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pdf Harry's Game, ebook Harry's Game, epub Harry's Game, doc Harry's Game, e-pub Harry's Game, Harry's Game ce59118bdb6 A British Cabinet Minister Is Gunned Down By An IRA Assassin, Leaving An Undercover Agent To Track Down The Killer Before He Himself Is Killed In The Wake Of A National Outcry, Harry Brown Is Sent In To Find Out What He Can, With The Killer Having Disappeared In The City Of Belfast For Harry Brown, Suspicion Is Cast Upon Him From As Soon As He Arrives In Belfast, During The Height Of The Troubles, Where A Single Wrong Move Could Result In Your Immediate Danger

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    The printing of this special twentieth anniversary edition has been restricted to five hundred numbered copies, this is copy 363, signed by its writer Gerald Seymour When a cabinet ranking politician gets shot in London in front of his wife and children the Prime Minister decides that this will have consequences and he wants the killer Enter Harry Brown successful in an earlier undercover assignment and utterly unknown to the fighting parties in Northern Ireland He is prepared rather quickly for the job and released into a war in his own country he is not really prepared for at all His is bound to fail in his job because of the situation he is being send into.We see the mess that is Northern Ireland in Belfast through the eyes of Harry who has to find his way through the maze without having one of the regular parties knowing about him and his goal When they find out it starts a interdepartmental row that in the end leads to a shoot out in the streets.The writer has shown us an insight in the world of Northern Ireland and nobody in this book comes off looking good, it is perhaps the best mirror of the situation it was in the seventies when the terror and killing in Northern Ireland was destroying lives Both sides in this book come off as calculating and offering men for causes When I studied in Northern England I remember one morning walking out of the house where i rented a room and I ran into a man wearing a anti bomb suit and was ordered back inside the house because there had been a call about a bomb I was afterwards being questioned by the police about anything I might have seen While for me the whole situation was somewhat outlandish I found the attitude and grim determination of the police in this case truly scary It wasn t until later when I talked about it with fellow students form England, Ireland and Northern Ireland that I found out how much it wrecked their lives and the insanity they experienced because of this still ongoing conflict.A very well written book that does tell you about the troubles and actually does not take sides, well worth your while even if the book is now than 40 years old

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    Cock up appears to be a delightfully beguiling British phrase to describe what we Americans would call a major fuck up Both of those euphemisms apply to the events described in this book Seymour writes well and has a decidedly jaundiced view of virtually every layer of society except perhaps the little guy who finds him her self squeezed between forces beyond their control.Ordinary people, pawns, politicians interested in public relations, generals concerned with intelligence but not always acting with same, the man in the field, independent, having to make snap decisions, constantly at risk, things never going the way they were planned These are the ingredients of a Seymour spy novel They are very good.I have no idea what it must have been like to live in Ireland during the Troubles This book seems to provide an authentic look at Ireland from the point of view of an IRA assassin and the British agent sent to find and kill him There are all sorts of plot summaries around for those interested in spoilers One warning if you are looking for blue sky at the end of the rainbow, you will be sorely disappointed.The book was written in 1975 and recently reissued I suspect many of the youngsters around today have no memory of the constant terror that must have existed between the Catholics and the Protestants, the incessant killing and reprisals, the brutal repressive tactics of the British authorities, and the efficiency and savagery of the IRA cells.It s ironic that terrorism has become such a public concern in this country when terrorism on a grand scale was being conducted by both sides in Ireland, a country held in such esteem by many enclaves throughout this land.This is quite a superior thriller, very realistic and on a par with Le Carre, if a bit less introspective.

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    If Irish crime writer Stuart Neville s 2010 novel THE TWELVE US title The Ghosts of Belfast is touted to become a fictional classic about The Troubles of Northern Ireland, British thriller writer Gerald Seymour s 1975 HARRY S GAME is the seminal novel of urban guerilla warfare and espionage bureaucracy in the early days of The Troubles Neville s protagonist tells his haunting story after an early release from Long Kesh prison following the Good Friday agreement of 1998 Seymour s hero is undercover agent Harry Brown sent to Belfast to infiltrate the terroristsand find the IRA assassin who gunned down a British cabinet minister on a London street in the early 1970 s.Gerald Seymour was perfectly capable of writing this thriller, this tension filled story of a manhunt Before he wrote HARRY S GAME he was a successful British television news reporter whose work involved him directly in Vietnam, the Mideast wars, the Munich Olympics massacreand six years of reporting the guerilla warfare in Northern Ireland In the early pages of this debut novel, Seymour writes of a telephone directive received by a Dublin newsroom Listen carefully I m only going to say this once This is a spokesman for the military wing of the Provisional IRA An active service of the Provisional IRA today carried out a court martial executive order on Henry DeLacey Danby, an enemy of the people of Ireland and servant of the British occupation forces in Ireland During the eighteen months spent in Ireland, one of his duties was responsibility for the concentration camp at Long Kesh He was repeatedly warned that if the regime of the camp did not change, action would be taken against him That s it And Seymour the journalist turned writer calls a spade a spade yet tries to remain neutral Harry Brown s superior tells of sending him to infiltrate the most successful urban terrorist movement in the world over the last 25 years And a now popular phrase is coined as Harry ponders the words of a Red Cross man from Switzerland on another assignment One man s terrorist is another man s freedom fighter Neville tries to persuade his readers that his Irish killer is a freedom fighter Seymour calls his IRA assassin The Manwell, an assassin for a terrorist movement And he calls Long Kesh prison a concentration camp in the Provisional IRA directive.HARRY S GAME is a fascinating tale told by a master storyteller with two of the most exceptional characters of suspense fiction If the title of the book sounds familiar, the novel was made into a successful British TV series in 1982 The theme music was provided by the Celtic band Clannad The Theme from Harry s Game became their breakthrough title.History buffs interested in Long Kesh prison, the old RAF base in Belfast that later became The Maze, may enjoy the first half of Sam Millar s autobiographical On the Brinks and his infamous stay in Cell Block H there on the blanket for eight years Thriller readers like me, who prefer gritty realism without high tech trivia, wild car chases, and shoot outs, may be interested in Seymour s other Irish thrillers The Journeyman Tailorand Field Of Blood.

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    The passage of time does little to detract from this brilliant tour de force novel set in the blood soaked streets of Belfast in the mid 1970 s Henry Danby government minister is murdered in front of his wife and children by professional hitman Billy Downs. Others determined the morality Others turned his work into victories He did as he was told, expertise his trade mark The soldier in his army Once his mission is accomplished Downs returns post haste to Belfast losing himself in the working class republican enclaves of the Ardoyne and the Falls Harry Brown fresh from intelligent work in Aden and Albania is tasked with the job of going undercover in Belfast in order to seek out and eliminate Downs He is well suited to the venture being a native of the province born and bred in the county of Armagh His cover is that of merchant seaman Harry McEvoy back in the auld country after a long absence The locals very quickly become suspicious and find his accent somewhat unconvincing As the hunter and hunted circumnavigate each other they set the scene for the final bloody conflict and it soon becomes apparent that death may well be the inevitable outcome for Harry and his nemesis Billy Downs.Harry s Game was first published in 1975 and in my opinion possibly the best book that the author Gerald Seymour wrote in his long and distinguished writing career He brilliantly shows Belfast in the mid 70 s when the troubles was at its highest It was the adventure playground par excellence for the urban terrorist You can feel the tension, the hatred, the parochial entrenched attitude of both catholic and protestant inhabitants, as they go about their normal day committing murder and mayhem against their fellow neighbour, all in the name of misguided religious and political beliefs Highly Recommended

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    Blurb. A British cabinet minister is gunned down on a London street by an IRA assassin In the wake of a national outcry, the authorities must find the hitman But the trail is long cold, the killer gone to ground in Belfast, and they must resort to unorthodox methods to unearth him Ill prepared and poorly briefed, undercover agent Harry Brown is sent into the heart of enemy territory to infiltrate the terrorists..But when it is a race against the clock, mistakes are made and corners cut For Harry Brown, alone in a city of strangers, where an intruder is the subject of immediate gossip and rumour, one false move is enough to leave him fatally isolated.I have recently expanded my scope of fiction reading to encompass the thriller and as Gerald Seymour has on occasion been touted as the best thriller writer working today in the UK, why not give him a go Harry s Game was his debut novel, first published in the mid 70 s and probably never out of print since.Whilst the politics in Northern Ireland have moved on in the last thirty years, the novel stands the test of time Seymour offers the reader a perspective from both the Nationalist viewpoint and those involved on the British side, both on the ground locally and those, slightly remote in government in London.I enjoyed this first venture into Seymour country He manages to convincingly drive the story forward, conveying a sense of realism and fear for Harry as the other side close in to try to shut him down.Just as well really because I recently bought a 20 strong Seymour book bundle second hand on E Bay 4 out of 5 Read back in October, 2012http col2910.blogspot.co.uk 2012 11

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    Classic thriller first published in 1975, I found this to be well written with lots of action and a realistic seeming look at Belfast during The Troubles.

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    This is a superb political espionage military thriller and the author is as good as any top thriller writer you care to mention, so I can hardly believe it has taken me so long to discover him During the 70s and 80s I devoured Le Carre, Deighton and Forsyth, and Gerald Seymour is in the same category realistic, hard hitting, revealing and exciting how did I only start reading him a year ago Harry s Game was Mr Seymour s first published novel and, quite frankly, is hard to beat on any level Set in the mid 70s, it tells the story of the assassination in London of a Cabinet minister by an IRA gunman and the British government s response, which is to train and send in an undercover agent to sniff him out and kill or capture him.The agent will have to live among the enemy in the highly charged and violent atmosphere of IRA controlled Belfast, among people who are constantly on the lookout for suspicious strangers in their midst.To make the story even complex and, I would suggest, realistic, the agent is to be run direct from London because they suspect that an IRA sympathiser is leaking information from Army HQ in Lisburn to the Provisionals This causes resentment among the army in Ulster against the we know better attitude of their mainland colleagues in Intelligence Only a very people know about the mission in an attempt to protect the agent, Harry Brown but this means, of course, that the squaddies in the streets don t know who he is any than do the Provos.That is the plot and Seymour weaves the story around a number of characters, all of whom have depth and feel real the agent and his handler, the permanent under secretary in charge of the operation, the prime minister, the IRA assassin, his wife, the IRA chief, people Harry interacts with and various others Seymour who was an ITN journalist for fifteen years before turning to writing must have known Northern Ireland well or did extensive research because he shows us the feelings of the people on both sides of the conflict, reveals their motivations for their actions and loyalties and doesn t judge or take sides He shows respect to all involved in The Troubles, which I imagine satisfied readers whether they follow the Union flag or the Irish Tricolour.Reading this book you get a real sense of the continual fear, anxiety, hatred and distrust felt by ordinary people in an extraordinary situation a state they lived in for years, as well as the horrific violence that was never far from the surface This took many forms, from IRA intimidation, knee cappings and killings to British Army search raids on people s houses kicking in doors, pulling up floorboards and generally making them feel violated and intimidated, children included.I will re read this book because it is a powerful story with no flaws I could detect I have read three of Gerald Seymour s novels now and I loved them all Anyone who loves a good espionage military political tale will love it.5 stars.

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    Seymour is in his groove with this one and once again he s got it right with his characterization, situation and the plot War isn t really about our morals and higher values, Queen and Country, Mom and apple pie and making the world always a better place War is like that highschool rugby, hockey or football game, only with weapons that are just a bit nasty and deadly I like the way Harry puts it several times during the book when he explains the Why of his situation and the hunt to kill the IRA assassin of British Social Services Minister, Mr Henry Danby They put the glove down to make us react and see how effectively we could counterattack We have to get the man and the team that did it or they ve won The words ring so true as we look at the selection of our military officers, the men and women who didn t know when to quit on the field even when they were in that soccer game and down two goals The Americans see it in the strategy of the Vietnam and Iraq wars The Brits see it in Malaysia, Dunkirk and the Kyber Pass The collateral damage doesn t really matter to those who are in the driver s seat You lose a man or 50 He s already had the MC we could make it a bar to that personally I would favor the OBE the George Cross is a bit than we usually give in those circumstances This is a book we need to ponder One that should be discussed in our war colleges on the why, or is it still a part of JFK s Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you Read it enjoy it, but internalize the message That s what makes Gerald Seymour a great author.

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    This is a book that I ve known about for some time but picked up only recently, thanks to it being mentioned in a local article related to Belfast s One City One Book earlier this year.Seymour, I know, is now a well established and respected thriller writer, but this book was his first, and tells the tale of Harry Brown, British soldier, born in Portadown, who is sent back to Belfast to go undercover and catch the killer of a British govt minister assassinated in front of his family in London The book is pretty fast paced, particularly as the story progresses, has a number of exciting twists and turns involving various characters and finishes in an unexpected way at the end all the hallmarks of a successful genre piece.Well known local authors who came out of Belfast in the 80s and 90s have been critical of the type of novel that this book helped spawn, with outsiders coming in, spending a short time, then writing about the city in a way that showed no knowledge it was only when the likes of Glenn Patterson came along and with the end of the troubles that we saw this genre of cheap thrillers peter out and measured literary works emerging but in this book, Seymour definitely knows the physical and sectarian geography of the city and the time He gets a few place names wrong spelling wise etc, but as someone who knows the city well, I was pretty impressed with what I read.As regards to how accurate a portrayal of how things were at the time, I can t comment, as it was published in the year I was born, but while I m sure things were exaggerated a little, some of the areas about which he was writing were like war zones from my historical reading, and it was interesting for me to see his portrayal of what was then a contemporary Belfast.I have ordered the Channel 4 adaptation of the novel on the strength of this enjoyable read, and while I might not rush back to read much of Seymour s work, I d definitely recommend this book as an easy read to anyone with an interest in NI at the time.

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    This novel, first published in 1975, tells a two sided tale of terrorism and counter terrorism on the desperate and brutal streets of Belfast In London, a British cabinet minister is shot dead in front of his wife and children by an IRA assassin The gunman escapes, returning to obscurity in Belfast, but the British security services can t afford to let the IRA thumb their noses at them like that The Prime Minister steps in, ordering a new face, a man unknown in Belfast, to go undercover and find the assassin Enter Harry Brown, a captain in the British Army with previous experience of infiltrating hostile territory Seymour weaves the story between the two men We follow IRA man, Billy Downs, through the assassination and subsequent flight from the British mainland, and back in Belfast as he tries to resume his life Then we meet Harry as he s plucked from duty in Germany for intensive preparation for an undercover mission sanctioned from the very top, but known about by very few Seymour is very good at setting the scene He makes you feel the tension, the fear and the danger rife in Belfast during the Troubles He shows both sides of the story, but never comes down on any one side Throughout the book, Seymour shows how the smallest slip ups lead to secrets on both sides coming out and the tragic consequences of that happening The story is tautly written and that helps carry the momentum through to the final confrontation I didn t think the book needed some of the clean up at the end, where Seymour ties up loose ends for some of the minor characters, but on the whole he didn t waste time with unnecessary detail This is well worth a read.

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