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  • Hardcover
  • 199 pages
  • Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree
  • Lauren Tarshis
  • English
  • 24 June 2019
  • 9780803731646

10 thoughts on “Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree

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    5 Reasons why Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree is a strange book strange adj extraordinary, remarkable, singular 5 Emma Jean dressed like Albert Einstein for Halloween.4 Colleen s pastel pink bedroom makes her feel like she s trapped in an old dog s ear 3 Poet Mary Oliver, To Kill a Mockingbird and the Pittsburgh Steelers, all mentioned in the same book Now how often does that happen 2 The book never tries to label Emma Jean She just is who she is.1 The ending hints to the possibility of another Emma Jean book God, I hope so.

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    This book is utterly delightful, sweet, and very smart Emma Jean is an endearingly strange strange extraordinary, remarkable, singular character Colleen and the other middle school kids are also interesting, and I appreciate how the adult characters are fleshed out than they are in some kids books Emma Jean s bird was yet another appealing character.It s an almost perfect little book I do have a slight quibble with how neatly certain events got wrapped up at the end, but I just love this book, and I fell in love with Emma Jean.I hope that there are Emma Jean books and this story would also make a wonderful movie if it was done right.I ve already brought the book back to the library, but I wanted to add that in the author s bio in the back inside cover of the book, she writes something about how we re all trying to communicate with one another and some of us have a difficult time than others, and that message was part of what she was trying to convey in this book She did a stellar job

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    This story begins Emma Jean Lazarus opens a door Literally, it s the door to the girls bathroom at school, where she finds Colleen Pomerantz a kind, sensitive girl and not one of the usual 7th grade criers sobbing over a problem with a friend Figuratively, it s the door we all open when we make the sometimes scary decision to reach out to another human being This is a big deal for all of us, but especially for Emma Jean, who s one of those brilliant, wise beyond her years kids who seems to watch everything from the sidelines She reminds me a lot of Lisa Yee s Millicent Min, Girl Genius Because Emma Jean is brilliant at math and logic, just like her father who died two years ago, she uses logic to find solutions to her classmates problems, with results that are hilarious and heartwarming.There s a lot to love about this book If you re a writer, you should read it because it s a fantastic example of how to pull off changing points of view in third person narrative If you spend any time in a middle school, you ll love it because the characters are so real As a middle school English teacher, I recognized these kids I ve seen Emma Jean watching the other kids at lunch I ve comforted Colleen when one of her friends was mad at her And I ve seen them all in their specially picked outfits at that first middle school dance Author Lauren Tarshis has nailed middle school to a tee she even understands one of the great secrets of school hallways that the custodians are the real heroes.Emma Jean Lazarus goes out on a limb in this middle grade novel and yes, she really does fall out of a tree Her journey is one that manages to be funny and sad and uplifting and true, all at once You ll love this book.

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    This book really celebrates the balance between individuality and finding your place among others, between solitude and letting other people into your life The heroine is a bright young girl who doesn t fit in with her peers, yet doesn t lament this fact or even really let it bother her She just watches and observes Her approach to life rational, logical , leads her to take on different solutions to her peers problems Emma Jean is unique among children s books heroines even those smart, independent girls like Anne Shirley This story is no ugly duckling story that ends with Emma Jean being prom queen, made over and the most popular girl in school It has a much richer and realistic storyline that is even fulfilling.

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    Loved it At least four stars for the story, and the audio narrator should get at least a star just for her perfect voice, so fitting, so clear, so fluent Read and like Lisa Vegan s review for exactly what was so almost perfect about it I will definitely hunt down the next book and hope that there are than 2.

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    I don t know exactly what it is about this book, but I really didn t get it I thought that Tarshis owed us a bit explanation as to why Emma Jean is the way she is The fact that her father was a mathematician does not justify the way she speaks and the way she approaches other people I understand that she is quirky and that s all good and everything, but what I don t understand why she doesn t understand common sense When Emma Jean saw Colleen in the window, it never crossed her mind that Colleen was ignoring her If she wasn t coming to the door, then, obviously, she must be dying If Emma Jean was supposed to have autism, I would have preferred if Tarshis would have said it in the beginning Instead, I spent the book trying to figure out what was exactly wrong with her.On a completely different note, I don t understand the bimbo attitudes of Colleen s friends Colleen is supposedly the nicest girl in school but her friends don t seem to like Colleen because she s nice It s almost as if they were her little yes men at the end of the book And what is the deal with telling everyone they are gorgeous Is that really the most important thing Isn t it bad enough that girls are obsessed about their looks as it is This book basically says telling someone they are gorgeous is the best compliment and a generally nice thing to do.I don t know what I missed reading this book, but I really didn t enjoy it Perhaps it was just the audio version Maybe I ll trying reading it again in a few months or something and see if my opinion has differed.

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    A sweet little book about an ultra logical girl and let s have a shout out here for the mathematically minded girls in the house, or a representation of girls on the autism spectrum, as Emma Jean seems to be Thanks for the recommendation, Becca who described this to me as a nice book about nice people and she was, as always, spot on.

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    There s something about the pace of this story, and Tarshis ability to reveal key moments of the plot, that make it absolutely charming This story is also much sophisticated than its simple concrete language and feel good dynamic would make it seem at first Concrete language fits the story line perfectly Emma Jean almost certainly has some degree of Asperger s Syndrome Some of her classmates make fun of her for it Almost all the adults in the story see it as part of what makes her wonderful And sure, she is wonderful And almost too successful to be believed But in a story like this, that s what I want for her Early on the story made me think of Encyclopedia Brown the simple progression of problems and surprisingly logical if outlandish solutions Tarshis recognizes as much, and weaves in references to Nancy Drew The mystery and danger may not be the same, but the problem solving is impossible to ignore I m not sure whether that s good or bad I m certain that I don t like how all knowing the janitor seems to be And Colleen is over the top as an insecure nice girl in need of affirmation But none of that is overly bothersome Like any good story about emotional disorders, there s a strong undercurrent of emotional tension How will Emma Jean handle irrational expressions of sadness, passion, and hope I m not sure that all her responses make psychoanalytical sense, but they feel right to me And even better, she and Tarshis make me feel good.

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    audiobook I needed a fun, light, and quick audio to listen to during my hectic schedule I came across this middle school book and became interested in its title This book was very enjoy and quite cute Emma Jean was an interesting character She was very intelligent and her manner of speaking showed that she was well educated for a seventh grader Emma Jean was also a social outcast because of her weirdness Though it does not explain what Emma Jean has, it lead me to believe that the was autistic Her obsession in doing things that are right, taking things very literal, not wanting to socialize, and how she reacted when one of the characters sobbed lead me to believe this I really enjoyed listening to the things she said She was observant and very wise She was a very fun character.Thoughts on performance Mamie Gummer did a pretty good job in reading this book She knew how to portray the characters very well She was able to capture Emma Jean s awkwardness and smartness, while at the same time she was able to portray the friend Colleen s dramatic character Mamie Gummer kept me hooked to the story This was a great audio Though the story was very simple, I loved it I enjoyed the main character so much that I want to share this book with my students.

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    Grades 6 9Rebecca Caudill Nominee 2010Audiobook read by Mamie GummerEmma Jean Lazarus, an unusual seventh grader grieving the loss of her brilliant father, learns about the subtleties of friendship, love, and solving problems Tarshis accurately captures the various voices and conflicts of middle school Readers will be able to feel the turmoil of the characters trying gain acceptance with their peers while trying to discover their identity Because its exploration of bullying and acceptance, this novel would make an excellent read aloud or shared reading for middle school students The audio book is engaging, even though the reader uses different voices for the characters, including that of an Indian doctoral student who becomes Emma Jean s love interest According to a review on AudioFile.com, Gummer has obviously inherited a facility for accents from her mother, Meryl Streep She gives each character a subtly distinct voice while sustaining the detachment that is quintessential Emma Jean.

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characters Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree, audiobook Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree, files book Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree, today Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree, Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree 7cdda Emma Jean Lazarus Is A Lovable Oddball Who Thinks She Can Use Logic To Solve The Messy Everyday Problems Of Her Seventh Grade Peers It S Easy She Just Follows The Example Of Her Late Father, A Brilliant Mathematician Of Course, The Emma Jean Gets Involved, The Messier Her Own Life Gets Suddenly She S No Longer The Person Standing On The Outside Of All Social Interactions But Perhaps That S A Good Thing If You Took The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time And Ida B And Her Plans To Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, And Possibly Save The World And Put Them In A Middle Grade Blender, You Would Have The Book Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree Quirky, Honest, And Written By First Time Author Lauren Tarshis, This Is A Tender Story About What Happens When A Girl Who Has Long Stood In The Social Shadows Gets A Taste Of What It S Like To Connect With Kids Her Own Age

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