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pdf Katana (Katana, #1) , ebook Katana (Katana, #1) , epub Katana (Katana, #1) , doc Katana (Katana, #1) , e-pub Katana (Katana, #1) , Katana (Katana, #1) ac4217ac1ad Skater Girl Or Supernatural Samurai Rileigh Martin Wants To Believe That Adrenaline Gave Her The Strength To Fend Off Three Muggers In The Mall Parking Lot But Adrenaline Doesn T Explain The Voice In Her Head Giving Her Battle Tips And WarningsWhile Worrying That She S Going Crazy Always A Reputation Ruiner , Rileigh Gets A Visit From Kim, A Handsome Martial Arts Instructor, Who Tells Rileigh She S Harboring The Spirit Of A Five Hundred Year Old Samurai WarriorRelentlessly Attacked By Ninjas, Rileigh Has No Choice But To Master The Katana A Deadly Japanese Sword That S Also The Key To Her Past As The Spirit Grows Stronger And Her Feelings For Kim Intensify, Rileigh Is Torn Between Continuing As The Girl She S Always Been And Embracing The Warrior Inside Her

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    DNF as of page 66 I cannot in good conscience as someone with a BA in the history, language, and culture of Japan recommend this as even a bit of light reading There were so many bits of this that infuriated me poor character development, a shoddy main arc that needed at least two drafts to smooth out, flimsy banter, and a gay stereotypical male best friend who felt as if he were thrown in there for the sake of diversity , that it just made me want to throw Mr Nook across the room in a fit of rage.Guys, you know I love retellings, and I love risky retellings of historical figures even But this was nowhere even close to either of those but instead poorly researched and relying way too much on Tarentino s work I loved Kill Bill , but at least Tarentino knew what he was doing as he did have some education of the subject matter when making the film to help prop up her own work.So in return, I offer you this quick history lesson to correct where Gibsen has failed the readers in terms of history research There were no female samurai during the Sengoku Period or any other period , but there were onna bugeisha, which were female family members of noble houses trained to defend during times of war They fought alongside samurai during these times of war the one of 1493, ending Toyotomi Hideyoshi s reign is where part of this book takes place , but by no means were they accorded the same rights or other social benefits as samurai They were sisters, mothers, housewives given swords to help defend their lord and that s all they were their roles only diverged from typical women s roles under the duress of wartime conditions.This isn t to say that there weren t some exceptions to the role, beginning with the pioneer, Empress Jingu of the Yayoi Period, who only rose to power after her husband Emperor Chuuhai was killed in battle in 200AD She was not a warrior but an empress, and is known for leading the or less bloodless Japanese conquest of Korea within that period Another example of the exception is Tomoe Gozen, wife of Minamoto Yoshinaka of the Minamoto clan, you may know them from Heike Monogatari as they re kind of a big deal , who accompanied him into battle during the Genpei war She is believed to have both fought and survived that war with her husband We re not really sure if she actually existed, she still heavily affected history as a legendary figure to look up to for women who were able to become onna bugeisha During the same period, Hojo Masako did exist and was the first onna bugeisha known for putting her hand in politics, becoming one of the first shogunate nun wives she became a Buddhist nun after her husband died and became Shikken regent while waiting for her son to come of age and take control of the Kamakura shogunate The most recent and final is Nakano Takeko of Aizu daughter of a high up Aizu official who fought and died in the Boshin war in the 19th century the Edo period She helped lead the unofficial Joshitai women s corp of female volenteer soldiers of the Imperial Army during this time.What do all of these women have in common They re nobility or close to it Someone who was not married into the noble class or directly part of their family would most likely not been able to qualify as one of the rare onna bugeishi As far as I could tell by the information given to the audience, Senshi I chuckled at her name, I ll admit senshi meaning warrior was not of the noble class, and thus not quite socially qualified for her role as onna bugeisha.And for what we know of history, in most cases they did not use katana, but naginata Japanese polearms in battle instead.End of history lesson and many thanks to wikipedia for helping to refresh my memory on Japanese history.However, Gibsen completely disregards this piece of actual and very important piece of Japanese history and makes it into a farce where the female samurai gets reincarnated into a white girl s body, and the samurai gets reincarnated into a Korean man s body Korea and Japan have never really been friends until very recently within the past 20 30 years recently , and Korea is still pretty mad at Japan for annexing them and using their women as comfort women during WWII So, while I appreciate the effort to break down cultural barriers with this romance and reincarnation and try a retelling of actual history by the author in this story, this book really needed research and a few drafts to smooth the rough edges off It felt unfinished and very unstable in so many technical areas I think I might have liked it better had it had of the aforesaid fixes Needless to say, anyone who knows their Japanese history Don t read this You ll just get angry For those who want an actual, accurate, and respectful portrayal of an actual horrible battle, don t read this I see all of the raving reviews and just shake my head, because all this book is doing is reinforcing stereotypes For those who do want to read this bookwell, might I suggest you go and do Tarentino a solid and watch Kill Bill instead At least he knew his subject matter in order to play with it as he desired posted to goodreads, shelfari, and witchoftheatregoing.wordpress.com

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    It s not unusual for a book to promise than it can deliver One can seldom blame the book itself for that, since so much time and effort from the publishers goes into making said book as marketable as possible The temptation of a supernatural mash up with Asian culture was one with immeasurable potential, as well as one that could easily slip into misguided cultural appropriation On the bright side, such awkwardness is for the most part avoided Unfortunately, this book is also just not very good.Immediately, my biggest complaint with the novel was its heroine, Rileigh Not for one moment did she register as an authentic or particularly likeable teenager Her speech rings false on every count, as do her interactions with token gay best friend Quentin, who doesn t rise beyond the stereotype of the make up applying squealing, hysterical gay male I firmly believe that this can be pulled off well and used to create an interesting, complex character but in this instance it was just lazy storytelling, and such Quentin doesn t serve much of a purpose beyond Rileigh having someone to complain about her love life with, he barely registers The pair read like how bad sitcom writers imagine teenagers to speak, because apparently they re from a different planet or something As well as the dialogue being awkward and clunky, it s used primarily for exposition and stretched out discussions of romance, neither of which are pulled off with any particular success The storytelling is so awkward it s as if the author had fragments of an extremely conventional plot in her mind and hastily connected them together The plotting is extremely predictable and conventional, with far too many overused YA tropes being crossed from the check list the flighty, irresponsible parent who is seldom there, thus allowing the heroine to continue her life without any consequences or parental guidance, the mysterious, rude and jerky designated love interest who hides secrets and stalks the heroine to make sure she s safe, the heroine being incredibly skilled with practically no effort as well as the most super special heroine who ever lived, and so on It is possible to take conventional tropes and subvert them in an interesting or gripping manner, and is common when referencing specific genres or modes of storytelling the Kill Bill series and Kung Fu Panda both pay homage and frequently reference the martial arts tales that inspired them, and do so with humour, skill and panache , but here it feels lazy Some of the fight scenes are well put together, but Rileigh s narration proves to be extremely irritating and distracting While the book s marketing is trying to push this book as one with a strong kick ass heroine, Rileigh is emotionally weak, makes too many rash decisions that potentially put herself and others at risk, and quickly begins to use designated love interest Kim as a crutch It s easy to claim a female character is strong because she can hold her own in a fight or has the most super special magical powers ever, but such demonstrations of power mean nothing if the heroine spends the rest of the story whining about the men in her life She can t just be physically able, she must be emotionally so as well.The romance itself is also a tired mish mash of every YA romance trope I have come to despise At one point, Kim is described by Rileigh as a jerk he preys on innocent girls but then, with abs like that, why would he have to That moment there is pretty representative of so many issues I have with YA romance these days Looks matter above questionable behaviour, something that Kim exhibits quite frequently, but does so because he wants to protect Rileigh because despite being the reincarnation of one of the most powerful samurai of her time, she s essentially a damsel in distress While Rileigh, to her credit, does call him out on his behaviour, her protests do not matter since she quickly devotes herself to him, even though they barely know each other Being in love in a previous life is all they need apparently The get out of character development free card was borderline insulting I was absolutely dreading the possibility of cultural appropriation in this book, but while there are some clunker moments, the flashbacks to 15th century Japan are infrequent Little detail is given and one doesn t gain a full sense of the period, the characters within or their predicaments The constant references to honour also felt lazy, but I can begrudgingly let this pass since it s a staple in almost every samurai or martial arts movie ever made But that really sums up Katana in a nutshell it s lazy.I m sure there are many readers out there who will thoroughly enjoy this book Indeed, at this moment in time the book has ten 5 star ratings, although one of them is by a self admitted friend of the author s, one from a beta reader and five ratings with no review from authors who list Gibsen as a friend However, this book did not connect with me on any level The prose is as stilted as the plotting and characterisation and the samurai element is mishandled at best Usually I leave the 1 star rating solely for books that offended me on some level, but the sheer laziness of this novel mean I cannot give it any other rating, although the fight scenes elevate it to a 1.5 for accuracy s sake Katana was as tired as the tropes it recycled over and over.1.5 5.

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    2.5 stars An interesting premise and intriguing beginning eventually became bogged down by a stereotypical story, a lack of character development, and a story that wasn t really developed to its full potential The romance was a major component of this story, and for me, it just wasn t that compelling Even though the flashbacks to the past life were overall well written, it was in sharp contrast to what was going on in present day that it was hard to make the connection to the teenagers in the primary storyline It was also bothersome that there were wasn t an explanation behind Kim s Korean or Vietnamese name, even though most of the influences seemed to be Japanese It s disappointing, since I was looking forward to reading this, and with a bit reworking, I might ve liked this one a bit .

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    When I first read the summery I knew I had to read the book and not I feel satisfied with my decision and I would say this book has really some action, a kick butt heroine and a plot that I can compare with Kill Bill.Rileigh Martin lived a normal life until she fend off three mugger with courage and skills she never thought she had, also instructed by a strange voice in her mind She wanted to believe hard that all her actions were caused by adrenaline But Adrenaline was not the excuse of her martial art skills, Rileigh met Kim, a handsome martial arts instructor who explains she is reincarnation of a 500 years old samurai worrier Sensi Kim guides Rileigh to master Katana, a ninja weapon that leads her to uncover the truths of her past life.With an enemy awaken from her past who can destroy her present, Rileigh must choose her destiny.Cole Gibsen is a talented author I really appreciate how she chose the plot with some real idea of soul mate reincarnation, it is very clear that she did a lot of research on the topic The author also elaborated the whole transcend process so you don t have to look around for information Katana is complete book with everything you want from action to romance.RileighThe book was told from POV of Rileigh, and the narration flowed well for me She is smart, strong, fun and sarcastic Throughout the book, Rileigh tried to adjust with the whole fact of her being an samurai worrier in her last life, and that seems believable With the spirit of Sensi grows stronger inside her and her feelings for Kim, she felt torn between the girl she is now and the girl she was 500 years ago Ri is exactly a kind of girl you met in day to day life and you feel familiar with, but with some extraordinary capability.KimKim is a truly swoon worthy character, he was so brave, fearless and mature Considering he was Yoshido, a samurai worrier and Sensi s love interest, he remains same to Rileigh, his love and affection never changed to her He gave her time to adjust and never force her to him love, which I liked about him than anything Romance I enjoyed Rileigh and Kim as much as I loved Sensi and Yoshido Sensi and Yoshido were very passionately in love and gave life to save their love, which was truly very heart rendering In present there was no immediate rush of soul mate attraction The romance blossomed slowly giving time to Rileigh as well as the reader to realize her connection with Kim in both her past and present.FriendshipWhile talking about the friendship first name came to my mind is Quentin, the cute, supportive and protective best friend of Raleigh.I loved how author portrayed his character to lighten the story Branden, Drew and Michelle, all three of them were part of the original samurai team and played their role very accurately in present I liked how the characters interacted with each other, their friendship and bonding really pleased me Katana was a very delightful read for me, full of fun and adventure blended with samurai legend Wonderful storyline full of actions, Katana would give you the feeling of watching live action movie.

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    I know I m such a dork, but a book about a girl samurai That should be an awesome read.

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    Originally posted at A Bookalicious Story 4.5 stars It was amazing I think I have finally found the perfect novel with a Japanese martial arts theme This book is phenomenal I loved the flashbacks to 15th century Japan, I loved the undying love of the two samurais from the past, and I loved how that loved stayed true and un cliche even till modern age Wow My Summary Rileigh Martin is a skater chick with a gay best friend, Quentin They were shopping for a gift for the party they were about to attend when they were assaulted by three thugs They thought they were dead for sure, until Rileigh hears this voice in her head, and her body seems to know how to defend itself martial arts style After fending those thugs off, she faints and is carted off to the hospital Upon waking up, she meets a strange and very handsome Asian martial arts teacher who seems to know about the voice in her head And if her life s not weird enough, she s having flashbacks of a female samurai back in 15th century Japan.She finds out that those flashbacks are actually memories of her past life, and it s high time Rileigh embrace her identity and accept the help of Kim said handsome Asian martial arts teacher, and who has a soul deep connection to her past samurai life and 3 other familiar faces from the past, or be killed by an old enemy who was reincarnated to the present My Thoughts Again, WOWOW You have no idea how long I ve been searching for for a perfect samurai martial arts novel KATANA, though not perfect that s where the 0.5 stars went , is amazing I love the plot, I love the cast, I love, LOVE the heroine and hero, I love the romance between them, and all the fast paced action and suspense Let me get the imperfect 0.5 stars out of the way first before I start gushing about the other 4.5 There were many stereotypes in KATANA For one, there was the gay best friend with lots of hugs and pedis and manis even when Ri Ri was in mortal danger And what s up with the incessant Ri Ri calling The first time I saw Q call Rileigh Ri Ri , I literally cringed A little over the top Why not Ri or something less.gay Haha Anyway, for stereotype number two, there was the fact that our lead guy is Asian Not that I have something against that Heck, I m an Asian myself , but must the male protagonist in a samurai novel be Asian when all his other samurai friends were reincarnated as Whites Gibsen already said that soul mates will never be reborn far from each other, so why the big cultural difference Another stereotype I read from a Goodreads review which said that biker chicks aren t all badass wannabes We don t have biker chicks here in Singapore, so I m not sure what they re like, but the ones in KATANA were mean ass bitches who tried to beat the shit out of Rileigh.Now on to the 4.5 I have always found the soul mates reincarnating together and finding their love for each other again very cliche, but in KATANA, it is just so damn sweet And romantic Kim Gimhae this is a Korean name, by the way, not Japanese didn t force Rileigh to accept him when she went out on a date with some other guy from school, just watch over her as a silent protector They felt the connection, but Rileigh s afraid of embracing her past cause she thinks that she will lose her modern self, so she constantly pushes Kim away.I was a little turned off when I realise that the lead male in KATANA was named Kim even if it s only his first name surname family name not to mention shocked out of my wits But I started overlooking the fact as I got to know him He s a tough warrior, through and through, he s a natural born leader, he s playful and witty when he wants to be, he s kind, and he s very sincere and tender towards Rileigh But he resumes the tough warrior natural leader persona during their warrior s training, even towards Rileigh Rileigh feels pain in her chest one time but Kim signals everyone to continue combating and Rileigh shoots him a dirty look All in a day s work Haha But yes, Kim is an enigmatic warrior who I am very much in ahem love ahem with Not only is he hot and a warrior, he s the brooding type of male Rileigh even made a hilarious comment about it After studying him for a moment, I realized it was a good thing Debbie wasn t here She would have signed him to be a model in a second The brooding types always sold the most underwear. Rileigh s awesome She s strong, she s brave, she s funny and sarcastic, but she can be feminine when she wants to be She s so sarcastic that no nonsense Kim picked up on it and cracked a few sarcastic jokes himself When she first met Kim and the other warriors, she was very rude to them That part was a little extreme, but I can understand cause they lied to her and tried to kill her But still, it doesn t mean she has to be so rude. But she s still awesome with all her cool moves.I really liked that Kim and Rileigh had a deep connection in the past, and their story back then was heartwrenchingly sweet And heartbreaking They didn t die natural deaths being samurai and all , but they died together with honor.Another thing that I really liked about KATANA was Gibsen s phrasings There were a lot of descriptions and metaphors that were unique and well, vivid An example It was too much I was on sensory overload My body felt like it held a Ferris wheel with anger, confusion, and fear spinning round and round, each taking their turn at the top I couldn t focus enough to organize my thoughts, so I did the first thing that came to mind I ran. It did get a little immature at times, and there were a few errors, but overall I thought that Gibsen has a special way of writing, and one that I really appreciate I will only list one of the errors I ve spotted cause I know that since this is an ARC, the final copy will be edited But this one error is a common misconception that people have At the rate of speed I fell, everything should have been a blur Instead, I saw it all with crystal clarity. Spot the error Rate of speed Speed is a rate You can t say the rate of rate of motion But apart from this, the rest are inconsequential But there were some that were cheesy which I think is inevitable for a novel which has romance I gave an exaggerated sigh It s not that easy Whitley is so nice and drama free But Kim, the way I feel around him it scares me It s like gravity ceases to exist and he s the only thing I can hold on to Gravity ceases Uh huh, ok.But anyway, I really, really loved KATANA, and I d recommend this to any fan of action and romance The action, well the title is self explanatory, and there s a beautiful romance in here Even though there were errors and things like stereotyping that I am quite averse to, I think that the awesomeness of it all trumps the bad, so yes, I still like it Very much I look forward to its sequel, and there s no doubt that I will grab onto it the moment it or its ARC D is out, and that I ll reread this several times before that I urge and beseech you to read KATANA when it releases in March You will not regret the money, time, and brain space eARC courtesy of Flux via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review PS This is a looong review P

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    In the interests of openness Cole Gibsen is a friend of mine But .She did not ask me to read KATANA, or to review or blurb it However, I asked her editor for a copy, and will definitely blurb it if they ll let me because I think this book rocks The Kill Bill and Buffy comparisons are spot on, but I d also add Hold Me Closer, Nercromancer by Lish McBride as an even closer spiritual companion As in HMC,N, the main character, Rileigh, has no idea what s about to hit her, but both authors do a great job of making sure we hit the ground running in chapter 1 After that, the pace never lets up Both narrators may be reluctant heroes, but once they realize their place in the world, neither backs down either I really appreciate that.I also like the handling of the parallel ancient Japan modern USA storylines Rileigh is learning this history along with us, which lends everything an appealing authenticity, but she also has issues with the notion of a predestined life that really ring true The love interest is thoroughly cool, and the resulting romance rather swoony And the fight scenes, while heart pounding, also serve to reveal characters personalities and relationships.KATANA is super fast paced, and chaotic in a really wonderful way It s a cracking debut.

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    After Rileigh Martin manages to single handedly fight off three attackers in a parking lot one sultry summer night between her junior and senior years of high school, her life takes a dramatic turn A handsome boy named Kim starts trying to convince her that she bears the soul of his long ago samurai girlfriend The doctor who treated her takes an interest in her mother, but raises Rileigh s hackles And an enemy begins to stalk her Who can she believe, or trust Anyone Or maybe no one Well, this book LOOKED good Lovely cover with a blonde model holding two swords crossed behind her back and a border of cherry blossoms, and a blurb from Antony John, who wrote Five Flavors of Dumb, which I loved And some of it was good Every so often I found myself actually caught up in the trickiness of Rileigh s new situation often enough that I kept reading But in the end, the minuses really outweigh the few good things this book had going for it.Minus One It s utterly derivative It s essentially another Buffy knock off, with a shallow girl finding out she has a Destiny Sure, Rileigh is supposedly a not so popular skateboarding girl instead of a cheerleader, but really, she s Buffy It reads like every other Buffy inspired book out there, complete with plenty of handwringing and resentment of her new situation Weirdly, it also reads like Transcendence , by C J Omololu The main characters are reincarnated when their memories fully return, they transcend into their complete selves there s even a Network just like the Sekhem in the other book I was suffering from deja vu all over again reading this, as Yogi Berra might say.Minus Two The dialogue Oh, my goodness, the utterly terrible dialogue It was painfully unnatural I kept reading lines out loud because they were so stiff and awful, and then yelling, Nobody talks like this This writer has a tin ear I found myself vastly preferring long blocks of prose to anyone trying to talk to each other in this book Just as one example, when Rileigh meets a group of other reincarnated teenage samurai essentially the Scooby Gang, hello Buffy , and agrees to be friends with the one other girl yeah, they have to discuss becoming friends , the girl claps her hands and says, Yay I just know that we ll be great friends We re going to have so much fun We can have sleepovers and talk about boys And she appears to say this seriously Try it yourself with a straight face The whole book goes on like this.Minus Three The gay best friend He is the absolutely most stereotypical twinky gay boy ever, into hair and clothing and swishing And even if he weren t written as a stereotype, he d still be a total fail as a character, because his only true interest in life is Rileigh He exists only to boost her and revolve around her and show how lovable and important she is.Minus Four The romance Golly gee, Kim and Rileigh were soulmate lovers back in 15th century Japan, so there is this amazing, mystical, steamy connection between them now and absolutely no other reason for them to like each other And, of course, Kim is the most incredibly handsome, fit, sexy guy Rileigh has ever seen I am getting so sick of lazy paranormal romances like this Is this the kind of relationship all of these writers actually have with their husbands Just so destined that they never have to think about it So full of wonderful vibrations between them that they re just always tuned into each other Really REALLY I would just like to see some work put into showing me a genuine, real world connection between characters, some reason why they might still want to share toast in the morning thirty years down the road Is this really so much to ask Or so hard for an author to come up with Minus Five The Speshul Snowflake effect It s not enough for Rileigh to be reincarnated from a good samurai No, Senshi was the bestest samurai, with a magical control over her ki She had wind power And when I read the sentence, I stopped in front of a katana and felt the first stirrings of the wind inside my center, I burst out laughing Did no editor or beta reader see how that can be read Minus Five and a Half They re all Speshul Out of an entire Network of reincarnated folks, these five teenage samurai are the A Team Even though they all died as teenagers the last time around, they have battle experience than most four star generals Oh, of course they do And their 500 year old samurai skills totally apply to modern day fighting, right Okay, I know this is the basis of all Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, but I just couldn t swallow it here So I m sorry I really wanted to like this book, but by the end, I was just rolling my eyes and cringing over what a too familiar mess it was I just couldn t suspend my disbelief in the face of all the bad mythology and bad writing As you can see, it only brought out the snark So, if you can ignore the flaws, it might be a pleasant diversion, but I really can t recommend it.

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    Katana has perhaps a very familiar premise to many stories centering around a contemporary teen embracing their roots as a pre destined warrior fighter Unfortunately, the familiarity in its troupes are perhaps a bit too much, at least in my overall reaction to Cole Gibsen s work I don t doubt that there are some who would enjoy this story, particularly in the target age group this book is aimed for, but for me, the biggest issues were never being able to connect to the characters and having to wade through a sea of stereotypical, predictable depictions that might promise a good fight or development of a relationship, but delivers on neither one.Rileigh Martin is a young woman who can t explain her sudden defense against three assailants who attacked her and her best friend Quentin one night But with the help of a trainer, Kim, Rileigh learns that she has latent abilities residing in her from a former life a 500 year old samurai warrior The story sequences itself between the present day and a love story between two characters in feudal Japan Rileigh has to embrace her spirit in the face of ninjas and other forces that threaten her life, and rise to the occasion as a warrior Rileigh herself is difficult to like, since she fights her destiny, and not even in the sense where she does it in an emotionally plausible way She s apt to complain about it, and I never really had a sense of growth strength surrounding her character she s passive than active except for when her latent abilities tend to kick in resulting in some decent fighting scenes accounted from the author, but I never really had a sense of urgency, passion, or will from her when it came to becoming a warrior much of that energy seemed spent on developing her relationship with dojo owner Kim, who trains her and has an incarnate spirit of his own I felt the connection between Kim and Rileigh was lukewarm at best, and while there were spot showings of the emotional connection between Senshi and Yoshido that I liked, I don t think it ever conveyed the depth or connectivity associated with the time they lived it seems just touched grazed upon at best.The surrounding cast of characters were stereotypical cutouts for me, including Quentin, who I thought in some measures was humorous, but his presence is so stilted I usually prefer characters that have a bit dimension, and are active reactive in the settings around them, rather than having a cookie cutter persona that s meant to fulfill only the main character s need.I think the writing shows growth potential on Gibsen s behalf, so I m not opposed to seeking out other work from her, but I thought Katana never reached a plane distinctive enough to set itself apart for its genre, despite an intriguing premise.Overall score 1.5 5Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Flux Books.

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    When I picked up Katana by Cole Gibsen I really had no expectations and didn t know what to expect The flow of the writing and story really just caught me This book was stuffed full of action like you just step into the middle of a Kill Bill scene Throw in a young woman samurai reincarnated into a young teen of today and a dash of romance and you have a kick ass story Rileigh Martin is a skater girl living day to day Until one day she fends off three muggers in the mall parking lot without breaking a sweat Rileigh s never had a day of martial arts training Things get even weired when a voice starts giving out points in battle and dire warnings to be careful in her head Then she meets Kim who seems to know what happening to her as attacks are targeting Rileigh and are after everyone she knows and loves As I started to really get wrapped up in the story all these great martial art films zoomed through my head The action and flow was nicely done without becoming jerky From the parking lot to the dojo CB does an excellent job of keeping the action and the story moving hand in hand without one taking over the spotlight The topic of reincarnation was also nicely played With flashbacks to bridge the gap of Sensi to Rileigh Both characters are strong and fearless While Rileigh has alot of trouble dealing with the spirit of Sensi It felt normal with all the changes she goes through in such a short time Rileigh grows in to herself and her new abilities and her emotions toward Kim who was Yoshido, a samurai leader and true love of Sensi I loved Kim He was of the old ways as his life as Yoshido was remembered at a young age for him and really came off as someone who felt very deeply as his heart was out searching for his lost love.I would have been turned off if the author just relied on the soul mate element and past love This doesn t happen CB builds from that yes but, also builds anew between Rileigh and Kim almost like giving them a second chance at love The rest of the characters did feel a tad shallow to me I adored Quentin, Rileigh s BFF who a light hearted character Along with Branden, Drew and Michelle also part of the group of samurai s CB touch based on everyone but I felt it lacked the true bonding as the focus was who was attacking Rileigh The villain was pretty 2D, although I be lying if I say I didn t like that he got his in the end If your a fan of martial art movies and a killer story Katana maybe the book for you

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