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    There is no hell, John Temsland Each man, when he dies, sees the landscape of his own soul This book kind of stomped all over my heart Not because of the love story, which I don t consider a spoiler because anyone with a brain will see it coming from the beginning Or the cover Or the description But because of the beautiful, magical simplicity of the writing and the world and the characters I love stories like this, that capture the timeless magic of fairy tales and make you feel like you re reading a story that is centuries old even when it clearly isn t.The story is about a young woman called Keturah who loses her way in the woods After days of wandering around and growing weaker and weaker, Lord Death eventually arrives for her Keturah distracts Lord Death by telling him a love story, however, she cleverly withholds the ending and promises only to tell it to him if he allows her another day to live One condition is that, if she can find her true love in that time, he must let her live a full life And so begins Keturah s mission to find her true love and postpone her date with death Like all good fantasy, this mission introduces the reader to kings, magic spells, plagues and prophecies I was mesmerised The writing has a beautiful tone to it that is hard to explain with a few simple quotes from the book It s haunting, a little melancholy even, but this mood suits the setting and nature of the story perfectly I think I need to be careful with my promises of kings and magic because this is not a wild and crazy tale filled with fast paced action, it s a relatively quiet novel But, that being said, it still managed to drag me in instantly and not let go I think the subtlety of this story actually speaks volumes and carries the emotions better than any fast paced action could.An absolutely beautiful novel that was better than I d ever anticipated There is something about this last haunting piece of truth that gives me goosebumps You, my lord, are the ending of all true stories Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    Update 6 5 2017 Interesting, I feel exactly the same now as I did 6 years agoI have been such a Debbie Downer lately, moaning so much about lack of good books, that I completely forgot how much I enjoyed Keturah and Lord Death.You know how some authors can infuse magic in their works using simple, everyday words Their stories always have that fairy tale air about them Robin McKinley is great at it, Laini Taylor, Erin Bow, Juliet Marillier And so is Martine Leavitt.Keturah and Lord Death is a simple enough novel with familiar fairy tale themes 16 year old Keturah loses her way in a forest After 3 days of wandering and hunger, she meets Lord Death who is there to take her life Keturah, the smart maiden she is, uses her storytelling skills akin to those of Scheherazade to postpone her death under the condition that she has to find her true love The story is your pretty usual magical fare with kings, villages and witches, the ending is a no brainer, but the writing itself is mesmerizing, spellbinding, and at the same time very, very simple This is the kind of writing that, in spite of its simplicity, takes years and years to polish into a short and almost flawless story Keturah and Lord Death would have been a 5 star read for me if, like Plain Kate, the story itself was mature and the romance passionate I guess I need me some serious loving in fantasy, I can t help it.

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    I am having one of those lucky runs of book reading where I keep pulling very Maggie books off the shelves Of course, this book had come highly recommended to me as a Maggie book, but well, it s just not the sort of summary that begs you to pull it off the shelf It s the historical, aspect, I think I invariably end up enjoying a lot of historicals over the course of the year, but I always think, before I start them, that they ll be work.Well The plot of this slender novel is simple Keturah follows a stag into the forest, grows lost, and eventually meets her death Death, in this case, is a tall, dark, handsome AngstPuppy Because Keturah has been wandering in the woods for three days, he s come for her because please, man cannot live by roots and twigs alone Keturah begins to tell Death a story, however, and withholds the ending telling Death that she ll conclude it the next day, if he lets her live Well, Death, despite being dreadfully emo and easily pissed cannot resist So it goes for three days, in a tightly constructed fable So I pretty much love this book incoherently I kept making noises out loud and annoying Lover , but I ll try to break it down 1 Writing It s very tight Also, full of little presents to the careful reader like repeated instances of three, barely stated character development, and clever plot twists 2 Strong girl characters Without being anachronistic Keturah is brave, loyal, and independent She s also afraid, idealistic, and longing for true love, a house to put him in, and a baby I have to say that after reading a ton of novels where feminist strength is portrayed as not wanting to get married, not wanting kids, not wanting true love it was refreshing I think it s too easy to default to Katniss as a strong female character I love Katniss, don t get me wrong, but she is not strong she s broken and incapable of love Her rejection of love is not strength I love a strong character where the girl is operating perfectly fine without a man, but she s also willing to be open to love And there s a lot of love of many different sorts in this book Friendly, familial, romantic 3 The end My friend who recommended this book to me said that she almost afraid that the ending would ruin it, but that it came around As I wasn t exactly sure what ending my friend would like, I didn t have any clue what that meant, even as I was reading it But then I got there and I thought OH NO IT S GOING TO END THIS WAY And then, it didn t It was perfect I m not sure this book is for everyone those raised on fairy tales like myself will love it I d recommend it for people who loved YEAR OF WONDERS and Jane Yolen and Lloyd Alexander and all of those movies with Disney princesses and princes named Eric.

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    Medieval peasant Keturah, a beautiful 16 year old girl known for her story telling abilities, sees a lovely hart in the forest and decides to follow it for a while because medieval peasants had lots of time to wander after stray harts and ends up hopelessly lost After three days of wandering in the forest, she meets Death in person when he comes to take her Not this guy.Lord Death is kind of hot, but ice cold at the same time So Keturah bargains with Lord Death, trying to get another chance at life After several arguments fail, she does the Scheherazade thing, beginning a story to suck him in and telling him that he can get the rest of the story the next day, if he ll only let her take care of a few things in her village and also try to find True Love before he takes her away So he gives her one day, and then another, and another, while Keturah frantically tries to figure out who her true love is supposed to be and, in her spare time, also tries to figure out how to stop the plague, which Death let slip is on its way to her village The writing is poetic and Laden With Deep Meaning Compared with the forest, what was our village We hid in our hovels, pretending the forest was not all around us, though it sang while the ax gnawed at its edges It grew and breathed and cast its long shadows.It might be a bit much for some tastes, but I enjoyed it However, there were several things that bugged Among them not an exhaustive list here 1 The search for true love thing is driven by I kid you not an eyeball that Keturah gets from a witch in her village It wiggles around in her pocket until she sees the man she is to love The whole idea just didn t work for me, and not just because of the squickiness factor Figure out your own dang heart, girl.2 Keturah s two friends, who keep trying to push her toward the guys they actually love themselves, even after Keturah says she s not interested Sweet, but not convincing At least there are no mean girls here view spoiler Just mean villagers hide spoiler

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    I can t even tell you how much I loved this bookmade even special because it will forever be the book that I read the day my mom died And I think that was meant to be The way death not the person is treated in the book is so reverential and gave me a great perspectivelike this passage Tell me what it is like to die He dismounted from his horse, looking at me strangely the whole while, You experience something similar every day, he said softly It is as familiar to you as bread and butter Yes, I said It is like every night when I fall asleep No It is like every morning when you wake up Beautiful.The whole book was beautiful and even poetic at moments I think Keturah might be my favorite heroine ever She was an amazing combination of humor, intelligence, bravery, compassion, charity and beauty.And what would it be like to see Death in love You ll have to read to find out Enjoy

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest This is a charming story reminiscent of some of Gail Carson Levine or Margaret Peterson Haddix s work It s a fairytale that borrows from Beauty and the Beast, 1001 Nights, as well as the Persephone myth from Greek mythology, telling the story of a girl named Keturah who follows a hart into the woods and ends up meeting Death To her surprise, he isn t the grim horror she imagined, but a beautiful man, and he has demanded that she return with him to the underworld But Keturah is not ready to leave, and so she decides to borrow time with a story.In addition to the will she, won t she element of the tale she tells to save her life, Keturah s medieval village is in the midst of some major turmoil Her two friends are trying to help her find the love of her life but also secretly looking for their own , and Death and death are omnipresent due to poor living conditions, child birth, and plague The story broadens to include the circumstances of many of the townsfolk, who end up playing major roles in the choices Keturah makes, including a game changing one at the very end.I ve been wanting to read this book for ten years, and I m afraid I hyped it up pretty heavily in my own mind It didn t quite live up to expectations The tone was a bit uneven parts were very dark, and other parts were light, almost fluffy They didn t quite mesh And as much as I loved the writing style, and admired how the author was able to capture that timeless fairytale element that only Disney really succeeds at these days side note this would make a great Disney movie , Keturah was a raging Mary Sue and her only personality characteristic was wanting to find true love and being impossibly beautiful So, actually, just like a Disney Princess.For younger audiences, I think this book will be much successful I actually read a story with a similar storyline, only for adults, called THE DEMON OF DARKLING REACH, and this book really could not compare It was just a little too young for me, even though it deals with some mature concepts in a really thoughtful way, like coming to terms with mortality and trying to force fate That ending though it really yanks at your heartstrings I almost wanted to give it an extra star for the ending alone So good.3 to 3.5 stars

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    This is one of those books that teetered between Wow This is awesome , and What the hell is this In the end, I think that size really does matter, because I believe the length of the book was it s saving grace There were some things in it that probably would have really annoyed me if the book had been much longer, but the author managed to keep it short and sweet at around 200 pages I would recommend Keturah and Lord Death to anyone who likes a nice blend of fairytale and fantasy.

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    Keturah is an idiot, nothing that happened seemed to have a point, Death is the Biggest Woobie Ever, it ripped off Scheherazade without even the benefit of psychotic sultans, and the flowery prose was both inefficient and irritating beyond belief.The good thing It only took me three hours.Also, I am sick and tired of all this one true love business OTPs are fun to squee about in fandom, but dear God, there needs to be some reason for you to be together other than IT S DESTINYYYYY I am looking at YOU, Stephenie Meyer It s a cheap Get Out of Characterization Free card It s lazy and unrealistic and stupid.

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    Gah This book was wonderful, and would be an automatic add to my favorites, except for 2 things I know Me and my 2 picky things, but they re big issues Maybe eventually this will go in my favorites, but for now those 2 things are bugging me too much.Keturah follows a beautiful deer into the woods one day, and after a long chase, discovers that she is lost and cannot find her way back On the verge of dying, Lord Death comes to take her, but, Keturah, renowned in her small town for her storytelling abilities, tells Lord Death the story of a girl who has lived her whole life waiting for her true love Lord Death is taken by her story, and also by her, and lets her have a reprieve of one day, but he will take her as his own wife the next night if she has not found her true love.The next day Keturah goes to the town Witch and gets an enchanted eye ball from her She will know when she has found her true love when she looks him in the eyes and the eyeball stills it s searching, but, despite looking at the men in town all day, the eyeball keeps searching Growing desperate, she gets another s day reprieve by telling Lord Death another story, but, if the eye never stills, and she never finds her true love, what can her fate possibly be If that synopsis doesn t make you want to read it, nothing will, and you should It s a REALLY good storybut what are my 2 picky issues Well, I ll try really hard not to give anything away The first one is that there is a small part before and after the story, that shows that Keturah is telling the story, that makes up the rest of the book, to a group of people But within the context of the story, that scenario is impossible I don t know if that is supposed to put the story into a new light, and I was almost tempted to reread the book to figure it out, but it just does not make sense unless everything that happened in the story is just a made up story that Keturah is tellingbut then what really did happen to her The second issue is that Keturah knows that someone in the story is in love with her, even if it is debatable whether she loves him, and she uses the fact that he is in love with her to get out of him everything that she wants, again and again Although it is true that if someone is in love with you, you do hold a sort of power over them, I think it is dispicable to abuse that power, so the fact that Keturah does, dims my opinion of her a great deal.Overall, it s a really good story It sucks you in, and keeps you guessing through out I also think that Keturah is written as a powerful and proactive character It s almost as if she lives her life as if she knows what the end result is going to be, which I felt made her seem almost otherworldly powerful, but my 2 issues with the book keep me from adding it to my favorites right now.

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summary pdf Keturah and Lord Death, summary chapter 2 Keturah and Lord Death, sparknotes Keturah and Lord Death, Keturah and Lord Death f9f192d Martine Leavitt Offers A Spellbinding Story, Interweaving Elements Of Classic Fantasy And High Romance In This National Book Award Finalist Keturah Follows A Legendary Hart Into The King S Forest, Where She Becomes Hopelessly Lost Her Strength Diminishes Until, Finally, She Realizes That Death Is Near Little Does She Know That He Is A Young, Handsome Lord, Melancholy And Stern Renowned For Her Storytelling, Keturah Is Able To Charm Lord Death With A Story And Thereby Gain A Reprieve But Only For Twenty Four Hours She Must Find Her One True Love Within That Time Or All Is Lost Keturah Searches Desperately While The Village Prepares For An Unexpected Visit From The King, And Keturah Is Thrust Into A Prominent Role As Mysterious Happenings Alarm Her Friends And Neighbors Lord Death S Presence Hovers Over This All Until Keturah Confronts Him One Last Time In The Harrowing Climax

  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages
  • Keturah and Lord Death
  • Martine Leavitt
  • English
  • 16 July 2019
  • 9781932425291

About the Author: Martine Leavitt

Martine Leavitt has published ten novels for young adults, most recently Calvin, which won the Governor General s Award of Canada My Book of Life by Angel was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and winner of the Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year Other titles by Leavitt include Keturah and Lord Death, a finalist for the National Book Award, Tom Finder, winner