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    This is a story about two very good friends There are 3 chapters, one about each friend and then the concluding chapter about both.Catina wants to be a famous writer She finishes a book and has Houndsley read it Houdsley is speechless it is so bad Catina gets Houndsley to enter a cooking contest because he loves to cook and is so good at it Houndsley gets nervous and isn t able to do well In the end they decide being friends is the most important thing and they appreciate each other.It was a sweet story and I do like the friendship between the 2 characters James Howe does a good job here This is a nice story for a beginning reader.

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    This is a lovely story about a friendship between a dog and a cat It s for early readers and is a chapter book with 3 chapters It has some nice things to say about friendship, honesty, tact, ambition, following your heart s desires, and simple pleasures.

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    Having recently noticed an online friend giving five star ratings to some of the later books in this series, I thought I had better track down the first, and see what I was missing Divided into three mini chapters, this early reader follows the story of best friends Houndsley the dog, and Catina the cat In The Writer, Houndsley is dismayed to discover that Catina s book Life Through the Eyes of a Cat isn t any good, and must find a way to be truthful, while avoiding any hurt feelings In Cooking Contest, Catina encourages Houndsley to enter a culinary competition, and remains supportive and positive when he forgets some very basic ingredients And finally, in Fireflies, the two friends reflect upon their experiences, and discover that they already have something much valuable than acclaim each other.The early reader genre boasts many superb friendship tales, from Arnold Lobel s Frog and Toad series to James Marshall s George and Martha books But while Howe s gentle, warm hearted narrative is quite pleasing, and Canadian artist Marie Loise Gay s watercolor and pencil illustrations are charming, Houndsley and Catina didn t strike me as an especially brilliant example of the type Still, I think the target audience will appreciate it, and an engaging, well illustrated early reader series is always a good thing

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    Houndsley and Catina is an early reader chapter book The story is broken down into three chapters with colorful pictures and simple text that introduces new readers to chapter books Houndsley and Catina are best friends, Catina is writing a books but it isn t very good because she doesn t really like to write Houndsley is a wonderful cook but when he enters a cooking contest he gets nervous and doesn t have any fun The friend realize they should do something because they enjoy and love it not because it will make them famous.I really like the message and story in this book It feels like the book is actually saying something unlike many other early readers which just feel like words on a page The watercolor illustrations are wonderfully cozy and while they are minimal they add just enough to the story to make it engaging I love the attitude the illustrations add to Catina and Houndsley, they are so interesting The Houndsley and Catina series of books with their engaging stories and positive message are a great bridge for early readers between picture books and juvenile chapter books.

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    Cute enough little story about friendship and doing things because you enjoy it, not to earn prizes or recognition A bit heavy on the message for my taste Love their names Cute illustrations.

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    I want to be a famous writer, she went on, but I do not like to write I know something you are good at already, said Houndsley, although you will never be famous for it What Being my friend.

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    Wonderful story of cat and dog besties who despite not being perfect or the best at something, support and love the other as if.Terrific

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    On the Houndsley and Catina book jacket, author James Howe writes that his interest in creating this series stemmed in part from his daughter s fondness for the Frog and Toad books when she was young I can certainly see a number of similarities between Houndsley and Catina and their famed amphibious counterparts, and I m very happy that it was James Howe, one of the best authors I ve ever read, who chose to take on this project I m completely confident that he can create a fantastic series of books featuring these characters, just as he did in Pinky and Rex, and I can hardly wait to read them Catina is an ambitious young feline She knows that it s fame and fortune she s gunning for in life, and attaining those goals is important to her than the exact way that she ends up going about it For now, she has focused her sights on writing, so she s fairly bursting with excitement when her friend Houndsley asks to read the book that she is in the process of creating Little does he know that her story is a memoir, and a seventy four chapter one, at that As he reads the manuscript, Houndsley observes that Catina s thoughts are all over the place, and she seems to find it difficult to stick to one topic for long enough to say anything of substance But how is he to tell her that she s not as good at writing as she wants to be, and her plan to ascend to stardom as the next Jean Fritz probably isn t going to work After all, Houndsley is a very polite dog, and he has no desire to punch holes in his best friend s ambitions Kind and soft spoken, Houndsley is also a gifted cook, able to tailor the meals he makes to perfectly suit even the finicky Catina Houndsley is content just to cook for his friends and make them happy, but Catina has other plans for her talented pal, and convinces Houndsley to enter a cooking contest that will air on television Some people just aren t meant for the spotlight, though When Houndsley isn t able to perform his best with the stage lights at their brightest, he takes it hard, and decides that there s no joy left for him in cooking But there are still his friends to cook for, after all What does it matter that the whole world doesn t know he s a fabulous artiste in the kitchen, as long as his friends appreciate his culinary masterpieces There are still successes to be had even following a major failure What James Howe expresses most effectively in this book, ultimately, is that so much of who Houndsley and Catina are as individuals is tied in with who they are to each other, and there s no reason to run away or hide from that To be a friend in this world can be the most rewarding experience imaginable, even if no one else can understand the strength of the bond or comprehend why a particular set of two people chose each other The sweetness of life lived together can be keenly felt on one special summer night as Houndsley and Catina watch the fireflies floating around the yard beneath the quiet, star studded sky The two friends know that they will still be friends tomorrow, and the next day, and for as long after that as can be Sometimes, what we already have is even nicer than what we really, really want I would give two and a half stars to Houndsley and Catina James Howe is good at bringing honest emotion to even the shortest of stories, and this book is an excellent example of that Readers of any age will enjoy Houndsley and Catina, so I recommend it to anyone and everyone I believe that the series may be a classic in the making.

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    CIP Houndsley and Catina run into trouble when they decide to prove that they are the best at cooking and writing, respectively Maggie Best friends Houndsley and Catina each yearn for a talent that will set them apart from others, only to find that it makes their normally fun activities feel like work than they are worth A sweet and humorous story for beginning readers accompanied by Marie Louise Gay s delightful illustration, this book is sure to be a hit with children in 1st and 2nd grades PW The importance of friendship and of appreciating one s true talents lay at the heart of this appealing collaboration introducing a canine feline pair Howe s Bunnicula breezy narrative initially reveals Catina hard at work on her book, Life Through the Eyes of a Cat, which she hopes will launch her career as a famous, prize winning author When Houndsley reads the opus, he realizes that his best friend is a terrible writer, yet tactfully keeps his opinion to himself I am at a loss for words, he tells her In the following story, Houndsley enthusiastically whips up an appetizing feast for Catina and another pal Declaring, You could be famous Catina encourages him to enter a cooking contest and he does with comically disastrous results The final entry neatly brings resolution with a true confessions session that stresses the importance of friendship Gay s charming watercolor, pencil and collage art exudes a spontaneous quality for the feline s environs and an orderliness for the pooch Catina s dimly lit den wordlessly suggests that her heart is not in her authorial pursuits, while Houndsley s airy golden kitchen practically emits an appetizing aroma and his passion for cooking This charming trio of chapters implicitly testifies to the adage that opposites attract Ages 5 7 BL Gr 2 4, younger for reading aloud Catina a cat and Houndsley you guessed it, a dog are best friends, and they encourage each other as best friends do Houndsley is mortified when he reads his friend s novel in progress, and realizes that Catina has little writing talent I m at a loss for words, he finally musters, satisfying Catina, who seems focused on literary prizes and fame instead of the actual writing Then Catina encourages Houndsley to enter a cooking competition, and he s so nervous that he fouls the recipe and endures the judges mockery Together the friends confess that, rather than simply enjoying their activities, they secretly wanted to become famous This early chapter book, while emphasizing doing what you love, not what will bring acknowledgment, is heavy handed But it will still hit home with kids just learning about their own particular talents and passions, and the lively, brisk writing is wonderfully extended in Gay s airy watercolor and pencil illustrations, which keep the focus on the caring friends.

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    This was okay I really liked the illustrations, but the story was kind of meh I loved the dog s character, but I felt like the cat was so full of herself I didn t like how the cat kept talking about herself and basically ignoring the dog at the beginning of the story If the story flowed better I would have liked it a lot , especially since this is the first book of Houndsley and Catina I don t really want to read after this one The names are clever though.

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