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pdf Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) , ebook Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) , epub Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) , doc Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) , e-pub Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) , Fast-Tracked (Fast-Track Trilogy, #1) c54d766b02c Study Hard, Do Well On Your Assessment, And You Ll Be Rewarded The Phrase Had Been Repeated Throughout Alexandria S Life A Person S Rank On Their Assessment Test Determined Everything Their Job, Where They Lived, And Even Who They Could Marry At Least That S What Alexandria Thought Before She Received The Results Alexandria S Assessment Elevates Her To Fast Tracker Status, But Byron, Her Best Friend Turned True Love, Isn T As Lucky His Results Sink Him To The Lowest Possible Rank And A Guaranteed Life Of Hardship And Misery Everything Alexandria Believed Is A Lie Fast Trackers Run The Country Anger One Of Them And Your Whole World Could Fall Apart Anger One Of Them And The People You Love Suffer Disillusioned, Alexandria Plunges Herself Into The Fast Tracker S World In Hopes Of Helping Byron But Can She Help Byron Before She Completely Loses Herself To The Allure Of Their Lifestyle

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    OBTAINED FROM A LIBRARYTHING.COM GIVEAWAY If you are a fan of other dystopian novels such as MATCHED or DIVERGENT , FAST TRACKED needs to be added to your to read list Here s why Growing up in a color coded social class system, seventeen year old Alexandria Scannell Lexi has no reason to doubt her country s government She is perfectly content and has her life planned out for her and her BFF Boyfriend Byron They just have to get past the assessment testing, which determines what social class and work force you will be placed in for the rest of your life Lexi and Bryon grew up in the Purple class, which is middle class, blue collar workers, and both are content to stay there After Lexi finds out she received an incredible score and placement on her assessment, her world comes crashing down when she finds out Byron, the love of her life was placed in the other end of the spectrum In this, the first book in a trilogy, Lexi discovers the government is not at all what they portray themselves to be, and those that seem to have all the money in the world are the ones with the most problems Lexi makes it her mission to blend in with these people and rise to power not only for Byron s sake, but for all those that have suffered in similar positions I d never even heard of this book before reading it s description on LibraryThing, and that s a shame because I would ve missed out on a great story Except for typo s, the book is well put together and author Tracy Rozzlynn could have a successful series on her hands, if there was marketing involved I m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy, said to be due out late December of this year.PLUS only lists the Kindle edition at 0.99, so there s no reason for you not to download it 4 out of 5 stars

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    FANTASTIC if i could sum this book up in one word that is the word i would use Once again Ms Rozzlyn has done it with this first book in her trilogy Fast Tracked I loved the characters the story line and the cliffhanger.Once again i am left hanging out for the second book as i was with Verita Ms Rozzlynn has made her way fantastically into my favourite authors list If you haven t done so already get this book and read it.and do it now I could not put this book down, what a scary world to be in Obtained for review with Librarty Thing giveaway

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    I won Fast Tracked through a Library Thing member giveaway program I entered to win it because it seems Dystopian can do no wrong in my eyes, since I am avidly hooked on the genre, and I love how many ways there are to twist it After reading this story, I am glad it was available as a giveaway, because it enabled me to read a rather good addition to the genre that I might not have found out about on my own Just so you know, I do give my honest opinion in reviews, and if anything comes off as harsh, I do not intend it that way I have a great respect for writers, and the views I am about to express are only my opinion, and should be taken as such.The first couple of pages seemed a little awkward to me Like the author was so excited to start her story, but just wasn t sure exactly how to begin, which ended up in a beginning that felt like it was running all over the place Fortunately, this doesn t last long, the first couple of pages at most, and then this story settles into a smoother rhythm I enjoyed the back story on how this world came to be Too often, it is something most books that fall in this genre omit, and Rozzlynn earned instant points from me for giving us some background without it feeling forced Also, it added great dimension to the story, and had me thinking hey, this is actually pretty plausible The characters do come to life in this story I was so amused how the main character, Alexandria, goes by both Lexi and later, Zandria Both names, while derived from the same initial one, depict such drastically different personalities, which I saw as perfectly suiting in this story It was almost as if the main character had to create an alter ego to survive in the world she was thrust in, and it was very nicely done And ahhh Avery He was so much complex than I ever expected him to be, and even knowing what I do now about his character no spoilers I still don t know if I should admire him, or fear him, love him, or hate him The only parts of the story that came off a bit forced to me were the business aspects I understand why it was essential to the story line, but I didn t really feel like it was introduced right, or carried out right, and so it sometimes seemed to take away from the story instead of enhance it On the other hand, another plus of this story was Rozzlynn s vivid descriptions of scenery, clothing, and even expressions Hell, I would love for Rozzlynn to write my wardrobe I feel pretty sure if she wrote it down on paper, than I sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on it, I would find the written clothes hanging in my closet One small thing that didn t really effect my enjoyment of the story too terribly was the few misspellings and such through the story Although, that really isn t the author s fault, it falls on the head of the editor, so a little editing please All in all, this story was really very good It had its ups and downs, but always succeeded in holding my interest and making me think of it even when I wasn t reading it This story is a bit Gossip Girl meets modern dystopia, and that was fine by me I enjoyed the cattiness, the power struggle, and the dystopian setting enough that I will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy, in addition to happily checking out Rozzlynn s other works If this book sounds interesting to you, I suggest you do the same

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    Title Fast Tracked Author Tracy RozzlynGenre YA dystopianWhere I got it E book giveaway from LibraryThingOne sentence Their lives are dictated by how they score on the assessment test when Alexandria is elevated to the fast track class and her best friend boyfriend is assigned the lowest rank, Alexandria does whatever she can to save Byron from a life of hardship and misery.Themes Romance, dystopian society, class conflict, Main character The first couple chapters didn t give me much to go on with Alexandria, and I wasn t sure that I would like her at first, but I ended up enjoying how she decided to make the best of the situation she was in, and yet still retain her own morals and beliefs in such an extravagant society She had just the right amount of virtues and flaws so that she was down to earth and likeable went through emotions and feelings and confusion, without being helpless.Secondary characters I thought the character of Avery was actually very well developed, Autumn was useful in her part of the queen bee without being completely unlikeable, and Wendy was sweet, kind, and ready to push Alexandria back into place when needed However, I didn t have enough time to feel that Byron developed as a character, as I didn t see very much of him through the novel When I did see him, I didn t understand his actions, like pushing Alexandria away.Writing style I have to admit, I opened up this book and didn t think I was going to be able to get through it As cool as the concept was, the opening scenes didn t grab me, and there were definitely some writing characteristics that I didn t like For example, I didn t understand why Rozzlyn used Byron s mother s compliments to form Alexandria s physical description Why, that lilac dress is the perfect color for your alabaster complexion and your lovely ebony hair I swear it just makes those sapphire eyes of yours just pop right out However, once the novel really started moving, it smoothed out some of the stylistic problems I had whether I just didn t notice them or they lessened in frequency is still undecided.Plot The concept of the book was really cool, although the idea of being assigned to a class based on a test or assessment is really nothing new What I found interesting was how Rozzlyn combined this dystopian science fiction concept with the upper class lives of the fast trackers, which reads like it could be an account of the lives of the Upper Manhattan prep school kids.Best scene The scene where Alexandria is taken shopping is every girl s dream I was literally drooling.Positives New spin on an old plot, romances, strong female protagonist, entertaining and believable backstory.Negatives Avery s motivation , some of the writing style, the beginning started out a little slow on the uptake , Byron, the cliffhanger ending.Ending Ahhhh Such a cliffhanger I m so mad, now I m hooked and have to read the sequel Verdict Entertaining, fun, blew my expectations out of the water Rating 7.2 10

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    This book was a total surprise I downloaded it off of for only 99 cents and so I was very happy that it captured my attention right from the first page If you are a fan of dystopian novels like I am, then you will really like this book A note about the cover I m hoping this is just a working cover and not the final product because there is nothing attractive or attracting about this cover I know that Lexi loves roses because they remind her of Byron but I just think a interesting cover would be better.Seventeen year old Alexandria Lexi and her best friend boyfriend Byron have just finished writing the assessment test a test that determines everything their job, where they live, and even who they can marry In a colour coded social ranking system, both Lexi and Byron have grown up in Blue class, which sits at the bottom of the upper class They both hoped to achieve a score that would keep them in that upper class That way they could plan a life together But Lexi s happiness at achieving a great score comes crashing down around her when she finds out Byron has been placed in the bottom ranking Orange working class Lexi must find some way to use her new ranking of Gold to help Byron.I was intrigued by the concept of mixing a dystopian futuristic storyline with the upper class lives of the rich and famous fast trackers It s like a very scary glimpse at a futuristic Hollywood gone bad I really liked Lexi s determined attitude to help Byron However, I found the relationship between Lexi and Byron was not enough I wanted to care about Byron instead I actually found that I liked Avery and even though his character is questionable at times Who doesn t love a bad boy turned good My only other complaint was that I found the book ended a little too abruptly Though I have to say that I read the book nonstop late into the night and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy

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    In this book, how hard you study determines your rank in later life Gold status means you can do anything you want, while red status and lower means you re a lowly worker ant, and pretty much part of the untouchable caste.The heroine tests as gold, while her boyfriend tests as orange the lowest of the low As she think her boyfriend is as smart if not smarter than her, she thinks something s wrong Something is As classes commence to teach her about her new status, she finds that she s considered a newbie among the golds A blue her family s color in new clothes There to take advantage of, sleep with and even kill Because golds are ruthless fuckers She just wants to succeed so she can make things better for her boyfriend who no longer wants anything to do with her It even looks like it might be possible, except for the plot twist that would spoil everything Brave but ultimately stupid, the heroine risks it all and gets her boyfriend his correct status and ends up facing a nightmare life to come The end.I thought there was a rule that, even with a series, you have to time it to end on an upnote Not at the moment of highest tragedy Doing so is novel, but not in a good way.Neither is the complete lack of respect for humanity that the golds have I don t see how a system with that much corruption can stand It seems unrealistic Everyone in their place and everyone has a place except that there s people who can do anything and everything they want to The only explanation I can see for it is the conclusion introduced in a book of true history that the heroine reads Their current nation was founded on killing everyone who wasn t white Anglo Saxon and everyone who complained Those left are those who are complacent.It s an interesting book, but ultimately, I find its themes and characters to be distasteful.4 out of 5 stars for a convincing universe 1 of 5 stars for taste.

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    originally appeared on Bookshelf Confessions I won a free copy of this e book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway Ms Rozzlyn is now one of my fav authors. really she s good in bringing her readers to her story luring us to her own thoughts and characters..I have read Verita and it s good too and it s fiction..while on Fast tracked it depicts well..races. how people are misguided by beliefs about who s superior and who are slaves like in true life..we always face racial discrimination everyday..maybe not obviously..but still there it is. the author here clearly relate to us in a novel way. of what really it s like..a great book. can t wait for the sequel if there is one..A short synopsis from Study hard, do well on your assessment, and you ll be rewarded.The phrase had been repeated throughout Alexandria s life A person s ranking on the assessment test determined everything Their job, where they live, and even who they can marry At least that s what Alexandria though before she received the results.Everything Alexandria believed was a lie fast trackers run the country Anger one of them and your whole world could fall apart Anger one of them and the person you love would suffer.Alexandria was elevated to fast tracker class while her best friend turned true love was plummeted to the lowest possible rank a guaranteed life of hardship and misery She plunges herself into the fast tracker world in hopes of helping Byron But can she help Byron before she completely loses herself to the allure of their lifestyle

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    Wow, what a fantastic story The synopsis sounded an interesting concept and I wasn t disappointed Alexandria has grown up in a very different America that has evolved from post financial crash devastation She s in love with Byron but, because of certain events, is prevented from being with him Really, I think this story is aimed at young adults but I m 42 in a couple of weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it I think this is because it is a very clever book and for me it feels that there are many different levels to consider within the main story if you choose to It has politics that aren t boring , romance that isn t slushy or uncomfortable and observations of a society that one would hope was very different to our own but sadly probably is not I think there is a lot to learn from this book no matter who you are When I first started reading the book I loved the way Alexandria always knew what to say and what to do it s where we d all like to be I did worry about the strong element of materialism throughout the story but I think that it is probably a key point that underpins some of the other things that are going on.The writing was clean and flowed well so was easy to read and the ideas and concepts were unique and well thought out It is a very exciting story and, in my mind, Book 1 ended just as the first book in a trilogy should end and I am looking forward to getting hold of Book 2 The only reason I m giving 4 stars rather than 5 is because it isn t my usual kind of book, but other than that it comes highly recommended.

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    I discovered this book as I was browsing through the 99 cent books I actually did not download it first because I had read a few pages and decided to buy Verita Tracy Rozzlynn s other novel first Because I was so impressed with that novel and because I love the YA dystopian genre overall, I decided to give this book another shot.I am very glad I did.What I tell everyone is stick with it It does start slow, and it really doesn t pick up pace until after Lexi moves away will try not to give any spoilers to that point This and because of grammar spelling errors, which as someone else already pointed out is really the editor s mistake than Rozzlynn s, is the reason I am not giving it 5 stars.However, the story than makes up for it as Lexi Zandria moves to a Gossip Girl Revenge sort of scenario, with twists and turns that even I, a well versed dystopian snob, couldn t predict I loved Wendy, the girl that Zandria saves She keeps Zandria remembering why she is doing what she is doing.It s very difficult at this point to keep books fresh in this genre, because it s been so well done by other authors like Lois Lowry, Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyer But Rozzlynn has accomplished that, and I think she is one of the most promising fresh voices talents out there now I am looking forward to the sequels of Fast tracked and Verita, and also to the start of her new trilogy as well.

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    Lately I have become addicted to dystopian novels, so that is the main reason that I choose to read this book Another reason is because of the beautiful cover it has The fact that I have never heard of the author was another good reason for me to read this book I find that the less heard of author can have better stories This is sometimes not true though.The dystopian society in this story was pretty basic The government and the rich have control of the USA after the financial crash Everyone sees the man who fixed it all has god, while the real truth of the matter was forgotten In this society in your last year of high school you take a test that determines where you are placed in society So when she is fast tracked and her best friend boy friend is moved to the lowest level she will do anything she can to save him Along the way she learns some of the hidden facts about the fast trackers and the formation of the society they live in.I felt that this story was written pretty well and the characters were all interesting, even though they were a little predictable There were events that happened that surprised me, which is good because I don t like guesses the book in the first 5 pages Over all I don t regret reading this book and I recommend it to any dystopian lover out there.

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