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10 thoughts on “In the Service of Dragons

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    I listened to this as an audiobook a while ago The story is okay, but not a good book for listening There are so many names and it jumps from one set of characters to another set, so that I ended up getting very confused about who they were talking about It probably wouldn t be so bad if I had been reading it Also, this book is like the Lord of the Rings which was intended to be one book, but the publisher said it was too long so cut it into three parts in that you only have a very small portion of the story when the book ends I m undecided as to whether to continue or not and now I ve really forgotten who all the characters were.

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    This review is not related to the novel whatsoever it regards only the audiobook narration I only got through 20 minutes even though I tried to force myself through to at least a half hour but I couldn t make it The narration drones on in monotone almost exclusively and is very difficult to listen to Hopefully I will give reading the book a try at some point

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    I started it as an audiobook Oh, dear So disappointing for such a great title I suspect that the reader aloud didn t help with his overdramatic tone and accent which didn t sound like any I had ever heard Got through chapter three.

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    horrible audiobook narration didnt even notice the book.

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    Ooof, I don t know why I went through with this book, it was far too much to properly understand for me I thought because it was a small read I could get it done and over I didn t really connect with a lot that was going on, and I am pretty sure the same will be said for the sequels, if I even choose to read them at all I d probably do it for the sake of getting it done and its 3 other books to add to my read list for my goal of the year.

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    Oh how quickly a decent story can be ruined by a poor narrator I listened to the audio version and the narrator was so poorly paced and intensely over the top that it detracted immensely from the story The story itself was decent Dragons and fighting and magic but even if I had been reading, it wouldn t have captured my imagination.

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    Dragons Action packed is an understatement Once the story gets going it doesn t stop and Stanek writes action masterfully Frequently I kept reading long after I was supposed to stop to do something else With all the plots and subplots it s like a smorgasbord Would love to see this as a movie.

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    New adventures aheadDragons 1 takes readers into uncharted territory and new characters are introduced, adding to an already stellar cast Early on it was the mysterious circumstances and infighting that kept the story moving, now new circumstances and treachery takes us far beyond the kingdoms.

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    Five Stars Stanek makes epic fantasy fun and something you can get into easily from the sweeping beginnings to the rousing ending Lots of finely done action sequences balanced with beautifully written prose Get this if you enjoy good writing, immersive experiences, and interesting characters.

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    Powerful, sweeping epic fantasy Read this book so many times now I ve lost count, at least ten Suffice to say I m a big fan of the author, and this is the book that I loved the most His kingdoms books are good, excellent even, but the Dragon books are all action and adventure.

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