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txt Mark of the Dragon (Ruin Mist Chronicles), text ebook Mark of the Dragon (Ruin Mist Chronicles), adobe reader Mark of the Dragon (Ruin Mist Chronicles), chapter 2 Mark of the Dragon (Ruin Mist Chronicles), Mark of the Dragon (Ruin Mist Chronicles) c5c647 Readers Everywhere Are Discovering The Works Of Robert Stanek Robert S Books Are Published In OverCountries Around The World And Beginning In , The First Of Many Translations Will Be Published Mark Of The Dragon Is The Continuation Of Robert Stanek S Multi Layered Epic Fantasy Adventure Begun With Keeper Martin S Tale, Continued With Kingdom Alliance, And Last Told In Fields Of Honor In His Acclaimed Keeper Martin S Tale, He Introduced Us To The Story Of Ruin Mist, An Extraordinary World Of Magic, Adventure And Intrigue Now In The Eagerly Awaited Follow Up To Fields Of Honor, He Once Again Proves Himself A Wonderful Storyteller With A Gift For Fast Pacing And Believable Story Lines Already Hailed As A Classic, Robert Stanek S Powerful Series Has Been Enjoyed By Readers All Over The World The Elves Of The Reaches Returned From Exile, Bringing Grave News War Came To The Kingdoms Many Perished In The Turmoil And Unrest An Attempt Was Made To Kidnap A Princess And Assassinate A King Now, From The Ancient Past A Dark Power Returns The Fourth Wind Blows Across The Mountain Tops, They Say And The Twelve Clans Emerge From Myth And Memory Further Divide The Lands Some Would Say That King Andrew Alder Foolishly Agreed To Support The Elves Of The Reaches, Sending Men To Aid Their Cause When The Causes Of All Men In All Lands Were Being Put To The Test Of Steel And In The North, Men Back Their Words With Action Against A Backdrop Of Treachery And Intrigue, Murder And Mayhem, The Price Of Free Will Is High Many Will Pay With Their Lives Many Will Succumb To Imprisonment And Enslavement For When Alliances Shatter, Old Hatreds Rise Anew And The Plotting And Scheming Begin Bold, Inventive, Brilliantly Imagined, Mark Of The Dragon Is A Novel Of Magic And Wonder A Tale Of Pure Excitement You Will Not Soon Forget The Official Reading Order Of The Ruin Mist Chronicles Is Keeper Martin S Tale, Kingdom Alliance, Fields Of Honor, And Mark Of The Dragon Elf Queen S Quest Is The First Ruin Mist Dark Path Story An Alternate Version Of The Story

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    I got this back in my early days of trying to find decent new fantasy to read after Tolkien, Jordan, and Brooks, and the 5 star reviews led me to believe that this was going to be real quality fantasy on a par with Tolkien himself Unfortunately, it is not, and instead I was often baffled The writing is contradictory and confusing, and I found myself re reading passages to try to visualize what was going on, but then giving up and pressing on just to finish.The only reason I continued reading the series is that I was foolish enough to order them all at once instead of waiting to see if I liked the first one, and I was also foolish enough to hope they d get better I read four books from this author and instead of feeling like I at least got my money s worth, I just felt like I wasted a bunch of time as well as money.The rave reviews are why I hoped it would get better, thinking it must be me and everything would click into place at some point Unfortunately it never happened and I was extremely disappointed not to have discovered the next Tolkien The writing is too confusing, and the story fails to meet its potential It s a shame, but I did try, and I read all four books with an open mind I am not just bashing the author out of spite Reviews are opinions, and I feel that other readers should be able to consider my opinion as they choose whether or not to read any book I really don t mind if someone disagrees with me if you enjoyed the books, I am happy for you I honestly couldn t.

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    See my review here

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