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quotes Double Down, litcharts Double Down, symbolism Double Down, summary shmoop Double Down, Double Down a21beafe The Pressure S Really Piling Up On Greg Heffley His Mom Thinks Video Games Are Turning His Brain To Mush, So She Wnats Her Son To Put Down The Controller And Explore His Creative SideAs If That S Not Scary Enough, Halloween Is Just Around The Corner And The Frights Are Coming At Greg From Every AngleWhen He Discovers A Bag Of Gummy Worms, It Sparks An Idea Can Greg Get His Mom Off His Back By Making A Movie And Will He Become Rich And Famous In The Progress Or Will Doubling Down On This Path Just Double Greg S Troubles

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    The house party continues.I bet no one of you would have put your money in for this series success, when the first book came out.Yes, no one.The story does not get stagnated The puns are still amusing, if not novel The book lets your inner child s troll treasure out and you get hooked For some it is a guilty pleasure to go through the misdeeds of Greg.For me, they go straight to my CV Novelty This is a case well handled by Jeff Although the jokes are not as hilarious as they were, the soul remains The setting is the same Greg still goes to the school and is struck in the onset of teenage where he s not yet into girls, crushes and stuff The innocent side persists It will be immensely interesting to see how many books these phases can continue This eleventh book might just be the threshold Plot wall Yes, the wall Brick after brick is chiseled in the trademark style of Jeff.The french horn is the new trouble in town and is self vouched for by Greg Perhaps, we GR librarians should even make a Goodreads I.M Spooky author page for the fictional horror author mentioned in the story Events Right from the piano lessons to french horn to embarrassing situations with Rowley to the reference to Truman s show the stage is held together with a fabric that is funny to the senses Verdict We are in for a major change in the life of Greg if there re further additions to this series.4 We expect stars.

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    Book 11 coming in November

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    The first entry in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series came out in 2007, when I was almost twelve years old meaning I was a part of the target audience I ll never forget buying that one at my school s book fair, taking it home, and laughing aloud at the antics of Greg Heffley, his family, and his best friend Rowley I d never read anything like it Skip to the present day I am now almost twenty one, and I still buy these books on release day Sure, I ve grown out of them They are a guilty pleasure of mine, nothing or less And they still make me laugh though not quite as frequently these days, I am sad to say Like every other book in the Wimpy Kid series, the pace in this book is frenetic and the characters are engaging, amusing, and endlessly relatable The humor felt a bit stale here than in Kinney s other releases, and this story suffers a lot from lack of an overarching theme, but it s okay They can t all be winners The Wimpy Kid books are certainly written with elementary and middle schoolers in mind, but I still enjoy them Is that my nostalgia talking Possibly Probably Ah, well I spent seven bucks and change on this, and I don t regret it It was nice to be taken away to Greg Heffley s world once These books are perfect for young readers, or adults willing to embrace their childish side for a few hours I didn t love this one, but I certainly liked it.

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    What can be a better option to get out of adulthood miseries Wimpy kid just woke my inner child up and kick the reality away hard and I am not regretting it at all

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    This one was probably funnier than the previous one This series is getting better with each volume I love this series Yayy one is coming

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    Can always count on this series for some fun

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    I purchased this book for my son in the airport and read it on the flight More enjoyable escapades of Greg Heffley and his eccentric family Jeff Kinney has achieved that rare feat of writing a children s series which is enjoyed equally by adults.

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    It was AWESOME

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    I ve got to say the worst book I ve read in 2016 It has a poorly written plot, you could even say there was no plot and there really wasn t the kind of Jeff Kinney word choice you d see from a Jeff Kinney book Usually the humor is always great in this series but I could not see any funny humor in this book, I never thought anything was funny and I thought it was just poorly written I do not recommend this book to anyone, this is very poorly written.

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    WeLLThe series is back with all the fun elements Double Down was a fun read like old wimpy kid books. Bite My Biscuit

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