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files How Do You Say Goodbye, read online How Do You Say Goodbye, free How Do You Say Goodbye, free How Do You Say Goodbye, How Do You Say Goodbye 99dba45a2 With A Death Sentence Of An Inoperable Brain Tumor, Sam Tried To Come To Terms With The Meaning Of Life, Her Belief In God, Her Battle With Sobriety And Her Hope Of It All Ending On The Beach As Her Life Dwindled Away, Memories Of Abuse, Mistakes, And Bad Choices Haunted Her, Amid Old And New Friendships, Terrifying Nightmares, And Fairy Tale Dreams Forcing Her Past And Present Worlds To Collide

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    Rare is the book that has the power to sink the hook, and reel me in The book with the ability to draw you into the story so well that you forget everything going on around you, even forgetting to put it down And extremely rare is the book that I wasn t able to figure out the end by the middle of the book This is that book This book tells the story of a cancer patient in such a way that as a cancer patient s caregiver, I couldn t help but think that Pam Logan had walked the road herself, or guided someone very close to her down that road So many of the things that my wife and I have experienced, felt, spoken about written about in such a way that I felt Pam had looked directly into our lives.If you are a cancer patient, have lost someone to cancer, or know someone who is battling it currently, this is a must read book

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    This was a fantastic book Be warned though, it is a major tearjerker It is a tale about Sam, a woman who had a shocking life and has found out she has an inoperable brain tumour The story follows her journey to hook up with her old biker clan finishing up at her friends grandparents Her wish is to die by the beach so they take her to the beach where her friend has a house More happens along the way but I don t want to spoil it.I was moved by Sam s plight I found myself laughing and crying with her The love all her friends had for her was tangible and I felt it too It was a real page turner and got me from the first page Read it, you won t be disappointed.

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    I just knew I had to read it as biker and cancer perked my interest I had to smile, laugh and cry and loved spunky Sam in the end for her spirit Sam has brain cancer and wants to die on the beach rather than in the hospital so she gets with an old friend to hop on their motorcycles and make that one last trip to get to the beach She finds she wants one last thing done before she dies and though I had a good idea of the answer, there is some real surprises thrown in that I never expected to go with it I love stories that give you a surprise ending I would love to see by this author

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    From the very first chapter I was hooked I couldn t seem to put this book down for very long I was drawn to it, wanting to know what happened next The characters were brought to life with compassion I laughed and cried with each episode of Sam s life Ms Logan has a unique way of showing how one person can touch so many lives without even trying What a gift

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    This is one of those books that you just can t put down Such a joy to read

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