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    Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.I ve re read this book and the others in this series so many times my paperbacks are starting to look pitiful Honestly, I don t understand how this book isn t topping all bestseller s lists, is it lack of promotion I really don t know and it bothers me because the universe Ysabeau S Wilce created is so amazing, so flawless, so addictive Her characters are just perfect, her plots look I m a picky bitch and I cannot find a fault For the love of whatever you hold sacred, go read these books It breaks my heart to see mediocrity topping charts while jewels like these are ignored.

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    fun and surprisingly harsh YA fantasy novel, that takes place in a world unlike any other YA fantasy novel I ve ever read plus, the main character fucks up a lot and everything does not all work out all happy for her, which is kind of refreshing for a change.

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    If you can get past some of the cutesy language like choco sandwies and other things that end in ie that eventually I got sick of encountering you ll find a fun adventure with a little well, rather plump actually girl who s on her way to finding her place in the world Flora Segunda a replacement daughter, as the first Flora in the family was lost in the War is getting ready for her Catorcena and not doing a great job of it, what with having to do all the chores and look after crazy ol Poppy while Mamma Juliet Buchanan Buck Fyrdraaca ov Fyrdraaca deals with state business, being the General of the Warlord s armies and a very busy and important person in their homeland of Califa One day she stumbles upon their banished Butler, the house denizen who used to keep Crackpot Hall in spit spot shape before being imprisoned in the library by prim, practical Buck His troublemaker tendencies, his desire to be made whole again, and Flora s increasing exasperation with herself and the rest of her family s sorry, shabby state set events rolling towards a grim, possibly abysmal end Wilce s fantastical imagined world is wonderfully egalitarian as it is socially stratified men and women both enjoy high ranks of power and command, but grave importance is placed on tricky political situations, rank, and the elaborate social etiquette everyone must observe Cultural references from our own world are mish mashed together Spanish phrases, Scots like kilts worn by everyone , Aztec like mythology, and a setting both Wild Westerny and medieval at the same time Oh, and I didn t even mention magick yet.I really loved the descriptions of the rooms of Crackpot Hall and the fancy names for everything some crucial scenes take place in the fun, corpse packed Cloakroom of the Abyss , Flora s dream of becoming a ranger instead of adhering to the Fyrdraaca duty of becoming a soldier, and her descriptions of the life and times of the legendary Head Ranger Nini Mo I also adore Poppy, though he is kinda crazy.The story can get a bit dark at times, and conservative parents may worry about the portrayals of drunks, and fourteen year olds with guns though unloaded , and feisty magic words rendered in WingDings I m just saying, there are people who worry about that kind of thing, but I also suspect they have a hard time telling the difference between fiction and non fiction Wilce balances the gloom with a hefty dose of humor, delicious snacks or snackys , and the occasional fluffy towel For a taste, check your horoscope in the Alta Califa I think mine says Running water could ruin your relatives rapidly I can t wait for the next installment

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    I m not sure why I wasn t in love with this book the way everyone else seems to be The setting was pretty imaginative and I did want to find out what was going on with the backstory and current political events etc, but somehow I couldn t get into it One problem may have been that it is written with a sort of preciousness that I have noted as increasingly common in tween fastasy, which may be an attempt to emulate the tone of some Edwardian and Late Victorian children s literature however, this only works if you have a light touch with it, otherwise it comes across as cutesy and fake.

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    Very satisfying Can t wait to read the sequel 2009 September 20I don t think the Possum loved this as much as I have, but oh, my, how I love this.A steampunk world without rigid gender roles but with magick A book about a girl turning 14 who doesn t want to join the army like her perfect elder sister, and who is sick of holding together the crumbling 11,000 room family home.

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    This is either YA or children s fantasy, but I can t really make up my mind which Flora, called Segunda because there was another Flora, who was a good deal perfect but died, lives in Crackpot Hall, one of the four magickal Great Houses in the city She struggles to keep the decrepit house from falling apart, to keep her messed up father from destroying the kitchen, and to write the speech for her Catorcena her all important fourteenth birthday, when she becomes legally an adult Mostly, she wishes that she could tell her military mother that she doesn t want to be a soldier, and distracts herself with grand daydreams about her impossible future as an outlawed Ranger Then she finds a pale, sickly boy far up in a lost room of the house, who promises to be the solution to rather a lot of problems Maybe.I m in about sixteen different minds about this book I ll start with the good stuff This is a fantastically original world A good part of the naming and folklore seems to be based on hispanic and native South American culture the Catorcena, Flora Segunda, the Quetzal overlords, Lord Axacaya but the surnames are something else again Flora Fyrdraaca, Udo Landadon ov Sorrel The Great Houses with their supernatural butlers are creepy and fantastic, and the way that magic works, with the Gramatica Words, is intricate and convincing.The characters are also great Flora is full of ideas, and can talk up an adventure like nothing, but she is wretched at stealth and quick thinking and most of the other things she adores about the idea of being a Ranger Her best friend, Udo, is sartorially splendid and a little obsessed about it Where Flora s idol is the great Ranger Nini Mo, Udo s is the legendary Dainty Pirate At one point Flora casually mentions her pink and his red toenail polish Valefor, the sickly boy Flora finds, is also rather marvellous, in an amoral, manipulative, secretive, sweet talking sort of way.The style is fun There are dark elements particularly Flora s father, who was tortured until he was broken, and now lives up in his tower, except when he comes down to be pathetic and crazy and destroy the kitchen but they come in on the edges, and Flora s usually fairly convincing in her facade of not caring.Despite all this, it took me a very long time to get into the book This was pretty much purely due to two stylistic decisions, which consistently jolted me out of the book One was the avoidance of contractions I am not going to , I was not happy to see , There is than one way to etc It s a dialogue thing, but since the POV is chatty first person, it s all pervasive It gives the text a childish, awkward air The second thing infantilised the text even This was diminutives for ordinary words It wasn t just Flora using them everybody used them The worst was sandwie for sandwich.The plot was also frustrating Flora and Udo and Valefor have all sorts of adventures real adventures, with life and death stakes but they re all terribly circular view spoiler They never achieve anything, a lot of the things they believe turn out to have not really happened, some of the danger isn t real, and by the end of the book they haven t done anything hide spoiler

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    What a seriously impressive and original young adult fantasy novel The name alone, Flora Segunda of Crackpot Hall, promises a whimsical adventure But it s hard to describe just how quickly Ysabeau Wilce pulls the rug from beneath the reader, removing any possibility of normality and dragging us into a fantastic world where anything can happen but that doesn t mean it will.Flora s world is one where magic is real and a part of daily life, but it s rather unfashionable She lives in a house Crackpot Hall made of magic Its rooms rearrange themselves, and indeed, seem to go on without end This alone is a cool enough concept around which to base an entire book, so it surprised me that Wilce actually ignores this for the majority of the book and sends Flora off on adventures that take her all around the city and even a little beyond it But before we get to that, let s talk about Crackpot Hall.I love Doctor Who, and one of my favourite things about the show is the TARDIS and its limitless potential Imagine stepping through those police box doors and discovering that vast world to explore let alone all of the places the TARDIS can travel Crackpot Hall is kind of like that It s a house of limitless potential albeit much reduced and rundown since Flora s mother abrogated the house s ghostly butler, who is responsible for maintaining the house in all senses.So Flora, who is a bit of a rebel, decides one day to use the Elevator to retrieve an overdue book in her rush to school Instead she emerges on an unfamiliar floor, stumbles into a massive library, and meets the banished butler, Valefor Gradually he persuades her to help restore him and hence the grandeur of Crackpot Hall It s an idea that thirteen going on fourteen year old Flora, steeped in adventure stories of the late Ranger Nini Mo, can t resist She s tired of feeling like her family has been reduced to second rate hasbeens And she doesn t want to go to the Barracks like every Fryrdraaca before her.What ensues can essentially be characterized as Flora makes things complicated She gets into a boundless, fluid adventure with her best friend Udo as her sidekick At every turn, she comes up with brilliant plans Amazingly, they seldom work.Yeah, this is a young adult book where the protagonist regularly and spectacularly fails.Flora s plans often work partially, then backfire, and as she comes up with a new and intricate Ranger inspired idea, events conspire to sweep her up and force her to reconsider yet again I love this I love that Wilce walks us through Flora s thought process even as she makes Flora s adventures difficult and despite the magical setting realistic For example, at one point Flora and Udo determine they need to rescue the Dainty Pirate an actual criminal who is nevertheless a very romantic inspiration to Udo They hatch and begin to implement a daring plan to free the Dainty Pirate prior to his execution This is two thirteen year olds posing as soldiers, with a forged transfer order for a prisoner, in order to rescue a pirate Wilce couches the adventure in the vocabulary and polish expected for a whimsical children s tale, but it s actually quite a serious experience and it all goes pear shaped Because, you know, rescuing a pirate prisoner is actually quite difficult, and Flora and Udo just don t manage to pull it off very well.I loved the character of Flora She is adventurous and brave but also thoughtful and obvious interested in reading and learning Alas, her parents have not been the best to her her father mopes around in his den, suffering from intense PTSD, and her mother is a workaholic Speaking of which, Flora Segunda does gender right Califan society appears to have fantastic gender equity Flora s mother is a general in the Califan army, in command of a regiment, and consumed by her job No one ever questions her ability to command or fight because she s a woman no one looks askance at the idea that Flora would, as a Fyrdraaca, naturally be joining the Barracks after she turns fourteen Oh, and Califan fashion is for everyone men and women to wear kilts.So Flora Segunda is a story of how the titular character realizes that life is not, in fact, a Ranger adventure novel with her as the protagonist And in fact, towards the end, the book suddenly takes on a much darker, Coraline esque tone Because during all of Flora s adventuring and mucking about with magic, she has actually managed to place herself in grave existential danger And her only recourse is an enemy of her mother s When she seeks him out, he upbraids her rather harshly but it s totally deserved Flora has been running amok, behind her mother s back, shirking her duties and responsibilities in order to learn forbidden magic and spring a pirate That s not to say that this is a book that condemns fun But it certainly puts such adventures in a neat perspective.It s a rollicking and wonderful adventure that nevertheless has a sense of responsibility at its core Although it s pitched for a much younger audience than I normally read younger, I suspect, than the targets of, say, The Hunger Games I still enjoy how earnest it is The protagonist is slightly plump, not jaw droppingly pretty She doesn t have two men supernatural or otherwise chasing after her She isn t fighting back against the government even though, by all accounts, it doesn t seem to be a very good one.I guess I m trying to say that it s just so nice to read a book for children that is entertaining, well written, and full of positive depictions of people, professions, and even pirates Moreover, Wilce genuinely manages to surprise and delight in the way in which she develops the plot, enough to keep me guessing and make me want to learn .If children s literature is your fare, then by all means, dare I highly recommend it.

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    As the book opens, Flora Fyrdraaca is supposed to be writing a speech for her fourteenth birthday party, wherein she will celebrate her wonderful family, house, and future The problem is, she doesn t think any of them are all that wonderful Her house used to be a Great House, until her mother banished the magickal Butler now it has eleven thousand rooms and only one bathroom There are only four Fyrdraacas left Flora herself, her crazy father, her military mother, who s never home, and her sister Idden, also in the military The military is a family tradition, but Flora would rather be a cunning, magick using Ranger When she discovers the exiled Butler, though, she gets a lot magick and excitement than she bargained for.I loved this so much that I can t really point to what I loved easily It s set in Califa, a sort of alternate California, and the worldbuilding is wonderful it s very refreshing to have something other than medieval or Renaissance Europe, and it s full of marvelous little details which make it feel very complex and real Flora is a lovely narrator clever and adventurous and adolescently impulsive And the writing is just great, witty and full of inventive words without being twee though I know other readers have found it a little twee ETA On second read, yes, I also find it a little twee, but not unbearably so I do hope the sequel is as good.

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    The one where Flora accidentally reawakens the elemental spirit who serves as a butler, tries to rescue him, tries to rescue a heroine s sidekick, and then has to rescue herself I ve read and adored Wilce s stories of Hardhands and Tiny Doom, and that was what I really wanted to read This story apparently takes place at least a generation later than those stories I m struggling a bit to be fair and not downgrade it for not being some other book than the book it is.It s a fairly standard preteen plot Our plucky, underappreciated heroine encounters a supernatural creature whose plight resembles hers It offers to solve some of her problems in exchange for a seemingly harmless favor This causes problems, and the solutions cause problems She drives the adult reader insane by never asking questions or consulting experts In the end, her adventures give her the strength to follow her heart So C for plot, C for characterization.For world building maybe B Califa, the denizens, the politics and names are fascinating, but the novel lacks the sense of menace that I enjoyed in the stories In the stories, too, that pervasive menace interacted in an interesting way with the childishness of some of the language covered with yuck, sandwies, etc , and without it, the language bugged me.

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    I fell in love with the description it sounds like a magical world, full of wonder, where you always find something new with the thousand rooms But then the story really doesn t talk about that much More like the mundane life of the girl who lives there, then how she takes on a problem There is not nearly enough magic in it for my taste, especially in a world so situated in magic Does she never wonder how or why she can wield magic That s what would be the most interesting to me.The world is absolutely fascinating I suppose it takes place in an alternate reality California, near San Francisco based on the Presidio I love things that take place near the home of my heart What else happens in people s day to day lives there Why is magic banned Who else lives in the Great Houses and what do they do Why was the Butler of Flora s house banished None of my questions were solved in this book It was the adventures of the girl, whom I didn t really care about, either I cheered her growing up in the end, as one cheers all people growing up, but throughout I just I wished she asked questions I wished she thought less about her idol and what she hates about the world and about why the world is the way it is Or things about the world I was pretty disappointed.

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summary pdf Flora Segunda, summary chapter 2 Flora Segunda, sparknotes Flora Segunda, Flora Segunda 482041e Flora Knows Better Than To Take Shortcuts In Her Family Home, Crackpot Hall The House Has Eleven Thousand Rooms, And Ever Since Her Mother Banished The Magickal Butler, Those Rooms Move Around At Random But Flora Is Late For School, So She Takes The Unpredictable Elevator Anyway Huge Mistake Lost In Her Own House, She Stumbles Upon The Long Banished Butler And Into A Mind Blowing Muddle Of Intrigue And Betrayal That Changes Her World Forever Full Of Wildly Clever Plot Twists, This Extraordinary First Novel Establishes Ysabeau Wilce As A Compelling New Voice In Teen Fantasy

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  • 431 pages
  • Flora Segunda
  • Ysabeau S. Wilce
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
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About the Author: Ysabeau S. Wilce

Ysabeau S Wilce was born in the City of Califa at the age of one While her parents were on a diplomatic mission to the Huitzil Empire, she was cared for by an uncle what brought her up by hand She attended Sanctuary School as a scholarship girl and then spent three years at the University of Califa where she took a double degree in Apotropaic Philosophy and Confabulation.She then became laundre