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summary For-never, series For-never, book For-never, pdf For-never, For-never ae85a10d38 This Edition Is Out Of Print A WORLD WHERE LOVE IS LOSTIt Wasn T Always Like This I Didn T Always See Dark Shadows, But That Was Before My Mom And Dad Decided To Get A Divorce, So Naturally I Assumed The Two Were Linked Because That Was When I Realised There Is No Such Thing As Ever Lasting Forever LoveHowever, It Turns Out A Witch Cursed Me At The Salem Witch Trials A Curse That Would Force Me To Choose The One Person Whom I Love, But The Catch Is When I Choose Wrong, The Shadows Take Me And Then I Start All Over Again A WORLD OF MAGIC, SPELLS AND DARK SHADOWSKieran And Jayden, Two Brothers, Were Cursed With Me, But They Aren T Fortunate Enough To Start Over Each Time I Make The Wrong Choice, They Stick Around Until They Find Me AgainKieran Looks Like The Perfect Advertisement For Summer And All Things Warm And Fuzzy I Feel Comfortable With Him, He Makes Me Feel Safe, And I Decided Since The Death Of Love That This Is The Only Ingredient Needed For An Everlasting RelationshipAlso, No Matter How Fast My Heart Beats, Or How I Lose My Breath, Or How Jayden Makes My Knees Feel Weak, Whenever I See Kieran Again, It Is As If Jayden Does Not ExistY LOVE S FIRST KISS CAN BREAK THE CURSEBook One ForNever Series

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    Well,it s such an awesome book.When i read the plot i felt like i had to read it.Heather is an English girl who denies falling in love after the bad end of her parent s marriage.There are many girls who feel like Heather and i think that reading this book would make them think positive and accept the fact that love should always exist in our short lives.Sometimes falling in love may be dangerous but that s what makes it so special.The feeling of being involved in a dangerous relationship and feeling safe.It s a feeling everyone deserves to live for.And our two brothers,Jayden and Kieran,teach us that we have to do everything for the one we are in love with.There is always the danger of loosing but it shouldn t terrify us.There are times i read a book like ForNever and have the feeling that Some stories stay with us forever

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    When I finished reading My Recycled Soul by this author, I had to order this book and it couldn t arrive fast enough.I loved it I like the way the author brings in a little bit of real life social issues intertwined with the paranormal in this story Heather s parents decide to get divorced and although Heather realizes her dad is already a stranger in her life, she does not want to be left behind like a discarded rug So she struggles between her feelings for Kieran who is safe and Jayden who is just plain naughty, but oh so irresistible Many times I felt my lips pucker in anticipation for an eagerly awaited kiss Heather wants everlasting love not like the love between her mom and dad which faded too fast , so will she get it from a safe relationship or a relationship filled with adventure and passion Besides the fact that she cannot decide which of these will equal forever love, she has to choose between the two brothers anyway or die again because of a curse on all three of them The story ended with my choice of boy Yipee My question to the author What about Kieran Will there be a follow up to the story

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    Heather is an English girl living in Ireland The disintegration of her parents marriage has left her bitter and unwilling to believe in true love This proves inconvenient when she finds herself pursued by two young men Kieran and Jayden are brothers They are also sorcerers who have been following Heather throughout her successive lifetimes Turns out the trio was cursed during the Salem witch trials and is destined to remain locked in a cycle of love and loss until Heather finally chooses the right brother The reader knows which brother is the right one, and this adds to the tension We watch Heather agonize and falter, unsure if she will follow her head or her heart.The only issue I had with FORNEVER is the author s tendency to weigh down her descriptions with a lot of historical information As a reader, it s always nice to experience exciting locations However, too much detail presented all at once can slow down the story and take us out of the fictional world.If you enjoy your love triangles with a paranormal twist, FORNEVER is a fun and often humorous read.

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    This book was excellent I was enthralled from start to finish The story was full of suspense, you knew what Heather needed to do, but she kept making the wrong assumptions At times I wanted to whisper into the book what she must do in the hope that she would somehow hear me I was kept on the edge of my seat until the very end I highly recommend this book.

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    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteHeather has lost her faith in love when her parents divorce, then she meets Keiran and Jayden, brothers that want to romance her They have a lot to try to make up for in her mind, since she is sure that love doesn t exist What Heather doesn t know in the beginning is this is not the first time this trio has meet and done with dance Long ago in Salem, the trio was cursed by a witch and they repeat history over and over, forcing Heather to choose between the brothers, and when she chooses wrong, she dies and is reborn ForNever is a complex title, in that it talks about Heather s believe that love never lasts and that they have been forced to repeat history over and over Author Lynette Ferreira has developed a story that pulls you in, embraces the present and the past and has you turning pages and reading until the end.ForNever is actually listed as Volume One, meaning that there is a follow up story of some kind after this book, which is interesting, because where it is going to lead is unknown Author Lynette Ferreira is a great writer and this book was so compelling and captivating It had me laughing, crying and rooting for true love It is a great story and I easily recommend it for all readers of any age This is really a fairly clean book, there is no sex and little language I think it would be great for teens and middle school readers, as well as adults Everyone can find something that fits them in this book.

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    I received this book from the goodreads first reads program.I was intrigued by the story, but found myself overly frustrated with the heroine There were multiple instances where the situation between herself and the boys was laid out in detail with obvious clues as to who she needed to choose and yet she still was too dumb to pull those clues out of the conversational context My first reaction upon finishing the story was that it was weird There were story parts that were described in detail that were irrelevant or ultimately left unresolved There were unnecessary characters that seemed like page filler than anything else not a horrible read, but not my favorite book this week.

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    I was given this book for review and although romances are not my preferred genre, it was well written with a nice touch of difference I like the idea of the witch s curse and the possibility of reincarnation.I don t give spoilers, so it is difficult to say too much except that for lovers of romance, it is a good read.

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    Amazing BookThe love Jayden has for Heather is the kind of love I want , definitely reccomend this to romance lover Really wish I can read book 2 to find out what happens next

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    This is an awesome series really love the triangle story.

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    I won this book as a Goodreads giveaway This is my honest review Wow I loved this book It pulled me in from the very beginning and I just couldn t stop reading This is such a unique fantasy Because nothing about it prompted any negative thoughts out of me, it deserves 4 stars And to be honest I wasn t a big fan of fantasy before reading this book The book has so many twists and mysteries The story also tells about divorce, death etc Still, the book was an easy and fast read I need the second book right now

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