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pdf Juniper Berry , ebook Juniper Berry , epub Juniper Berry , doc Juniper Berry , e-pub Juniper Berry , Juniper Berry 99903837ce9 Juniper S Parents Have Not Been Themselves Lately In Fact, They Have Been Cold, Disinterested And Cruel And Lonely Juniper Berry, And Her Equally Beset Friend, Giles, Are Determined To Figure Out Why On A Cold And Rainy Night Juniper Follows Her Parents As They Sneak Out Of The House And Enter The Woods What She Discovers Is An Underworld Filled With Contradictions One That Is Terrifying And Enticing, Lorded Over By A Creature Both Sinister And Seductive, Who Can Sell You All The World S Secrets In A Simple Red Balloon For The First Time, Juniper And Giles Have A Choice To Make And It Will Be Up To Them To Confront Their Own Fears In Order To Save The Ones Who Couldn T MP Kozlowsky S Debut Novel Is A Modern Day Fairy Tale Of Terror, Temptation, And Ways In Which It Is Our Choices That Make Us Who We Are

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    When I came across this on Goodreads, it became one of those things that just takes over your brain Or takes over my brain, anyway Everything from the cover to the title to the fantastic little tag line just called to me So when I was offered a copy out of the blue, of course I casually said, Oh, thanks but nah O_O Or HELLS YEAH It was one of the two.And when it came in the mail so if you went with Choice 1, sorry, you lose , I promptly sat down and made short work of it And though the beginning was a little rocky for me, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.Juniper Berry for me was interesting in that it pleased both my adult side and the 9 year old Misty that was obsessed with creepy books and made her mother worry that she had unhealthy reading habits because apparently to moms, Goosebumps is acceptable only in small doses A steady diet of it serial killer, or something Or, at least that s what meddling neighbors lead moms to believe Moving on Reading it, I got the same impression I had when I read Coraline that my younger self would have eaten this up It was just creepy enough, and unflinching in its darker aspects, that it would have delighted me to no end It had this fantastic dark circus feel, with fairy tale elements in there as well hence it s inclusion in Fairy Tale Fortnight , but it still remained its own thing There were certain little unexpected elements that delighted me kid and adult and gave it this great visual appeal, and I have always loved a book that makes you see what is going on and leaves you with lasting images Certain quirky things are always going to pop into my head when I think of this book, and I love that This is of course aided by the fantastic illustrations My copy, being unfinished, only had some of the illustrations, which means I ll have to track down a finished copy to see the rest But from what I saw, they were perfectly suited to the text, and stylized nicely.I mentioned Coraline earlier, and I want to bring it up what time because the comparison doesn t end just in the fact that I liked it as an adult and now I would have loved it as a kid It also reminded me of Coraline in that it was disturbing in the way that Coraline was disturbing In Coraline, there was the Other Mother, and good lord, if she is not the creepiest character for a kid to read And it s not just the black button eyes, or the eating of souls She s disturbing because she is a parent or, looks like one and pretends to be one, anyway Though there is a villain in this on him in a minute , what ups the disturbing factor in this is the parents You know and Juniper knows that they are good people, but that something is wrong Having your parents do these strange dark things ups the creep out factor immensely, and I loved it.But moving on to the actual villain of the piece, Skeksyl, my reaction to him wasinteresting In some respects, he s a very good villain He s creepy, he s dark, he s tempting, and he has a raven for a sidekick Villain But there was one thing that I found off putting, and this is just because I m me I don t think kids would be bothered by this, but every time Skeksyl is described by Juniper, his nasally, high pitched, screechy voice is mentioned, which just made me want to laugh I can t take a villain seriously with a nasally, high pitched, screechy voice unless it s a wicked witch, and then, sure I know that s minor and silly, but it affected my overall impression of the villain, and really, I just needed to share that with someone So there I could have done with a little subtlety from him, too, but whatever, it s a kids book.And Skeksyl was the only one that got on my nerves at all or made me question I loved all of the other characters, especially Juniper She s smart and quirky and strong, and above all else, she knows herself She knows who she is and what she wants which is kinda the point of the whole thing , and beyond just loving this personally, I think it sends a powerful and much needed message to young readers I love having a character for this age group who is so self aware and confident in who she is I love that she s not ashamed of her intelligence and her interests Juniper knows who she is and says so proudly The book as a whole is a great statement on insecurity and acceptance, and it s refreshing and welcome That s why, if you know a kid who will be able to handle the darker elements, I would highly suggest recommending them or gifting them this book.Side note I absolutely adore it when an author uses big words for young kids, and uses them without being condescending or explaining excusing the word away Just unashamedly using a word and meaning it I love that Respect your reader and your reader s intelligence and inquisitiveness , and they ll respect you.

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    Better than Coraline and not as scary I wish this was made into a movie instead of that creepy book.

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    This cover gives me a To Kill a Mockingbird vibe.

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    4.5 starsJuniper Berry is a fabulous middle grade mixed with fantasy, mystery, twists and great characters The story has a powerful message of being careful of one s true desires and what you wish for Outback in Juniper s spacious backyard lies a tree which leads to a world controlled by an evil man who prays on the weak minded making their desires and dreams come true Everything comes at a price and not everything is what it seems Be careful what you wish for.Juniper Berry is such a fabulous character She s full of innocence and has a unique way of seeing the world around her Having world famous parents creates a problem for her, she s not allowed beyond the mansion s gate and no one is allowed in, which only fuels her obsession with the outside world Not having any friends to play with and parents who are too focused on themselves, she s lonely She turns to nature, and has a love and fascination for the outdoors It s there that she meets her first friend Giles Together they get an education on just how evil the outside world can be Juniper, with her unique views of the world and being able to see things so differently might be the only one who can help her friend Giles and their parents.Something strange has happened to Juniper s parents The once loving and doting pair hardly even glance at their daughter any Juniper s extraordinary strength and will power is a character trait I really admired, and it s tested when she comes face to face with something so evil, that even her parent s fell for it s temptation I really love this quote from Dimitri to Juniper, You know, Juniper, I envy you Your world is far different from an adult s You see things differently As they out to be, perhaps It s easy to lose sight of that Most of us do Pressures start coming from all sides and it makes you question everything You lose sight of what s important page 150There is a powerful message in this story for young readers and Juniper is a fabulous example at not falling for temptation, even when her parent s did This a really wholesome read that parents and kids will enjoy reading together There are scenes that might be too scary for kids who scare easily, but the story s message is an important one that parents will be able to discuss with their kids Like the cover, the illustrations through out the story are fabulous I definitely recommend picking this book up.

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    Juniper Berry is an only child who lives in a beautiful mansion, yet she longs for life the way it used to be before her parents became famous movie stars In the past, Juniper s parents spent lots of time with her, reading lines from the scripts Juniper would write But things have changed in the Berry home, and Juniper s parents are now distant and cold Her mother has even lost the sparkle in her eyes While exploring the woods behind her home, Juniper and her friend Giles discover a strange tree that holds the secret to why her parents have changed But will Juniper and Giles have the courage to defeat the evil being they meet in the underworld of the tree Middle grade readers of fantasy will love this eerie, dark story of good vs evil.

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    I love delving into worlds featuring the fantastic If left up to me, life would be a fantasyor a fairy tale I love novels brimming with epic quests and the discovery that comes as a child discovers him herself JUNIPER BERRY by M.P Kozlowsky fills all of these requirements, albeit in a creepy, unforgiving way The novel s children, Juniper and Giles, are forced to grow up as them embark on a journey to save their parents.Everyone has been comparing JUNIPER BERRY to the little known tale THE JUNIPER TREE by The Brothers Grimm, but I have trouble seeing the connection aside from, you know, the juniper tree Think of a book that has been adapted into the worst adaptation of a movie you ve ever seen You get annoyed at how different they are, how the two only share a name Comparing JUNIPER BERRY to THE JUNIPER TREE is like that The comparison is too loose with next to no connections THE JUNIPER TREE reminds me of the eerie, yet awesome musical SWEENEY TODD by Stephen Sondheim, full of death, secrets, and mayhem JUNIPER BERRY does not So don t go into this novel expecting something twisted or demented, because you won t find it Don t forget This is a middle grade novel for kids If it was too crazy, they d be scarred for life Heck, the book s already creepy enough that I would have been hiding under my covers after reading it as a child It has just the right amount of creep because I was a scaredy cat child Not too much, not too little Just right, as Goldilocks would say The novel centers around a girl named Juniper Berry, who lives in a mansion with her dog delightfully named Kitty and her famous movie star parents She grew up sheltered and loved As her parents stars began shining brighter, it was harder to go out and be normal people Juniper is home schooled and doesn t know how to participate in childhood staples such as Hide and Seek Her private tutors are than happy to stick her with work then take off to snoop into the lives of such famous actors Lately, Juniper s parents have no time for her They re always rehearsing, and they brush her off or say mean things to her Something has changed One day while wandering in the local woods, Juniper meets a boy named Giles Giles parents have been acting as strange as Juniper s, and Giles is looking for a tree he saw them disappear into the previous night That night, Juniper follows her parents and sees the same thing Together, Juniper and Giles find a way to open the ominous tree favored by a lone black raven.Inside the tree, they meet a mysterious man named Skeksyl and discover that the raven, Neptune, is his companion The description for Skeksyl brought an image of Kamaji from the movie SPIRITED AWAY see below Take a look image and quote at The entire novel is filled with such descriptive prose The cover states that JUNIPER BERRY is a tale of terror and temptation, and rightly so While not so terrifying as an adult, the language and visuals will hit their target audience dead on It s hard to describe The tone reminds me a lot of CORALINE by Neil Gaiman It has the same texture flavor that I m trying to explain to you The aspect of temptation is woven in deftly, filling the tale with strong morals, but in a way that never preaches.Finally, the imagery This book is FULL of illustrations by Erwin Madrid My ARC came with unfinished artwork, so I had to go to the store and get my hands on a final copy to see the art in all its glory Each image adds atmosphere You can see several images in the book trailer below To the right on my blog is an example of one image from the novel, used with permission from Walden Pond Press I love the elongated style of the images and the way shadows stretch This is an image of when Juniper and Giles first meet Skeksyl Isn t he creepy Way creepier than Kamaji Maybe that image would have never come to mind if I d seen this skeletal creature the first time I read the description Or maybe I would have I ll never know Look at the shadow people haunting the background, especially the tree like curve to their limbs Juniper and Giles have long arms as well These images add a lot of atmosphere to the novel and are sure to give readers goosebumps.

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    Deliciously spooky I will never look at a red latex balloon the same again A Tale of Terror and Temptation is the phrase on the cover of Juniper Berry, and it s right on the money This clever Middle Grade book takes you on a modern day morality tale, with precocious Juniper Berry as the guide.My 8 year old son read the first chapter and handed Juniper Berry back to me saying, It s for girls Well, I am a girl, sure, but I have to totally disagree with him Juniper encounters a new friend, Giles, and together they take a journey which leads them to dark and scary places Their successful parents are just not right and they are determined to find out why The pair follow their parents to an underworld where a frightening creature makes them tempting offers of wealth, strength, wisdom and adventure But at what price Only after they push their deepest fears, and selfish desires, aside and fight against a horrible evil, can they get their parents back I had chills while reading this book Unfortunately, I only got to see a few of the illustrations by Erwin Madrid in the ARC, but the imagery of a few of the particularly scary scenes makes me eager to see the finished product Not only was I scared out of my wits, but I was also reminded that the choice between what is right and what is easy is never easy a lesson boys and girls of any age could learn

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    Sometimes the key to writing something scary is to simply write the truth M P Kozlowsky in his debut middle grade novel Juniper Berry combines just the right aspects of the truth with powerful storytelling for a novel that grabs you from beginning to end Juniper Berry has everything in some ways except for the attention and affection of her famous parents She wishes for friends, for a life outside of her family s home, and most importantly for her parents to see her again While exploring the woods around her home, she meets a boy named Giles It seems that Juniper s parents aren t the only one who have been changing Giles has been noticing a change in his parents as well Together the two discover a secret that is both alluring and terrifying And how does a woodcutter, a raven, and a red balloon fit into this puzzle To read the rest of the review click on link..http www.kidlitfrenzy.com 2011 05 m

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    This is a deceptive cover I love the art it s graceful and willowy But there is some seriously seriously creepy stuff in here Juniper s famous parents think Brangelina are not themselves lately They re angry, shallow, and their eyes seem hollow They don t seem to care about Juniper any, either in an attempt to find out why they ve changed, Juniper follows them one night to the base of a tree, where they justdisappear Determined to save her family, Juniper goes after them, and uncovers a creature so vicious, so cold, so diabolical, that she herself may never be the same again This definitely belongs on a list of scary books for kids I will be attempting to persuade students to look past the lovely cover and give this eerie one a chance Scarier than Goosebumps, that s for sure.

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    I very much enjoy when books creep me out and give me goosebumps Juniper Berry by MP Kozlowsky read in 2011 for the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon accomplished this Juniper, the titular main character, has celebrity parents You d think her life is baller, but lately her parents have been acting weird, with no time nor thoughts to spare for her Juniper then makes a friend, Giles, who is a lonely and neglected boy dealing with the same issues as her.Read the rest of my review here

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