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txt Funeral in Berlin, text ebook Funeral in Berlin, adobe reader Funeral in Berlin, chapter 2 Funeral in Berlin, Funeral in Berlin 2ab303 In Berlin, Where Neither Side Of The Wall Is Safe, Colonel Stok Of Red Army Security Is Prepared To Sell An Important Russian Scientist To The West For A PriceBritish Intelligence Is Willing To Pay, Providing Its Own Top Secret Agent Is In Berlin To Act As Go Between But It Soon Becomes Apparent That Behind The Facade Of An Elaborate Mock Funeral Lies A Game Of Deadly Maneuvers And Ruthless Tactics A Game In Which The Bloodstained Legacy Of Nazi Germany Is Enmeshed In The Intricate Moves Of Cold War Espionage

About the Author: Len Deighton

Deighton was born in Marylebone, London, in 1929 His father was a chauffeur and mechanic, and his mother was a part time cook After leaving school, Deighton worked as a railway clerk before performing his National Service, which he spent as a photographer for the Royal Air Force s Special Investigation Branch After discharge from the RAF, he studied at St Martin s School of Art in London in

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    I quite enjoyed this Len Deighton novel I had seen the Harry Palmer movies starring Michael Caine Funeral in Berlin and The Ipcress File way back when and loved them So I thought I d give the novels a try Glad I did The writing is sharp and witty and Deighton s style is quite unique.Funeral in Berlin is a spy novel set in the 60s Of course, if you re looking for a spy or secret agent in the James Bond mold, you won t find him here The novel centers around a proposed smuggling of a scientist across the Berlin wall The characters are colorful and interesting even the bureaucrats and everyone seems to have their own agenda Our hero has to figure out who s after what, and at times he struggles to do so A clever plot that unfolds nicely Bottom line, this is a cerebral spy thriller not really a lot of action If you enjoy quality writing and an intelligent spy novel, you might want to give it a try.

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    Originally published on my blog here in January 2004.Because it is the main focus of the Bernard Samson novels, Berlin might appear to be something of an obsession with Deighton It actually features remarkably rarely in his other novels, particularly considering its unique position during the Cold War as a bastion of the West surrounded by the Soviet bloc It does, however, feature heavily in the third Harry Palmer novel, as the title obviously indicates.The plot of Funeral in Berlin is apparently the mirror image of The The Ipcress File, with Palmer trying to arrange the reception for a Russian scientist defecting via West Berlin But it soon becomes obvious that this isn t quite what is going on why, for example, are those involved so insistent that the scientist s fake papers should be in a particular name when any would do for what they are claiming to want them for The whole of this novel, like Deighton s first two, revolves around things not being quite what they seem, right up to the ending with its particularly surprising revelations This was not the first time I d read the novel I d forgotten the details but remembered the gist and still found it exciting Deighton s novels do tend to be designed around this kind of misdirection, and it is of course a style particularly appropriate to the spy novel.The setting of Berlin is atmospheric, because it is full of nervous, posturing tough guys both would be and really tough the descriptions are not as fully developed as they became in later years when Deighton s novels increased in length Funeral in Berlin is less than half as long than Berlin Game, for instance The most sympathetic character, as far as Palmer is concerned, is a Russian KGB colonel for him, the distinction in the espionage business is between professionals and amateurs, rather than between friends and enemies.The world of the spy as documented by Deighton continued to be a male dominated one through his entire career, and in fact never completely loses the old boy network feel that Palmer is so cynical about in The Ipcress file Bernard Samson complains about this twenty years later on Here, the two female characters are good looking young women, one Palmer s secretary and lover who does most of the routine work assigned to him, and the other a rather naive agent for some other power, whose seduction of Palmer seems to have slipped out of a James Bond story Having mentioned Ian Fleming s famous spy in this context, though, I should point out that Deighton has moved on from Fleming s insistent misogyny Palmer is a much brighter but less flamboyant character than Bond, too Apart from The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin is the best of the Harry Palmer novels, sharing its best quality an ability to surprise even after all these years.

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    Looking back, the Communists were a worthy enemy There were no suicide vests or improvised explosive devices aimed at innocent civilians Religious wars are always the most brutal Mind you, the Russians weren t Boy Scouts, either But after the ugliness and indiscriminate savagery of the current Sunni Muslim jihad against the West, I grow downright nostalgic about the 1960s.Lately, I have been reading the three great spy novelists of that time with great pleasure I just finished Funeral in Berlin by one of them, the great Len Deighton The other two were Ian Fleming of James Bond fame, and John Le Carr , author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Spy Who Came In from the Cold.Funeral in Berlin is typical of the period The hero, who is called Harry Palmer in the movies but is unnamed in the books, arranges to transfer a Russian scientist to West Berlin by means of a coffin No one seems to be trustworthy In fact, the character one would think would be the most villainous, Colonel Stok of the KGB, is actually the most sympathetic character that Harry encounters The people who are supposedly his allies are an untrustworthy lot two of them try to kill him, others just want to sell him down river.In comparison, James Bond is almost never surprised by villains who are supposed to be on the same side as him There are all those lovely girls, and Felix Leiter of the CIA appears as a supporting hero in several of the novels.Only Le Carr comes close to Deighton in creating a murky world of spies and supposed friends My favorite of his books is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which has been made into an excellent film and a great British TV series starring Sir Alez Guinness as George Smiley.

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    This was fun Deighton overcooked at times we get it Hallam s tight but always enjoyable and not, thankfully, horribly confusing.Additional excitement 1 a previous owner of my copy had used their 1 3d ticket for London bus route 137 as a bookmark.Additional excitement 2 someone has scribbled out the name of the fireworks company on p 232 I understand from wikipedia that there was a court case and this paragraph was removed from later editions He was a big boned man, his hair was cropped to the skull and his complexion was like something the dog had been playing with Samantha lived in the sort of road where driving schools teach people to turn around Hallam clasped his thin hands behind his head and swung gently from side to side in his swivel chair As the light from the window moved across his features, I could see the handsome ground plan of his bombed out face Now the powdery skin, sun lamped to a pale nicotine colour, was supported only by his cheek bones, like a tent when the guy ropes are slackened He sipped a little coffee and then settled the cup into the saucer like he was landing a damaged helicopter The red cloaked Horse Guards sat motionless clutching their sabres and thinking of metal polish and sex The taxi driver jammed the flag down and pulled abruptly back into the traffic A man in a Mini shouted You stupid bastard at my driver and I nodded in agreement His face was very white and very wrinkled like a big ball of string, That basically was why the English would never be good at doing anything they were amateurs Such amateurs that finally someone standing by couldn t watch their bungling any longer, and took over That s what America had done in two Word Wars Perhaps it was all part of a vast British conspiracy.

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    I enjoyed this story In some aspects, I had no idea what was going on, but at the same time, it didn t matter This is a Cold War spy mystery, that meanders along to its ending but is so well written, that it was a pleasure to read The basic premise is that the main character, Harry Salzman, a British operative, is in Berlin trying to arrange for the smuggling of a British scientist from the East through the Berlin wall back to the West But that is the story at its simplest The tale wanders from London to Berlin, east and west, to Czechoslovakia and France and contains a cast of characters, from Salzman to his capable assistant one of my favourite characters even if she is only rarely in it , Jean to his boss, Dawlish, the Russian, Stok, etc that you love meeting and enjoy the interactions Each chapter discusses the rules of chess and various plays and moves and ultimately, this is the crux of the story, a chess game with players feinting and moving across the board until the end And who will win the game You have to read Funeral in Berlin Enjoy

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    A sparkling, racy, supersmart cold war spy story that packs than a punch Len Deighton is an acclaimed historian, and Funeral in Berlin owes much of its smart as hell real life references accurate sense of time to that fact.I enjoyed it immensely and I think this book has brought me back full circle to my old love for historically accurate and inspired genre novels John Le Carre, here I come again

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    This is not a casual read The plot is complicated, there are numerous devastating plot twists, and a shocker reveal at the end in my opinion, this is the best of Deighton that I ve read so far, and book number three of the Palmer series, although that character is unnamed in these books.

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    This was fun zany, not as serious as the Samson works And, the real mystery is revealed only at the end.

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    I didn t care for this one as much as The Ipcress File The multiple narrative wasn t as effective as the straight first person of TIF, and occasionally flat out failed I ll read Deighton though, because overall he tips the scale toward the positive side in terms of an entertaining genre read.

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    Quite up to the early Deighton standard, with chess theory as the controlling structural metaphor.

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