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files Immortal Rider, read online Immortal Rider, free Immortal Rider, free Immortal Rider, Immortal Rider 62c99646a Sexy, Powerful, And Immortal, Limos Is On A Crash Course With Destiny She S Been Marked As Satan S Bride And Her Jealous Fianc Wants Her All To Himself The Only Way This Horseman Can Keep Herself And Everyone Else Safe Is To Keep Her Distance But Not Even Limos Can Save Herself From The Secrets She S Kept Or Resist The Seductive Allure Of One Very Brave HumanArik Wagner Knows The Saying Love Hurts Better Than Most, Yet He Never Thought Stealing A Kiss From Limos Would Land Him In Hell Literally It Takes All His Military Training To Survive The Demon Torture, But Once He S Topside, Arik Realizes That The Agony Has Just Begun With The Apocalypse Looming And Satan Demanding His Bride, Will Arik And Limos Surrender To The Desire Smoldering Between Them Or Will Giving In To Their Passion Unleash Hell On Earth

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    3,5 starsThe battle between good and evil continues in Immortal Rider, Larissa Ione s 2nd book in her Lords of Deliverance Series.Limo, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse and Arik Wagner, human, working or the US Army s paranormal unit , are unable to fight the attraction they feel for each when they first meet something that will have the most devastating repercussions in their lives.What else can happen in Limos life Not only is she fighting to keep her Seal from breaking, holding back secrets from her Horsemen brothers.if that s not enough she has Satan on the sideline waiting to make her his bride see, her mother had sold her to Satan when she was a child and that evil demon demands she remains a virgin until he takes her even goes as far as kitting her out with a chastity belt Talk about HORROR Into her life to tempt her away from her virginal life comes Arik Wagner Sexy and dangerous seducer Okay, the sexual chemistry between these two was hot and sizzling..so f..k Satan..he wanted Limos she wanted him and they spend a rather short but fab time in bed Yes, that s right Satan is going to get Arik s ass for deflowering his future bride That s exactly what happens Arik is dragged into Hell where he s tortured for a while before he s rescued by one of his demon friends.I adored these two characters They were really cute , trying to find a way to be together.and I simply loved the playful banter with each other Doomsday is looming.fierce battles, twists and turns, treachery, new enemies..it s a non stop ride.One of the things I enjoy in this series is how the author incorporates characters from the Demonica books into the stories.This is a series I can so recommend to lovers of sexy and dark paranormal romance.My favorite quote

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    RANT BELOW WITH SPOILERS This one star rating is not because the main plot but because of a sub plot that led to book 3 in the series On it s own, this book was OK even if I found the business of unconditional love a bit dubious given what Limos had done so you were responsible for the death of my children Of course I forgive you My main gripe with this book is that it had one of the most disgusting setups for a couple I ve seen I was so full of rage when I finished reading that I couldn t sleep at all So what happened in this book that disturbed me so One of the characters was raped AND THE NEXT BOOK HAS THIS PERSON PAIRED UP WITH THE RAPIST Yup The rapist and the victim, together for ever and ever.Shocked yet Well, there s a twist that makes it OK in the eyes of Ms Ione Because in this case, the WOMAN RAPED THE GUY.How could this be, you may wonder It s very simple She drugged him She restrained him She rode him like a pony while the guy said no over and over and over.I was so disgusted by this scene that I doubt I ll read any book by Ms Ione again.Worse, NOBODY in the freaking book came to the guy s defense Several characters had the GALL to say that he got laid, what s the problem Like a man doesn t have the right to decide where he puts his penis or whether or not he wants to father a child with a particular woman.Oh yes, that s the cherry on top The goal of this rape was to get the man to father a child to save the world Yes, these people, who ARE SUPPOSEDLY the good guys, created a baby, without the consent of his father, to use him for who knows what purposes and then throw him aside when they re done with him to be reared by SOMEBODY ELSE Yes, the rapist is not even going to keep the child or even tell the father, hey you, I had a baby when I raped you, do you want it But you may saythat s not the way it was There were some attenuating circumstances She did it to save the world She didn t know the wine was drugged She didn t know she had restrained him She didn t realize he meant it when he said no But those are excuses First, if the goal was to save the world, why didn t they ask him Why did they have to go against his back The scroll didn t say the baby had to be conceived in secret Second, she knew the wine had some magic and she didn t know what kind, that s why she didn t want to drink it in the first place Third, she knew that her ability came out during sex and that s why she wasn t having any But the most important thing is that the man told her repeatedly NO OVER AND OVER That should have been enough for her to stop.Women have been dealing with double standards for a long time and if we want to get rid of them, we shouldn t do it ourselves If it s wrong for a man to take a woman without her consent, then it s wrong for a woman to do the same Or do we think that equality means that now we have the right to trample and violate men Obviously, I won t be reading the next book in the series I never got the point of fan fiction, but I m tempted to write one myself where the rapist gets what she deserves.

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    This is one of the best books Larissa has written to date I m shocked by the sheer wonder of it all and how she can balance such darkness, snarkness from the characters and sexiness.If you re dying to get your hands on a great paranormal romance that has a few zingers and pushes the envelope, which Larissa has done, you need to read this book.The one disappointing thing was no upside down tree sex with the H H like in the last book I should mark the grade down for that alone, but since I bow at the alter of Larissa, I let it slide this time.

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    Totally enjoyed this tale of Limos, the only female rider of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and how she came to fall in love with Erik of the Aegis Limos has the unfortunate circumstance of being betrothed to Satan poor girl and any time a man gets close to her, there are bad consequences So when Erik tries to kiss her one night at a party, he is dragged down into the underworld and tortured A good chunk of the book focuses on PTSD and Erik s recovery, which was interesting, and also Limos had to right a lot of the wrongs she had made in the past This book also featured the set up for two characters I assume will feature in the next book, another of the horsemen Death Thanedos, who reminds me a lot of Zsadist from the BDB, both in manner and appearance, and Reagan, also from the Aegis They promise to be a spicy couple, and the way their story was set up to start in the next book really ends on a cliffhanger Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader.

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    I still remember the first time I rode a horse which is synonymous as saying I still remember the time I almost died That hellbeast ran riot across a large desert area surrounding a partially active volcano and laughed at my feeble attempts to summon help or stop his rampage.What this earned for me was a year or two of riding lessons because where I grew up, riding lessons were the thing to do for proper young ladies As there is nothing proper about me, you can be sure that I never progressed much past being able to keep my seat and to pick a good horse that would stop when I politely asked it to A surprising amount of horse riding comes down to just picking the right horse Some horses are always bad because they hate you and secretly long to tear into your entrails despite masquerading as a herbivore Other horses are flighty and will have their good or bad moments So for the most part, you pick a good horse and stick with it Authors tend to be like a horse You find a good one and stick with it and they usually won t fail you This analogy is especially true for the Paranormal Romance genre where books tend to be serialized I ve tried to ride a series that was flighty with books wavering between good and bad like a toddler on too much sugar It s a frustrating experience.If I had to pick my favourite horse though, Larrisa Ione would be it I don t know how she would feel to being referred to as a horse, but there it is I ve generally found her work to be consistently readable.Immortal Rider is the story of a Horseman of the Apocalypse and a human man falling in love and dealing with her lying and evil brothers and the fact that she had him dragged into hell for kissing her Completely normal stuff that I m sure we can all relate to I have some issues with female representation in her novels and particularly this one However, over all, I do enjoy her storytelling and her characters Her novels also tend to have the appropriate amount of cheesy goodness in them without overdoing it or crossing into the realm of dumbassery Something that s surprisingly easy to do in this genre.I think, if I d read the first novel, I would have enjoyed this as opposed to playing catch up and trying to familiarize myself with a world that seems to take it for granted that you already know most of the characters.Ione s novels are, at least in my opinion, better than the usual fare and they have a great deal of imagination and interesting world building in them So if you ve lost your seat in this genre and are looking for a good horse, maybe give Ione a chance.

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    Hellooooo I m a Horseman of the Apocalypse, and I m betrothed to the most infamous, most powerful demon in existence I couldn t draw attention to myself if I wore Lady Gaga s meat dress to a PETA convention After Sin, we encounter another unlucky girl in the series Limos may be one of the horsemen, all powerful and mighty and mistress of Famine, but she is unfortunately also Satan s future bride This could be another example of a forced marriage however Limos will not yield that easily Obviously Satan can be very persuasive and very jealous of his future wife.Arik Wagner really likes Limos Arik is brother of Runa and consequently Shade s brother in law Limos is trying to keep her distance, mainly for his own good Sadly, Arik does not know his place and a stolen kiss will land him in Hell The place where jealous fianc Satan rules The place where Arik will be tortured continually until he loses his mind.The book is the story of Arik and Limos sexy games, Arik s survival, Satan s revenge and of course the prevention of Apocalypses Limos has to keep her seal safe and Reseph Pestilence has to be stopped Since Arik is Runa s brother, this is also a family matter for the Seminus demons brothers.Pestilence is such a bad boy His book with his HEA will come later on nevertheless he is the character you love to hate.Regan and Thanatos story is stealing the show in the end and the next book about Thanatos will definitely be an emotional rollercoaster A road set on deception and betrayal.I absolutely loved this book I devoured each page I was making guesses which secondary character deserves his her own book hint Reaver and Harvester clearly.I got lost in this magical world, where even Hell apparently is livable.

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    I ve been waiting for months for Immortal Rider I kept on stalking Larissa Ione s blog, me being such a big fan and all, watching her news, avoiding spoilers and so on Finally I managed to get the book and the time to read it The question of the day would be Am I happy with this book Was it everything I was hoping for Did I do the happy dance after finishing it No review ends here Nah, hold your horses people, of course I m not done with f cking up reviewing the book Of course I have to ramble about it for at least 15 minutes That s the way I work.What is my problem you ask First of all the story sucks balls Yes, balls Listen to this We have a little horseperson, Limos She s a badass warrior who dresses like a Hawaian reject and always smells like coconut I presume so far that even her sweat smells like coconut I didn t want to get into intimate details with this so let s just stop with sweat Ok so she meets the hot dude Arik He s a human of course You will never have two badass warriors hooking up things would be too easy then No fun in things being too easy So after they kiss the dude ends up in Hell and gets tortured for a month He escapes and forgives the chick just because she s hot Bla bla bla flirting oral sex bla bla bla Then we find out that I ll put this in bold because it s priceless she is wearing a chastity belt and only her husband can remove it The funny thing is that this is not the best part of it Hold on, I m getting to it So apart from the chastity belt we have the following she is betrothed to Satan yes, freakin Satan and he wants her fresh and untouched You guessed it right UNTOUCHED AKA a virgin So she needs someone to take away her maidenhood and save her from being raped by Satan Ok so after you ve read this what s your opinion on Immortal Rider I don t know if I should laugh or cry I mean this is a joke I can t process it facepalm Second remember the first up there somewhere , the characters suck Limos is not my favorite horseman and Arik is just meh Nothing special about him, don t like him don t hate him He just exists Period So sucky story and meh characters bad book and me punching a kid in the face See what you made me do Mrs Ione See what you made me do clears throat So yeah, saying that I m having issues with this book is an understatement.There s actually something I liked about Immortal Rider and if I m not wrong I said this about Eternal Rider as well I loved Wraith, Thanatos and surprisingly Regan They re the main reason for me not giving it two stars.So the conclusion I m totally neutral about this I won t say I hate it because I still like Larissa Ione but it s the last chance I m giving her One mistake book like this and I m blowing everything up

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    Barely 3 stars It took me a couple days to finish this because I got bored I stopped reading and had to force myself to pick this book back up and finish it I wasn t looking forward to this book anyway because neither of the main characters interested me Limos came off bratty and flippant in the other books Arik seemed super human and military Limos stayed the same, but Arik improved The plot Arik kisses Limos and is dragged to hell to be tortured because Limos is engaged to Satan and no one touches his fianc e Arik gets out of hell and the romance is on Arik really grew as a character and I enjoyed the times the book was from his POV He changes from super soldier all up in the military to helping the horsemen and working for good in different ways He s a very adaptable character Limos stayed the same, that of a bratty teenager whose main activity is lying and blowing off things That s all Limos does, party and lie I didn t like her or care for her and her lying was the main plot after Arik was out of hell She was too juvenile The romance was sweet and PG 13 as Limos has some restrictions on her activities It was also a teen feeling romance due to Limos lack of maturity.

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    I have been eagerly anticipating Arik Wagner s book for a long time I adored him in the Demonica series and now, with his own book, the hot human brother finally gets his chance to shine So going into this book, I was already giddy because I would get some Arik action.Enter Limos aka Famine, the only female horseman Before she was even born, she was promised to the Dark Lord Being unwillingly betrothed to Satan brings up a lot of problems But when Arik can t deny his attraction to Limos any longer, he kisses her And this is when the story begins its hellride And I mean, literally.Just as Arik gets summoned to hell, Limos tells him to never, ever speak her name If he does while in agony, then Limos will find herself next to her rightful husband Larissa Ione had created a unique and darkly sensual world in the Lord of Deliverance series I loved the entire concept She isn t afraid to put her characters through tough experiences in order to tell their story right and I have to respect that Arik and Limos endure a lot of things that would normally break a person So it was interesting to read about their journey through that as well as see the development of their romance together Though I did like the romance between Li and Arik, I didn t think it was one of Ione s best Her Demonica series still stands as number one for me However, I have a feeling that the next book, Lethal Rider will be the hitter for me Than and Regan s chemistry was palpable and I really enjoyed their parts of the books It makes my hands itch for the next one and I m sensing that Ione will surely deliver another one of her epic stories for the sassy Aegis chick and Death.On the flip side, there were two things that didn t exactly thrill me about this book The first is that I hated the secrets between Limos and Arik This may be just a personal preference, but I don t usually enjoy stories where there is a communication problem between the hero and heroine Most of the time I feel like it can be easily solved However, that is not to say that it was a bad conflict It was just okay.The other thing is that Limos got a little annoying in some areas Not all, but enough that she got some eye rolls Again, nothing too over the top, but I still had to consider that when rating this book Ergooooooo, 4 stars

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    One of the things I like best about Larissa Ione is that her books are unpredictable And there is always so much going on And they are so freaking hot I guess that s than one thing, but let me gush for a moment I enjoyed Eternal Rider, but it took me a little while to get into Not the case here This story reeled me in from the beginning and didn t let go.Limos is the only female among the Horsemen of the Apocalypse She is as beautiful as she is deadly She is also a virgin Limos was promised to Satan as his bride when she born She wears a chastity belt that attacks anyone who tries to get in her pants And if she ever allows herself to give in to an attraction to another man, it s bad news for the object of her affection.Arik s been part of the Demonica world for a long time He is Runa s brother and part of the military force that fights deadly supernaturals He is drawn to Limos, and as the book begins, he finally gives in to the temptation to kiss her That s when everything goes to hell Literally Satan s minions set out to torture him the curse saying that if he screams Limos name in agony, she ll have to return to the Underworld and take her place at Satan s side.This is only the beginning of a long journey for these two Of course, Arik makes it out, but one obstacle after another is thrown in their path Not the least of which is Limos own shady past and the looming damage it could do if it comes to light Pestilence has a hand in all the madness And there is a great side story featuring the angels Reaver and Harvester.Oh And speaking of great side stories I loved, loved, loved the direction Ione is taking with Thanatos I feared his story was going to be predictable with the nature of his seal, but I was dead wrong The great b plot stuff just wasn t there in the last book, but it definitely is here and it s a big win.I will acknowledge it takes forever for sexual payoff between our main characters But there is plenty of sexy action going on throughout the book I won t spoil the details, but wow The whole thing was really good And I Am Dying For the next book Almost 5 stars ARC Provided by Grand Central Publishing

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