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    This book is all about dementors, except here they are called shadows The real difference is that instead of sucking out your soul, they just kill you.And only a light like spell can repel them.I get it Harry Potter is a popular property, even after all these years Plenty of other copycat series popped up after its success and I m sure many will too This book was published in 2009, a full decade after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban hit shelves But what this series and all those many other derivitive ones is missing is the heart I don t care about these characters they are all stiff and simplistic And the names have an odd mouth feel.

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    I loved this book LIKE PIE Which is pretty much how I felt about the first book in the series as well, but it was just so delicious to read about Conn and Nevery and Rowan and others I d come to love from Book 1 plus some new characters or newly developed ones, like Argent who are interesting in their own right The pace of the story clips along as briskly as ever and there s plenty going on , but never too fast that there s no time to develop the characters Conn goes through a lot in this book, emotionally as well as physically, and his internal struggle is so typically for Conn understated yet so well done I nearly cried He s such an amazing character almost completely Withheld from the outside, with obvious faults of secrecy, arrogance and stiff necked pride, but the first person narration keeps you from misunderstanding his motives, and it s practically impossible not to love the kid Though not a kid for long he s growing up But not so fast that my eight year old son couldn t identify with him, which is a good balance, I think There are still some aspects of the story s logic I m not clear on, but I m pretty sure those will clear up with a re reading particularly once I get my hands on the finished copy, which I understand has some significant changes from the ARC that I read Anyway, I can see no reason that readers of the original MAGIC THIEF won t enjoy this one every bit as much or, as my son did, even .

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    Diving in along with Mercy for her 12th birthday.What I like a lot about this one is that Conn continues to be misunderstood, but he is actually saving the city He has a hefty amount of good discernment.Really enjoyed his interaction with the Captain of the Guard woman named Kern which I understand is actually the amount of space between two words she kidnaps him and treats him badly, yet he understands her motives and doesn t reject her out of hand is because she is someone that would normally capture thieves.The two of them end up on trail together and she basically puts him on a leash, but providential circumstances reverse I ll leave you to read how Conn is faced with an amazing choice.All of this is excellent character building for young people.Also enjoyed the genuine trust and affection building up for Nevery his magical mentor and how small letters between them delivered by Connware birds give Conn hope and knowledge to keep going.

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    4.5 stars I loved this one Compared to the first it was a shining star Read this series if you are looking for a fun middle grade book.

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    Second in The Magic Thief fantasy series for middle grade readers and revolving around Conn, a thief turned wizard s apprentice But, but, that was then.My TakeNo matter how much you know, never get so hidebound that you can t listen to someone else And that bunch of wizards are sooo hidebound, it ain t funny They re much too busy with the current crisis to be able to think without spending hours, days, weeks in committee meetings Between their refusal to accept they don t know all and the horrifying deaths occurring every night, it s no wonder that Nevery would be ticked off at his fellow magisters Idiots.It s a contrasting perspective from one side I know, that doesn t seem to make sense, does it Well, Prineas is using dual first person protagonist point of view with Conn s and Nevery s perspectives Where the contrast comes in is with Conn s young viewpoint that keeps him open to the possibilities and immaturity that creats problems while Nevery is older and wiser partly because he s had his own youthful, ahem, indiscretions.Prineas The Magic Thief series reminds me of Angie Sage s Septimus Heap series, although Sage s work is confusing with its timelines, and it is written for a slightly older reading audience It s an interesting contrast with The Magic Thief being so much simplistic.I do like the characters in The Magic Thief I d ve never expected Benet to be so homey, grin , while Nevery is the kindly gruff master Ro is another who is open to possibilities, and her mother is quite the political animal One never knows which way she ll turn She is at least open to possibilities AND yet very protective of her city A good thing Now if only Conn weren t such a troublemaker , sigh The StoryAfter events in The Magic Thief , Conn is back to hunting for another locus stone Without one, the magisters say he cannot be a wizard An attitude that only worsens when he tries to tell the truth about the magic in Wellmeet.Part of that truth wants Conn gone Out of the city Exile will do nicely, especially when Conn knows he s not to play with fire, and it all blows up in his face.Conn will have to find another way to save those he loves, and his quest will bring him face to face with a powerful sorcerer king and a treachery beyond even his vivid imagination.The CharactersConnwaer was a pickpocket who managed to become Nevery s apprentice Nevery Flinglas is the wizard who came in from the cold in The Magic Thief , 1, and reopened Heartsease, his home Benet is the thug Nevery employed as chief cook and bodyguard Lady is the white and tabby tailed cat Wellmeet is where magic is alive and protecting the city As one of a loose confederation of cities, the Peninsular Duchies, it is ruled by Willa Forestall, the Duchess of Wellmet, who lives in the Dawn Palace in the well off Sunrise neighborhood Rowan is Willa s daughter and friends with Conn Kerrn is the captain of the guards who doesn t like Conn some of the other guards include Mira and Farn who will become the acting captain Sir Argent is Rowan s fencing master.Wellmeet Academics is the wizard school located on the island on which the wizards live Brumbee A is the chief idiot, er, the master wizard Keeston is his new apprentice Trammel and Nimble are wizards.The Twilight is the poor section of Wellmeet Sparks works with black gunpowder Embre is her grandson Uncle and Underlord Crowe and Pettivox had conspired to imprison the city s magic Dusk House had been Crowe s headquarters Hand and Fist were some of Crowe s minions Dee is a gutterboy.Desh is a city built on sand and slowsilver mines ruled over by Lord Jaggus, a young and powerful wizard Arhionvar is a white cat and filled with dread magic Half finger is captain of Jaggus guard.Be wary of the Shadows, those created with darksilver If they touch you, you ll shudderyou don t want to know A locus magicalicus is any stone that speaks to you The embero spell causes you to shapechange Slowsilver attracts and confines magic.The Cover and TitleThe cover has the look of tooled leather, a deep brownish red worked with arcane symbols inside the fancy brass frame that holds the inner circular frame surrounding the pastel graphic of Jaggus tossing a red ball charged with electrical magic and young Conn ducking behind him That same jewel sits at our right at the bottom with a salamander opposite it on the left The series information is large on a brass plaque at the top, a semi circular addition with a black connwaer looking over his shoulder below that, and below that, the much smaller title inside a scroll like shape At the bottom of the round frame, is another arc of brass holding the author s name.The title is a metaphor that can apply to Conn and Lord Jaggus, for both are Lost in their own ways.

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    Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.comEver since wizard apprentice and former thief Conn destroyed his locus magicalicus saving the city of Wellmet s magic, he s been banned from lessons and shunned by all the wizards except his master, Nevery.No one believes his theory that the magic is a living being As shadowy beings stalk Wellmet and attack its residents, Conn becomes desperate to communicate with the magic again But his experiments with pyrotechnics cause a disaster so great he is exiled from Wellmet.Outside the city, Conn steals a place on a envoyage to a distant city he suspects may be involved in Wellmet s troubles Along the way he makes new friends and new enemies, and discovers a threat far greater than he ever imagined Even Conn s great skills of stealth and thievery may not be enough this time.Fans of THE MAGIC THIEF will love returning to Conn s world and joining him on his continuing adventures Conn comes off at times subdued than in the first book, but overall he has the same straight forwardly charming voice Minor characters from the first book have their roles expanded, making up for the fact that the wonderful Nevery and Benet are left behind for many chapters.It s a delight seeing the world further explored and learning all the new and intriguing details about how it works The enemy Conn faces is truly frightening and unexpected, and the stage is well set for the trilogy s concluding book.Recommended for all fantasy readers though of course it s most enjoyable if you ve read the first book already.

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    A highly enjoyable continuation of the events of the first book, expanding the cast of characters, the scope of the world, and the complexity of the plot Some of my favorite bits Conn and his understated personality He keeps so much inside, but there s just enough insight that I felt for him greatly, particularly at a certain point midway through when some very bad things happen, and at the end There was one paragraph at the end that just got me in the heart, because the whole book had at least in my mind built up to it I love that Rowan I enjoyed getting to see of her and because I am a romantic sap I am already eagerly anticipating how the relationship between she and Conn will develop in future books as she and Conn get a little older Especially with Argent in the mix I was very glad to see Rowan already putting Argent in his place though, heh.The underlying mystery I m intrigued by the way magic seems to work in this series and particularly Conn s relationship to the magic of Wellmet and the various animals that are associated with the magics I am looking forward to learning about what is really going on in book 3 Also, the dragons

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    In which we find, Conn, bereft of his locus magicalicus, trying to talk to Wellmet s magic by blowing things up.I think I called Conn the Steve Jobs of magicians in my review of book 1 Maybe I should have gone for Thomas Edison, who I believe also blew things up Edison lost the hearing in one of his ears and Conn blows up his master s house and gives Bennett, Nevery s bodyguard, a skull fracture We ve probably all known people like Conn people who are so convinced that they are right that they disregard the advice and rules of their elders and betters I ve known a couple of Conns in my day and must say that they are much fun to read about than to deal with in the real world Conn, like Nevery before him, offends the political and magical bureaucracies so thoroughly that he is exiled and ends up tagging along with an unsuspecting diplomatic envoyage to a neighboring land from which dark magic may be emanating.Normally I would resent the cliff hanger ending, but luckily I didn t discover the series until after book 3 had been written, so it s all good

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    WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD Hey you like the Magic Thief If you do then this book is for you It s a fiction book I thought it was great funny Let s review The setting is part in Wellmet and part in Desh In the beginning Shadows Attack Wellmet In the rising action Conn gets exiled In the climax Conn is set free by his friends In the falling action Jaggus Falls to his death In the resolution Conn goes to jail for literally setting foot in Wellmet Let s do another paragraph shall we Jaggus s death was scary I agree with that but if you watch 1 of these movies from disney Beauty and the Beast, Snow White or The great mouse detective it won t be scary Conn deserved his exile I d agree with that but he is our protagonist How bout another Kernn s a jerk I agree with that but she s just doing her job Jaggus is just troubled I d agree with that but he is evil In conclusion this book is epic That s why I gave it 5 stars I recommend this to all you who like magic So this is Karol signing out Squids.

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    This book was fun to read I really enjoyed the way connwaer likes to test out explosion he got interested in protechnics I want to read the next one in the series if my sister lets me I like books that have to do with magic and this book almost sounds life like but it has to do with magic rocks My one question is why and how is magic a living thing as connwear says in the story A question i have is why did the leader of desh have to be evil and the other question was if the magics a living thing did the leader of desh know Another question is why and how does the black slimy stuff get to the center of the stones This book as you can see gave me lots of questions I would highly recommend this book to people but you might have to read the first one All in all i rate the book 4.5 stars.

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download The Magic Thief: Lost (Magic Thief), read online The Magic Thief: Lost (Magic Thief), kindle ebook The Magic Thief: Lost (Magic Thief), The Magic Thief: Lost (Magic Thief) 39cba469992d Never Mix Fire With Magic Conn May Only Be A Wizard S Apprentice, But Even He Knows It S Dangerous To Play With Fire Especially Around Magic His Master, Nevery, Warns Him That It Could All Blow Up In His Face Besides, They Have Bigger Problems To Deal With There Is Evil Afoot In The City Of Wellmet, An Evil That Isn T HumanBut Conn Is Drawn To The Murmurs He Hears Every Time He Sets Off An Explosion Something Is Trying To Talk To Him, To Warn Him When None Of The Wizards Listen, Conn Takes Matters Into His Own Hands His Quest To Protect Everything He Loves Brings Him Face To Face With A Powerful Sorcerer King And A Treachery Beyond Even His Vivid ImaginationSarah Prineas Works Her Own Spells As She Transports Us To An Extraordinary World Where Cities Are Run On Living Magic And Even A Thief Can Become A Wizard S Apprentice