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quotes Frindle, litcharts Frindle, symbolism Frindle, summary shmoop Frindle, Frindle 26efcc86 From Bestselling And Award Winning Author Andrew Clements, A Quirky, Imaginative Tale About Creative Thought And The Power Of Words That Will Have Readers Inventing Their Own WordsIs Nick Allen A Troublemaker He Really Just Likes To Liven Things Up At School And He S Always Had Plenty Of Great Ideas When Nick Learns Some Interesting Information About How Words Are Created, Suddenly He S Got The Inspiration For His Best Plan Everthe Frindle Who Says A Pen Has To Be Called A Pen Why Not Call It A Frindle Things Begin Innocently Enough As Nick Gets His Friends To Use The New Word Then Other People In Town Start Saying Frindle Soon The School Is In An Uproar, And Nick Has Become A Local Hero His Teacher Wants Nick To Put An End To All This Nonsense, But The Funny Thing Is Frindle Doesn T Belong To Nick Any The New Word Is Spreading Across The Country, And There S Nothing Nick Can Do To Stop It

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    I read this book as an immigrant child just starting to learn about the English language and Western culture Although the obvious theme of the importance of language was there but, the one thing that stood out to me as I finished this book, was the beauty and intricacy of the relationship between a teacher and a student I had come from South Korea where respect was foremost in learning, but this book challenged this idea and gave so many reasons as to why the act of challenging authority does not always point to disobedience, but rather, allows the potential for a student to flourish to strive to prove a teacher wrong, in a meaningful way.

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    Okay, so I had to read this for my Study in Children s Lit college class and I finished it about 2 minutes ago and I m still batting back tears from my eyes as I sit in the middle of the student union I loved this book So much My heart is overflowing with unconditional love for this story When I saw this book on the course list, I recognized the cover and figured my brother must have read it when we were kids, but I knew I never had I wondered why I hadn t for a moment but put that thought away I m actually really glad I read it now instead of then Way back when, my brother who is a year older than I loved to read and I did not at all If I tried this book, I probably wouldn t have liked it just because reading wasn t really my thing yet so I m so happy I read it now when I love and appreciate words Because this book is all about words, specifically the word frindle unfortunately spellcheck doesn t think it s a word When I realized what direction this book was going in was the moment I fell in love A smart ass kid making up a word to piss off his teachers but the word actually gaining traction and becoming an actual word simply because people used it and insisted that it is a word Absolutely love I really loved the relationship between Nick and Mrs Granger, too That played out just the way I thought it would I just love how this book shows kids all the power that words have Good words and bad words, both types can spread like wildfire and have the same effect that frindle had, so be careful of what you say But also, words have an incredible power to be what you want, to express what you want Words are such wonderful, beautiful things and they re really all we have and Frindle gets down to the essence of that I think it s also really interesting that this book was written in 1996 and is basically maps out the entire map that a meme takes when it get popular in this day in age I don t know when the word meme came about but I m pretty sure this whole meme culture is a pretty new thing But Frindle maps out the whole meme path and I think it s pretty interesting how Andrew Clements just nailed in back in 96 First a few people know about it then someone of higher power with a wider audience of people listeners followers hears about it, helps it spread then quicker than anyone expects, everyone knows about this thing there are reproductions of this thing everywhere graphics, videos, songs, and in the case of Frindle t shirts and hats and the like then it dies down, but everyone still knows about it and will catch the reference It s probably just Clements understanding human behavior, but I still think it s incredibly interesting that he totally predicted and nail meme culture.Anyway Endless love for this book Buy it for all the kids in your life, but you should read it, too, because it will warm your heart like no other.

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    I didn t read this book, but my 9 year old did and this is his review, in his words I can t vouch for accuracy, but I got a kick out of his response Mr Clements I hope you read these from time to time When I saw the book Frindle, I said, I m not reading this But I did anyway So I was reading and I was actually amazed with the book It had a really hard beginning, a juicy middle, and a happy ending The stuff I really liked was that the main character was a kid named Nick and I really like this part Nick was watching a show and a bird would peep really loud when something bad would happen So Nick decided to do it in school but someone else got blamed I really felt bad for Janet If I was her, I would be really embarrassed When Nick was walking home with Janet, Janet found a pen and Nick bumped into Janet Hey Sorry, said Nick It s okay, here s your frindle Now we get to the juicy part Nick was rich, but he didn t know His dad did not tell him Happy ending time A couple years later, Nick got a package He was trying to open it and there was a pen from Mrs Granger, or should I say a frindle, then Nick gave a package back and Mrs Granger picked out a gold frindle I think you should read this book Nick is like my friend David David is very creative He told me that he wants to make a robot I think David should be a scientist Also I think Nick is smart like my friend Charly He is also funny like my three friends Michael, Freddy, and Joe He is nice like my friend Molly And tricky like my friend Kayla Honest like my friend Mikey So I am saying that Nick is like all of my friends Can you be like Nick Well, let s try by Braeden Cooper

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    Frindle tells the story of an intrepid young man who tries to distract his teacher, and avoid homework assignments He ends up creating a new word for pen frindle and gaining national attention The plot here is similar to Nothing but the Truth, a young adult novel by AVI, about a boy who similarly wants to annoy his teacher, by singing along to the national anthem when it is played over the PA system The difference between the two is in the tone of the struggle between student and teacher, which is best illustrated by the the endings which I won t spoil for you Frindle is much upbeat and fun, and it ends on a happy note, while Nothing but the Truth, is tension filled and the ending is not really happy This could be do to the intended target age for these books the happier, simpler Frindle was written for younger readers, with a positive message about potential and creativity Nothing but the Truth critiques the modern intrepretation of freedom of speech A quick and fun read

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    Frindle is the story of Nick Allen, an incredibly smart kid, whose mind is always churning out idea after brilliant idea Basically, Nick is a very popular kid, who wants to have fun while learning at school.The other protagonist of the story is Mrs Granger,the stern Language teacher who handles the entire fifth grade single handedly.Basically, Mrs Granger with her no nonsense attitude is too smart to fall for tricksters like Nick.And the main protagonist of the book, the one that gives the book its title is FrindleBasically, a frindle is just. a pen.Nick tries to outwit Mrs Granger a bunch of times, with not much luck, until one day in Language class, when they learn how words come into existence, Nick gets the BIG IDEA.Reading this book was such a delight I can t even imagine how much kids would enjoy it Also, Mrs Granger looks like a spitting image of the incredible English Language teacher I had in Second standard The book portrays the student teacher relationship so beautifully, that towards the end I just could not wipe that smile off my face, and it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside A special shout out to Brian Selznick , whose illustrations as always are so GORGEOUS and intricately done, that I simply cannot help feeling awestruck.

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    The kids LOVED this book Especially Max age 10 I thought it was pretty good, until the very end, which was fantastic and I couldn t help but shed a tear or five Mimi said, oh there goes Mommy crying again I can t help it I am easily touched by these things I was very moved past children s lit mommy tear jerkers include Earthquake in the Early Morning, A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time, Abe Lincoln At Last , and the SOB FEST that is When You Reach Me If I was the sole representative of this book review, I would give this book a 4 For me it wavered between a 3 and 4 for 90% of the story, and finished with a big five star ending But the kids were loving it from start to finish, and it is they who are the target audience, so we have agreed on a five star rating And like Mimi says, any book that makes Mommy break down in tears probably deserves 5 stars So 5 stars it is

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    4.5 5I really enjoyed this one thoroughly Its a great discussion of the importance and development of words, and also about the myriad of different ways that a good teacher even one who seems terrible at the time because of how strict they are can impact you as a person.

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    This book is incredibly clever No matter how old a reader is, they will enjoy this.Check out my BookTube video on Frindle

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    Published 1996 Newbery recipients, January 1997 The View from Saturday Medal , The Thief, A Girl Named Disaster, The Moorchild, Belle Prater s BoySo it was a pretty strong year But I don t think I m wrong in saying that Frindle is the most popular of all these titles, strong as they may be and I say this as someone who loves both The Thief and A View from Saturday, and who credits The Moorchild with her love of fey and changeling stories Frindle is real and warm and funny and wise I know Nick, and I know his friends, and I know his school And I love love love Mrs Granger When I finally go through my books and put together my awesome fictional English teachers list, she s heading it I love rereading books and finding out how well they hold up, and I love it when I can simultaneously appreciate them as an adult and remember how important they were to me as a kid This book was so relatable and normal. And as much as adult me knows normal is relative, this was such a valuable read growing up.

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    Loved it This book was a breeze to read, but not light on making the reader think Fifth grader Nick is an expert at asking the delaying question also known as the teacher stopper, or the guaranteed time wasterNick could launch a question guaranteed to sidetrack the teacher long enough to delay or even wipe out the homework assignment So when Nick attempts to derail the infamous Mrs Granger with the question where do words come from , he has no idea that she ll get the better of him by making him look it up himself or that he ll then be inspired to make up his own word for pen frindle Making up words is not something that a dictionary worshipper like Mrs Granger can tolerate, but frindle takes on a life of its own You ll definitely end up thinking about free speech and academic rules than you ever thought a 100 page funny book could make you do Would also be great as a classroom readaloud.

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