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    I first read Gilda Joyce EIGHT YEARS AGO I remember picking it out from the library because the girl on the cover looked like me haha I had no idea what psychic meant, and it was probably my first encounter with the word suicide I remember being really creeped out by all the seances and ghost stories, but I have to say on re reading as an adult I m a little disappointed The story moves really slowly, and considering everyone in the beginning says that the woman who jumped from the tower killed herself, I was generally confused at what Gilda had to investigate It seemed like the story wasn t really moving forward, and I was hoping to be gripped way than I actually was Still, Gilda s definitely a character with her extended vocabulary and perchance for making up stories I have the second one to move on to, which I m hoping will be exciting because it s set in a boarding school

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    It is a cute book about a young girl who spends her summer trying to be a wait for it psychic detective It s a nice piece of YA, with a few particularly compelling parts One is Gilda herself who is a fabulous character up for anything, willing to be weird, obsessed with her future career that with boys, etc The other is the way that Allison handles Gilda s father s death She doesn t shy away from the pain and loss Gilda feels, but it isn t one of those emotionally manipulative tearjerker books either Gilda s father has died, she needs to deal with that It s nicely done, and I think that a young teenager who had experienced similar loss would appreciate the meaningful, yet matter of fact way this was addressed As for the book itself, the central mystery and subsequent emotional growth upon solving it was simple but sweet I m not going to run out and purchase the sequel, but when I have young adults to push books on, I would suggest that they get to know Gilda She is worth knowing.

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    This was a book in the memorial section of my library, I work in a K 5 building, so I picked it up for some middle reader fun, and fun it was Glida reminds me of me in Junior High, I spent all my time writing scary stories and thought I d end up solving mysteries when I grew up, instead I just ended up reading about mysteries as a Librarian, haha Some of my parents might have issues with some of the language in this book hell twice, bitchy as I work with 5th graders as my highest grade.AR level is a 6.5, so it is of a middle schooler book I throughly enjoyed this one, the sad parts made me sniffle, the scary parts were scary, Glida was orginal and funny The only issue I might have, besides the language, was the ending left me wondering if this had been a ghost story or not, I d like to think it was one, but most of the evidence could make it go either way I really enjoyed this though, and I know I have some really orginal kids that might see themselves a bit in Gilda as well

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    Awww I really liked this as a kid This was one of the first books which made me want to become a writer Gilda has this super cool old typewriter and since then, I wanted one for myself spoiler I never got one.

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    Gilda Joyce is a good easy, weekend read Fast paced and entertaining, it may not be very though provoking but it s good all the same.

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    I loved the writing of this book, and I enjoyed the two main characters BUT the mystery was never solved And Gilda is not psychic I thought a lot of the subject matter was inappropriate for children Porno websites, Playboy, ouija boards and seances which are expected with the book title , some questionable language hell, bitchy and a loving mother who smokes in the car with her 13 year old daughter Most importantly was the way the book dealt with suicide and mental illness The secondary character is clearly depressed from her introduction She is the niece of someone who has committed suicide, a suicide gene is mentioned, and her parents make mention of the their concern the girl doesn t end up like her aunt She even toys with the idea of suicide In the end, nothing is done for this girl concerning her mental state besides being put on drugs at 13 and who knows how much younger She is never sent to therapy, in fact the situation is never discussed with her family Really rather sad The mystery, what was the mystery SPOILER If it was what are the sounds coming from the tower, then that was solved In fact it needed no psychic investigation to do so If it was how or why the aunt died, that was established early on and did not need investigation as there was no mystery If it was who the ghost is and what it wanted, well that is never addressed

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    Gilda m uchv tila a vsad m se, e kdybych tuhle kn ku etla p ed n jak mi patn cti, osmn cti lety, byla by mou hrdinkou a vzorem a taky bych se mo n stala parapsychologickou vy et ovatelkou.P b h beru takov , jak je, tedy napsan pro d vky kolou povinn , a z tohoto pohledu jsem ochotn odpustit i drobn nep esnosti, jako nap klad v chov n rodi , kter je sp e p izp sobeno plynulosti p b hu ne re ln mu ivotu.Gild je t in ct, ale je zatracen chytr tyhle holky m m r da, t eba Elsu z Babi ky Chce vy et ovat z hady, r da se p evl k a sleduje lidi kte ji za to nemaj r di Kdy skon kola a jej kamar dka odjede, Gilda nev , co s na at mi pr zdninami, a tak se pozve na n v t vu do San Franciska do domu mat ina bratrance.Tento d m je shodou okolnosti pln duch , a tak v n m ije Julie, Gildina vzd len sest enice, kter je n hodou ve stejn m v ku D m hal tajemstv Juliiny tety Melanie, kter sp chala sebevra du, kdy byla Julie mal , ale jej otec o tom v bec nechce mluvit A tak m e za t vy et ov n.Sledovat Gildu, jak se sna skamar dit s Juli , je z bavn , stejn jako z dosp l ho pohledu pitomosti, kter p ch p i sv m vy et ov n P b h je ale kon dob e Duch tety Melanie m e odej t a Gilda s Juli se stanou kamar dkami.P jemn a z bavn v kendov ten.

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    Quirky 14 year old Gilda Joyce has been obsessed with the paranormal ever since her father passed away from cancer when she was twelve In his will, he left her his cherished typewriter, and she believes that her father s spirit will carry on whenever she uses her typewriter Shortly after her father died, she found a book about being a psychic in a yard sale, and believing that she could reach her father somehow, decided to launch her own business as a psychic investigator Her first case comes when she goes from Michigan to visit her long lost relatives in San Francisco There, she uncovers the mysteries of the old, Victorian styled mansion where Lester Splinter and his daughter 13 year old Juliet lives one which involves the tragic death of Lester s sister under weird circumstances Verdict Definitely read, read, READ this book series Actually, just read the first book not really because the first book will get you hooked Gilda is such a lovable character and although this book series is marketed under the children s section, this book has so much depth and creepiness aka scary unexpected moments that balances well with Gilda s easygoing and happy funny personality.

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    Much better than I expected Gilda is a likeable, creative character and the story is well written and original I loved the front cover illustration and I loved Allison s writing style this book had the exact right balance of humor and seriousness to make it really effective.

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download Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, read online Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, kindle ebook Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator 7d4fb7641e58 Ever Since Her Father Died, Quirky Gilda Joyce Has Been Working Hard To Sharpen Her Psychic Skills She S Determined To Communicate With Spirits From The Other Side And Become A Crack Investigator Of Spooky, Twisted Mysteries After Wrangling An Invitation To Visit Relatives In San Francisco, Gilda Discovers That Her Dreary, Tight Lipped Uncle And His Strange, Delicate Daughter Need Her Help To Uncover The Terrible Family Secret That Has A Tortured Ghost Stalking Their Home From Poignant To Hair Raising And Hilarious, This Is A Behind The Scenes, Tell All Account Of The Very First Case In The Illustrious Career Of Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator