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    8 29 19 I went straight into this one from re reading Flora Segunda and loved it just as much as I remembered better, because it s been long enough that I d forgotten some of the details The characterization is crazy good and I even liked Udo, who as I recall made me seriously annoyed the first time And the ending is deeply moving All the endings there are at least three This book has so much to say about the families we re born to and the families we make, and view spoiler Flora s letter from her mother made my heart ache hide spoiler

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    This is the luscious sequel to Flora Segunda Harcourt, 2006 , featuring the intrepid and impetuous daughter of the Commanding General of the Army of Califa known to Flora as Mamma and the ex aide de camp to the previous commanding General, ex Ranger, and ex drunk and crazy person whom Flora calls Poppy Their household is an illustrious one, but due to the huge restrictions Mamma has placed on their house Butler a supernatural creature of the domicilic denizen type , the place is decrepit and Flora must do all the chores.In Flora s Dare, Flora has reached her 14th birthday and thus gained the age of maturity, but nothing has changed Her father, though no longer drunk, has become quite a tyrant and her mother shows no signs of letting Flora pursue her dream of being a ranger rather than go into the army, which is the family career However, Flora is incapable of leading a boring life, and soon she must cope with the tasty but dangerous Lord Axacaya, the possession and then zombification of her best friend Udo, a giant pregnant monster imprisoned under the city who is causing earthquakes and much , of course.This is an alternate world The setting is very clearly San Francisco in California, called here the City of Califa, and various sites figure prominently in the story the ruins of the bathhouse, the Fort, and many but the culture and history are very different It s a world of military might and magic the two elements being or less inimical in this society , with everything being run by what seems to be a handful of Great Families, including Flora s family the Fyrdraacas There are balls and extravaganzas, but there are also seedy dives featuring thrash music and mosh pits There are horses, spirits, and amazing fashions Frock coats Weskits Stays Kilts And plenty of maquillage as make up is called Well brought up people greet each other with formal gestures called courtesies, made up of bows, curtsies and gestures that have various ultra specific meanings, such as Acknowledging Heroic Style As a Servant to His Mistress, Respectfully but Without Servility To One Who is Owed Great Thanks and so on There must be a courtesy for every situation under the sun.Flora goes bashing about this world in an outrageously spirited and pig headed way, her frizzy red hair flouncing and her stays straining around her plump and energetic body Udo, gorgeous and always fabulously dressed and maguillaged often his biggest decision of the day is whether to wear scarlet or blue lipstick , is Flora s side kick in her adventures when he becomes infatuated with the Warlord s daughter Zu Zu, Flora is disgusted, annoyed and perhaps jealous.Flora narrates this tale, and so the language is florid and vivid, spiced up with outr observations of her fellow citizens, complaints about her too tight stays, and wise sayings of the most famous ranger of them all, Nini Mo an example is You d be amazed ho much dry socks matter Although events hasten pell mell one after another, Flora s narration keeps the reader on course and caring deeply about her fate which often seems headed straight toward doom of one kind or another She is quite candid about sexy Lord Axacaya s rather visceral effect on her, but she can t acknowledge her feelings for Udo until the very end Endless excitement and boundless imagination, all centered in an exotic yet strangely familiar world and on the most exuberant of female characters There had fiking well be a third book, is all I can say Grades 6 and up.

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    Awesome I like the Way flora is growing up, and the messes she has to deal with and the frantic rushing about, and the Springheel Jack bit There s a giant squid it s awesome A giant squid, a faithful horse, a plushy pig, and Magick I wonder if Wilce is a Zim fan

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    3.5A fast paced book with lots of adventure and twists and turns that keep you on your toes This book picks up shortly after the end of the first book, and since most of the world building and whatnot is out of the way, it allows the author to jump right into the story and keep things moving.That said, there are two things which kind of were a bit off for me 1 While I enjoy the characters, I don t really feel like I have a strong attachment to them, and that s something I look for when reading books Without that attachment the story feels distant and has less of an impact on me, personally.2 I marked the first in the series as middle grade because of the general writing style and some of the cutesy things This series is very whimsical, in the good sense of the word This go round, however, I found that the general style still felt kind of middle grade to me, but some of the goings on were rather mature and would place it in the young adult arena It s an odd kind of juxtaposition and was a bit jarring at times.Other than that, though, it was a fun and entertaining read, and I look forward to the next in the series especially after that ending

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    Guess what This is not, in fact, the first book in the series Why do I keep somehow doing this to myself over and over Either I am some kind of truly remarkable moron, or publishers should really mark books with NUMBER TWO IN THE FLORA TRILOGY when they are number two in the Flora Trilogy.Anyway, this book was good I gave it four stars, but its somewhere between a solid and a very much yes The guts of the book is three star worthy Flora walks the line between charging around being young and dumb, and actually having occasional moments of heart The magic is fun, and the eccentric household running magical entities are the best characters, as they always are I couldn t actually get past the fact that Udo was a jerk 89% of the time he was sane, in order to like him at all.There was this odd dissonance between consistent cutesy slang giftie snackie , cutesy tone Flora referencing absurd Nini Mo quotes all the time , and how unflinchingly violent the book is Flora s humorous perspective and the very strong, pervasive whimsy would have me place Flora s Dare as a solid middle grade book if it weren t for some pretty brutal details that make me think it s YA Two fourteen year olds sneak out to have a night out on the town and they end up inadvertently killing a dude and later disposing of his dead body featuring detailed description of the corpse and its decay People seem to be dying all the time, some killed by Flora Somebody s dead grandmother comes to life and tries to eat them There is some serious tension between how naive Flora comes off as, and the hardcoreness of the world she lives in It s weirdly compelling.The fourth star is for the worldbuilding It s crazy and so unique that I m still kind of blinking in bewilderment Its seems to be kind of Wild West Mexican based But also uses that letter from Old English a lot Everyone wears makeup regardless of gender And also lacrosse exists And the magic words are all written in Wingdings font And everybody wears kilts And you can have three parents And moshing also exists It s all somewhat dizzying, although that probably wasn t helped by jumping in on book 2 Not life changing, but very interesting and enjoyable and certainly original

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    The book starts shortly after Flora Segunda ends, and the repurcussions of that adventure are still being sorted out Through Flora s intervention, Poppy has managed to pull himself out of madness and a drunken stupor and insists on strict military rules for Crackpot Hall Meanwhile, Flora s perfect older sister Idden has deserted the military and is running wild with a group of revolutionaries And worst of all, Flora s best friend, the beautiful and vain Udo, has fallen in with a bad crowd Wilce does probably the best job I have ever seen of creating fictional sub cultures But Flora can t deal with any of these problems, because Califa s earthquakes are ever worsening, and according to Lord Axacaya, she is the only one who can stop them.This is a really fantastic book I recommend it to anyone who loved Harry Potter but wished the characters did a bit research, or who loved Jonathan StrangeMr Norell but wished for adventure The world building, word play, character arcs all are absolutely fabulous.

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    Not all that glitters is worth the shine p 205 Quetzal view spoiler Flora kills her hide spoiler

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    Fantastic This series is so wonderful, full of magic, mystery, houses with rooms unknown, and an amazing strong female protagonist who gets better with every book I can t believe I d never heard of this series before, and now I can t wait for another one to come out The author has a great sense of humor that pulses through the dialogue and the prose and the characters themselves I love that magick can only be mastered by becoming proficient in a language called Gramatica , which is terribly difficult to master Spoken incorrectly, with the wrong inflection, tone, conjugation, feeling emotion, and swiftness, the intended magick can go horribly wrong When attempting a Translocation using magick to go from one place to another it is always tricky because you could end up inside a wall if you do it slightly incorrectly I love that Flora is so strong willed, yet fearful of punishment and being caught at the same time A truly precocious leading gal, which makes a story so great The first book was called Flora Segunda Being the Magickal Mishaps of a Girl of Spirit, Her Glass Gazing Sidekick, Two Ominous Butlers One Blue , a House with Eleven Thousand Rooms, and a Red Dog This second book s entire title is Flora s Dare How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom Despite Being Confined to Her Room The titles themselves give you a taste of the humor, the wit, and the precocity of Flora, which you ll find throughout the books Nini Mo is Flora s idol a real ranger one who uses magick for good, etc Flora s family, the Fyrdraaca s, have always gone into the military, and Flora is expected to as well, and they think of magick as nonsense Flora constantly quotes Nini Mo from her various adventure books and looks to her words for what to do when she gets into various troublesome situations This little precursor leads me to a paragraph I found quite entertaining I am going to be a ranger And rangers do not waste their time sitting in a classroom The greatest ranger of them all Nyana Keegan, better known as Nini Mo chronicled her adventures in a series of yellowback novels called Nini Mo Coyote Queen Coyote being the slangy term for ranger, of course There is no yellowback called Nini Mo sits in Math Class, or Nini Mo and the Curse of the Overdue Library Book, or Nini Mo vs the Term Paper on the Orthogonal Uses of Liminal Spaces in the Novels of Lucretia McWordypants Favorite new words from this paragraph slangy and McWordypants I also love that Flora is fine with what she looks like, and would rather not be all looks obsessed In one moment she shouts back at Valefor, her house s cast off butler who had been taunting her for her weight Shut up I d rather be round than look like a stick That s pretty awesome Another excerpt Climbing across the roof is the trickiest part because it s small, slanty, and tiled, and those tiles can be pretty slickery Favorite new words slanty and slickery The most scandalous curse words Flora uses are fike and phrases like this Pigface Psychopomp on a Pogostick What do you need to know Read these books

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    Reviewed by Cat for TeensReadToo.comFlora Fydraaca is one busy young lady Between her search for a Gramatica instructor, dealing with the fallout of her best friend Udo s moneymaking schemes in the bounty hunting biz, elder sister Idden s desertion from Califa s military, discovering and thwarting the source of a series of deadly earthquakes threatening the city, a freshly sober and keenly aware father, a burgeoning crush on Califa s greatest living magickal adept and old Fydraaca family enemy Lord Axacaya, tentacles accosting her in public bathrooms, family secrets, assassination attempts, and inadequate sartorial resources it s a wonder the girl has time to breathe At least this time around, Crackpot Manor s one and only accessible potty is up and running There is so much going on in FLORA S DARE that it s by no means an overstatement to call the book a fantasy fiction lover s treasure trove Author Ysabeau S Wilce has done a remarkable job creating and populating Flora s world with multiple, complex plots and subplots, and plenty of intriguing information to keep readers coming back for I deeply appreciated the level of sophistication Ms Wilce has invested in the creation of Flora s world She easily juggles plot threads without causing any confusion to the reader By building the backstory of Flora s friends, family, adversaries, and the heroine herself into the narrative, she has created a series that will sustain itself over a number of books, striking the perfect balance between a compelling story and characters that are quirky yet deeply flawed.

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    Flora s Dare How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom Despite Being Confined to Her Room Well, you can easily tell that this book would be hard to forget from the title itself Indeed the book is all about the things above Flora is a stubborn and strong young girl, I mean, woman seeing as that she is an adult now in her world who is willing to do almost anything to learn Gramatika, a vocabulary that allows the speaker to invoke magic, and become a Ranger herself She risks life and limb in her attempt to fulfill her dream Along the way, her friendship with Udo, this boy who is obsessed with his looks and becoming a pirate a Ranger and a pirate pretty cool pair huh is tested by a pair of sparkling red boots and her city is in peril due to a giant octopus like creature trapped in the depths of Califa Not to mention she discovers that there is to her past than she thought I can t delve into this without giving away the whole damn secret so you ll have to satisfy yourself with this If you REALLY want to know in advance, just message me No need to have innocent readers checking out my review for once to get caught in your curiosity.

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download Flora's Dare, read online Flora's Dare, kindle ebook Flora's Dare, Flora's Dare a3bb2024b644 Flora Fyrdraaca Wants Nothing Than To Be A Ranger, And For That She Must Master The Magickal And Dangerous Language Of Gramatica But Before She Can Find The Ideal Teacher, Her Aspirations Are Put To The Test Would A True Ranger Be Intimidated By A Tentacle That Reaches For Her From The Depths Of A Toilet Be Daunted By Her Best Friend S Transformation Into A Notorious Outlaw, Thanks To A Pair Of Sparkly Stolen Boots Be Cowed By The Revelation That Only She Can Rescue The City Of Califa From The Violent Earthquakes That Threaten Its Survival Never Saving Her City And Her Best Friend Are The Least A Girl Of Spirit Can Do Yet What Flora Doesn T Expect Are The Life Altering Revelations She Learns About Her Family And Herself