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pdf Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, ebook Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, epub Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, doc Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, e-pub Fables, Volume 8: Wolves, Fables, Volume 8: Wolves 34936884d98 Winner Of Fourteen Eisner AwardsInto The WoodsThe Community Of Fables Living Undercover In Our Midst Has Endured Plenty Of Suffering At The Hands Of Their Longtime Antagonist, The Adversary Now It S Time To Return The Favor And Put The Would Be Conqueror On Notice That The Cost Of Subjugating This Last Stronghold Of Magic Will Be Higher Than He Can Bear The One Fable Who Can Accomplish This Mission, However, Has Hidden Himself Away In The Wild And Will Take Some Convincing If He Can Even Be Found Luckily For Fabletown, There S Something Than A Trip Behind Enemy Lines Awaiting Bigby Wolf S ReturnCollecting Fables

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    I m very disappointed in Willingham s choices this volume He takes what should have been and was a beautiful love story and turns it into something ugly Firstly, Willingham falls into the classicly horrid stereotype of faithful woman waits for unfaithful man think The Odyssey Why did Bigby need to have a love affair over the five years he and Snow were separated Especially since, as far as we readers know, Snow was faithful to him for the duration of their separation and even went through what appears to be a lot of work to make their children believe their father was communicating with them and loved them though he couldn t be with them Couldn t Bigby have stayed in touch with his family himself He might not have been allowed at the Farm, but instead of throwing a fit, he easily could have found a comfy place to settle down and made sure he corresponded with his kids I also feel like if he would have put a little thought into it, he could have figured out a solution to their dilemma a good deal earlier, instead of drinking his time away with Sarah and what was the purpose of making her Native American anyway I found that vaguely offensive Secondly, Snow White s response to Bigby s proposal, Okay You ve defeated me You win what the hell is that It s not like Bigby was always right and Snow was always wrong in their relationship And why would she need to be defeated if she already loves him It makes no sense and is decidedly chauvinist Lastly, Willingham s choice to use the old patriarchal wedding vows for Snow and Bigby was disturbing Snow has proved herself to be an intelligent and capable woman Having lived for centuries independent of a man since her divorice from Prince Charming and successfully run the Fabletown government, I think Snow is the last woman who would need to vow to obey her husband.I hope this is not a sign that the series is going to go downhill from here as I ve really enjoyed it so far.

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    I love how this story is coming together They have done the work to set up the world and the characters and now it s all paying off in big ways, in my mind Bigby is back and his story line is awesome Mowgli finds and recruits him for a mission We also see Cinderella in this version and let me say that Cinderella is an excellent spy I would love to see of her in future stories She was totally kick ass Bigby and Snow finally tie the knot and they have a whole new valley they can live together finally I love how they are able to go back to the fablelands That is a very cool development The war with the adversary is now ramping up and I fully expect to see it get terrible in the future story This is not over and there will be escalation I can t wait to read in this story It is getting so good King Cole was so cute in this story He officiated the wedding oh and we also get to see Smalltown which was so the best I loved that I hope they keep this series stellar I m a fan.Why hasn t this been turned into a series on anyone It is totally made for that and would be much darker than Once upon a time I like that show, but it got to drama fueled and this uses way fairytale elements.

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    This isn t a review so much as a frothing rant interspersed with frequent headdesking and book throwing You may want to steer clear.I don t even care how good the last story was and it was quite good because Cinderella kicks arse This gets a big fat FAIL for the horrible, overblown, gag inspiring Snow White Bigby reunion plot, in which children who are named like bodice ripper heroes and Woodstock flowerbrats are whimsically cute and charmingly misbehaved but never too much because they are the PERFECT children, of course the pretty princess observes her motherly duties in a perfect, motherly fashion and cries overwhelmed tears because that s what women do, they CRY when she is finally reunited with her man and her life s purpose thus restored the rebound girl also cries at the horrible loss of a man who used to lounge on her couch stinking up her place with unwashed feet and whiskey as he mourned his one true love, but she accepts her fate because she knows she could never hold a candle to said leading lady seriously, does anyone have a puke bucket and the big manly hero holds the cringewortiest, OTP mongering, destiny garbling, Twilight reminiscent godawful speech about how he was meant to be with the heroine since before the planets started turning and he s old fashioned, so dammit little lady we re going to be married properly , at which point she continues crying, whispers something about how he s overcome all her defences with his big strong manliness, and wilts into his arms I can t even begin to process all the clich d misogynist crap in this tale I thought this was supposed to be a gritty reboot of the fairy tale genre, not a thinly pastiched re enaction of same At least when I read an actual fairy tale, I know the lack of characterisation, novelty or layers is because it s a FOLK TALE, not someone s actual modern day idea of what s romantic.Not to mention the part where the entire community of generally smart, level headed people completely loses their shit over the wedding of the century, including giving Fabletown s version of the white picket fence family a whole valley and new house all for themselves for free because they deserve it How have they deserved it Doing what Doing their jobs for centuries And, you know, getting paid for it Like every single other denizen of Fabletown has been doing I can t even.I ve never thought Snow White was the strong female lead character they were obviously trying to create She had power, yes that doesn t make her strong She was humourless, stuck up, brittle, self centered and controlling to the point of tyranny That doesn t make her strong either Despite my dislike for the character, I felt disgusted when she was reduced to a barefoot and pregnant moping idiot whose only purpose seemed to be pining for Bigby and giving outraged anti abortion speeches when someone with a sensible head on their shoulders dared suggest that if she didn t want to be pregnant, she didn t have to be I was, however, glad that turn of events moved her out of the public eye, so you know, silver lining p I do so very much hope she and Bigby and their brood will now get to enjoy their happily ever after firmly away from the rest of the action because the next time I see her acting irrationally because that s what women in love do har har, or him being grumpy yet loving because he s a strong silent manly man with a heart of gold, or their kids being cute because that s what they re for, I m going to pull the book apart to make paper dolls Because I m perfectly capable of making up my own insipid fairy tales, tyvm.

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    If you do fall through, you ll have a long time to regret listening to me on the way down FINALLY it s Bigby s time to shine, and I absolutely loved every bit of it Mowgli s story was great I liked how he really had to push his limits to find Bigby and that it took a lot than just a bit of expert tracking to catch up to him Overall, a pretty interesting transition into Bigby s story.Now, Bigby s story was simply amazing Immediately he gets to show off how pro he is at basically everything which already gets 5 stars in my book Also his and Snow s kids are great I like how diverse their appearances, characters and powers are after all, Bigby and Snow are two very different fables.In my opinion, this volume of Fables ranks among one of the best volumes so far 4.75

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    One of my favorite installments to date The plot was great, seeing the growth of the wolf cubs was adorable, and the resolution of Snow and Bigby s storyline great A great part about this collection was that the original script for issue 50 The Wedding Chapter was included complete with snarky remarks and hilarious comparisons This was my favorite Note I am not marking this review as a spoiler since it says in the table of contents what happens in the end Same Scene They kiss This is the truest of true love s kisses since the beginning of time It s every poem ever written and every song ever sing This is the one panel at which the dream of every female reader of FABLES has come true Each and every one of them must be made to cry or squeal or swoon like a character in a Jane Austen novel Don t blow it, Buckingham We sort of, kind of know where your live You just have to love anything where Jane Austen is quoted LOL And then proceeds to threaten the guy in the same paragraph.

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    Graphic Novel Book 8 in the Fables series follows Bigby on a secret mission, gives us his schmaltzy reunion with Snow, and then we go on another secret mission, this time with Cinderella It also includes the script to Fables 50 I just wasn t that impressed with this volume The first stories were kind of all over the place, a lot of ONE DAY LATER and MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE FARM so that I was getting whiplash from one page to the next The Snow Bigby reunion lacked the emotional impact it deserved and then, despite that, Snow cries like a girl That is not the Snow White I know and love My Snow would have given Bigby a nice slap across the face before she kissed him He knows why.Two stars because all in all, not much happened in this book Bigby came home, but even that felt anticlimactic The whole volume suffered from a real lack of tension It needed risk and better payoffs.

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    So yeah, Fables continues to be pretty boss I guess the first few volumes didn t click with me but the last 3 sure have So this is mostly about getting Bigsby to come back to the farm However, he can t do that because he s banned If you don t remember he might have huffed and puffed and blown down some pig s houses and killed red riding hood So when he comes back to fabletown he goes on a secret mission to help push the winning war for fabletown against the evils Also there s a wedding Oh and we top it off with Cinderella of all people going on a super spy mission It s pretty badass Good Pretty much everything of the first 4 issues is fantastic The mission, the wedding, everything works and clicks I love the relationships built, the families growing, and all of that mixed together The ending, with Cinderella being a badass spy was pretty great too Bad The Cinderella storyline, while cool, went on a few pages too long Started to feel stretched out Overall another great volume A easy 4 out of 5 I hope I keep enjoying this series as much as I am.

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    Other than that out of the blue, out of the place distasteful too me at least Israeli analogy which was a huge turn off and almost took me right out of the story this one was another great volume in further progressing the Fables world and mythology just like the previous ones A BIG decisive blow to the dreaded adversary from the Fables community as a payback for that Battle of the Fabletown, which will likely be the stepping point in declaration for an all out open war between Fabletown and the Adversary s empire very soon And our always favorite leading man and leading lady Bigby Wolf the former Big Bad Wolf and Snow White FINALLY got married in a beautiful series of developments HooAah Happily ever after indeed, hopefully 9 out of 10.

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    The Fables I read, the annoyed I get with the misogyny I m sorry, if someone accepted my proposal with You defeated me You win, I d have to say, No thanks, babe, obviously you are not as enthusiastic as I am Bonus for using the patriarchal traditional wedding vows with Snow, a woman who s already supposedly learned what a s y deal traditional marriage can be from one a hole husband can you really see her vowing to obey another And the Israel Analogy or whatever the hell it was UGH, Bill Willingham, UGH This book pissed me off I am officially done with Fables.

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    This volume of Fables is definitely for readers who have been following Bigby Wolf and Snow White s romance I think that it was very satisfying overall I do have to agree with one of my fellow GRs friends reviewers that Willingham committed the cardinal sin of an estranged couple, and that did bother me I couldn t not give this five stars though because it was overall very well done I have always been enad with werewolf stories I tend to shy away from the gratuitously violent gorefests, but I am fascinated with the idea of werewolves and the lore behind them How distinctive each story can feel I pretty much love the whole idea of Bigby Wolf being who he is, and his evolution as a character I feel that in this volume, his story comes full circle, although Sons of Empire the next volume in the series certainly adds to the story of Bigby significantly.I liked the plot element of Mowgli trekking around the world to find Bigby, and how he encounters than one wolf pack You see, Mogwli is in his own way a wolf He s a human raised by wolves, and he understands the psychology of the pack It s another opportunity to delve in that subject, which holds endless fascination for me I think there is a part of me that is attracted to the allure of the wild kingdom, not in a small way I don t spend a lot of time out in the wilderness, obviously So I get my fill of it by reading stories that tap into that arena I feel that Willingham definitely satisfied me in that sense.When Mowgli finally catches up with Bigby, it s to find he has tried to start a new life or likely hiding from the pain of having to leave Snow and the cubs behind I was annoyed at what he does to keep his mind off that loss This is where Willingham messes up, if I can be frank Snow White is awesome I hate that aspect, but I do like the way it was handled when he and Snow reunite.Speaking of, I loved their reunion and where Bigby gets to be acquainted with his brood It doesn t take long for them to grow close to their dad It has a lovely element of big happy family, and I won t lie I am definitely a sucker for that The wedding was fun and it was a great chance to bring many of the beloved Fables characters together Yeah, you can tell I loved the heck out of this volume of Fables I am incapable of hiding my enthusiasm about it Other than Willingham going there , this was a top notch addition to the series, and it ranks as one of my all time favorites.Recommended

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