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  • Paperback
  • 527 pages
  • Drachenreiter
  • Cornelia Funke
  • English
  • 26 February 2017
  • 9781904442486

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    Classic Coming of Age Story Minus the love triangles, savior complexes, and completely stupid decisions that plague many of the YA fiction I ve readThe Dragons of this world are scattered The packs have long been broken up and devoured by the Golden One Firedrake the Dragon remembers hearing of safe place for dragons and so sets off to find it with Sorrel, his Brownie friend No one thinks he can, no one thinks he will ever come back.Firedrake meets with an orphan boy Ben of course, there has to be an orphan and once they pick up the homunculus, the quartet is complete Only, their journey isn t nearly as straightforward it seems and cowardly Twigleg isn t quite what he seems as well Will they find the other Dragons What if by finding them, the others become far in danger than they ever were before Be prepared for a whirlwind adventure out there full of magic, mystery and mayhem.Audiobook CommentsFunke does such a great job of bringing together elements of a great story What made this even better Read by Brendan Fraser. The way he got into character from the lisping Twigleg to the accented Brownie, I absolutely was riveted to this audiobook this man knows how to read a book Blog Instagram Twitter

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    1.99 Kindle sale, June 4, 2018 This is a older middle grade YA novel from Cornelia Funke, the talented author of the Inkheart series It s a great epic adventure novel for younger readers It s very different than Harry Potter, but I think it would appeal to the same types of readers.HERE BE DRAGONS Even better friendly dragons, that you can ride on But the dragons are dying out as their habitat is taken over by humans A younger dragon, Firedrake, is chosen to go on a quest to find the ancient, mythical dragon home He finds Ben, a lonely young boy, who joins him on their long journey Lots of imaginative adventures ensue It s a very heartwarming tale My kids who love fantasy novels LOVED this book I read it too, and found it very good reading for a YA fantasy adventure If you have kids or nephews or nieces or grandkids or students in the 7 14 age range who like fantasy, this is a great book that s not very well known.

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    Drachenreiter Dragon Rider, Cornelia FunkeDragon Rider original title Drachenreiter is a 1997 German children s novel by Cornelia Funke Dragon Rider was published in 2004 Dragon Rider follows the exploits of a silver dragon named Firedrake, the Brownie Sorrel, and Ben, a human boy, in their search for the mythical part of the Himalayas mountain range called the Rim of Heaven to find a safe place for Firedrake s kin to live when the dragon finds out that humans intend to flood the valley where he and his fellow dragons live This book has 423 pages and is well suited to readers aged nine to thirteen 2007 1385 9643693163 1387 1392 635 9789643699475 1388 9789643626761 566 .

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    I tried very hard to get into this book, but like Ink Heart it just didn t catch me Something about the way Funke writes puts a distance between me and the story that just makes it impossible for me become fully engaged The classic fantasy archetype of friends on a quest, tons of magical creatures, etc is common and this text hardly adds anything new to the field.Funke writes with a wealth of detail that is occasionally distracting and over done Her characters feel 2D, lacking real depth and anything to set them apart I made it over a third of the way through before finally setting this one aside I just can t make myself finish the book because I really don t care about any of the characters or the ultimate outcome There s no mystery to capture me, no question that doesn t have an obvious answer and outcome Dragon Rider lacks any interesting twists or turns in the narrative as far as I can tell.I was listening to the Audiobook version of this text and the one good thing I can say is that Brendan Fraiser is an incredible narrator His voice is well modulated and he is able to do a great variety of voices with obvious relish He is the only redeeming factor I found in the book and likely the reason I stuck it out as long as I did.

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    Dragon Rider is a good dragon book that doesn t delve too deeply into dragon lore, preferring to stand on it s own as of an adventure tale involving dragons The premise of the book is that the lair of a group of dragons is threatened and one of their own Firedrake is the only one willing and able to set out and explore the scary world to find a better place for his clan to live a mysterious place called the Rim of Heaven.Like many such books when the protagonist steps beyond the sheltered confines of his her character incubator world, they quickly learn just how hard real life is In Dragon Rider this trauma is embodied in Nettlebrand, a compelling although not completely fleshed out mechanic dragon.The cast of characters includes a young orphan named Ben, who becomes the namesake dragon rider, a homunculus named Twigleg that borders on Jar Jar Binks annoyingness, and a professor of fabulous beings, interested in Firedrake for obvious reasons This book is a fun read as long as you don t take it too seriously and the 400 pages fly by as you get engrossed in the story.

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    This book is very well written is one of my favorite books written Cornelia Funke My favorite thing about this book is that it actually feels like you are in the story and one of the many companions.This book is about a dragon and a brownie a lager squirle like creature who set out to find a place where the other dragons can hide This book rises and falls so many times you can t even tell where the rising and the falling actionis Also, my favorite thing about this book is that it is about dragons.Day finished December 4,2007

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    Ahhhh RTC

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    Firedrake is a dragon with silvery scales that glint in the moonlight Sorrel is a brownie with sulfur yellow fur who loves to eat mushrooms Ben is an orphan boy with a kind heart Together they embark on a high stakes adventure around the world Dragon Rider is a charming tale that s sure to stir the imagination of young minds On a technical note There s an awful lot of coincidences in this book, as well as several other dated approaches to storytelling forgivable, since the book was first published in 1997, but still worth mentioning Dialogue suffers from an excessive use of exclamation points It s a story About dragons And humans With exclamation points All over the place So many Exclamations Also, exposition is given in dialogue between characters who are stating facts the other character already knows I wanted to find out why my scales have been itching ever since sunset, in a way they haven t itched for than a hundred years I expect you know the rule One fabulous creature attracts another, correct Finally, there s prophesy of a chosen one view spoiler the dragon rider will return in the shape of a boy with skin as pale as the full moon It s unfortunate the prophecy is so exclusive It feels like it s saying girls and non white children need not apply for this adventure as they cannot possibly be the chosen one hide spoiler

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    I think it s important to note that I listened to the audio version of this book because it is, without a doubt, the reason I disliked it so much Funke s story seems pretty good, and if I had read it, I imagine it would have been closer to 3 or 4 stars However, it must be said that the narrator Brendon Fraser is, unequivocally, the worst narrator I have ever heard in the 150 audio books I have listened to over the last few years Here are just a few examples of why he is so bad 1 He smacks his lips and chews loudly when characters are eating.2 He coughs, moans, grunts, squeals, etc even when the text does not imply these things are happening.3 When the text does note coughing, etc he exaggerates them needlessly and tediously.4 Every piece of dialogue is overacted and extravagant for no reason.My guess is that Fraser doesn t actually enjoy reading, and so he feels the need to spice up the book in order to make it entertaining Maybe others who don t often read would enjoy this type of narration, but it was endlessly frustrating and nearly impossible to get through in spite of an interesting plot If you are interested in this book, please don t listen to the audio version.

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    This was a middle grade book that featured talking dragons and other assorted mythical creatures Of course there was a heroic but somewhat basic and kind boy orphan hero to compliment the story I really enjoyed this book The plot was simple go on a quest to find a hidden land of dragons What really made this book special was the element of friendship that is very present throughout the whole story It was at times a bit cliche but not really in a bad way, if you know what I mean It s predictable but in a comfortable way like when you go home to relax and put on your favorite movie that you ve already seen 50 times You already know what s going to happen but you don t care It doesn t take away from the enjoyment one bit I feel like I would have adored this story as a kid, and so my inner child is satisfied When it was over, I wanted it to be real I wanted to fly with dragons too If you re a fan of middle grade fantasy, I think that you would really enjoy this story.

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About the Author: Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is a multiple award winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers Amongst her best known books is the Inkheart trilogy Many of Cornelia s titles are published all over the world and translated into than 30 languages She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.