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txt Lair of the Dragon, text ebook Lair of the Dragon, adobe reader Lair of the Dragon, chapter 2 Lair of the Dragon, Lair of the Dragon 52d4d5 Falling For HimWhen Naomi S Journalist Sister Asked Her To Infiltrate The Lair Of The Dragon, Bran Llewellyn S Private Retreat, Naomi Felt She Couldn T RefuseBut She Hated The Deception She Had To Pose As Bran S New Secretary, And Soon Discovered That The Man, Who Was Such An Intriguing Mystery To The Newspapers, Had Been Temporarily Blinded In An Accident Worse, Working So Closely Together Meant That There Was An Undeniable Attraction Between ThemNaomi S Conscience Told Her That She Couldn T Keep Her Secret For Much Longer And Common Sense Chided That Bran S Sight Would Eventually Be Restored But If She Revealed Her Deceit She Hadn T Realized How Easily She Had Fallen In Love With Bran

About the Author: Catherine George

Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh English border, where the public library featured largely in her life Her mother, who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life, fervently encouraged Catherine s passion for reading, little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into writing her first novel.At 18, Catherine met a future Engineer, who had set in a pendant a gold

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    Catherine George is back with a bang, something even Sheldon Cooper would approve of.This book gets 4 stars because 1 BranI always end up falling for heroes named Bran Its bizzare but Bran was totally swoonworthy Genius painter, wicked, romantic and Welsh And very perceptive.2 NaomiNaomi spends most of the time in a state of conflict and you really sympathize with her She is extremely attracted to Bran but can t act on her feelings because her conscience keeps scolding her Naomi enters Bran s home with an agenda, she can t walk away because she is privy to his secrets.3 ChemistryThese two were a super cute duo Bran had dragon worthy mood swings, the title is completely justified But Naomi holds her own against Bran.4 WalesI love Wales as a setting, mountains, cold and forests Perfect place for a new romance.This book loses one star because Half The pushy sisterHalf Naomi has a quivering self esteem, especially paranoid about how ordinary she looks Bran keeps trying to reassure her but there is no real change in this area I think Bran will have to share her struggle till she gets over her issues.

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    Heroine s sister pushes her to masquerade as a reclusive artist s secretary so sister can get the scoop and get a promotion and the hunky editor she is in love with at her newspaper.Heroine falls in love throughout the masquerade and the hero seems equally besotted Heroine makes the compromise of letting her sister know details of hero s home the titular lair of the Dragon as well as some of his paintings but decides not to betray his biggest secrets 1 he is temporarily blind after an accident 2 his impossibly gorgeous girlfriend Allegra, the subject of his last portrait, dumped him when he lost his sight So sister s scoop is published, with the scoop being the description of the interior design of hero s lair Must have been a reallllllyyyy slow news day.TSTL heroine thinks the hero will not find out her deception because he is blind and can t read the papers for himself OF COURSE he does and tells her to get out She does.Months later, hero contrives a meeting He has regained his sight and is ready to exchange ILYs He was mad not because she betrayed him by passing herself off as a secretary but because he thought she had also pretended to fall in love and have wild sex with him just to get a bit of dirt on him for her sister s newspaper After talking to the heroine s sister and realizing heroine was just as miserable apart from him as he was apart from her, he tracked her down to propose and HEA.I am SO over CG and read her nowadays only when I feel like a good hate read but this incredibly dumb tale didn t even succeed on that front lol.

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    Pleasant, light and quick read The story would be much better if we were privy to the hero s POV The author created much likable characters than what you find in average older HP stories The hero, famous painter temporary blinded by an accident, was neither alpha nor beta.The heroine, who came to work for him under false pretenses, was not a simpering dormant but rather normal woman with a spine There is also a nice sprinkle of information about history of Wales and some of its attractions.

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    A romantic story, main protagonists Naomi and Bran.

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