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    I read some else s review of Spy Sinker, which I admit was a bit of a disappointment because it was an eye of God tale, explaining much of what our hero Bernard Samson did not know, from the first five books The review said that they would not bother to go on and read the last trilogy, Faith, Hope and Charity What a treat he or she missed Bernard as usual is out on a limb, trying to find out what his brother in law George is doing, and getting an inside track on events in Central office from his friend Werner, and finally trying to extract VERDI a possible Russian defector from East Germany As usual nothing goes as it should do, and as usual Bernard is always one step ahead of everyone else, despite the fact that his wife in now back in London and is working for his boss Dicky Cruyer Whether you have chosen to do what I have done, which is to read all the Samson books in order, or not, if you like spy novels, don t miss this one.

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    Originally published on my blog here in December 2004.The third and final trilogy about Bernard Samson follos or less straight on from the concluding moments of the preceding novels, skipping over only the months of recovery and debriefing on a remote Californian ranch that follow the escape of Bernard s wife Fiona from East Berlin where she has been a highly placed agent of the British Secret Service The setting is still in the days before the demolishing of the Wall The confusion left to be sorted out is immense Bernard, for example, had been living with another woman, believing that Fiona was a defecting traitor Fiona s sister Tess has apparently been killed in the fight on the autobahn linking Berlin to the West that was organised to cover Fiona s escape rumours are flying round the Secret Service and no one has any idea what Fiona s role will be when and if she returns to work Deighton left few loose ends at the end of London Match, the final novel in the first trilogy, but little is resolved in Spy Sinker, by contrast it is much obvious that the story would have to continue.There are really two strands to Faith, one of which initially doesn t seem to be connected to the main narrative This is a mission that Bernard is sent on to East Germany, to make contact with an officer who has secrets to sell to the West The other is a private investigation into what happened on the night of the fight and to Tessa s body launched by her husband this is clearly going to make waves by attempting to uncover secrets that others will want to keep hidden.While the story naturally grows out of what has gone before, there are some changes of emphasis We are back here with Bernard as a narrator, which works better than the third person used in Spy Sinker More oddly, there has been an important change in emphasis which has been made without comment Earlier, the point of the fight was to make it look as though Fiona had been killed, so that the East Germans and Russians don t know that she was working against them all this time But now she and Bernard are openly living in the Mayfair flat that belonged to Tessa, and she is starting a high profile job in the London office surely not something that will be overlooked by the Russian and East German agents still in London, no matter how much their respective countries are sliding into the economic chaos that was the penultimate stage in the fall of Soviet Communism.Faith is one of the downbeat Deighton novels, even in a series which focuses on betrayal It is low key because, like Mexico Set in the first trilogy, it is about picking up the pieces after a trauma and starting again.

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    BERLIN, the former commercial and entertainment center BERLIN, the home to some of the most beautiful and busiest towns such as Friedrichstrasse and Schiffbauerdamm BERLIN, one of the most prosperous and dazzling cities in the world BERLIN, the controller of Europe BERLIN, the capital of the German Democratic Republic Unfortunately, that was the old BERLIN After 1946, Germany became a police state It was divided into East Germany and West Germany The Soviets controlled the East while England, America, and France had the West A wall had been erected to separate one from the other whom the Soviets referred to as the invalidenstrasse It was believed that whoever controlled Germany controlled Europe and both sides were hungry for control They were at war and their aim was to bring down the wall This is the story of how they did it Gorbachev and the USSR ensured that East Germany was firmly under the Communist dictatorship They managed their affairs through the Rezidentura On the other side were the Western allies They had launched a secret war against the soviets Frank Harrington was the head of the Berlin Field Unit while Dicky Cruyer was in charge of operations in London Both were under the British Together, their aim was to infiltrate and undermine the soviets by obtaining as much data about them as possible They did this through their field agents and among them was Bernard Samson Bernard Samson was trained as an intelligence gatherer Through him, the author tries to show us the picture of how things worked in the business of intelligence gathering They would identify somebody who works with the enemy and use him or her to obtain as much information as possible They developed various sophisticated methods of conducting the task such as the Tapping of Communication Services and using men whose handicraft could help penetrate the enemy lines Mobilizing Churches was also a major part of the project The Churchgoers of the East were very powerful and cohesive They were people who deeply held onto their faith Just like Joshua, they intended to bring down the wall using only the trumpets of the church This book tells it all in a brilliant and superb manner.

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    This next book in the Bernard Samson series, sees him return to London following the debriefing of his wife and the death of his sister in law during the daring return of London s deepest spy in East Germany And as usual, Samson is dealing with the major characters having their own personal agendas, and whilst at the same time he has to cope with the upheavals that the events of the past have wrought in both his professional and personal life The espionage angle is down beat cold war, where spying for England is the name of the game, and right and wrong seem very black and white However, this book sees Samson s personal life driving much of the story, and as always Deighton handles it so well, deftly avoiding the predictable melodrama of a love triangle and allowing the characters to grow and react as the story progresses Leaving as always at the beginning of a new trilogy questions than answers and the reader hungry for Bring on the next book

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    My feed is a tad messy as I have both the hardcover first edition a paperback edition in my possession, but I actually read the hardcover Ah, what a breath of fresh air this one was after the slog of Spy Sinker We are reunited with Bernard Samson the usual cast of characters The story revolves around Samson s attempting to restore his once unassailable reputation involves the defection of a spy I won t reveal any spoilers, but things go awry, as they are seemingly wont to do in these novels things move quickly to their conclusion I am requesting Hope from my local library, but in the interim, Winter is to be next.

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    Bernard Samson, British spy, the saga continues Bernard s wife is back from being the double agent, why Bernard takes the wife back is the biggest mystery of all, as he is still in love with Gloria, who stood behind him for years and looked after his kids Fiona the wife, turns bitchy and jealous, though there is no mention at all abut the affair she had, or even regrets on Fiona s part She has navigated herself into a plumb position at the top, while Bernard has been put in the paper closet Bernard, who is suppose to be brighter than anyone, continues to be walked over constantly by the uppers in British Intelligence, even though he is doing all the work Also Werner, his best friend, who is constantly being betrayed by management, yet continues to work for them when asked, is always there for Bernie Bernie continues to try and bring out spies from the other side, while constantly being betrayed by his own office Why he continues to work for them is also a mystery Affairs continue with different marriages, dolts get put in high places, and Bernie and Werner continue to try and clean up everyone s messes, only to be blamed for it all The book finishes with having Faith, but can they Fiona does not know the true story of her sisters death, and yet, the spy who was just assassinated, tells them Tess is still alive, but is she Onto the next book, HOPE What do I think, I think all the answers to what is wrong with British Intelligence lies in Bernard s fathers trunks in the room at the hotel in Berlin For god sake Bernard open these trunks We have been teased about those unopened trunks in several books now.

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    As typical, a well written Bernard Samson story As good as the Smiley novels by le Carre, perhaps better in a way, smoother story line.

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    Bernard Samson has his wife back Fiona has returned from her years as a defector behind the Iron Curtain, and they re both back in London after being debriefed in California and given a chance to recover from the climactic events of Spy Sinker But neither of them will be the same Bernard s affair with Gloria, a coworker half his age, has to be addressed, and Fiona has to fit back in to the world of the top floor of the Service Then there s the kids how will they deal with their mother s return after believing that for years she had defected to the Communists Bernard too is busy trying to retrieve a Russian agent named Verdi who is anxious to come over to the West But from the start, the operation does not go as planned I knew going in that this would not be able to reach the heights of Spy Sinker, which I loved, so that perhaps helped me enjoy it than I might have Bernard is in fine form here, with his always apt descriptions and not shying away from his own weaknesses at least when other people point them out He s starting to feel his age, though the young field agent he s partnered with on the initial operation judges him as certainly not young, and his kids are now 14 and 12, no longer small enough to be given piggyback rides He also has much narrower escapes than he would like from various enemies, making him think he s lost his touch As a middle aged spy Bernard is a realistic creation and an endearing one too Am I the only one who thinks it kind of adorable that he works for the Service just like his dad, and that he works with a lot of his father s old colleagues, some of whom keep an eye out for him because they promised his father that they would The humour is also very much in evidence I almost laughed out loud at Bernard s description of Bret s desk, which was compared to Bret s women ultra modern, with shiny legs, black drawers and see through top Much of Bernard s description has a wry edge, too And I was quite amused by his son, Billy, wanting to be a curator at a gun museum Or a car museum.Overall I enjoyed this book, especially the fast paced ending, and am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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    The first book of the third Bernard Samson trilogy, in which London Central hatches a plan to enroll a KGB man code name VERDI who claims he can help them hack into the KGB s computer network And as usual, most of the major characters have their own agendas, and Samson has to deal with and work around all of them whilst at the same time cope with the upheavals that the events of the previous two books have wrought in both his professional and personal life The espionage angle is fine, but it s the latter aspect that drives much of the story, and Deighton handles it well, deftly avoiding the predictable melodrama I was expecting regarding the love triangle of Bernard, his wife Fiona and his girlfriend Gloria On the downside, a few of the changes that happen between the previous trilogy and this one seem a little contrived, if not forced Still, looking forward to the next installment.

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    Deighton is a master I strongly recommend you to read the three trilogies and to read them in order If possible, read Winter first It s a long journey but it s worth every page, every sentence, every word.

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