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files From Splendor to Revolution , read online From Splendor to Revolution , free From Splendor to Revolution , free From Splendor to Revolution , From Splendor to Revolution 14d74a19a This Sweeping Saga Recreates The Extraordinary Opulence And Violence Of Tsarist Russia As The Shadow Of Revolution Fell Over The Land, And Destroyed A Way Of Life For These Imperial WomenThe Early S Until The Late S Marked A Turbulent And Significant Era For Russia During That Time The Country Underwent A Massive Transformation, Taking It From Days Of Grandeur Under The Tsars To The Chaos Of Revolution And The Beginnings Of The Soviet UnionAt The Center Of All This Tumult Were Four Women Of The Romanov Dynasty Marie Alexandrovna And Olga Constantinovna Were Born Into The Family, Russian Grand Duchesses At Birth Marie Feodorovna And Marie Pavlovna Married Into The Dynasty, The Former Born A Princess Of Denmark, The Latter A Duchess Of The German Duchy Of Mecklendburg SchwerinIn From Splendor To Revolution, We Watch These Pampered Aristocratic Women Fight For Their Lives As The Cataclysm Of War Engulfs Them In A Matter Of A Few Short Years, They Fell From The Pinnacle Of Wealth And Power To The Depths Of Danger, Poverty, And Exile It Is An Unforgettable Epic Story

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    This one rolled in today on my doorstep and like I always seem to do with a Russian history book, I jumped right on it Looks at the lives of four women of the Romanov dynasty Empress Marie Feodorovna Dagmar of Denmark and Marie of Mecklenburg Schwerin, who married Romanov men, and Queen Olga of Greece and Marie Alexandrovna, who married foreign princes As there tends to be not very much written about Queen Olga, this should be interesting Ok, all done now Very good, very interesting, terrific photos, if a touch too small on some, along with the usual ancillary stuff of genealogies, bibliography and the like Four stars overall and a recommend For the longer review, please go here

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    Really, really well done Engaging writing style, a lot of information I ve not read before Julia Gelardi is fast becoming one of my favorite historians Hope she doesn t switch to historical fiction like so many others have, real life is frequently interesting than anything that can be made up

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    This is the second book I have read by this author and both have had me pulling hair by the end This one deals with four royal Romanovs and it is just three too many to keep straight Back and forth between Russia, Germany and Greece and throw in England now and then and sometimes using proper names and sometimes nicknames and sometimes it all was very confusing None of the subjects gets developed in any depth if they had any depth to start with just being royal doesn t always hack it The book did make realize that terrorism and suicide bombers are nothing new to our generation I think I d like to see what the author could do with a biography of one strong personality.

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    I admit I m grading this on a bit of a scale, because I also just read The Romanovs 1613 1918 and Former People The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy and this book was not as good as either of them That may seem unfair, but we have to consider that I was super fresh on the material for this time period but I still had trouble following it The author said in the beginning that she would rely on nicknames to sort out all of the Maries and Olgas, but then she doesn t, so I had a hard time keeping the characters straight, even with dynasty and family trees in the introduction Since this book was mostly about Romanov women and how they interacted, it relied on me being able to tell them apart than Russian and global politics, which I find easier Still, it was interesting.

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    My biggest problem with this book is that it tried to cover too much Perhaps if the author centered on two of the ladies instead of four She also wrote chronologically and while this usually works best, she jumped from person to person without sometimes finishing the part she jumped from Also the names were confusing, as usually happens with European royalty The names are used repeatedly from person to person, and even adding the patronymics didn t always help.Then there is the use of titles She also discussed minor characters whose names were similar as many of them were cousins or children or grandchildren I would like to see Ms Gelardi write a biography of one person It is only the confusion of characters which ruins the book I had another book by her on my Wish List, but since it also involves multiple main characters of the same family, I have removed it.

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    This was a fascinating book It was an incredibly rich, well researched look at some very important women, who can be overlooked by many history books The period examined was one that was incredibly important to Russian and European history The changes experienced by that society in such a short amount of time were unbelievable If you re looking for a detailed examination of the fall of the Romanov empire as viewed from within the royal family, this is a great book for that Also, the author truly has a way of making this non fiction read so well It was never dry or dull at all I can t wait to read by her.

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    An interesting book I m always fascinated by the lives of the lesser known Romanovs and this book gives a good depiction of their lives and times.

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    Born to Rule Five Reigning Consorts, Granddaughters of Queen Victoria, also by Julia Gelardi, stands out in my memory as one of the best books I ve ever read The complex subject matter was made into a page turning narrative The history was a back drop, and the focus was on the granddaughters of Queen Victoria who also became queens If permitted seven stars I d have awarded them.This book on four contemporaneous Romanov matriarchs, while very good, does not equal the other in readability or focus In this new book, there is detail on history and the portraits of Marie of Romania and the Tsarina Alexandra subjects of the earlier book are a bit long for this occasion Despite this, and a sometimes awkward insertion of direct quotes from primary sources, the book is very good and an achievement for the author.Of the four portraits, that of Empress Marie Feodorovna Dagmar Minnie dominates the others in this book, as she, herself, probably did in life She is every bit the Empress Her sister in law, Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna, had substance beyond her life of the party persona and had plenty of reason for I told you so dating back to Nicholas II s early days as Tsar I wonder how an alternative history, with her husband Vladmir as Tsar, would have played out.Queen Olga of Greece, the daughter of Alexander II s brother Constantine experienced the upheavals in her native Russia as well as her adopted Greece Marie Alexandrovna, the only daughter of Alexander II to survive childhood, married Queen Victoria s son and thereby became the Duchess of Edinburgh and eventually through her husband s inherited throne, the Duchess of Saxe Colburg Gotha.These matriarchs spent far too much time plotting marriages that never seem to yield fruitful alliances and too much energy on objecting to love matches with commoners and divorcees Those in Russia were blithely unaware of the conditions in their country For instance, they decked out in jewels for the first meeting of the Duma, as though it would be something like a court event They may have thought they could impress the commoners with the accoutrements of royalty They did not seem to even glimpse that their imperial life style depended on a system that essentially guaranteed poverty to others Their acts of charity, particularly during the war, while commendable, were merely band aids for a system not designed to consider the needs of the everyday soldier.I ve read a number of books on this period in Russia, but this is the first time I ve been impressed with how many times Nicholas II was warned about the influence of Rasputin Many royals and their staffs envisioned the collision course they are on and wrote in their diaries or otherwise recorded the disaster for Russia that they saw brewing Nicholas II, in his ineptitude, is a poster child for the folly of autocratic monarchies He even botched his abdication by not checking with his named successor.The author makes excellent use of many sources, and the text is well documented This is a great addition to research on this era and I highly recommend if for those interesting in Russia and the Romanovs.

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    Excellent moment to moment description of the Romanov women Clearly the author did an amazing amount of research A must read for anyone interested in turn of the century monarchies.Note would have rated 4.5 stars only wished some of the sequence of events were specified by date rather than merely month, though I understand the calendar differences would have been complicated Otherwise excellent.

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    I loved this book There is quite a bit written about the unfortunate last Tsar and Tsarina but not as much about the other royals of Russia Great details about the Romanovs, their rich balls and celebrations, the many arguments between the aunts and uncles, it s all here in glorious details You get to know the family and their lifestyle.

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