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txt Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library, text ebook Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library, adobe reader Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library, chapter 2 Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library, Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library 1a493b This Bundle Contains All Seven Volumes Of Frank Miller S Landmark Sin City, The Hard Boiled Stories That Started It All The Books That Inspired The Critically Acclaimed Film, The Now Infamous Marv, Dwight, Gail, Miho, Hartigan, Nancy, And TheYellow Bastard Will Transport You To Sin City And Show You The Bloody Lives They Lead Bloody By Choice Or By Circumstance Frank Miller S Sin City Is A Triumph For Its Fiercely Independent Creator, And Has Been Honored With Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, And The Prestigious National Cartoonists Award

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    After long years spent locked down, sick and ailing an invalid by law, unable to go anywhere or say anything, he was finally free and healthy Frank Miller had suddenly kicked down the door, pulled Comics Noir roughly out of bed, tossed him a new suit, and slapped him hard when he started to whine When Miller and Noir were back on the street, as the sickly man breathed in the cold night air, and examined the long shadows being cast by the streetlights, he began to look and feel younger, healthier He even felt a pride creeping in through his pores, enough to straighten his back and hold his head up high Miller obviously had a plan Even if it led to a bloody mess and terrible reviews, there was no going back now He had to let Miller s momentum carry them both forward, away from his apartment jail, and into whatever hell might be waiting.They hailed a cab, and Miller found a bar called the Dark Horse, where Comics Noir rediscovered his love for Bourbon and cigarettes Miller spoke in a soft, even tone about the job, which involved a place called Basin City When he described the other players in his little scheme Marv and Dwight and a cop named Hartigan, Noir was uncertain, but simply shook his head Miller gave him a hard look, and might have had something in mind, but Noir met his gaze Hit me again and I ll fucking kill you I appreciate you thought enough of me to wreck my door and drag a sick man out into the cold, but I dunno I m still on parole I ve had this goddamn Comics Code Authority Seal on my wrist for 35 years He paused, pulled up the cuff to display the bracelet, and studied his hands They looked a lot like Miller s hands Alright, fuck it What s the worst that could happen Frank Miller smiled at that, or something else it was impossible to tell with him He pointed to the CCA Seal That piece of shit stopped working a few months ago If you re worried about the CCA don t be Those motherfuckers are done playing their sick little power games I m glad to see you ve still got some balls Let s make this happen That s when Miller told him about Marv, Goldie, the farm, and Kevin he mentioned Dwight, Hartigan, that Yellow Bastard of Roark s, and Wallace But Noir didn t even blink He smiled, and showed his teeth.The next day, Comics Noir and Frank Miller made their way to Sin City , hoping that all the nasty shit they d heard was wrong, and that the truth was actually much, much worse On A More Helpful Note This really is a big damn book, and I have many big books in my collection Its 9 wide by 12.5 tall format is impressive, but that s not SO big compared to the 16 x 21 Little Nemo editions, or Kramer s Ergot 7 And now that omnibus editions are fairly common, 1400 pages doesn t seem that surprising Comix 2000 was 2000 pages, and The Invisibles Omnibus for example is over 1500 pages But when you combine the XL dimensions with the page count wow It s a huge, heavy, beautiful book Dark Horse deserve credit for the care they take to produce quality volumes, using the best grade paper stock, cover boards and binding, while keeping the price at a reasonable level In stark contrast, DC uses the lowest grade materials they can get away with, and almost always set an MSRP higher than other publishers DC s Absolute Editions, which are excellent books, can t compare with this colossal release and yet, Big Damn Sin City is affordable than Absolute volumes that are the same size and 1 4 the length.Anyone who is contemplating this purchase is no doubt a long time Sin City fan, or at the least a hardcore fan of recent acquaintance In the near quarter century since the first classic story featuring Marv was serialized in Dark Horse Presents, a great many Comics Noir titles have revived a genre that was nearly dead before Frank Miller blew everyone away After Sin City, there emerged a wealth of high caliber crime comics Stray Bullets by David Lapham, Whiteout, Queen Country, and Stumptown by Greg Rucka, Azzarello and Risso s 100 Bullets, Blacksad by J.D Canales and Juanjo Guarnido, Scene of the Crime, Criminal, and Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and Richard Stark s Parker by Darwyn Cooke These works are brilliant examples of crime comics done right, mature, thoughtful storytelling that examines our deepest fears and desires, refusing to pull punches Sin City, though very different from the titles listed above, was an obvious inspiration for them all ever since 1956, when the Kefauver Senate Subcommittee Hearings stigmatized comics and led to the draconian self censorship of the Comics Code Authority, the crime and horror genres had disappeared from the racks Frank Miller purposely left DC for Dark Horse, a new publisher at the time, and one of the first to release comics that didn t bear the CCA seal the seal meant distributors were allowed to ship a comic to convenience stores, gas stations, newspaper kiosks, etc By threatening a publisher with a seal refusal , it meant that the vast network of newspaper and magazine distributors in North America would not ship the title The emergence of specialty comic shops in the 80 s, combined with the comic boom of the late 80 s and early 90 s, gave creators a chance to leave the slavery of DC and Marvel behind Miller also wanted ownership of his characters, something Dark Horse was very willing to do, thereby attracting other popular comic creators seeking artistic freedom, most notably Mike Mignola, whose Hellboy Universe of comics, books and films have been a huge success Sin City was the first great creator owned title produced by a DC Marvel refugee Everything about it, from the stunning black and white art to the raw language, explicit sex and nudity, and shocking violence, felt as though each new page could reveal something amazing, and it usually did The interconnected characters and plots, the recurring locales, all made Basin City feel like a real place, as real as New York or Boston Creating an entire city and instilling it with a personality and atmosphere of its own is an impressive feat, and one few writers pull off.Although I already own the trade paperbacks collecting the various series and one shots, as a hardcore fan I ve been waiting for something like this, but expected a multi volume deluxe hardcover series of reprints This omnibus volume exceeded all my expectations an over sized presentation of a brilliant artist at his peak, and a master storyteller s greatest work The only thing I would ve liked to see included that wasn t, no doubt trying to keep the already massive page count to a manageable size, are the covers for the single issues that make up The Big Fat Kill , That Yellow Bastard , and Hell and Back , which were illustrated by Miller and featured beautifully painted colors by his wife, Lynn Varley As well, the original run of Sin City through the 90 s inspired a number of pin ups by some very popular and talented artists, which aren t essential, but would have made for interesting extras Finally, an introduction or afterword by the Man himself would have been appropriate, if this monumental Omnibus is going to serve as a tombstone for Sin City The painted covers for the 1st TPB printings of every book but The Hard Goodbye ARE included however, providing attractive introductions for each story which may be the reason they didn t include them each TPB cover acts as a story break having painted single issue chapter breaks on some stories, but not others, would make for a confusing and inconsistent design flaw but a cover gallery at the end would do nicely The paper stock, as is so often the case with Dark Horse, is high grade, a thick, glossy, acid free paper After seeing the difference between black white art by Miller, Jaime Hernandez or David Lapham printed on glossy Arctic White 150gr or better , it is by far the ideal choice, providing a high contrast distinction, with cleaner lines and spot blacks The painted colors from one particular chapter of Hell Back are reproduced perfectly, and of course, the color specific characters like the Yellow Bastard and the blue clothed Delia add a little variety to his stunning BW art A must for Frank Miller fans More Art book Reviews More Comic book Reviews More Novel Reviews

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    This book collects the integrality of Frank Miller s Sin City work.There are 6 stories a bunch of short story grouped together under the title Booze, Broads, BulletsMy individual review for each story is the following The Hard GoodBye this is the best story and gets a well deserved 5 stars It was featured in the first Sin City movie and is graphically by far the best and has some of the best lines This is the story of Marv and his search for the killers of Goldie A Dame to kill for This gets a 4 stars This is the story on which the second movie is based on and features Dwight This is a classic polar story about a woman taking advantage of a man s love to further her own agenda The big Fat Kill An action packed story featuring Dwight again and that was in the first movie It gets 4 stars It deals with Dwight attempt at making the body of dead cop disappear before the cop notices than the Old Town girls have killed him That Yellow Bastard Another majestic story that gets 5 stars It was masterfully interpreted by Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba in the movie who can forget sweet Nancy Callahan It has the second best writing of all the stories An old man dies, A young woman lives Fair trade. Family Values A story of revenge featuring Dwight again and Miho in the middle of gang war A 4 stars Booze, Broads, Bullets a collection of really short stories that gets a 3 stars The stories are good but too short Hell and Back A big story that introduces a war hero called Wallace In a way it is probably the most optimistic of the stories due to the ending and it gets a nice 4 stars.Overall this is a must read for any fan of comic or polar.I am convinced that The Hard GoodBye and That Yellow Bastard will remain classics for years to come.

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    Ahhh, this series It smells the way angels oughta smell My TPBs My Graphic Goddesses My Sin City This for me is the sole exception of what I mean when I say, Either do too little and let me imagine or dowaaay too much Miller somehow succeeds in balancing one of the most over the top, bloated, graphic tales ever to see print with oddly nuanced, intertwining threads of characters to develop a thick, contrasting web of light and darkness without ever turning it grey Delightful seems like an odd word to use, since you most certainly don t want to hand this to your kids along with their cotton candy for this carnival of horrors From the first time I started reading American comics, this became an instant favorite Gritty, melodramatic, violent, and wild, Sin City rocked my young world I never stopped loving the simplicity of the shadows in these illustrations, and the natural gravity it gave to Miller s words I loved that it could simultaneously be sleezy and well composed, thought out but impulsive and alive Yes, I am a feminist Yes, I get tired of women being pigeonholed as either virgin or slut But my god.

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    Might never finish this book as I ve already read the entire softcover series run collected in this massive tome.I m at the beginning of Chapter 5 Book 2 A Dame To Kill For.It s a gorgeous book The reproductions are breathtaking.This thing is the size of an obese nine year old and you could kill a full grown man by dropping this book on his foot.Ridiculously massive, expensive, but necessary.

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    Yes it s BIG, but DAMN is Sin City good This collects all the yarns Miller put together in the lovely Basin City His minimalistic BW art style works so well with these stories If you re a fan of gritty noir crime dramas with a bit of the fantastical mixed in this is for you If I have to find a complaint this thing is almost too big for its own good It s awkward to hold and read you either drop it on your lap and let your legs go numb or sit at the table The size keeps it from a perfect score.

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    4.5 starsThis behemoth of a book is perfect for a noir fan like me 7 epic over the top noir tales Dark, sexy, fast paced, and with killer artwork Moody violent and just damn readable Highly recommend it.

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    Books 1 4 are absolutely perfect Books 5 7 have glimmers of greatness, but for the most part lack magic This edition is a jewel in my horde.

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    So, you were scared, weren t you Goldie Somebody wanted you dead and you knew it Well, I m gonna find that son of a bitch that killed you, and I m gonna give him the hard goodbye Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything A film that explores the dark and miserable town Basin City and tells the story of three different people, all caught up in the violent corruption of the city.Jessica Alba Nancy Callahan A review of the film graphic novels How do I describe Sin City 2005 Put in simple terms, the masterpiece Sin City is without a doubt smart, stylish, sexy and sick It s also violent and funny Certainly not a film for the whole family, but for those of us who enjoy our movies rated Adult or 18, this flick kicks the head and the gut like a mule, pardon the pun So Frank Millar s three graphic novel stories are adapted into a film which literally screams straight from the pages themselves Director Robert Rodriguez, collaborating with Frank himself, and even guest director Quentin Tarantino succeed in bringing the stories to life with splashes of black and white mixed with lashings of colour Sin City for years was a world that only existed on paper in black and white with splashes of colour, but it was enough to make Sin City live and breathe in ways that few others in the medium have ever been able to accomplish Due to Frank Miller s dark, noir overtones which painted a very clear, and fully realized visual of every seedy back alley and strip club Also the cheap motel room in the fictional Basin City it became painfully obvious that it was just too visceral a place to ever be real in a way that could be upon film s frames, or at least we, including Miller himself, thought We were wrong My warrior woman My Valkyrie You ll always be mine, always and never Never The Fire, baby It ll burn us both It ll kill us both There s no place in this world for our kind of fire Always and never If I have to die for you tonight, I will This is THE comic movie we have been waiting for and it does not disappoint from the first overly dramatic voice over to the last frame of the credit scroll Telling three tales from Miller s world The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill, and That Yellow Bastard the comic transitions from paper to celluloid, flawlessly merging together these worlds This is especially incredible for something so over the top and stylized like this, that it s almost hard to imagine that these are the actors you ve grown to know and love for years But they are and it all comes together beautifully.The cast, crew, and artists involved in making this adaptation a reality should be commended for their service to the idea that a true comic book movie can, in fact, be made without making concessions to the masses, without altering the plot or changing the characters, and still manage to retain the feel that the ink on paper had while creating a truly entertaining film Much of this film s success can be directly contributed to the fantastic casting job which encompasses an incredibly long list of a list and up and coming celebs plus a few obscure but cult favorites, I m talking to you Rutger Who pulled off appearing in this and Batman Begins in the same year, plus the tag team direction of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez Rodriguez should be particularly touted for pushing Miller to finally do this project, and for leading the way to make this the film that Miller always wanted it to be and that Rodriguez knew he could make Deadly little Miho She won t let you feel a thing unless she wants you to She twists the blade He feels it The music is amazing and stylish, narration perfectly delivered, Rosario Dawson Jessica Alba drool inducingly sexy Miho, Jackie Boy, Nancy, Gail, ManuteLoving all the Character s who come to life next to their comic book representations All three stories within Sin City are well knitted together here, will be interesting when the sequel comes out as it is a prequel The Story and book aptly named A Dame to Kill For, will interestingly enough be the source material for Sin City 2 So expect Manute, Dwight and Gail to appear again and also characters you thought wouldn t be seen again The concept of Sin City seems to be a paralleled thought, similar to the martyring heroes of 300 As with Frank Millar s mindset, we see through his work what he s truly thinking Ironically we are all dead men, even our heroes, and this cannot be stressed enough in between the lines of Sin What makes it stand out further is that the town is corrupt but to stand up the corruption, a hero must do something sacrificial in defiance of the immoral villainous nature of it s denizens I d also advise getting hold of the EXTENDED RECUT special edition immediately Remember in the Cinema, the beginning, the gun Josh uses It was silenced Now in this version it s restored to how you saw it in theaters Each Comic book Story can be seen in order,That Yellow Bastard, The Hard Goodbye,The Big Fat Kill The Customer Is Always Right It gives us the viewers choice and flexibility, as if you re reading the actual novels themselves Extra footage really adds unparalleled depth to an otherwise perfect adaptation Amazing Extended scenes, should be owned by any lover or fan of Sin City.Dark noir Graphic Novels from Frank Millar directed by Robert Rodriguez Also a special mention to Tarantino for that marvellous scene with Dwight Jackie Boy in the car Hell s waking up every goddamn day and not even knowing why you re here Never give an Irishman a cause for revenge Better come clean with ya now, sweetheart That was an outright lie I was giving ya about me revolver being wet You see, I m not too fond of shooting It s my preference to blow things up Once you blast the roof off a pub, and see all the parts flying off people, a little bang bang s never going to match the sight of that And here I am with all these fine grenades, and such a sweet beauty of a remote But it s my knife I ll be doin you with Sin City equals a Graphic Novel masterpiece Original and noir drenched style on speed and then some.Though Sin City has been claimed to be a guy film, I don t see why women cannot enjoy it too and know a fair number of women whom love it just as much as the next man Yes, most of the women in Sin City are essentially prostitutes, but these women are just as powerful and iconic as the men and they defend their own territory, their own kind with unrivalled resonance They are not portrayed only as mere sex objects.Everything finely fits together in Sin City It s Rodriguez s best work to date Everyone involved in the making should be commended for their effort that s wonderfully captured It s certainly not a film to sit down with the family Yes, it s deservedly and strongly rated 18 but a great piece to view with friends or company I m eagerly awaiting the new instalments of the saga by Frank Millar and helmed directorial wise by Robert Rodriguez Aim careful, and look the devil in the eye

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    I probably shouldn t call myself a fan until I ve read the entire series, but whatever I love Sin City, both the graphic novels and the films The art is amazing, I care about the characters, the atmosphere is overflowing, and I love series with rotating casts of characters, where the protagonist is someone different every time Minus one point for the fact that all of the women were porn characters I have no problem with any one character being like this, or even any one story having all its women like this but all the stories in one such long series, that I ll admit did grate on me after a while Full review after I ve read the full series.

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