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    i am so impressed and shocked

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    From my blog 3.5 starsThis novel was originally written in Dutch, and I ve also read it in that language As an English translation does exist, I feel justified writing this review in English It should however be noted that I could not find an English copy online below 127 pounds Out of Mind centres around 71 year old Maarten who figures out he has been having trouble remembering lately This story beautifully describes his and his wife s struggle with getting older.As this is quite a short book, it will be no surprise I read this book within 24 hours At one point, around page 100, I put it down as it was time to go to bed However, it took me a while to disconnect with the fictional world, and mostly the protagonist For some reason I remained in his mindset for some time, thinking I was the one with dementia I clearly understand this sounds crazy, but I guess the only thing I can conclude from that is how phenomenal this author writes It has been a while since I ve been so engrossed in a novel identifying with a character so much while he is so completely unlike me.When I continued reading in the morning, it felt different Because of Maarten s change in character, I felt completely disconnected, and although of course I cared for him, I could no longer feel the empathy I felt the previous night It took much effort to get through the last pages mainly due to the writing style Now I understand that this can easily be some literary device the author allowing us to detach from the protagonist just like a He does to himself, and b The world around him does However, it did drag on too long for me considering the full length of the story Therefore, rather than rating it 4 stars, it ll have to do with 3.5

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    Memory, one could say, is our psychological cornerstone it defines who we are and will become It allows us to function with coherency in everday life But what happens when memory becomes unreliable, or worse, deteriorates Out of Mind Hersenschimmen in the original Dutch is an examination of that idea It charts the mental decline of Maarten, a 71 year old Dutch expat living in the US with his wife and dog.Bernlef s novel depicts with raw brutality the process of dementia It is unflinching Its demonstration of the destruction dementia can wreck on the individual, not merely in the story it tells which is moving, poignant, any other emotional descriptive you can think of but in the novel s structure frequently breaking the narrative, increasingly so as the novel continues the prose first person present tense often repeats points already discussed, or ignores them completely Maarten will sometimes wonder who someone is, after just being introduced , but this is never done in a manner that is clunky or obtuse, but rather it feels natural and demonstrative of the novel s themes.In many ways, Out of Mind is possibly one of the greatest novels I ve ever read It is a simple story, but its simplicity lends it an universality that a reader of any age and walk of life can appreciative, as the thematic content has touched the hearts of many To paraphrase Joyce, If I can get to the heart of one man, I can get to the heart of all men This feels like Bernlef s guiding philosophy and in many ways, he succeeds.

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    I notice, while trying to come up with words to describe my feelings towards this story, that I just don t know the words to describe what I felt while reading it I got goosebumps, that s for sure, and I felt sad and scared After I finished it, I just sat with the book in my lap, staring into the void and also at my boyfriend I can t imagine losing the memories we built together I can t imagine not being able to recognise him any With that I d kind of lose my whole life And that s exactly what this book is about Maarten slowly loses his grip on reality and on his own life.Bernlef s writing style and the way he built the story was perfect for this topic At the start Maarten still snaps back into reality, but eventually he ends up in Alzheimer s world for good Just how small one s world can get with Alzheimer s is perfectly displayed in Bernlef s writing style the sentences and paragraphs gradually get shorter and fractured.I really don t think my review does this book any justice and I fortunately don t know anyone with dementia Alzheimer s So, if I ve said anything that s wrong please say so All I know for sure is that Hersenschimmen is a new favourite of mine Right after finishing it, I wanted to go back to the start and read it all over again Just like Maarten gets tricked by his mind and Alzheimer s disease, the reader gets tricked by his story I definitely recommend that you all read it

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    It is not often that I finish a book in one go Hersenschimmen is a story about a man called Maarten who lived in the Netherlands, in a city called Alkmaar So far this book could ve been about me The main character moved to Boston at some point in his life and when the story begins we find Maarten retired in his home at the age of 73.This is not a happy story In fact, it is a rather sad one Maarten is suffering from the early stages of dementia It starts innocent enough with him forgetting to get some firewood from the shack After a while it goes from bad to worse, until the inevitable tragic end of the story The story is very well written Bernlef has a talent for writing beautiful sentences that seem to come alive in thought, rather than in speech Also, you can really feel the love between Maarten and his wife of 50 years Vera It is heartbreaking to read how Maarten forgets all their beautiful memories and basically his own life I think this book tells the story of one of the biggest nightmares any human has To lose ones mind and get lost in a dense maze of illogical chaos of memories, leaving the body an empty shell Death would be the milder choiceHighly recommended for anyone.

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    During the past few days I ve read Bernlef s Hersenschimmen, which describes the process of dementia from the early stages onwards One of the most interesting things in the novel is the point of view the author uses, as the narrator himself is the dementia patient The novel is very well written and tries to provide an insight into the mental changes of a dementia patient and the problems this causes for both the patient and the partner Definitely worth reading Hersenschimmen has been translated into 18 or so languages The English translation is called Out of Mind For a Dutch review of the book, see Fictie van Nederlands Vlaamse auteurs Dutch Flemish fiction.

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    This is a sad story But this story will be amazing for those who can live it, not just read it Amazing, but sad We can never live then one life, but we can always try to understand what others live I think this book is trying to open our eyes to the fact that we live in the past, we are nothing without our past and we are afraid to look ahead But what happens when you don t remember anything about your past

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    I don t know what to think about this book It s good and I liked the way the author told the story but it did not grab my attention as much as I expected it to do I ve only read a few books in Dutch literature but I think this is the best one yet I would recommend it because it s an easy read and the story is beautiful

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    bone chilling story of a man who goes through all the stages of dementia in a very short period of time, written from the POV of the patient himself It reads like a jigsaw puzzle, where rather than a picture emerging as the pieces are put in place, the protagonist slowly sees his mind shattering and drifting away It is as if his mind is leaking Very well written and serious food for thought.

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    Absolutely amazing story told from the point of view of a man suffering from Alzheimer s disease He seems and lost in this confusing world that just a short while ago was his own life I loved the style of this writer who takes your hand and doesn t let go until the very end It is fantastic

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