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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • In the Courts of the Crimson Kings
  • S.M. Stirling
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9780765314895

10 thoughts on “In the Courts of the Crimson Kings

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsEven though I enjoyed The Sky People, the first novel in S.M Stirling s duology, I was not really excited to read this book I mean, it is a scifi novel about Mars, and my book list contains several of Edgar Rice Burroughs books Honestly, how can anyone top John Carter But after finishing, I have to say that Stirling did a stupendous job of making this Mars a cool place with a haunting similarity to Barsoom, but a history and flavor all its own.The story itself is standard pulp scifi a continuation of the story begun in The Sky People By 2000, both the Soviets and Americans have established small enclaves on Mars, but whereas Venus was a pristine wilderness with savage natives, Martian civilzation is millenium older than Earth s own with a very rich history Indeed, the remnants of the world spanning Tollamune Empire still exists and functions upon the red planet, safe and secure under the gargantuam mountain called Olympus Mons There the current emperor resides his lordship belonging to a ruling dynasty that once ruled the whole planet and spans back thousands of years into Earth s remote past Indeed, even in its death throws, Martian science still surpasses Earth s in such areas as genetic engineering a skill which seemingly pervades all areas of Martian life including their weapons and landships Our tour guide through this ancient realm is archeologist Jeremy Wainman who has been rocketed to Mars by the U.S Aero Space Force his mission to explore the lost city of Rema Dza out in the Great Beyond , i.e the Martian desert To aid Jeremy, his bosses in the USASF contracts with a female Martian mercenary, Teyud za Zhalt, to lead the expedition and basically keep Jeremy from getting killed Of course, while keeping Jeremy alive, our Martian mercenary falls in love with him But the fun doesn t stop there, because you see there is to Teyud than meets the eye When the expedition discovers an ancient Martian artifact at the lost city, she stops being Jeremy s lover and protector and turns into the one needing protection From there, the book only gets better and better as political intrigue, duels, and unknown alien forces erupt in our story And all the while, the reader gets to learn and about this very cool Mars and its intriguing science and history Even the ending, though completely expected, is entertaining My only reget as I laid the book down was that I would not read any stories of Stirling s Mars.

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    If you re a fan of ER Burroughs Martian series and I am in moderate doses , then you ll probably enjoy this latest homage to him.Jeremy Wainman is no John Carter or Northwest Smith or Eric John Stark, for that matter but he s likable enough I prefer this Mars Dejah Thoris Teyud za Zhalt over the original, cringing, always being kidnapped princess but as usual with books of this genre it s not overly strong on character development.Stirling is much better than Burroughs at creating an alien Mars whose inhabitants are still human enough that you care for them at least for as long as you re reading the novel.

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    In the Courts of the Crimson Kings, by S M Stirling Stirling knocked it out of the park with this one A wonderful revival of the Sword and Planet genre, and set on Mars no less Great action, fantastic and wonderful characters, and a powerful ending A truly enjoyable experience.

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    Stirling has a knack for coming up with very cool premises for his books and series He also then does good research on his premise, and thinks through some very cool consequences And despite this, his books tend to be diverting, but mediocre He writes the same badass characters into almost every book of his that I ve read And the stories tend to run over well trodden ground So, despite the cool premises from one book to the next, there s a kind of sameness that seems to pervade what he does.Here, he takes us to an ancient Martian civilization Because of the lack of fuel and uranium, the Martian technology advanced very rapidly in the bio sciences But it lagged considerably in the area of combustibles He also makes the presumption that the Martian society is pretty much like a Chinese dynastic society on a very grand scale Lineage is worshipped over all else, and the Martians are both treacherous and hyper rational.The story involves the quasi bastard offspring of the Emperor, her ties to an Earthling, and the pursuit of them by vying political factions The plot moves quickly, but is basically dull There are several times when winks at the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies, but the wink doesn t change the fact that he s pretty much writing the same thing, and not doing it as well as the first movie though way better than Temple of Doom or the Last Crusade.The other aspect of this book I found off putting was the constant use of a kind of translation of the Martian demotic language It s basically stilted, hyper academic English in translation A better writer could have made the language fun, or interesting, or both Stirling tries, but I never got with the program and I just don t think he s a good enough writer to pull tis sort of thing off.Overall, I think this is a pretty decent complement to The Sky People But it is very thin I ve read elsewhere that this is a loving homage to Burroughs John Carter books Maybe so, and that put s me at a disadvantage since I haven t read them But if so, then I feel about this sort of the way I do about Austen s Northanger Abbey Homage, and or satire, should stand on its own legs, and they both suffer if the derivative pleasures are the primary ones.

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    Wow, just plain wow, one of the best new old time SF novels I have read in years It is filled with great ideas, good characterizations, and thrilling situations and is well written with a satisfying end Although, it is the sequel of The Sky People and it stands alone on its own strengths I decide not to wait to find a used copy of The Sky People and purchased one from Borders If In the Courts of the Crimson Kings is sent in Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars novels, than The Sky People is At The Earth s Core only set on the planet Venus instead of inside the Earth The Sky People storyline builds slowly but once it is up to speed it is like a train out of control and it has not only a satisfying conclusion but epilogue as well.

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    Lots of fun to be had here, though the protagonist is a bit colourless he says Yikes , for Pete s sake and the real star is Thoughtful Grace Teyud za Zhalt The formulaic nature of Martian speech is neatly portrayed or should I say I express appreciative gratitude , and there is some nifty desert action The cover illustration by Gregory Manchess is also very evocative Downsides the West good, Commies bad, skit rings very hollow in these complex times such simplicity is partly the point of such pulp era homages, but this felt a bit too naive to stand up well Some of the style grates at times, where the flow of the narrative was interrupted too often by the insights and internal monologues of various characters, even at moments when the focus should have been on the action And I really disliked the sci fi literati in joke of the first chapter Not Stirling s fault, but the formatting of the Tor hardcover is absymal, everything from spelling errors like abraid for abrade even Noah Webster didn t sanction that one, and there were others , to inconsistences in the spelling and capitalisation of the indigenous Martian terms vaz Terranan appears as vas Terranan at least once I gave up keeping track For us Indies, it s always a laugh to see bad editing and poor formatting in real books Overall, a decent story well carried, and a nice bit of fun Teyud za Zhalt also appears in a short story in Old Mars.

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    I can t wait to read this, it has the single best title I ve seen in a long time Right away I m drawn in, I want to know what goes on in these courts of these Crimson Kings and exactly who or what are the Crimson Kingsetc.Well, I read it and now I know what goes on in the courts of the crimson kings Pulse pounding action and enthrallingly good sci fi This was a very similar book to the first installment in the basic themes taking pulp sci fi ideas and elements, and meshing them with hard sci fi logic and explanation , yet in most other ways its completely opposite I can t really elaborate with out giving some very cool stuff away.This having been said, this book still has everything you loved from the first installment Action, adventure, deadly and bizzare creatures, alien cultures, alien tech, romance, intrique, and cool alternative history Oh, and a cave fight with Martian monsters that is not to be missed.

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    This was a fun little read It was interesting to set a book in our past and it gave it a 1950 s feel but modern, if that makes any sense The Martians play a game similar to chess, but they take the principles and apply them to real life I also found the Martian society interesting and would have liked a bit explanation and depth to that Criticism s include a darn romance I just don t care for romance in my sf novels Still, it was tolerable and didn t detract too much from the story I had trouble swallowing it s probability the world was set up where Martian s don t particularly like Terrans and here a tough mercenary woman falls in love with the archaeologist she s supposed to be protecting And yes, if you are thinking Indiana Jones it was mentioned several times in the book as well Still the book was decent and I would consider reading S.M Stirling again.

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    In the second book of what I think is a duology the action moves to Mars where Binkis traveled at the end of The Sky People to the court of the Crimson Kings and the intrigue of the martian people The book starts slowly, at least the first half was slow to me as I kept on expecting connection with the first book and the pacing seemed off, perhaps because of my expectations Where the Sky People was almost all action and the intrigue was the underlying story, this book was about the intrigue between the martian people and the jockeying for the Throne and the action takes a necessary secondary role in the beginning Overall a good read, Stirling paints the Martians as much cerebral and unemotional than his Venusians contrasting the two cultures species and their technology is quite different and well explained and serves as the backbone for the whole culture.

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    What a super book This is a boy s own outing to outdo them all In the spirit of The Peshawar Lancers , In the Courts of the Crimson Kings is a parody on Burroughs but it outdoes that master of noble barbarian egg laying princesses, green many limbed monsters cum heroes and captain sensible supermen in alien environments Stirling s Martians are an admirable race with just that sense of aloofness and nobility yet commonsensical realism that makes me want to know one Their language is superb and I truly began to wish that ours also contained such lovely understatements and expressions, exuberance displayed The story is a genuine adventure that sucks you in, absorbs you, chews you about a bit and then spits you out wanting You want escapist fun read this

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