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    The first thing you need to do when writing a Michael Moorcock sword and sorcery novella is divide your 60,000 words into four sections, 15,000 words apiece Then divide each section into six chapters Allow a major event to happen, something astonishing, every four pages How about a plot How about we have only six days to save the Multiverse Now draw a map of your world so you know where you are at any given time Now beginSounds easy, right Well, maybe for Moorcock Seriously the major weakness with some of Moorcock is seeing through the planogram writing style It still doesn t mean it isn t fun but Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, Von Bek taken in too large doses will kill the intended effect This is the good and the bad about these White Wolf Borealis collections of Moorcock s Eternal Champion works too much of a good thing makes one s stomach ache but we all want the whole story The best bit in here is The Revenge of the Rose The other two long pieces, The Sleeping Sorceress and Stormbringer, are not nearly as good or memorable The former is too much of the make it up as you go style and the latter, while nicely tying up the entire Elric saga, drags on a little too long but has a nice denouement The short pieces in the middle gain from the tighter plotting inherent in a short story versus a novella.This is volume 11 in the US Eternal Champion series I think Elric Song of the Black Sword volume 5 was a little stronger than this one but between the two you pretty much get all of Moorcock s Elric, at least as it stood at the end of the century.Bizarre creepy cover and interior art that seems to have little to do with Elric but looks cool nonetheless.

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    This, combined with Elric The Song of the Black Sword, is just one of many ways to read the core books of the Elric saga These two omnibuses were published by White Wolf, Inc in the 1990 s White Wolf is actually named after Elric himself, as it turns out, that being one of his many nicknames This particular volume includes these Elric books 4, The Sleeping Sorceress, aka The Vanishing Tower 9, The Revenge of the Rose 5, The Bane of the Black Sword 6, Stormbringer.Books 1 3 and 8 are found in the first omnibus.Honestly, the core books to me are the first six in the regular paperback series The seventh was a collection of odds and ends, while the 8th and 9th were strange returns to Melnibon that Moorcock wrote years later The Revenge of the Rose is included here, and is worth reading Unfortunately, due to being written some 30ish years later, the flow is thrown off when one wedges that between books 4 and 5 It seems to be reset then when one gets back into 5 Ideally, the best way to read the series might be by going the SFBC way of the four volume The Elric Saga which puts them out in a linear order The first two volumes of that would then be the core series.That said, this was a very enjoyable read Elric isn t pretty, and he isn t always nice He s something of a bastard at times, mostly by necessity And his sword, Stormbringer, is as wicked evil as a weapon gets It s one feisty bitch and even when Elric tries to do the right thing, sometimes this sword has a way of changing the game.

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    Parts of this book actually appeared in the volume entitled The Weird of the White Wolf This is, I believe, an earlier version of that material.

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    There are multiple editions of Michael Moorcock s Elric of Melnibon story cycle This particular anthology is the continuation and conclusion of the cycle as begun in Elric Song of the Black Sword aka volumes 5 and 11 of the American version of the Tale of the Eternal Champion series This volume features Elric dealing with the aftermath of his act of anger and vengeance at the heart of the previous volume see first comment for what that act was if you don t mind a spoiler from the previous book Elric is an interesting, if rather unpleasant, character He is the last sorcerer emperor of a cruel, amoral race dedicated to chaos and the dukes of hell Unlike his countrymen, Elric has some shreds of a conscience morality that drive him to try to be a better person Conspiring against his better side are his continued reliance on black magic and his sickly albinism which leaves him dependent on drugs or his evil soul sucking sword to keep up his strength In his adventures, he is driven by vengeance and hatred as often as by nobler motivations.The stories themselves are dark, trippy swords and sorcery fare with some sci fi like traveling to various alternate planes in the multiverse Some parts of the stories become repetitive and predictable Elric summoning supernatural aid, Elric going into superhuman berserker fury with his sword, Elric wallowing in self pity and self loathing, etc , but the overall story arc was satisfying in a grim sort of way.

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    Mostly re read this because it was a freebie ebook.As I recollected, but it reinforced, many of the tragic anti hero aspects of the stories and their anarchist bent remained but what I had thought was merely average writing seemed much poorer here.The Elric fantasy novels were always wildly signposted and somewhat transparent in this book, which is a compendium of magazine shorts and letters to skim through, it is even obvious, if explainable.There is little feeling of suspense, there is little feeling of excitement, and any insight into Elric s tortured character is WRITTEN IN VERY LARGE LETTERS rather than inferred or implied.There is a always the chance some great literary subtlety is occurring that I am completely missing of course.Somehow, however, these are still fine to read, and are pulp fantasy with an obsessive cult anti hero and a soul sucking demon for a sword If you read fantasy then somewhere along the line, you should at least read the stereotypes, and it might be quite fun the Hawkmoon saga is the better of the Moorcock s IMHO.

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    I obtained this book for free on my Kindle The format was slightly confusing on the Kindle, as the book was interspersed with history from the publishing of the original Elric saga in the Fantasy zines back in the 60 s.As a story, I see it as a sark and harsh version of the reluctant universal hero who must sacrifice himself for the good of all It is hard to truly identify with the hero, or any of the characters, it reads like a heroic saga with names and places and little emotion i was intrigued by its place in the history of fantasy writing, and a new darker approach to fantasy that did not follow the Tolkien formulation I can see where Moorcock may have been one of the progressive fantasy writers that have influenced other writers.in the end I was able to muddle through the story, but have no lasting connection with the sotry or it s albino hero.

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    Overall, I feel this was a good summary of the Elric character I was a little irritated that there were some stories in this book that had been in the previous Elric book, but I understand why he put them in Some of the extras like the letters and the review of Stormbringer were somewhat interesting When I was reading those I got the feeling that this is something that Moorcock is incredibly proud of He should be proud of it as Elric is a great character It does seem that Moorcock believes that Elric is the greatest Science Fiction character to ever live He s not He is interesting and I look forward to reading the last Elric book, but let s not go overboard This book is a good read, though.

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    The stories in this collection are mostly very good, some of them classics of the fantasy genre The collection as a whole, however, is a bit awkward as it is arranged chronologically in order the full history of Elric as opposed to order of publication There are wild shifts in style and tone from story to story and it doesn t have the cohesiveness that the editors were probably hoping for In fact, the White Wolf editions have been out of print for some years Del Rey currently has the rights and has recently been reprinting the Elric stories in order of original publication with a whole lot of extra material that may or may not be worth reading The original stories themselves are still essential and highly influential Worth seeking out in whatever form you can find them.

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    The first of four volumes republishing the stories of Elric in the order of their publication rather than a chronilogical order which I think is what was attempted in the novelizations from the 70s that I read the first time starting with Elric of Melnibone and ending with Stormbringer.Most interesting, I thought, about this edition is the additional materials that were included Two of them are explanitory letters written at the same time as the stories, roughly Seeing them in the published context chronilogically is also very interesting as this shows how Moorcock s ideas evolved over time and as he fleshed out the material.Recommended if you like classic Sword and Sorcery novels in the vein of Fritz Leiber.

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    Did not finish I got to page 79 out of 493 so my e book reader tells me Clunky prose that I just could not handle A large part of those 79 pages were Michael Moorcock talking about how Elric had affected so many people s lives Perhaps this is a book that requires one actually read the other books first official fanfiction because I just couldn t bring myself to continue with this book after those 79 pages.

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