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summary House of Many Ways, series House of Many Ways, book House of Many Ways, pdf House of Many Ways, House of Many Ways 8a4b33b5fb Charmain Baker Is In Over Her Head Looking After Great Uncle William S Tiny Cottage While He S Ill Should Have Been Easy But Great Uncle William Is Better Known As The Royal Wizard Norland, And His House Bends Space And Time Its Single Door Leads To Any Number Of Places The Bedrooms, The Kitchen, The Caves Under The Mountains, The Past, And The Royal Mansion, To Name Just A FewBy Opening That Door, Charmain Has Become Responsible For Not Only The House, But For An Extremely Magical Stray Dog, A Muddled Young Apprentice Wizard, And A Box Of The King S Most Treasured Documents She Has Encountered A Terrifying Beast Called A Lubbock, Irritated A Clan Of Small Blue Creatures, And Wound Up Smack In The Middle Of An Urgent Search The King And His Daughter Are Desperate To Find The Lost, Fabled Elfgift So Desperate That They Ve Even Called In An Intimidating Sorceress Named Sophie To Help And Where Sophie Is, Can The Wizard Howl And Fire Demon Calcifer Be Far Behind Of Course, With That Magical Family Involved, There S Bound To Be Chaos And Unexpected RevelationsNo One Will Be Surprised Than Charmain By What Howl And Sophie Discover

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    I ve now read the trilogy to Celyn and all three books are very good Books 2 and 3 don t quite reach the highs of Howl s Moving Castle for me, but they re great stories to read to an 11 year old I should note here that Celyn is severely disabled and can t read for herself.The book was written 18 years after book 2, 22 years after book 1, and 3 years before the author s death Despite that the feel of the thing is quite in keeping with the earlier instalments.Once again we start with a new person and a new part of the world, with Sophie and Howl worked in tangentially about half way through the book.Our protagonist is a young lady called Charmain who is roped into looking after her great aunt s great uncle s house while he s off being treated for some illness The great uncle is a wizard, the house has many ways Much of the first half of the story concerns figuring out how to navigate and use the wizard s house Charmain plunders the spell books and is joined by a boy sent to apprentice to the wizard The plot, however, concerns the king of High Norland and his troubles, both financial and with his rather unpleasant heir Sophie and Howl are brought in to help their story entwines Charmain s and fun ensues.It s a good and imaginative tale with moments of humour I m pleased to report that it doesn t repeat the formula of the first two books wherein a whole bunch of people things turn out to be completely different people things in the magical equivalent of pulling off the masks at the end of a Scooby Doo episode The only big surprise for me was that a baddie whose crimes seemed relatively mild is killed out of hand by our heroes toward the end That didn t quite fit the mood music Apart from that a fun installment and a trilogy definitely worth buying for your 8 to 12 year olds Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.

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    First of all, I should note that Diana Wynne Jones is my favorite author You re unlikely to find any of her books getting fewer than four stars from me.That said, I loved this book less than a number of her others That, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest I come to criticizing DWJ To be fair, it was billed as The sequel to Howl s Moving Castle, which is my favorite book in the world, so my hopes and, to an extent, my expectations, were high And in all of the usual ways neat and relatable characters and setting, humor, and putting into words things that make me go oh yeah, I know just what you mean see relatable characters the book delivers, even before squeal Howl shows up However, I did have a few little issues, so I ll go ahead and talk about those.Most of my issues lie with the protagonist First of all, Charmain is kind of grumpy and useless That sounds harsh By useless I mean that her parents spoiled her and kind of didn t give her the opportunity to learn anything, so she knows how to do very little When I say grumpy, though, I mean exactly that She gets mad at almost everyone, sometimes for no good reason especially Peter Frankly, I found Peter to be a engaging character capable, nicer, and much active I would have liked to see some parts from his point of view.I think my problems with Charmain boil down to two First, while she is obviously a I m going to grow and change and become a better person character, I don t feel she really gets beyond the admitting you have a problem phase She does that quite early specifically, realize that she isn t a kind person but when she seems to make no progress toward becoming kinder, her continued realizations of the fact seem like a reminder that gee, yeah, our protagonist is not that nice She s not mean per se, just cranky and sometimes a bit uncaring about others There s a point later in the book when she seems to decide that she does want to be nice, even going so far as to assure herself that she will be kind to Peter when next she sees him When she does see him, though, she fails to be nice to him is extremely grumpy, actually , feels bad about it, and never seems to try again.I feel like this really hinders her relationship with Peter In Howl s Moving Castle you had to know I d compare them sooner or later , you get the sort of strange bedfellows thing with the characters living in the castle, but they become sort of a weird, adorable family Charmain never seems to really care much about Peter, despite the fact that he is nice and they actually have a fair amount in common I was waiting for them to become friends and I m not talking about romance, just some mutual care for each other s wellbeing but they continue to just sort of be two people who live in one house If anything, Charmain resents Peter for making her do her share of the household work At the end, by which time I expected them to have gotten past their differences, Peter goes missing for over a day and Charmain doesn t seem to care Likewise, when he turns up just in time for everyone to learn he is heir to the throne, Charmain has no reaction whatsoever This could have been an exciting and satisfying moment, but I didn t get a chance to feel much because, while I kind of care about Peter, the story immediately passed by what happened to him because Charmain didn t seem to even notice.I should temper this by saying that Charmain does, on the whole, tend to do the right thing She is occasionally heroic and sometimes even a little nicer than she maybe gives herself credit for I just expected personal growth and improvement than she has.The other thing is that and I almost can t believe I would say this Charmain is too much of a reader I suspect DWJ is hearkening back to her own childhood habits in creating the character, but here s the thing I was a massive reader as a kid, but I was active than Charmain Picture this you, who have never been exposed to magic before, are put in charge of a kindly wizard s magical house while he is away and allowed to explore as you like But you don t Instead, you get exactly as far as the library, then spend lots of time lounging around reading and getting annoyed when Peter shows up with exciting discoveries gleaned from his explorations Wonder why I wanted to read about him In addition to this, Charmain uses reading as an escape from really serious situations, such as thinking that Calcifer might be dead Should I tell his friends Should I go see if I can find out whether he actually did die saving us all Both of these questions are, in fact, asked No I should read a book It s not even as if there s one really good book she would rather read almost any book than deal with real life, even and especially when things around her start to get really interesting I understand as well as anybody and than many that some kids some people some characters, will be readers This does not make reading a book an interesting activity to read about, nor does it make me sympathize with a character who would rather read than do awesome stuff that I, an avid reader, would love to do.The only other thing the book does is something I don t really dislike, but am a little iffy on sometimes, and which DWJ does often it ties a thousand plotlines and plot bits into a neat little magically enhanced bow in the very last few pages Many of her books that I love do this, but the ones I love most do it least Deep Secret, Charmed Life, Conrad s Fate, Archer s Goon , and let me think Howl s Moving Castle all end a bit gracefully, I think There s no wind down from the magic romping everywhere climax All of the plot conclusions are planned out and supported, but discoveries are mostly not strung through the book, or even the second half or last sixth or anything of the book they all come in the last three or five or so of four hundred pages It s not occurrences ex the defeat of the lubbockins, William Norland s arrival, Peter s return that get me so much as realizations and decisions Waif is the Elfgift She s going to have Elfgift puppies Charmain is the Elfgift Guardian She ll have to come learn magic and work in the library just like she always wanted to Peter s mother is the King s niece Peter is next in line for the throne It s not that I think this stuff is too convenient, especially as it s a YA book, and I loved convenient coincidences and neat little outcomes when I was younger and kind of still do It s just that suddenly every other sentence is answering a question or solving a problem that had been hovering around for much of the book Is all As I say, this actually doesn t bother me all that much.Hopefully this doesn t all sound too rough Keep in mind my sky high standards for DWJ books.

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    House of Many Ways Howl s Moving Castle, 3 , Diana Wynne JonesHouse of Many Ways is a young adult fantasy novel written by Diana Wynne Jones The story is set in the same world as Howl s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air Charmain Baker has led a respectable, and relaxing sheltered life She has spent her days with her nose in a book, never learning how to do even the smallest household chores When she suddenly ends up looking after the tiny cottage of her ill Great Uncle William she seems happy for the adventure, but the easy task of house sitting is complicated by the fact that Great Uncle William is also the Royal Wizard Norland and his magical house bends space and time Though she is supposed to clean up the mess William has left the house in, Charmain knows next to nothing about magic, and yet she seems to work it in the most unexpected way The house s single door can lead to almost any place from other rooms like the kitchen, to faraway places like the Royal Palace, and even other time periods In her first days in the magical house she ends up looking after a magical stray dog named Waif, encounters a horrible lubbock, has to share a roof with a confused young apprentice wizard named Peter, tries to work some spells from William s library, and deals with a clan of small blue creatures called Kobolds When Charmain is caught up in an intense royal search to remedy the kingdom s financial troubles, she encounters Sophie Pendragon, her son Morgan, a beautiful child named Twinkle, and their fire demon Calcifer One of the messes Twinkle gets Charmain into results in Twinkle climbing onto the roof of the Royal Mansion She is soon involved in curing the kingdom of its ills and rediscovering the long lost Elfgift 2012 1390 248 9786001820328 21 .

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    I can t wear thethe I want my thtwipey oneth This series had its issues from the beginning, but I was intrigued enough by the second book by far my favourite of the three to try and read the third volume It didn t work for me In my opinion, these books, and especially this last one, have two major issues a certain lack of cohesiveness in the plot and, mostly annoyingly, extremely unlikable characters.I remember even when I watched the anime Howl s moving castle that even though I am the biggest Miyazaki s fan, I found issues in the movie related to the weird behaviour of the characters The female protagonists, in particular, are all emotionally unstable and appear to be always pouting for some reason complaining about everything but at the same time weak and unable to stand for themselves They are incapable of real affection, and are constantly humiliating their male counterparts Really, sometimes their casual nastiness is just absurd In this one, for example, the protagonist thinks she s saying something nice to her dog when she comments losing it would make me even sadder than losing you I mean, do you think it s nice to tell someone that they are less important than someone else, whoever that is I lost all interest in this book about one third into it, but I decided to go on in order to finish the series I am quite disappointed that this didn t work for me, and I was hopeful until the end If I had to give a rating to the series as a whole, it wouldn t be than 2 stars Very disappointing

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    9.8 out of 10 This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives please use Chrome Yandex browser or Android IOS to see the page otherwise, spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not work Short Soundtrack Second Suspense Wonders of LifeGenre fairytale, fantasyStuff magic house, royal mystery, young wizardsWOW characters, plot, humor POV 3rd person, femaleLove Geometry noneQuote Core You don t need to be nasty to make a mess This series is the best ageless masterpiece I ve read this year Diana Wynne Jones is a word artist she builds her worlds, characters and atmospheres with letters and syllables making them multilayered, bright and palpable When I open her books I m lost for the world outside and I m full of inexplicable joy I had the same emotions on the eve of New Year of my birthday when I was a child and thought I d never experience them again House of Many Ways is a story about a girl named Charmain whose granddad and a wizard is ill and she has to take care of his house while he s away She s delighted No notations of her mom and a lot of freedom for reading and maybe for attending the Royal Library Charmain is eager to help His Majesty with cataloging But after arriving to her grandpa s house she gets that this place is magical, there are so many passageways, rooms and halls in this seemingly small building, that if you d take a wrong turn you may end up in a very surprising location And that s not only problem of Charmain The house is very dirty the wizard has been ill for a while and couldn t take care of it , plus soon her granddad s apprentice Peter arrives having no idea that his master is not at home And there is a dog tiny, cute and unusual c anivarc All in all, Charmain life becomes anything but normal She and readers are up for adventures and a search for important answers Who steals royal money What does Elfgift mean and how it looks like Does Charmain have magic or not Will Peter learn where s left and where s right xD And so on.In House of Many Ways we ll also meet with Howl, Sophie and Co c taka0801 Plus a few characters from the book 2 I love when everything is entwined and fit together I love when authors remember every detail or hero of their stories and know what to use, where and how I was laughing SO hard at the twists in this part of the series Diana Wynne Jones has a great sense of humor and she s a queen of hilarious situations.Once again Russian translation didn t let me down Once again I can t say anything not to spoil you even a bit But be ready for some gruesome details in addition to the funny ones The author know no mercy for insects haters xDDI wish Diana Wynne Jones wrote a few book in this world I refuse to let go of Howl I even started to read fanfics Who knew that I d fall for a children series when I ll be 27 year old Now you have to read all the three installments as well and join my crazy we re old but who cares club too Come here, we have cookies and Calcifer.Howl s Moving Castle Howl s Moving Castle 1 3 Castle in the Air 2 3 House of Many Ways 3 3

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    Well, I feel a lot of guilt for giving the final chapter of the Castle series a measley 2 stars, but it is what it is The magic was pretty boring, consisting of water pipes heating up cooling down, food appearing when you say Breakfast, please , and doorways that lead to many places depending on which direction you turn Whoop dee doo.The plot was so, so slow moving And predictable Maybe if it had just been one or the other I would have been satisfied, but slow moving and predictable Yikes There was only one surprise at the end which I d been preparing myself for since DWJ likes to save all the twists for the last chapter but it was barely dealt with and never hinted at prior to its reveal, which made me wonder if it was just an afterthought.One great thing that I can always count on Diana for, though, is to draw excellent characters They re not always likable and in this case not even a little bit likable , but they re always consistent and interesting Charmain was definitely consistent I don t know about interesting She was too much of a lazy tool for me to really find interesting Also, minor quibble I thought her age was really ambiguous It was probably mentioned at the very beginning but it was never reinforced, so I forgot how old she was Turns out she was 13, which sounds about right What a brat.This series is the only thing by DWJ that I ve ever read, but it makes me wonder about what she thinks a good female character is Charmain and Sophie were surprisingly similar, although Sophie was much likable Both are kind of jerks, but Sophie is at least a lovable jerk Charmain just ugh.So, here s a quick attempt at summing up the plot Charmain goes to her Great Uncle s house while he s being restored to health for a few weeks Oh, and he s a wizard with a magical house, and the health restoration thing is being taken care of by elves It took me awhile to place the setting, because it seems very modern our world, but it s still set in the same universe as the other two books While Charmain is settling in, she has a run in with an evil creature called a lubbock who is the villian for the whole book and is annoyed by the presence of Peter, a magically challenged apprentice waiting for her Great Uncle to come back I wanted Peter to be the tween version of a love interest so I d have SOMETHING to distract me from the obvious plot view spoiler but alas, it was not to be hide spoiler

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    I loved this series The first one was so different from anything I had expected I loved the characters Sophie with her no nonsense attitude to cleaning and motherly patience in putting together Howl s suit, Calcifer, Howl, the castle itself Who can forget Sophie s enchanting hats and chasing a star for a spell I loved the second book with its 1000 nights Arabian atmosphere The third one had its own delights aren t we all a bit like Charmain who NEEDS to read a book whenever she is happy or upset, puzzled, challenged or plain tired And wouldn t we all want a house like this with a Morning coffee and Afternoon tea On second thoughts, I d bring my washing machine delightful as it sounded the laundry process seemed a tiny bit on the tiring side.

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    House of Many Ways is Jones third novel featuring Howl and Sophie, following Howl s Moving Castle from 1986 also a movie adaptation made by Hayao Miyazaki in 2004 and Castle in the Air from 1990 Although all of these novels stand alone very nicely, certain nuances of the story will make sense if you read the novels in sequence Certain characters cameo appearances will also be satisfying with the background afforded by reading all three novels.This particular story starts in High Norland with Charmain Baker Born to lovely parents determined to make their daughter respectable, Charmain is ill equipped for almost everything besides eating and reading a fact that has escaped the notice of her parents and doesn t much bother Charmain.The only problem with her tame existence is that Charmain is unable to do the one thing she has always, desperately, wanted to do work in the royal library with the elderly Princess Hilda and her even elderly father, the king of High Norland.As part of her plan to gain entry to the library, Charmain agrees to watch the royal wizard s house while he undergoes treatment from elves for a mysterious illness Upon her arrival at the house, it becomes clear that this house sitting venture will be than Charmain had expected what with the angry kobolds and the sudden arrival of the wizard s new apprentice, Peter It may, however, also be exactly what she needs.There are a lot of reasons that I like this book and its predecessors in the series Diana Wynne Jones has a particularly charming writing style that is both cozy and engaging There is something decidedly old fashioned about the prose, ranging from the chapter titles reminiscent of those found in E M Forster s A Room With a View to the swift and casual narration so similar to the voice Jane Austen favored in her novels At the same time, amazingly, Jones integrates elements of the fantastic like magic and wizards and elves without ever seeming outlandish or contrived House of Many Ways is a particularly appealing title, by an already well liked artist First and foremost, for obvious reasons, I like that Charmain is a bookish character who wants to work in a library The other characters that populate this novel, including some from both Howl s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air, are original and appealing though not by any means perfect.Even Charmain, the novel s heroine, has moments where she is quite mistaken about a variety of things Happily, never long enough to become problematic for readers At the same time, it is refreshing that Charmain is utterly useless despite her being so well read When she arrives at the wizard s house she cannot cook, wash clothes, or do many other things that most people take for granted.This story is about magic and a fair bit of adventure But it is also about what every college senior has to think about sooner or later being an adult As the novel progresses, Charmain learns about than books and magic, she learns how to grow up and take care of herself, even when that means admitting she might need some help.You can find this review and on my blog Miss Print

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    While not as sentimental and charming as Howl s Moving Castle, House of Many Ways unfortunately I haven t yet read the 2nd book in the series is a great follow up to Sophie s adventures, but this time she s not at the foreground of the adventure, and this book is not a direct sequel, either Instead, this book follows Charmain, who has come to look after her uncle s house, a house every bit as strange and wonderful as the castle of Howl, but there s a wide variety of new characters to meet, including Peter who seems to be a much hapless variation Howl s apprentice Michael Fisher in the 1st book of the series , Twinkle and Sophie, who is still just as sharp and clever as ever Charmain doesn t know magic, and has to rely on herself for much of the book.While there were times that I found Charmain rather rude to the other characters, and the book was much plot driven than character driven, I did really enjoy House of Many Ways and I m glad that Wynne Jones was generous enough to write a continuation for readers to show what became of Sophie Her whimsical, witty and fun writing is easy to follow and get immersed in, and I liked how it works as a bunch of little adventures rather than one big quest.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book The writing was excellent, and it was certainly almost a sequel to Howl s Moving Castle, although calling it the sequel is perhaps unfair to Castle in the Sky.Vague spoilers follow It did rather fail as a traditional novel for two reasons First, there was nothing much holding it together thematically Charmain s character development was interesting and coherent, but it had no real bearing on the endgame of the plot, beyond the fact that it allowed her to be in the right places at the right time And all the other plot things that were going on were interesting in their own right, but their relationships to one another were questionable Really, the story had all the randomness of real life, but this made it less of a story.Secondly and relatedly, the plot was undermined by the fact that one of the characters was, of course, Howl, and the bad guys could not possibly be any match for him Once certain facts were established and certain events unfolded, he simply saved the day This is totally realistic, but again, makes the story feel less important Califer s part in saving everyone did add some tension, but not enough Ultimately the plot and tension would have been enough for, say, an episode of a television series, where an interesting premise need not be accompanied by really high stakes, but it didn t feel like a fully formed standalone novel.However, I still entirely enjoyed reading it Sure, tightly constructed, high stakes novels are ultimately preferable, but if DWJ wants to publish fun little stories like this one involving everyone s favorite foppish wizard, I m not complaining.

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