paranormal elements are exactly what I love to read about The writing is really addictive and made this such a joyful and fast paced read The worldbuilding, story line development, the characters and their development are in perfect balance with one another Character talkOur main character Risa Jones is a half werewolf and half Aedh and she s a really interesting character to read about for that fact alone I think At this point, I d say she s a bit of a mellower version of Kate Daniels from the Kate Daniels series and Elena Deveraux from the Guild Hunter series Whom I both adore Despite her not having a job that entails killing things, she can kick some serious ass and I love her for it thanks to the serious just in case training she received from some of the characters you get to meet in the Riley Jenson series She s quirky and funny and I love her determination of not giving up.I fell in love hard with Azriel, the Reaper we get to know early on in the story, even though there s another romance interest for Risa present in this book, Lucian who is fun to read about but he doesn t hold my interest the way Az does Our reaper, this Dark Angel or also known as the Mijaj, was something I was really interested in reading about right from the very first page They re warriors who fight the evil that comes through the gates of Hell He isn t overly present in the story and is of a minor character as the main character at this point, but I loved reading about him a lot He s really closed off in the beginning but as the story progresses, this mysterious reaper definitely shows some emotions and I can t wait for this to unravel some and for him to open up, hopefully in the next book I love reading about closed off warriors who ll do anything to protect you and whom hopefully become a serious love interest later on, lol I can only hope at this point. I like the minor characters present and as I said, the fact that there are some characters present from the Riley Jones series is really awesome, especially for fans of that series I can t wait to read that series as well, because I m really intrigued by these characters already Then there are also two friends of Risa present who I really like This all feels like a bit of a standard thing for books like these, to have two best friends present who stand by our main character throughout it all There s definitely nothing wrong with that, because I really liked them, but it was just something I noticed that this is written down in a same set up in a lot of other similar series as well haha some minor remarks and Romance talkI did feel a bit off about the explicit sex scenes, to be honest, I mean, I love sex scenes and a good romance, especially in paranormal urban fantasy series But I have to say that the sex scenes in this book are a bit unnecessary I think When is sex ever really necessary you might think But normally I just really like a sexy romance is written into stories like these Unless some particular character is going to play a bigger part in it all, in which case I understand why he s being introduced in the series as Risa s current sex buddy , lol Romance wise I feel like there s something good brewing beneath the surface and I really hope it ll continue developing in the next book because I love both characters involved But the added sex scenes felt like they ve just been added to the book to just have them in it, you know what I mean It didn t feel like it blended in all that well into the story it was fun reading though, make no mistake about that, lol so that was a bit of a bummer I guess I do understand the why behind it all because our main characters is half werewolf and they have quite a huge sex drive and all that, so it was good to see the author give some attention to that side of being a half werewolf and their natural instincts. but still.Overall, I think this is a really awesome first book in a series that has some amazing paranormal elements present The story line was interesting, mysterious and I really like the way it s progressing and it makes me excited to continue reading the series I loved the characters a lot and if I feel this way now already, that hopefully means, they ll only become awesome in the next books I do hope there s a believable romance building here and that I m not imagining things, because that s the only thing I m still missing now haha Risa is on her way to becoming a new favorite heroine of mine If you love paranormal urban fantasy series this is definitely a book I d recommend reading.

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    Posted at Unbound is the first book in Keri Arthur s newest series, Dark Angels I have not read this author before but I am aware that her Riley Jensen series appears on many favorite lists Therefore, when I found out that Keri was writing a new series that takes place in the same world as her Riley books, I jumped on the chance to give it a try And after reading this book and finally experiencing this author s writing, I can see why she has such a loyal following.Darkness Unbound is an angel book but not It s a ghost book but not It s got shifters and mages and vampires and reapers yet it s not like any paranormal book I ve ever read The mix of all of these beings in one book, while you think it would be daunting, really wasn t It reads like you ve been in this world many times before and like you know what is going on, but you don t feel lost I did not feel as though I was missing out on some vital information not having read the previous series Was I curious about how some couples and situations came to be Of course But did it hinder my reading experience of this book Not at all.The main heroine in this new series is Risa Jones, a half werewolf and half Aedh An Aedh is well, it s tricky to explain, but I ll give it my best shot An Aedh is a being that can take human form while on earth or can turn into a sort of mist When in mist form, no one can see or hear them and they can travel to the gray planes, the place between light and dark There is to it that that, and it is way cool, but that would be the best I can do Risa can call on her Aedh side but not on her wolf side, so she can t shift into a wolf, but she does have some other wolf ish traits And since she is a Halfling, she stays in her human form but can call on her Aedh side and transform to mist Yeah.cool.I really liked Risa She is strong and self assured I loved her confidence when she went into any situation but she knows how important a strong support system and is not afraid to admit when something is way over her head She is very close to her mother, to her aunt Riley and to Riley s family She has two best friends roommates, Tao and Ilianna, whom I also loved I was glad to see that the author didn t kill any of them off in this first installment and therefore allowing them to appear in future installments of this series g Lucian is another character I can t wait to learn about He is an Aedh but has a story to tell about it And boy oh boy is he yum my He and Risa together are electrifying I hope hope hope he is a constant in this series because they are great together A heads up though, you ll need a fan handy for after you read some of their scenes Wowza.The world Keri created here is very intricate and the details of it are amazing Reapers follow people around for a little while before they are due to die Risa can see them and it kind of bums her out A reaper s job is to help the newly departed s soul navigate through the gray space Souls can be redeemed and almost all are one day reborn Ghosts are the result of a person not dying when they were supposed to or when the person s soul refuses the reaper s help And as I said, all the different beings and characters mixed into all this makes this a really cool world But I never felt overwhelmed by information The first few chapters bring you up to speed and that s that The story happens while you learn and then takes off from there I can t say that I felt as though one part of this book was slow or sluggish I enjoyed the pace and found it read really well.The story itself consists of one big constant story that looks like it will be the focus for this series story arc, and a smaller story line that wraps up at the end of this book, but still goes along with the main story I like when a UF series is written that way Then you get some closure at the end of each book but there is still so much going on that you can t wait to get your hands on the next book to see where it will all ultimately lead you In this series case, the next book is Darkness Rising and it s due out October 25th 2011 I already have it written in my planner I won t go into what the stories are because I really think any fan of Urban Fantasy books should give this one a try But I will say that there are gates opening that shouldn t be opening and many people who may or may not resort easily to violence looking for answers And keys There are keys involved And a creepy dark mist thing who is stealing souls shudder And there is a very emotional scene that you know is coming but you still can t prepare yourself fully for and it will make you cry It still breaks my heart just thinking about it sigh This is a series I am excited to get addicted to With amazing characters, riveting storylines that weave together beautifully and action mixed with emotion that grips you from page one, Urban Fantasy fans will find it practically impossible not to dive in and not look back.

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    Riley Jenson Guardian is one of my favourite urban fantasy series Unlike some authors, Keri Arthur managed to keep Riley tough and awesome for nine books I love the world, I love its politics, its problems, its heroes and villains, various rules and all those different races and beings that inhabit it So I knew Dark Angels had some big shoes to fill I will be able to see just how well it does that after I finish this series too since it s not fair to judge it by one book compared to the nine I loved.Risa Jones made her first appearance in Riley Jenson Guardian series as a beautiful half Aedh, half wolf tiny girl with some very intriguing talents While one can enjoy this series without reading the previous, certain things which Keri Arthur doesn t bother to explain here a great thing in my opinion , are explained in Riley Jenson Guardian Their attitude towards sex, for example, is great and unapologetic Neither series is for prudes I won t even bother listing stuff that annoyed me there are a couple of them This first book is an introduction to Risa Jones and the things that probably shape her into something even greater later on Same as Riley.The only thing I would recommend is to read Riley s stories first if for nothing else but to know this world a bit better The important thing here, also, is that while this is set in the same world, Dark Angels expands it rather than use what is already there The Aedh are not simply mentioned here Overall, as far as I am concerned this is a great continuation of an already well established and interesting world.

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    Keri Arthur is clearly a talented author and i enjoy reading her writing she would be one of those wonderful magical writers that can utterly suck you into there world if only it wasnt for her sucky ass characters they just ruin everything let me give you an example,The apparent main male character rocks up wearing nothing but jeans and a sword that perfectly frames his chiseled good looks and wicked tattoo seriously thats how your going to introduce your male character WTF.and to make things even worse he starts off by stalking the main female lead, Risa but its all ok because he s super BadAss and delicious so he can do whatever he wants O.oRisa is no better she has this uber sex vibe going on and clearly needs some hot man meat, so she doesnt mind that this unknown guy who is clearly very deadly is following her cause that makes perfect sense and everything i also have the problem that Risa is like a rich little white girl thats playing dress up with leathers and a motorcycle thinking she s pretty tough, it just doesnt suit her at all from what i read, it feels like the author is forcing her to be two different people and its annoying.but then i only got up to the third chapter before i gave up on this book so i could be wrong.i had been looking forward to this book for ages so im pretty disappointed though a friend of mine, Tammy, did warn me that this book wasnt very good i doubt i ll be picking up this author again, sorry Keri

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    I loved Darkness Unbound I think I am going to be just as addicted to this series as the Riley Jenson ones Risa is just as kick ass as Riley is We haven t seen her since she was a little girl but Risa is all grown up now and I LOVE her This book was seriously so addictive, I didn t want to stop reading it Its packed with some awesome and unique supernatural characters, a few sexy men I am loving the reaper lots of action and mystery and a few heart breaking moments I am so excited to read the next book If I had the money I would be buying it tonight at midnight and probably staying up all night to finish it I definitely think you should read all the Riley Jenson books first, mainly because I love them and you would be missing out, but really its not necessary And if you have read the Riley books then you need to read this one, its amazing, I love it

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    After finishing Riley Jenson s series I immediately looked towards the Dark Angels series After all it follows the grown up Risa from Riley s books Definitely a character that would be worthy of having her own series After chatting with a friend she told me that Risa slut shames Riley Riley s sexuality and overall owning of it is what I loved about her books And there was no way that I d read about a character slut shaming my girl Riley Years later chatting with another Goodreads friend and discussing why I hadn t read the Dark Angel books it hit me That other Goodreads friend wasn t telling me that Risa had slut shamed Riley, but that Goodreads friend was slut shaming both Riley and Risa Grrrrrrrrrrr Strong female leads who own their sexuality are so hard to find Ones who are brave with their image and body Female leads who aren t hung up on a million different reasons why their first time was bad, that sex is bad, and all kinds of other sex issues Risa owns it Just like Riley Maybe even a bit While the sex isn t any over the top than some of the Paranormal Romance series out there, it is maybe a bit then what some Urban Fantasy fans are used to But let s be honest sex is a big part of both genres any So when a female character owns her sexuality I am for it Nuff said Risa isn t an amazing character just because she owns her sexuality No she s awesome because she s really smart and badass But she is not Riley There are definitely some traits and I m starting to see with Arthur her leading ladies tend to share a few Risa is a rich spoiled girl who is still afraid of bugs and other strange things She owns a restaurant called RYT Rich Young Things with two of her other rich friends that she lives with At first I found her super rich status with a famous mother to other famous people annoying It didn t take long for me to warm up to Risa Her life hasn t been easy If her friends or loved ones are in trouble girl steps up With Riley, Quinn, and Rhoan you know the girl has some mad skills There are some fun tie ins to the Riley books with plenty of cameos None of it feels like oh here is a character you love blatant cameo Besides awesome female leads Arthur always populates her worlds with fantastic and diverse characters Which is exactly what she does here Not only am I looking forward to seeing old favorites, but now I care about the new cast and I m invested in what happens to them Ah I wish authors, when done with a beloved series, could still write in their old series universe Arthur does it beautifully and while this was a bit of an average read Arthur s talents make this a nice introduction to a new series, and probably what will become a great series for me Sexual Content Plenty of sexual humor, talk, thoughts, and so on Sex, and even a mild threesome.3 5 Adored it, just a few minor details held it back Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.

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    I am disappointed in this book I went into it expecting to read a new story not another story about Riley Now do not get me wrong, love, love Riley but I thought her story had ended Not only did she play too big of a role in the story, i.e moms friend, my play aunt etc, but she also played too big of a role in the story Really Rissa is just mini Riley All of her values, s and desires imitated every one that I read in Ms Jensens storynot what I was looking to read Big fan of the world the author creates, the story she weaves, but I thought I was reading a new one.

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    The GoodMaybe something is wrong with me because I just couldn t get into this book but many seem to have liked it But this is the good part of my review, so let s start with that We meet Risa as a baby and then child in the Riley Jenson series I was super excited for Risa to have her own series because her character always interested me She was a little freaky and adorable at the same time And anyone who has read the Riley Jenson series knows that Arthur can write an amazing book So suffice it to say, I had high hopes Risa is a one of a kind character when it comes to abilities She is half werewolf and half Aedh Though she can t change into a wolf, she has a whole other bag of tricks, like changing her facial features to resemble other people and becoming one with the air having no physical form so no one can see, hear, or feel her Her unique abilities did make the book a little original for the genre We get to see our old, beloved characters from the Riley Jenson series which was nice They are Risa s second family and would move mountains for her if asked They are behind the scenes, helping Risa and working on cases since that s what they do And even though her family wants Risa to stay out of this soul stealer case, she simply can t help herself Especially when her friends might be the next targets Risa s friends, Tao werewolf and Ilianna witch , are her other second family They work as a team and will do almost anything for each other They have a really cute relationship, and I loved the story on how they came together Oh, in case you didn t catch it, this girl has a lot of second families Lucky wench Give me a sec, have to let the jealousy simmer downokay, better Let s move on Risa s love interest is Lucian, a full Aedh You can t help but like him, he has a straight forward attitude and just wants to have fun He has this air of mystery about him, too There is to him than meets the eye and that only makes him yummy But the true mystery is Azriel, the reaper charged in following Risa until he gets the answers his superiors desperately need He may seem unmoved for most of the book but we all can see there is something deeper, something raw about him that is just dying to get out If anything would make me continue this series, it would be him I want to know his story The BadVery little gets resolved in this book which was frustrating But that didn t bother me too much What really bothered me was Arthur s need to tell instead of show As a writer, I am actually surprised that this book got published There were so many scenes that could have been intense, frightening if Arthur followed the basic writing rule of showing instead of telling I found myself bored most of the time It has taken me over two weeks to get through this book I found myself putting it down and reluctant to pick it back up Plus, the plot was predictable and I could often guess what was going to happen next I was really disappointed with how average Risa is as a character She is nothing like how I envisioned the little girl from the Riley Jenson series would be as an adult Maybe if I hadn t read the other series, my expectations wouldn t have been so high and I would have liked this book Some of the characters interactions were very Brady Bunch This kind of emotional and hokey dialogue seems very unnatural to me and I was often rolling my eyes.The SnugglyOf course there s sex scenes Arthur always has sex in her books Werewolves are lascivious beings who need release often Risa is not much different There are two hot sex scenes that I thought were fun to read They were playful, which helps the blush that will no doubt cover your face when reading these scenes OverallThere was some very scary and suspenseful scenes throughout the whole book that held my interest The plot was simple which is acceptable on occasion I did like some of the characters and would be very interested in learning about them But as a whole, I did not enjoy this book I would only recommend it to people who want to test out the series because they loved the Riley Jenson series so much Many have enjoyed Darkness Unbound, so let your gut tell you what to do I did want to mention that many of my gripes are based on my writing experience I do believe people who just read for fun and do not care about the technical may find this enjoyable than I did.http readingandwritingurbanfantasy.

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    FBS First Book Syndrome strikes again I will start off by saying that I have not read Keri Arthur s original Riley Jenson series I honestly went into this thinking it was the beginning of a new series, not a spin off of 9 prior novels Maybe that s why it was hard to really get into this book and into this world, but I did try The leading lady of the Dark Angels series is Risa Jones, a psychic Aedh werewolf hybrid whose day job involves running a restaurant with her buddies, but her most important job includes talking to souls of those who are near death s door, helping them realize whether or not it s their time to go She also has the added perk of seeing soul reapers who guide these souls to the next life.It s not Risa s favorite thing to do And we soon learn why when she is sent to help a little girl who is comatose in a hospital A somber, but routine visit goes horrible wrong when Risa learns that the little girl s soul was actually stolen, robbing her of the choice to move on It leads back to a supernatural creature that s been collecting souls Risa will have to do all she can to solve stop them It leads to revelations that put the world as she knows it at risk She has a daunting task ahead of her and needs all the help she can get But will she get it This series has a well developed world, which seems to go back to the Riley Jenson novels It s so developed that I couldn t always keep up at times I will be honest and say that there are things I can t even remember now It made it somewhat difficult to get into the story Not to mention, there are a number of characters introduced so it s hard to pin down their personalities and decide on how I feel about them I tend to read novels primarily for the characters and if they are lacking, then my readership follows.I don t like how the sex is handled in this book I wasn t expecting Risa to be such a hoe, being quick to hop in the sackwith multiple parters no less She doesn t even need to know their names, or their true intentions towards her I m no prude or anything, and the books thankfully don t make it the main focus of the plot, but this is a double edged sword because it feels arbitrary and pointless It was a failed attempt at being edgy and the characters relationship suffers for it because it doesn t give the reader any sense of a genuine bond, especially towards the end where one lover is completely MIA and a chance for decent development outside the bedroom or club dance floor is lost.I wasn t completely gripped with this book until the very end if you could believe it, but I was determined to keep trucking on I feel like it has potential with the number of creatures we learn about and worlds that we ll no doubt continue to explore in future novels, so that alone is why I will give the second book a chance And by the end Risa has motivation, drive, and an overarching mystery plot line that I genuinely want to see her solve But does this make me want to backtrack and read the Riley Jenson books Not really, though that could change later on Review also posted to

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