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    Fake Boyfriend was a cute but highly predictable book I mostly read it because it was probably sitting on my TBR when Jesus was born Then for some weird reason I ve been trying to kick my butt into reading shape and by that I mean. STOP ADDING MORE BOOKS TO YOUR TBR ALAINA READ THE BOOKS YOU ALREADY SAID YOU WANTED TO READ BRING DOWN THAT NUMBER YA TWAT So I tried REEEEEAAALLLLY hard to not add any books HA Yeah, I ended up adding a bunch Which is why I decided to walk away from the app and my computer and read this book.Back to this book, sorry for ranting Fake Boyfriend is about these three close friends Isabelle, Lana, and Vivi and they all have romantic issues Isabelle wants to date a bad boy, Lana wants to date their friend because she has the biggest crush on him, and Vivi wants to date a guy. but I love her because she s blunt and pushy which leads boys to run away from her However, things get interesting when Vivi steps in to keep Isabelle away from her ex boyfriend Oh, and he s a bad boy too.There was a lot of cliche and high school drama that happened in this book Again, I did mention that it was completely predictable right Twists and turns are shoved into this book and the girls are basically in a hot mess In the end, the book was pretty good It was a pretty quick read and had a nice flow throughout Would I reread it Probably not I just don t see it happening It was a nice you are only going read once kind of book for me.

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    Overdreven High School drama Leuk tussendoortje, maar zou het niet nogmaals lezen.

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comEverything goes perfectly for Isabelle Hunter It always has Until the day her on again off again boyfriend, Shawn Sluttig Littig, breaks up with her And just a few months away from her prom Isabelle has been dreaming of the prom for years She s so obsessed with the prom she s created a notebook that has every last detail of the dream night planned out Her friends Lane and Vivi have never approved of Shawn and decide to do whatever they can to keep him out of Isabelle s life permanently They hatch a plan to create a fake boy on MySpace to divert Isabelle s thoughts from Shawn Isabelle shows interest in the fictitious Brandon, and so Vivi convinces her younger brother, Marshall, to start chatting with Isabelle on line Soon Isabelle thinks Brandon would be ideal to go to the prom with The only problem is she doesn t know he doesn t exist So Vivi and Lane have to come up with a real guy, and quick The two girls go everywhere to meet the right guy, but to no avail Only after joining Vivi s mom for some play auditions do they spy the perfect guy, Jonathan After much coercing, they get Jonathan to join forces with them to be the real Brandon The only catch is that soon Jonathan is showing interest in someone else Of course the reader can figure out that there are going to be complications with the story Only the twists aren t what one would expect Isabelle thinks about taking Shawn back, Vivi gets confused when her younger brother starts to get cool, Vivi is crushing on someone she shouldn t, and Lane can t get the nerve to tell her friend Curtis she wants to be than friends FAKE BOYFRIEND is another fun read by Ms Brian She has hit on another popular topic, using MySpace as the basis for creating a mysterious new boyfriend The story will not disappoint current fans of Ms Brian, and should create new ones at the same time

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    La nceput Fix 180 de pagini f r s o pot l sa jos din m n.Genial Cu siguran cartea mea preferat , ziceam, cea mai bun citit n ultima vreme and so on.Personaje, poveste incredibile E vorba de trei prietene Vivi, Lane ti Isabelle Izzy Iubitul lui Izzy de care tocmai se desp r ise era un idiot a a c Lane i Vivi au venit cu ideea de a i crea unul nou i perfect pe Myspace pentru a o face s se ndr gosteasc de el.Fetele l conving pe un tip numit Jonathan s joace rolul lui Brandon iar el i Izzy se nt lnesc, urm nd s o duc la balul de absolvire.De i fusese ideea ei, n secret, Jonathan devine i tipul ideal a lui Vivi ntre timp, Izzy se prinde de planul lor i le bate la propriul joc, f c ndu le s cread c ei doi se iubesc.P n la jum tatea c r ii i chiar mai mult, este ntr adev r raiul pe p m nt dar sf r itul e cel mai groaznic din istorie c nd totul se sf r e te exact a a cum i imagineaz personajele iar cele trei prietene nu se ceart nici un pic i pleac mpreun la Paris Ba chiar Vivi este mpreun cu Jonathan iar Lane cu Curtis, care era un fel de friendzoned Ce Dumnezeu nu e n regul ca fratele lui Vivi, Marshall s fie ntr adev r gay Sau ca Izzy s nu se fi prins niciodat Finalul mi a fr nt inima mai mult dec t i ar fi putut o fr nge pe a lui Izzy Shawn, fostul ei iubit.Dac toat asta ar fi fost o serie poate c Vivi i fratele ei ar fi putut pl nge mpreun dup dragostea lui Jonathan i nu ni s a dat nici o explica ie despre tipul cu care vorbea la nceput Lane pe Myspace i picturile ei, deci chestiile astea devin detalii inutile de i se presupune c de aici i a venit lui Vivi ideea de a crea un iubit virtual Ur sc cartea asta pe at t de mult pe c t o iubesc mi pusesem n minte s merg m ine s mi o cump r i eu dar se pare c e doar o carte mprumutat , care va merge napoi la surs.

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    awwwwww qt 3

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    5 stars

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    The story is about Vivi and Lane planning about making their friend Izzy get over her ex boyfriend who happens to take her for granted Vivi and Lane starts their plan through creating a MySpace account of a guy who would flirt with Izzy and make her fall in love.The same as many stories go, there were a lot of exciting twists that happened from the start till the end.The story line is exciting and catchy I admit that the story really kept me hooked even though I m a little annoyed with some of the major characters namely Vivi and Izzy.I m happy to say that friendship is truly tested in the story Its true meaning was really emphasized in its scenes.In conclusion 1 I really love Lane She s a quiet girl but with huge ideas I reaaally like her and I m happy that she has her happy ending in the story D2 From the very start, I already liked Marshall Even though he s a little bit of a nerdy type, I can feel that he has a cool side and he s soo sweet to Izzy 3 At least, Vivi got what she deserved She learned to shut up haha thanks to Jonathan 4 Jonathan OH SO HOT haha he s too good for Vivi, but at least Vivi became a better person because of him.5 Izzy is a little bit annoying due to her obsession when it comes to guys haha Well, at least he ended up with the most deserving guy 6 Curtis Lane love story courage is what they need to be able to have have each other.

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    Cheesy and a little dated omg remember MySpace but still cute I always enjoy Kate Brian s characters, plots, and New Jersey references this one even referenced the Newark Airport and I liked this one a lot The perfect cute, light, and slightly implausible read to get me out of a reading slump.

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    I love the entire story plot It was very teen ish but in a very humorous kind of way The cover and the title drew me in to read this book and it was totally worth it I was giggling like a hyena throughout the book and it was really making me giddy and feeling a bit out of order I love they style of writing, nothing too serious, yet nothing too kiddish either, a perfect book to hit the beach with or curled with for a good light reading I had grown fond of Kate s books and every book she wrote was distinctive and unique Different story plots of course but the characters are also different in personalities like really different And in this book, it s a story about a close knit friends, Lane, Vivi and Isabelle or Izzy on what Lane and Vivi went through just to help Izzy to get over her breakup with sluggish ex beau Shawn that is including creating a fictional character Brandon But the real problem was Vivi started falling in love with Jonathon The guy who played Brandon Okay, I don t mean to give out too many spoilers so I m just going to skip through that When I was reading the book, I felt pity towards Lane, for not having the courage, and Vivi, for not having someone who could really handle her Vivi is loud, pushy, bossy and any snotty thing you could call her, but she is strong in that way She might be offending at times okay, all the time but she always put her friends first, in this case the Brandon issue, although she was totally in love with Jonathan And Lane, she was like this suffer in silence kind of girl and it made me ache for her not being that outrageous like Vivi But reading their bickering is sort of funny I never enjoyed girls drama in such a humorous way before, hahaSince the story was told in the third person POV, I had a hard time keeping track of who s POV was it from, but I could equivalently understand and recognize which person was narrating, it sort of make the whole reading experience intensifies But I couldn t deny that even though Lane and Vivi has two completely different personalities, I always see them as one, a character, maybe that s because they were accomplice LOL Anyways, I m so liking the ending I think everything ended pretty well and if I hadn t skipped to the end before I read the climax I would be totally taken off guard I did it anyway, that s why I m regretting for ruining the suspense for myself, gah WARNING TO WHOEVER WHO WANTED TO READ THIS BOOK, DO NOT SKIP OR ELSE THE SURPRISE EFFECT WILL BE FALTERED Overall, a wonderful read for a girl who just loves drama with a twist

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download Fake Boyfriend, read online Fake Boyfriend, kindle ebook Fake Boyfriend, Fake Boyfriend 7018d3e16ea2 He S Absolutely Perfect If Only He Were Real Lane And Vivi Have Had It With Isabelle Hunter S Boyfriend, Shawn Littig Aka Sluttig He Is The Only Person Who Can Turn Their Smart, Confident Best Friend Into A Complete Mess When Shawn Sluttig Cheats On And Dumps Izzy Just Months Before The Prom She S Been Planning Since The Ninth Grade, Lane And Vivi Decide To Take Action With A Few Quick Keystrokes, They Create A MySpace Page For Brandon, The Perfect Guy To Get Izzy Out Of Her Revolving Door Relationship With Shawn Too Bad He S Totally Fake Vivi S Younger Brother, Marshall, Who They Hire To Be The Man Behind The Profile, Is Way Too Into Being Izzy S Fake Boyfriend So They Turn To Cute, Prep School Jonathan To Be The Face Of Brandon But When Vivi Falls For Jonathan, And Sluttig Tries To Wedge His Way Back Into Izzy S Prom Picture, The Whole Plan Starts To Go South Faster Than You Can Say Fake Boyfriend