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10 thoughts on “デスノート #2 (Desu Nōto) Gōryū (合流)

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    I am freaking loving this series and I m only two books in and I m in love with L Look at my Funko of L I wanted to get Ryuk too but they messed his up I don t like how it looks one bit and that makes me mad because he s so cool Sigh OH My Lord I want them to take down Light I hate him Okay, in the beginning when he was only killing evil people that wasn t so bad but now he s killing innocent people And then when he killed someone I liked and I m guessing killed the person that would have come the closest to catching him, I wanted to scream bloody murder I mean that person was smart and first and then they got their stupid on and he had them Although, I m hoping that in the next book that person will be like Surprise He didn t get me Sigh Anyhoo, I m loving these books like I said and can t wait for NOTE If anyone can give me recommendations for Manga I would appreciate it I have gotten a few from my Goodreads friend, Petrik, but I m still looking for me Hook me up with lists people MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    Okay, this is so amazing I literally freaked out because I cannot take it how amazing it is And this is my second time reading it Team Kira all the way and I feel no shame at all And I want Ryuk I would give him all of our apples Btw, can I say that detective Raye Penber deserved what he got I seriously disliked the way he talked to his fianc e, Naomi.

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    OH THAT WAS SO GOOD These books honestly remind me of like a Sherlock Moriarty thing going on and I m 10000% sure that s why I m enjoying them so much If, well, Moriarty was a Japanese teenager and Sherlock had manners Ahem Moving forward I m actually not sure how to review manga So I m just going to list some things I particularly enjoyed in this volume.THINGS I LIKED The art, as always, is A We get WAY of L in this bookand he s like this detective recluse who s a bit odd, too honestly Like he doesn t sit normally on chairs and he s self confessed childish and he has so much messy hair What I like his hair ACTUALLY L IS JUST REALLY ADORABLE Also Light is adorable too In a psychotic sort of way He s really going dark side now har har considering his name and is under WAY pressure I m under pressure THIS WHOL BOOK IS PRESSUREFUL I m actually terrified of Light getting caught, but kind of hoping L is smart enough at the same time Help me I m conflicted There was a TON of deducing in the book which I freaking loved Although it nearly had a tendency to monologue too much At one point I found myself blinking and going huh to all of L s analysis But whatever My brain caught up eventually Light s little sister continues to be adorable I feel like Light isn t doing much studying for college at this point I like that the death god is addicted to apples relatable I need MOOOOOOORE.And smart me yay actually borrowed TWO books from the library so I have the next to read right now Which is really good, because this book ended a bit mid thought Anyway, it was solidly brilliant and clever and I can t wait to read

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    The plot development in this Manga series has far surpassed my expectations I still find it phenomenal that so much has been packed into so little text Tsugumi Ohba, you have me in awe This is the second volume in the Death Note series and continues following the story of teenager, Light Yagami, who is the current owner of the Death Note a magical notebook that can be used to kill all those whose names are written within the pages He also inherits a Shinigami death god as his accomplice until he has either died himself or he has filled the pages of the notebook.The plot progression in this novel gave this an entirely different feel from the first installment We were introduced to new characters, the mysterious L from the first volume was revealed to us and we got a in depth look into the minds of Light s enemies, who are the police force, which includes his own father.It is a unique perspective to read about a murderer and yet feel totally aligned to his cause There are no definite binaries as the bad guys are the police and our good guy is a serial killer Both are good and both are bad, which highlights the reliability of our protagonist and brings into question the morality of our anti villain and whether his cause is actually as just as we initially believed it to be.

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    What this series lacks in overall believability it makes up for in plot twists and interesting characters The portrayal of women is still odd and not my favorite, but at least there was ACTUALLY a female character this volume Still raises some very interesting questions about morality and I m curious to see where the plot goes.

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    Quickly falling in love with the fast pace it s crazy how quickly L works And there s only twelve books in the series Onward to 3

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    Typical Light being toooo smart Unrealistic but who cares And L 3

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    This is getting so questionable on the part of Light now And L I have so many questions.This is so well written and smart and I love it On to the next one

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    Manga okumam t m daha nce, Kar yaka daki izgi romanc kapal olunca ba ka yerden manga alay m bari dedim E ek gibi 12 saat al maktan vakit kalmad i in bu tarz abuk okunan eyler okumak motive ediyor Ho tu tamam da Penny Dreadful un 2 sezonundaki her b l m gibi ok ani bitiyor sanki Bir tane mant k hatas yakalad m ayr ca bu ikinci kitapta ama hat rlam yorum u an dasfdgfhg Karakterleri sevmedim Light n ilk ba larda d ncesi g zeldi ama sonra yoldan a t T beler olsun dedim.L Yahu bu ocuk g lgeler i indeyken iyiydi, bu kitapta a a k nca ne o hareketler yle lan sterik isterik hareketler Bir de dedektifmi adfsgdh bi siktir.

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    That Geez tho Just kidding.The story and the characters develop a lot and it s nice to see some cool supporting characters.There are a lot of twists and great lines which got me thinking a lot.Also,this is probably my favourite Death Note video because he sounds like a dying horse also,the Spanish and Korean version just crack me up.Just thought you should know this.Bye.

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