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summary Mexico Set, series Mexico Set, book Mexico Set, pdf Mexico Set, Mexico Set 24bdcd8a8d Now On The Shadowy East West Battlefield Of Mexico City British Intelligence Agent Bernard Samson Must Entice His Opposite Number, A Disaffected KGB Major, To Take The Final, Dramatic Step And DefectBut The Price Of One Russian S Freedom Must Be Paid In Blood Blood That Samson Unexpectedly And Incriminatingly Finds On His Own Hands On Every Side, He Becomes Dangerously Enmeshed In An Intricate Web Of Suspicion And Hatred Yet How Can He Fight When He Doesn T Know Where To Find His Most Determined Enemies Or Even Who They Are

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    Description Now on the shadowy East West battlefield of Mexico City British intelligence agent Bernard Samson must entice his opposite number, a disaffected KGB major, to take the final, dramatic step and defect.But the price of one Russian s freedom must be paid in blood blood that Samson unexpectedly and incriminatingly finds on his own hands On every side, he becomes dangerously enmeshed in an intricate web of suspicion and hatred Yet how can he fight when he doesn t know where to find his most determined enemies or even who they are Opening Some of these people want to get killed, said Dickie Cruyer, as he jabbed the brake pedal to avoid hitting a newsboy The kid grinned as he slid between the slowly moving cars, flourishing his newspapers with the controlled abandon of a fan dancer Six Face Firing Squad Veracruz A smudgy photo of street fighting in San Salvador covered the whole front of a tabloid.4 Winter4 Berlin GameTR Mexico SetTR London Match3 Ipcress File3 SS GB3 XPD l

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    Remember these titles Berlin Game Mexico Set London Match Spy Hook Spy Line Spy Sinker All by Len Deighton All with protagonist Bernard Samson Read them in that order, but READ THEM You know those kinds of novels that you love so much you mourn the loss of them when you re done reading them Yeah, that s what this series is I haven t yet read the next trilogy Faith Hope and Charity , but I m counting on you, Len Don t let me down

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    Having loved, Berlin Game, I was keen to read the second Bernie Samson novel Mexico Set, sees Bernie, and Dickie Cruyer, in Mexico They are there to persuade a senior KGB agent, Erich Stinnes, to defect As always, though, life is never uncomplicated in Bernie s life and Stinnes works for Fiona, Bernie s wife, who was found to be a KGB agent in the prevous novel Previously seen as an outsider, due largely to his class, and education, Bernie is now viewed with greater suspicion Those in London suspect he knew of Fiona s disloyalty and even suspect him of involvement As this novel veers between London, Mexico City they call it, Mexico Bernie drawls Dickie, before leaving Bernie and heading off to California and Berlin All of the characters we met in the previous novel are her too, as well as some new names There is Bernie s old school friend, Werner, and his young, ambitious wife, Zerna There are those in London Brett and Cruyer and there is Henry Tiptree, Dickie s young friend, who seems to pop up all over the place One of the things I love about these books are the characters and the sense of realism Although he is a spy, Bernie still has to deal with his children, financial troubles, a domineering father in law and a jealous brother in law There are also the complicated feelings he has to Fiona and the sense that all is not quite what it seems I cannot wait to read on and find out of Bernie s story.

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    Samson continues his dogged game of cloak and daggers While one is never sure if the Oxbridge contingent or the KGB are the real foe, for world weary cynical retro cool this spy series cannot be beat.

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    For some reason, I started reading these out of order However, I enjoyed this tale enough to eventually invest in the entire 9 10 parts of the story 3 trilogies and a prequel.Bernard Samson is a man who seems out of his depth Tasked with arranging the defection of a KGB man from Mexico Meanwhile Bernard is still suffering from the defection of his wife does anybody still trust him Will the success of this job redeem him or is it doomed to failure anyway

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    This is the second of the Bernard Samson novels by Len Deighton Berlin Game, Mexico Set, and London Match It usually takes a little while for a Len Deighton novel to get going, but once it does, it roars like a freight train until the very last page The action moves from Mexico to London to Berlin and back to Mexico.Bernard Samson is under suspicion because his wife Fiona, a spy like her husband, defected to the Soviets, leaving the London Central people suspicious of his own intentions It seems that Samson is on the run not only from the KGB but his own people.There is no way that I m not going to read the last novel in the trilogy and soon

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    After the defection of his wife Bernard Sampson is left to prove that he is a loyal, company man The way he is supposed to do this is by persuading a senior KGB agent to defect The agent is spotted in Mexico City and Bernard plus colleague is sent out there to start the process of enrolment Although Bernard grew up in Berlin and lives in London he is not particularly cosmopolitan Len Deighton does an excellent job of having him reflect the typical English bloke of the time who doesn t like travel, foreigners or foreign food very much He also does an excellent job of describing office politics and all the jockeying for position that goes on Bernard clearly does not like many of his colleagues who have spent their working lives behind desk rather than in the field I can sympathise, I recognise many of the characters from my working life and appreciate just how deadly a game it can be.This is the middle book in a trilogy and very much feels like it Well worth the read but best read in the correct order

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    Bernard Samson, a middle aged British Intelligence Officer in the 1970 s, former field agent in Berlin but now riding a desk back in London Nine books chart his history with vivid characterization, suspense, the occasional bit of off beat humour, intricate plotting, betrayals, and redemptions The same set of characters, both the good and bad guys, basically move from book to book, allowing Mr Deighton to gradually fill in their complexities, so that the books are far deeper than many spy novels The books concentrate on the people and not super secret complex technology or gadgets Seriously addictive, ironic, cleverly plotted and deeply evocative of the 70s, forget sleep and meals until you have devoured all nine novels in an orgy of reading Brilliant

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    Office politics with secrets and guns There s something irresistibly catchy about such a low key approach to spy fiction It definitely feels grounded I wasn t sure where this book could possibly go after the twists in the previous book, but it all worked out A solid read, as long as you re not expecting a thriller.

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    I recently enjoyed Berlin Game 1983 , the first book in the Bernard Samson series of nine novels plus a tenth prequel Winter A Berlin Family, 1899 1945 Berlin Game is a great blend of office politics, domestic insecurity, and cold war paranoia Mexico Set 1984 picks up the story Bernard Samson must convince London Central that, despite his wife s defection, he was unaware of her KGB activities The plot takes the reader to Mexico, Berlin and London with Bernard trying to secure the defection of his wife s KGB aide Erich Stinnes Mexico Set is a page turner, however the compelling plot is only half the pleasure of the book All the characters are interesting and credible and it is their development which adds a richness to the storytelling Berlin Game set the scene however Mexico Set takes the series to the next level I loved it, so much so that I have to continue onto the third book without any delay I can t wait to get stuck into London Match 1985.If you enjoy quality espionage novels then these Bernard Samson books are essential.5 5

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