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summary Haunted Sister, series Haunted Sister, book Haunted Sister, pdf Haunted Sister, Haunted Sister 6125066575 How Can You Have A Ghost Story Without A Ghost What If The Ghost Is Only In Your Head How Would You Know That You Aren T Losing Your Mind By Medical Standards, Sixteen Year Old Janine Palmer Dies On The Day Of Her Automobile Accident When Her Spirit Travels To The Other Side, However, She Is Told That It Isn T Her Time To Die, And Is Sent Back To Live Out Her Life When She Awakens From Her Coma, Though, She Discovers That She Hasn T Come Back Alone There Is Someone Else Inside Her Mind The Voice In Janine S Head Claims To Be The Ghost Of Lenore, Janine S Twin Sister, Who Drowned Twelve Years Earlier Lenore Blames Her Own Death On Janine And Is Determined To Live Again In Her Sister S Body Now The Two Girls Must Vie For One Body Can Janine Be Sure That Her Twin Is Really Inside Her, Or Is She Simply Going Crazy

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    Well I read this book last summer and I loved it One of the best books I ever read and one of the first books I ever finished The reason I loved this book is because it is about this girl and she has a twin sister and this twin sister turns out to be dead The sister just lives her life though She never really remembered her sister So one day at school her boyfriend tell her lets go to the beach and what I recall is it was raining So the girl says yes anyway They go out and they end up being in a car accident because one car swereved out of place at his stop light, for he was on his phone and he hits their car They end up being in the hospital and the girl ends up dying and coming back to life Except when she dies she sees her sister in heaven and her sister said everything is her fault She died because of her Then when she comes back to life her sister ends up being in her head, tanting her tormenting her This book is really really good I perfer you too read it At the end of the book it is very trippy The reason I also love it is because I love the mystery and the romance and how she makes her cheat and things like that It is a must read

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    I remembered reading this when I was much younger probably 10 or 11 but I couldn t recall any details Picked it up on my friend s bookshelf and read it before bed every night spoilers begin One thing I LOVED about this is how the doctor explained the reason personalities might fragment speaking about DID, when Janine tells her about Lenore being inside her head I thought the way Littke managed to explain that simply to a younger age group of readers was awesome.I was unclear on how old Janine was in the book forgive me if I missed it She goes out with Rafe and Scott, who can drive, but she doesn t appear to have her permit yet Mom says she isn t certified to drive alone yet I was floating a little in this question.The only other thing I have to comment is about the ending When Janine finally figures out the reason Lenore has surfaced inside her, her parents confirm it s true WHAT THE HECK, PARENTS Keeping a MAJOR secret like that from your daughter for HOW many years Did they not think it would eventually surface And how in the meantime did they process any legal forms for Janine Whose ID did they use Were the twins really so identical that even their IDs could have been swapped I really enjoyed my second read of this Great book, easy reading for older crowds, very much recommended

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    The author s purpose for writing this book I believe was to entertain the readers, and to also let the readers know that there are ghost and that there is another life after the one we live now This book, I think would have an impact on the reader because at the end of the book you just get that big surprise, which you never expected You re just like WOW, are you serious But, I don t think it will have a lasting value on the reader For example, I just wonder now can this really all happen in real life where someone can experience someone else talking to them in their mind Someone else that has passed on to the other world.In my opinion the book is well written The book doesn t have any slang and is well written where any reader can understand what the author has written I think a 5th grader could read this book and would understand every word I know a 5th grader could understand Dad That time we all went to Idaho That was when Lenore died, wasn t it Yes But you wouldn t remember that that, either You were only four Littke 68 This book was so captivating Once you start to read it you want to finish it that same day I couldn t relate to any of the characters, because I never experienced any paranormal activities or nothing like that I did not find this book boring I found this book to be fun and entertaining This book is filled with so much mystery, secrets, and drama Especially towards the end when you get that big surprise that you don t expect.The greatest strength of this book I would say is that, the author knows how to catch the reader s attention and keep the reader entertained There is not one boring moment in the book Which I think is a big thumbs up because not a lot of authors know how to that A weakness this book has, I would say is the ending of the book It leaves you hanging Like, what That s it I really wanted to see a happy ending I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, because it just has everything like mystery and secrets Before telling them to read this book I would tell them to read this quote from the inside of the cover Janine Palmer dies on the day of her automobile accident But she wakes from her coma, and discovers that something is terribly wrong Now she is haunted by a voice, a voice claiming to be her twin sister, Lenore who drowned as a child Littke.

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    This book is called Haunted Sister When Janine got in a car accident with her boyfriend Scott, she had a near death experience which is rather called NDE The author is named Lael Littke, she is an american author of young adult books and she wrote around 75 stories She was taken to a place where there was fog and mist as she explained, where she reunited with her dead twin sister Lenore When Janine returns to the living world, Lenore is there with her, bothering her thoughts and learning to control Janine body Lenore always makes Janine do things against her will, or most likely trouble.What the author does in this book is explaining how sometimes is someone wants to control you, and hold you against your own will and get you in trouble Don t let them, just ignore the bad influences and just do you, if that made sense Lael Little also talks about its enough to encourage readers to suspend their belief, she also talks about foreshadowing and who is the good or evil twin.I recommend this book to 11 to 14 year old kids teenagers It s about how there is a evil or good person in you, but you got to choose which one you want to be and choose the good person in you It s a part ghost story, part psychological drama I would recommend her other book too, Book of Secrets My favorite part was when Janine had a near death experience because she got too see her dead twin and her grandpa that she was very close to The book was confusing at first, well what i thought was confusing with her near death experience I loved the ending because her parents find out that Janine was inside her body and was controlling her Also they find out that Janine was really Lenore.

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    I am reading a book called Haunted Sisters, the author is Lael Littke This book is about a fifteen year old girl that had got into a car accident with a boy named scott, she had died on that day but wakes from her coma When she was dead she saw her twin sister that had drowned in a pond Now she is haunted by her voice now they are in the same body There is this one part that was very dramatic and affected me by thinking that everything was going back to normal Cause lanore was gonna crash and janine thought everything was going back to normal but there little siblings were in the car so she grabbed the wheel and swerved into the ditch I recommend this book if you like mysterious and kinda scary books.So like my favorite part is like the part when i finally figured out that her name isn t even janine it is lanore I didn t like how it took so long at the end for her to tell her mom and dad about them in the same body.

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    I read this book when I was about 11 12 years old and it has stuck with me since, I FINALLY found a copy to re read a few weeks ago, and I m not disappointed Its an easy read Reads a tad young, but I expected that I would still recommend it if you like a book with a little twist.

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    I read this book in middle school and have never been able to forget it i am 26 now and am just now finding it again after forgetting the name I love this book and can t wait to reread it

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    While the author s writing style is very engaging, the ending was rather corny even for a middle grade YA novel.

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    Janine and Lenore are twins with very different personalities Janine, always the good one and Lenore, always in trouble Twelve years ago, Lenore drown in an accident with Janine near by Janine has lived with the guilt ever since.Now, Janine is in high school She and her friend, Scott, decide to skip class and head for the beach It s not what Janine would normally do, so she and Scott call her Lenore But they are in a serious car accident instead and when Janine comes to, she discovers that Lenore has taken up residence in her head Before long, Lenore is starting to take control of her thoughts and actions.

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    This book is called Haunted Sister and the author is Lael Littke The lixil level is This book is about a 16 year old Janine who dies and her spirit travels to this place, but sends her back to live Now her twin that has passed away when they were 4 years old is stuck inside her head What happens next Janine got in an automobile accident and died Her twin Lenore died when they were 4 years old Janine found out after she awoke from her coma, that she is there within her She can become over powerful and control what Janine does, like actions and talking Lenore gets Janine in lots of trouble Then later Janine actually finds out that she is Lenore In my opinion this is a very good book but at a very low level, which I knew but I didn t have time to get a different book.

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